A Winner Emerges in the Quest in the Realms


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Hello followers of the Bananafish. @ntowl here, tasked with delivering the tremendous news of success and celebration from the Quest in the Realms.

The adventure was long and filled with death, humor, strangeness, and fear. But one brave soul slogged through it all to find the secret riddle. He was the first to send the answer to the Great Potassium Deity and wins 30 STEEM!

Congratulations @manoldonchev!

Here is the proof the Deity received:

Winner email

Your 30 Steem will be sent at the Potassium God's earliest convenience.

SBI Winners

We had fun commenting among ourselves on the episodes, but there were some who stopped along the journey to share their thoughts with us:


Each of you will receive 2 SBI shares granted from the @bananafish.

We hope you enjoyed the first Quest in the Realms adventure. If you did, please let us know in the comments.




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@manoldonchev very crafty of you.

Thanks to all who read the adventure. It was a blast seeing it all come together.


And the second will be a nuclear shockwave! 😎🤘

How generous of you. I consider all of you my friends, so of course I support your activity. (Especially when a squirrel is involved)
I think it's fantastic that you brought to life this contest out of nothing more than imagination and enthusiasm. I hope to at least be a cheerleader in all your creative activities.
Sometimes, though, energy and attention wane. I'll try to guard against that :)

This was one of the best experiences I had on Steemit!!! Awesome job people. Congratulations @manoldonchev


Thanks. I agree on the experience. Almost made me cry. But eyes were dry during that night of potassium flood.

Thankee, sai!


I am honored to be announced as the Fastest Banana in the South. What can I say... It takes practice...


And being a bananaslinger comes with responsibilities, too...


Like don't sheath your banana until the quest is through...

May your bananas aim true!

Manol of Karnobat


photos: Nona Todorova
model: Yours truly

Taken during a pilot workshop of mine some a few years ago.


See...you already were a Bananafish before this was born!

Long nights and pleasant days, sai Manol!


Well, don't know about the fish part but I was always bananas in a way...

  ·  작년

Transfer done. All hail @manoldonchev, the first Quest Master of the Realms!


Thank you, @f3nix and all authors of the Realm. Also, all hail the Potassium Deity!



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Damn, I was so close and yet so far away.

Congratulations @manoldonchev, truly potassium is strong in you.

Many thanks to all the @bananafish crew for this great experience, it has been a challenge which I enjoyed very much. Thank you also for that pair of SBI.

Waiting for the next QITR.


Thank you, @darthgexe!

How so? Far away I mean. Tell us about your experience if you would like to.


Well, I also searched in week 40, but I found in the comments, exactly in comment number 8 that they talked a lot about dirge and I thought it was there,

A part of me wasn't convinced at all, but the internet was starting to fail me and if I didn't answer anything at that time I should have waited about 12 hours more to be able to answer something, so I threw the dice.


You've done amazing. I was not sure about it, too. The riddle difficulty, @f3nix asked about, was ... I think way over the initial 50 bananas I gave it. Out of how many, I was asked. Well, 50 out of 7, of course.


This is a satisfying level then!


It's been fun and the next will be even better! Spread always the Bananafish gospel when you can. Cheers!

  ·  작년

Congratulations on solving the riddle and thank you for playing @manoldonchev!!

Thank you to @hlezama, @raj808, @agmoore, @darthgexe, and @rakushasu for your comments on the episodes for Quest In The Realms! Your additional rewards of 2 @Steemmonsters booster packs have been transferred to each of your accounts.



You're awesome our lady of squirrels! 😎

This was fun to read sorry got busy and didn't get to guess that this but so cool the way you wrote this all out.