Information Finding Championship - Season 1 : Round 26

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Hello there! Welcome to our digital castle.

Artwork credit - @yeszuzia on steemit and instagram

Hey again.. Philosophy has definitely been on my mind recently and I've been wanting to do a philosophy quest for a while! Especially seeing as that was one of the main things I posted about before the IFC and which is still one of my main interests in life. I think philosophy is one of the most important things.. Life would be so odd if that ingredient were missing.. Heck it still is pretty odd either way! But anyways.. Moving on.


So.. This quest is going to be about philosophy.
More specifically, philosophical questioning.
Whoever brings us the best philosophical question as voted on by the judges wins this round!

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For this challenge.. If there's a tie.. We will do another round to see who wins.

The winner will be decided by whoever gets the most votes.
The only people who can vote in a qualifying sense are myself and the judges I've selected and we will vote by leaving a comment on the submission that we like the most and say something like.. "I vote for this one" and a reason why we voted would be good too, but is not mandatory.

You have until this challenges post payout ends to submit your post. Though we do accept late entries if you get it in before all the judges vote.

The challenge will finish after 7 days when the post ends and provides its payout cycle and unless there is a tie, the winner will gain the steem, the XP and have a point to go towards their long term win. (minus the 25% for curation)


1. Twenty Sixth challenge starts now and is a challenge to come up with the most philosophical question. 2. Create a blog post for the contest. 3. Title must contain, "Information Finding Championship - Season 1 : Round 26 entry" 4. Leave a link to your post in the comments below. (This part is important and a lot of people forget this, please put the blog link in the right place so our judges can find it) 5. And you also have to use the #informationfinding tag in your blog post as well.
6. If you somehow get hurt doing any of our quests you can not sue us or hold us accountable. Take responsibility for your own choices and actions in life. This is a voluntary game where you choose to play. Only you can make that decision for yourself.

Acceptable content

  1. Philosphical questions
  2. Language is primarily in English and if you would like to participate from elsewhere in the world it is up to you to translate your message into English so we can understand you.
  3. We also encourage role playing for those who enjoy doing that. :)

Good luck in the contest!
Artwork credit - @yeszuzia on steemit and instagram

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Oh this is going to be special, so many different philosophical styles and ideas are out there, I can see this resulting in some serious thinking. Now I need to start thinking philosophically, will it be about numbers, about truth, about life, about god and gods, or something really esoteric such as why we let dogs lick our faces knowing where dogs like to lick themselves. I think I am going to have a heck of alot of fun with this one.


I was looking for greater insight to the quest and I just got help with this comment.


I am glad it helped, I love seeing how many people play in the IFC. Each round is so unique, sometimes it is just hard to think, and with more people playing and commenting those comments can sometimes help me out, I am glad mine helped you out a little bit.


I think so too! :) I'm pretty excited to see what kinds of interesting things I might learn this time! And lol! Yeah.. Where to start? Philosophy is such a deep subject sort of like life itself! It would be great if you could somehow wrap it all up into one idea, but I think that's something people have been trying to do for a long time! And as far as I know, a lot of people are still trying to do that. Will probably be an eternal quests in the spirit of humanity to forever try to know and learn about and understand itself and the environment we have found ourselves in! Cheers and hope you have fun. :)

PS.. As a decently OCD person I laughed at this part.

or something really esoteric such as why we let dogs lick our faces knowing where dogs like to lick themselves.

Also.. It's not letting me upvote your comment for some reason, it appears to be glitched.. This happens every once and a while and I'll upvote your comment later when it's working properly again.


Don't worry about the vote thing, steemit is having hiccups again, some post just sit and spin, and lots of 500 server errors, so is understandable.

Searching for that one true answer, a life long event, and if anyone ever finds it I am sure there will be people say, nah...wrong answer. That's what's nice about the philosophical drive, no real right or wrong answers, just questions and and sometimes answers.


Word! It works now. But anyways I agree with your sentiments on philosophy! If anyone ever did figure it out, I'm sure a lot of people would reject it lol, and cling to their flat earths and reptilians run the world kinda stuff. Oh wait those are conspiracy theories.. Though I think philosophy is much like religion, it's about belief, much like conspiracies. Also.. Yeah! Questions and.. Sometimes answers, and usually those answers lead to more questions! Lol! ._.

I've got to turn the brain power up for this one! Great quest! I'll have to think this one through!

My entry to round 26 Phil O' Sophical, I should be good at this with an Irish name as the quest

This is going to be an interesting one. I have mixed reactions to philosophers in general..

interesting contest....

I like game.
I appreciate your contest

My head still a little sore from doing the alphabet challenge last night so I kept this one short.

Dear @apolymask,

I was finally able to get some thoughts down on "paper." Thank you for this awesomesauce contest.

Here is my official entry:

Who Am I?

Respectfully submitted,


Yes, Our digital castle awesome ........ thanks for shearing

a masterpiece that is very remarkable comrade