Finish The Story Contest - Week #59!

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A contest with a pot of 10 STEEM, 10 @steembasicincome shares, 1000 SNAX ...aaaand 400 FIRE? Wow, this rewards' list never ends and, yes, you're in the right place!

300 @steembasicincome shares awarded till now, plus 22.558 SBD, 278 STEEM, & 5802 SNAX tokens through the contest in 58 weeks!

Howdy hoo people! This is @ntowl bringing you this edition of Finish the Story. When I joined the team to manage the contest I had one request: that I could bring a lighter side to it. Usually the stories tend towards the dark, twisted, and even profane. If you’ve been here a while I know you excel at that type of story and writing.

I’m here this week to challenge you to stretch yourself to write about the brighter, lighter side of things. Don’t get me wrong. It can still be weird and strange. In fact, I encourage it to be so (we don’t want to get bored after all), but let your fanciful self guide the story to new heights of positivity, humor, or inspiration while avoiding trite or cliche elements.

Of course you’re always free to write the ending however you like, just know I’m the judge 😉 .

This week’s prompt is provided by @zeldacroft who happens to be my amazing, talented daughter. She’s been away from Steem for awhile but I’m pulling her (and myself) back into it. Show some love and make some amazing endings!

If you’ve never written an ending before now’s the time to try!

Next, here’s a little something from @f3nix about the newest reward to the contest.



This is a unique opportunity to win through the FtS contest a good quantity of this very promising token during its very early development stage. Courtesy of the FIRE Team, we got a generous donation for this and maybe also for the next edition.
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In order to compete for the token reward we want to see you joining the FIRE Discord Pioneers, and obviously, you need an ERC-20 wallet to allow me to transfer the token to the winners! I personally use Myetherwallet - MEW, but you can use any other ERC-20 compatible wallet.


What treasures await within the @Curie & @Crowdmind & FIRE TOKEN Team @ enhanced Bananafish chest?

1st place: n. 5 STEEM + 500 SNAX + 300 FIRE tokens

2nd place: n. 3 STEEM + 300 SNAX + 100 FIRE tokens

3rd place: n. 2 STEEM & 200 SNAX tokens

Popular vote: n. 7 @steembasicincome shares
(Please note there is a minimum of three votes to active the popular vote reward so don't forget to vote for your favorite story!)

Best comment: n. 3 @steembasicincome shares.
Thanks to @curie's generous funding we reintroduced this reward! We are looking for an insightful curation comment. It doesn't have to be necessary long or flamboyant.

To receive your SNAX rewards, you'll need to have a SNAX wallet.
For those who like instructions with photos, here's a handy tutorial.

Map of the Bananafish Realms from a squirrelly perspective!

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  • Use the #finishthestory tag.

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  • Respect the dreadful 500 words limit! o_0

  • Help our contest & workshop to grow by giving it some visibility and consider linking back to this post in your entry.

And now let's dive into this week's story!


Coaster Town

by @zeldacroft

“Carl, I’m not telling you again. No.” The teen shook his head emphatically as he shut his locker. John started to walk away, with Carl close behind. Most of the students had already escaped after the release of the final bell, leaving the two teens mostly alone as they exited the grimy public school halls.

“Aw c’mon, man, my first shift starts tomorrow and I promised you’d be there,” Carl begged.

“I don’t understand, why did you even take the job if you knew you needed another person?”

“Because I knew I could count on you. My oldest, most bestest friend. Buddy, Old Pal?” He nudged John in the ribs, who rolled his eyes and started walking faster out of the building. John could feel his resistance waning under the shallow arguments and incessant prodding. Saturdays were valuable, but it was almost summer and getting a job wouldn’t be so bad if he could do it with a friend. He could still make Carl work for it though.

“I don’t know, I’m not liking all this peer pressure,” he teased. “Mrs. Campbell would be very disappointed in you.”

“Peer pressure doesn’t include perks like Coaster Town has,” Carl clarified.

“What perks?” John questioned.

Carl stopped and faced him, taking a dramatic, deep breath.

“Fifteen percent off park entry!” He exclaimed, inciting an amused eyebrow raise from John and a chuckle from a passing teacher. “Plus a free pass for the Twister of Doom and free hamburgers from the café!”

“Oh, I’m sure unlimited hamburgers won’t get old fast.”

“They pay over minimum wage, too. Seriously, this could be our big opportunity for some cash before summer hits.”

They were nearly outside, the fresh late-spring air drifting in through the open door. It was a nice change from the mustiness and body spray overdoses, and it made John almost look forward to working at a theme park. He felt the call of freedom in the form of sunlight breaching through the school windows. Stepping outside, the afternoon warmth of the sidewalk between the brick institution and the emptying parking lot won him over.

“Did you say we get to work outside?” John asked. Carl’s face lit up with optimism.

“Yep, at least most of the time.” John stepped next to his bike, one of the last few chained nearby. He ignored the eager inquisitiveness emanating from Carl as he unshackled the bicycle and stood up.

“Well, I suppose I could give it a try, anyway,” he conceded. Carl did a strange sort of clapping dance motion as his grin grew its customary vastness.

“Thanks John, you won’t be sorry,” he promised as he proceeded to unhook his own bike. “And don’t worry, they provide our costume and everything.” John halted.

“Wait, our costume? Singular?” John could have sworn he heard the job description as entertainers, plural.

“Yeah, the mascot costume. I haven’t seen it yet but I’m sure we’ll fit.” Carl climbed onto his bike as John filled with horrific regret.


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Join the fun! Here is how this contest works:

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  • 10 STEEM, 10 @steembasicincome shares & 1000 SNAX, plus today's special FIRE reward, to the writers with the best endings.

The submission deadline: Wednesday - July 24th, 11:00 PM EST (U.S. East Coast time zone). Results will be announced on Thursday - July 26th, 11:00 PM EST (U.S. East Coast time zone). You may vote your favorite story until the results are out!

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We love stinking dragons.. Huzzah!

Vote your favorite story here!


We have ended up with another really tough round! I have four favorites.... damn... okay.. money on the table time... I reckon two are more likely to have won on the judges criteria... hmmm.... i could be wrong though... and i can't split my vote four ways. Okay, okay, I have to do this.

I believe in tris, and darth, their entries kicked serious butt, i think one way around or another they have won this already. Therefore, going to split my vote between the other two entries i really enjoyed, i mean, i really enjoyed them all, oh gosh darn it, making this hard again, just going to post this before i make it harder, half a vote for sarez and half a vote for sidequest

(in case anyone is surveying the spread to cast a last minute deciding vote, tris has voted for dirge on discord)

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Thank you from the deep of our yellow hearts!

Ha! You don't think I can make this into a horror story?!? lol ... We'll just see where my imagination takes me. This is a nice prompt by the way. Qudos to your daughter.


Oh I have no doubt you can make this a horror story. That's the point. Can you make it something else? A comedy, a feel good story, a drama, stream of consciousness, blah, blah, blah...consider the gauntlet thrown!


Thank you! Can't wait to see what you come up with 😊

Thanks! I'm looking forward to reading everyone's endings. Hope you all have fun with this one 😄


I love your writing style! Welcome to the realms of the Big Yellow, @zeldacroft. I'm sure that, giving them time, the peeps will manage to twist your story in something creepy 😜


Thanks so much! Happy to be here 😊


I think I remember that you're a writer? Your mom told me something once, I guess. I don't know how much time you have to dedicate here on steemit but it would be nice to see you in our discord server or writing with us again ☺️


my take


Thanks to you and well done!

I very much managed a positive ending, sadly i didn't manage close enough to the word count for this to count. But also not sure this does count as not cliche, i feel like most happy endings are, but then, is that just me? Eh, hopefully you enjoy it anyway, my version of Coaster Town <3


Noo a positive one! After I reassured @zeldacroft about our corrupting skills.. 😜


Sarez the highlander! (First blood)


here is my entry for the week
I know it is a little late and I did join the fire discord thanks again for doing this.


Not late for the official deadline, so you're in! Good luck!

I wish I had time to give this a good edit, but I need to be packing and getting to bed. It's too long but I had it in my head so here we are:


Thanks for finding time to enter! You rock!