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Guess the Contract's Balance and Win 500 Tron(TRX)


What is Guess the Balance

All you have to do is guess what the contract balance of Bankroll will be. Bankroll is a new Tron investment project. This is very similar to a Daily ROI project. The difference is it has a cap on the amount any one account can withdraw. This cap moves up with the balance of the contract. Currently the balance is a health 19+ million, so the model seems to be working well. Soon the contract will be so high that the cap will not affect many investors. Basically its whale dumping insurance. So what you do is guess the amount you think the Bankroll balance will be in 5-7 days after this post.

Contest Standings

The balance of the Bankroll contract is currently 77,688,000 TRX. Congrats @jcsteem you had the closest guess and recieve 50,000 MoneyBags💰, 100% upvote, and 5 points. @khussan you had the 2nd closest guess and recieve 25,000 MoneyBags💰, 50% upvote, and 4 points. @bitandi you had the 3rd closest guess and recieve 10,000 MoneyBags💰, 50% upvote, and 3 points. @fuentesjo3006 you had the 4th closest guess and recieve 50% upvote, and 2 points. @mendezand you had the 5th closest guess and recieve 50% upvote, and 1 points.

Current Leaderboard


Here's how the contest works. Everyone makes thier guess of what the contract balance will be in the next 5-7 days. You don't know the exact moment I will snapshot the balance. The top 5 guesses will receive points 5 for 1st, down to 1 for 5th place. The first person to 30 points will receive 500 TRX worth of Bankroll. This should be a fun little race to the top. That's not the only thing you get for playing. On each post, the closest guess will receive 50,000 MoneyBags💰. The next closet guess will receive 25,000 MoneyBags💰 and 3rd place will receive 10,000 MoneyBags💰. All entries will receive an Upvote. You can claim any winnings by commenting in The General Channel of The-City with the message "I won ___ place on guess the Bankroll balance"

So here is what you do:

  1. Upvote
  2. Comment with your Guess
  3. Resteem OR mention 2 friends that might like to play
  4. (optional)JoinBankroll
  5. (optional)Get Free Dogecoin Daily
  6. (optional)Get Free Bitcoin Daily

Entries must be made 48 hours after this post.

Here's a sample entry:
@timetraveljesus @mendezand

The closest guess gets a 100% upvote. The next 4 get a 50% upvote, and the rest receive a 10% upvote.

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