Bananafish - Story & Poetry Contest Winners!


Raise your glasses brave adventurers, we have our winners!


Our wonderful tribe has done us proud, and really lived up to the sentiments running through all of our entries. What an incredible round, you rallied together, braved the storms and my word, we had some adventures. There was laughter, tears of happiness, seat gripping, and sheer exclamation when it came to reading them, and have to say, you all went above and beyond, and sincerely did the @bananafish proud - our yellow fishy heart swelled up!!

From brilliant haiku's capturing so much of what we do in such an appropriate amount of words, to crazy adventures featuring members of the tribe, heart felt odes, soulful epic poems, to incredibly inspired stories showcasing our values in all sorts of ways, and even a poem inspired by Quest In The Realms, every single entry was so very enjoyable. Thank you all so much!

The Winners

The real winner here was clearly @bananafish, for there is no gift greater than the one you all gave us <3 but that said, we do have winners, it was so very hard to decide, and we had a whole panel to try and make it easier! (it didn't, all the entries were just too good!) @calluna here, a huge thank you to @theironfelix @gaby-crb and @brisby who consulted on our winners, in the end we had to limit ourselves to one honourable mention per category as otherwise we would just end up listing you all!


First Place @sarez

winning 5 STEEM with this incredible action-packed Space Battle featuring members of the crew, in a brilliant metaphor for our fruit steemit ocean

Second Place @oivas

winning 2 @steembasicincome with this wonderful Bananafish Holmes Easter Special a mystery, tying into the #finishthestory, revolving around some of the tribe and even featuring @bananafish's dear friend Applefish!

Honorable Mention - @jadams2k18 ocean bound Expedition telling the origin story of the great @bananafish with such beautiful skill


First Place @blueeyes8960

winning 5 STEEM for this Ode To The Bananafish, an irresistible anthem, a rousing chant, a delightful poem, incorporating so much and carrying it with passion

Second Place @botefarm

winning 2 @steembasicincome for this Sacrifice To The Bananafish, full of our core values, a call to join our contests and find a home in the fruit filled ocean of our great @bananafish

Honorable Mention @adncabrera's beautifully inspired poem Potassium packed with bananafish references and swimming with beautiful language

Comment Prize

We had loads of great comments to chose from this round, but stealing the prize with have this reply grabbing punny comment we have @jadams2k18 winning 2 @steembasicincome

We had such a wonderful selection of entries, we need a hall of fame to commemorate all these incredible offerings, thank you so very very much to everyone who took part, both entering and commenting. It has been a delight and an honour, bope we get to see you all again in the next exciting contest!


The Bananafish Tribe!

Welcome to the @bananafish family, we run a selection of regular contests including a weekly edition of #finishthestory, a monthly edition of #tellastorytome and a brilliant weekly haiku contest, all writers are welcome so give us a follow for your fiction fix!

A special thanks to @gwilberiol, @dirge, @tristancarax, @theironfelix, @raj808, @brisby, @maverickinvictus, @cyemela, @marcoriccardi, @hidden84, @calluna, @oivas, @ntowl, @f3nix,, @khasa @blueeyes8960 and @vdux who's precious delegations make this project a reality!



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Congratulations to all the winners and mentioned!
No doubt, there is much to celebrate here!
@sarez, @oivas, @jkadams2k18, @blueeyes8960 and @botefarm did great jobs that I will comment on as much as my RC allows.
A hug to all that beautiful tribe!


Thank you, it was a pleasure to read all the wonderful entries <3


We were honored with your lovely Potassium poem, Adncabrera! Hugs to you as well for the gift of your words!

I know you had a really tough job judging these entries! Wow we have some talented people swimming in the realm! Anyway, thank you for the prize on my poem, I'm very honored, and I meant every word of that poem so it was easy to write!


Awww thank you, i really had to fight tears when i read your entry, it was so moving to see how much this has meant to everyone, not just me <3


Well thank you for letting me know my poem did it's job! Without these contests and getting to know all you wonderful people who spend so much time on these fun contests I probably would have given up on STEEM in the beginning!

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It is thanks to you and our fantastic writers that there is a wealth of great fiction and poetry on our platform! Cheers to you, Blueeyes8960, for your win and your terrific poem filled with Bananafish love! <3

  ·  작년

Wow, thank you @bananafish and our dear judges! Easter special got special for me.. 😊

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<3 it was such a fun off special, and the detective special was just amazing!

  ·  작년

Thanks @calluna! 😊

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You're most welcome, Oivas! Thanks to all of you in our awesome tribe, we had a blessed Easter. 🤗

Hey! Congratulation to all winners!!!

BTW is jadams2k18 not jkadams2k18... Although J K Adams doesn't sound bad at all.

Many blessings to all the team @bananafish that brings us together and that make this contest a reality and to all the participants, because without them there would not exist either.

And of course, all our sponsors!!!

Have a Great Day Everybody!!!


awww dude I am so sorry! yeah i think i just decided a long time ago, i wanted to call you J K Adams, but I normally catch it and correct it before I post!

we'll just say I was too distracted by your awesome entry ;) thank you very much!


Don't worry, you can call me any way you like, baby!


Oop! Sorry about the misspell, Jadams2k18, and thank you for letting us know. 😎

Thank you for your enthusiasm and the great adventure that your story took us on! The Bananafish Tribe is blessed with incredible people like you coming together to showcase great authors and their works on Steem. 🍻

Waoh, thanks and thanks a lot for the entry. I already thought because my entry was late am out. Thanks to you guys.

Long live the bananafish team.

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You very much made the deadline! And so very glad you did, look forward to seeing you in the next project <3


Thank you, Botefarm, and congratulations! Your entry was before the contest deadline and once we read it, we were beaming. Congratulations again! 😎

Congrats to the winners, y'all deserve it. Till next time, peace!


It was just such a tough round, I did adore your Quest In The Realms inspired call to arms, it was just such a brilliant call to adventure! Look forward to seeing what you come up with next time! <3


Thank you for diving in to play with us and for your great piece, Ange.Nkuru! We'll be looking forward to reading from you again. 😎

  ·  작년

Congrats to all!!



Woooo yeah! thank you so much for getting involved, taking our bananadream to the stars <3