Don't have Madden 19 Yet? Win it now with a 100% Upvote

2년 전

So Many Ways to Get Madden 19

It's time for an epic change to The-City Auctions The auctions will be updated shortly after this post. All 3 auctions will get you a role in The-City) that gives you 💰every 24 hours and a Digital Copy of Madden 19! The best part about The-City Auctions is if you get outbid, you win ETH. There will be no losers in this. Either you will win 💰 and a Digital Copy of Madden, or you will win some ETH. To keep it spicy I'll also be giving away another digital copy to a random entry. The giveaway copy console choice will be subject to availability, but I should have 1 left for each system.

Enter to Win a Digital Copy of Madden 19

-Only entries that complete all the steps will be valid. All valid entries will receive a 100% Upvote!

-The winner will be drawn in The-CIty

You must message me on Mr. Contest Discord to claim your prize!

Need 💰?

You can purchase 💰 by winning an auction @ The-CIty Auctions . Right now all the auctions are at bottom prices, so you either get a great deal 💰 or win some ETH!

Winner Winner

Congrats @foridulislam21 u won a copy of Madden 19 DM me

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What a great contest where no one is going to loss great contest @brittuf

  ·  2년 전

I bid on all three auctions, either some Madden or some ETH in my future...

Woo! Another shot at Madden 19!! Awesome incentive to bid on The City auctions. 🎉

Not sure if i did it right but i tried lol


your in there

wow, I am surprised @brittuf and it was my another achievement from your contest. Wish your next contest also I will achieve more than I thought.

Madden looking like what he is... a winner! haha like @foridulislam21 this week. Congrats! btw I am totally back on the Raiders bandwagon this year :)


I am just learning how to win in life what ever it was in game or in a blog. But before winning I need to learn 1st loosening in life. Welcome back @steven-patrick and thanks :)

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Every steemian should take part in this contest. Thanks

could you repeat that? a countless contest everyplace no one is leaving to failure abundant contest @brittuf

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Thank you @brittuf for sharing this news with us.

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All done. Currently leading in one of the auctions! Still so cheap ;)