A book that changed your life contest: we have the WINNER!


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No more talking...Let's go straight to the point! The much-awaited winner of this contest is...


I was joking, I'm not such a megalomaniac. Still. Psst..The winner is @theironfelix but don't let him know.

Each of the 4 members of the jury (@calluna. @marcoriccardi, @hidden84 and me) voted 3 favorite entries in order of relevance. In each personal ranking, we attributed 3 points to the first, 2 to the second and 1 to the third. We took it seriously and our main driver, according to the question's core, was the impact of the book in someone's personal experience, more than the book in itself.

In all sincerity, without haughty talk, @theironfelix had the guts to witness a difficult moment of their life, where they were vulnerable and yet they found the strength in a book to react and grow notwithstanding his difficulties. It's not easy to share publicly such intimate memories and we're grateful that they opened himself to us. I was expecting something philosophical or particularly difficult (a bit of show off, perhaps). Instead, I admit that I've been hit by the simplicity and the heart they put in their post as much as the whole jury. This post also helped me to understand him better and made us all reflect on the value of listening and understanding others before letting our ego prevail.

A special mention goes also to the finalists: @agmoore, @darthgexe, @adncabrera, @miniu, @manoldonchev, @svemirac. Cheers to you all for contributing to making this not only a contest but a wonderful occasion for meeting and brainstorming together!

Godspeed, proud readers! See you again in the Realms of Bananafish!


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Congrats @Theironfelix and that was nice to share with us. Thanks for a cool contest.


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Thank you guys! This contest was great and the fact that @svemirac didn't win makes it even better! keep doing the great work!!!


Hahah poor Svem! Here's a consolation prize for him:


I'm happy to be among those mentioned. I thought it was a beautiful contest.
I owe a reading debt to the participants. My connection has been working very badly.
Congratulations to @Theironfelix!
And congratulations to the @bananafish team for opening such a precious opportunity.


Congratulations on being a finalist!!!!~

Well, take yer time reading on these posts now~


And the @bananafish team thanks yah for participating now!~

I can’t thank ye all enough!!!!~ Dziękuję!!!!~

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Congrats 🌹🌹

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Thank you for this meaningful contest ❤️

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