Double the Challenge ~ Double the Fun ~ Comedy Open Mic #25 and Before & After Photo Challenge

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Ok so I’m accepting the current challenge/contest by @mhm-philippines. The contest is to post a pic of you when 5 years of age or younger and a recent one. That’s it!!

Also this is another entry for this week’s @comedyopenmic


Daddy William’s post can be found here. I believe it expires in a day so get your entries in quick to win some loot!!

Im popping a few photos here as you need to see the fantastic mop upon my cranium. These come from when I was just a wee young lad with a tremendous bowl haircut! My mop made all the other booger eaters jealous as the bitches in pre school used to flock to me to share their Ecto-1 juice boxes with “The Bowl”.




Now they used to call me this for several reasons. First one?!?..cmon... It’s hard not to notice those perfect locks upon my angelic head. Mama used to take an old candy dish from nana’s House and dump the shitty chocolate and butterscotch candies on the floor for the dogs to eat. Then she’d just pop it on my head and snip my locks off with the dull coupon scissors.


Weirdly we always had a new dog every few months as mama said they “ran away” as they couldn’t compete with hair like mine. We went through 42 dogs before my big Sweet 16 Party. Those nutty puppies!! Always rolling on the floor and running into walls during my haircuts. Sometimes they would just plop down in front of me on top of the spilled chocolates and make foam bubbles, before mama helped em outside where I guess they just ran away. I’ll never forget all 42 of their names...Hey. They were all named Hey. Easy to remember. I think mama was a bit simple...

Anyway, the other reason that all my classmates called me “The Bowl”...


Ya see...this is where I ate, slept, and played. So many good memories playing “G.I. Joe at the Beach” On that porcelain bowl. I lost Duke to a giant whirlpool once. Sad!!! You might have noticed I left #2 off the list of things I did there. That’s because mama always used to yell “you don’t shit where you eat!” to the man friends that she had over often to help her move her bed loudly. So she taught me to drop logs in the yard behind the shed. One time I saw a sleeping Hey there while going. I think it was Hey the 16th. I tried to play but he was so passed out and he just ignored me...

Anyway, this is me now! My hair is a tad different as We lost dem scissors but I do ok. I got lucky and tricked this hot redhead into a date once and she hasn’t left me since. I think she’s a bit simple like mama was...


Join me next piece when I talk about that awkward haircut I rocked in high school...


For @comedyopenmic, I nominate @dan & @ned. 😜

-Gif straight from
-Candy dish pics from
-All other photos came straight from picture frames on my wall where company comes over and points & laughs

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I was also victim of the bowl cut hair... I understand your pain....


I think there is an entire generation of us sadly. Lol


I think there is an
Entire generation
Of us sadly. Lol

                 - blewitt

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


I am a poet. Thank you robot.

Dam I think that toilet picture is in for the win @blewitt hahaha, btw you haven't changed too much.


Lol. #toiletpic is the tag I should have used. Would have brought in a totally different crowd. Lol

Thx!!! Just a bit more cranky.




Haaaa . Loved it. I think every man in the world had that candy bowl haircut at one time or another in our youth. Damn now I feel old. lol.


I think there is an entire generation of us that rocked that do. Lol. At least it wasn’t a Flowbee story. Lol

Thank you for your entry!

Hi blewitt,

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Thank you very much. I wanted to submit 2 entries so that I can cry twice as hard when I get demolished in this round!!!!

Cable knit sweater photo!!! For get the bowl, look at those peepers! 👁👁


That sweater was badass! Lol

Right...those were the eyes of an innocent child that had the whole world in front of him. Those eyes aren’t so pretty nowadays. Lol

Hey man. Funny pics. I also found your long lost brother. Thank him for helping young Anakin Skywalker build his Podracer in Star Wars Episode 1. . 46241441-88EC-4E7D-9B54-173C2F372716.jpeg



My “mama” cut that fuckers hair!! The funniest part about all of this is my mom was a hairdresser. Lol