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Contest is over. It was only spam anyway.


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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. If you know of anyone that would like to sponsor and help support this or additional contests let me know.

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I will do my very best to have a contest each day. However, I could without notice take a day or two off. On days that I'm off there may not be a contest so please try and be understanding if there is a couple of days without a contest.

I'm very appreciative of the upvotes and followers that participate in my contests. Please follow me so you can see the results of the contests.


I'm changing it to two rules. Rule one is for the random part of the contest

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When Was the Last Time You Did Something That Scared or Challenged You?


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I seek out challenges so it's hard to remember the very last one.


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Hello @bunnypuncher, every day is a new challenge that scares us, we don't know what it brings us, but it is a great blessing to open our eyes and feel that we are alive and it is the engine to face the new day, life is a daily challenge. Happiness always.

#e94 l;jkgeo 3ofg4

Thank You For The Win @bunnypuncher

So challenge myself?
That has been my entire journey on Steemit, let me start from the beginning. I found steemit looking for a distraction from loosing a soulmate, R.I.P. Tristan Watterworth. I started researching crypto after asking (My higher self? God? The universe?) for a direction to go in. That night a friend asked me to find some files on my old server for our gaming community on CounterStrike Source (he wanted the races we coded for WCS Mod) I stumbled across the wallet address I had for click adds paid in BTC, yea that was a thing. Finding myself slapped in the face by not being more proactive over the years in crypto (I did get in early but lost the key for that wallet, controlled by third party) I took that as a sign, I started investigating the crypto space all over again. At that time I was investing a lot of time and effort into trying to save lost souls and seemingly losing the battle each time. My buddy Tristan was a writer though never published so combine that with my interest in crypto when I discovered steem was not mineable I was intrigued to say the least. Quickly I discovered I needed to do an intro post, and the pain I was holding was just bleeding out of me. I embraced the challenge in the name of honouring my late buddy and started writing and I let it all pour out. This has been a very therapeutic experience for me and has evolved into a passion I would have never known without Tristan‘s as inspiration. He told me several times I should be comedic writer and asked if I would look over his work though I never had the chance to.

Very quickly I found a path in helping others on this platform in the same way I had been trying in life but here there is no win and lose only win and try harder! This evolved into the entire #OneLoveDTube community through one single comment by @DNews inspiring me to collaborate with him, he is a mentor to me and I was honoured when he accepted. To get to that point I first had to learn about the platform, @gasparcha my first friend on Steemit and still a loyal companion helped in so many ways. He and I were caught in a whale war, both having our reputations destroyed. He engaged the war while I respectfully bowed out. About the same time I started vlogging and received my first @DTube vote restoring my rep almost completely, now understanding how reputation works I wanted to do the same for @gasparcha. I started voting all his posts and comments to help him but it was very tedious and time consuming and I work 2 jobs with limited time so I started to investigate autovoting. Found steemauto then well the rest is a story of success after success after success and now I am not only a founder of @OneLoveDTube but also a @Partiko Partner. The most recent challenge was to see if I could win that Partiko Partnership while simultaneously improving my image editing skills and expanding my ability to incorporate as many different angles into each post.

I started not knowing where I was going, I still don’t know where I’m going, but I know challenging myself is the key to my success! Leading by example for others to learn from along the way is my contribution to Steemit “if I can do it so can you!”

We Will Get There Together

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It was the saturday of last week .. !! I was on my motorcycle and surprisingly the bike runs out of brakes. Thanks to the speed cuts that I made, I was able to stop the bike a bit until I could stop completely. But it was something where it is not because of that. I was not writing this answer

I live in venezuela, here there are many things that scare me, the last time I did something that scared me a lot, something that stood out because the fear was enormous, it happened a few months ago, I was in a protest against the dictatorship, that was fire for all directions, government troops arrived firing pellets and tear gas bombs, took many of those present there and beat them, it was a traumatizing experience, I left unharmed but that night I could not sleep

Hello @bunnypuncher, Every day we face new challenge which scares but but we should not let fear takeover and hold us back. I would lie if i say that i was not not scared when we had a fire in our neighborhood but I and my wife used our water pump and water hose to extinguish it.

When Was the Last Time You Did Something That Scared or Challenged You? Well @bunnypuncher I have been in many situations where I have found myself restarting my life from dead scratch. Like right now, but I always rise like the @unicornquiffe that I am and each restart leads me in a better direction. Growth hurts but you must know pain in order to fully appreciate pleasure. :-)


That's terrible!!! No more happy hopping. :-(

Hi @bunnypuncher Most times, we don’t plan on doing something that scares us. But when we finally achieve that, we find out that It is empowering and it will make you prouder of yourself.

Hello @bunnypuncher, approximately 9 years ago my son was diagnosed with ADHD, with time his hyperactivity became almost nil, but his lack of attention has not yet been able to control it; today he is 15 years old and he is only 2 years away from graduating from high school, and since then the constant and challenging complaints of educators about his attention to certain subjects; and this is since he entered the school, and before these challenges I have given him the recommendations of psychologists and psychopedagogues of how they can help him in the evaluations and qualify these young people with this type of syndrome. To understand, is to see their skills and not their weaknesses. In my country, there are still no schools or lyceums to adapt the subjects for these children and young people. But every year, I show them that my son, with my support without being an educator, takes a step toward his bachelor's degree.

Hello @bunnypuncher last evening I goes to mall to purchase a Laptop. I was in the digital store and standing with a salesman (he was explaining the features of the laptop) and suddenly there was a loud sound (music) behind us, that hell scares us, actually someone was checking the music system and he switch on the music system with full volume.

It’s a funny thing, ambition. It can take one to sublime heights or harrowing depths. And sometimes they are one and the same.

I will lie to you if I say that our new sailing adventure doesn't scare me.

The last thing that scared me and challenged me was trying my grandmothers lasagna again, this after the first time sent me to the restroom for days...

Everything in life won't be easy.

There will be times when you may be scared and times when you may not believe in yourself.

But, you have to push through these negative moments and realize that you are holding yourself back if you don't let yourself move forward and do something new.

when suddenly I started remembering all the horror films where people died while taking a shower or after taking a shower.

Challenging myself regularly has become a lifestyle, it's difficult but it's something that keeps me alive.

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This is the question I tried to ask myself, but a few weeks ago I realized that I did not have a good answer and that I did not do it for a while now.

Everything from the times when I became fuel at those times made me shrink, and sometimes it was very difficult to connect the dots between them.

I am afraid to put my experience and unedited point of view into the world to be criticized.

Doing new things will be frightening, but that doesn't have to be the end of the world.

actually most of your time is your own worst enemy.

I've been very comfortable at my job, and I enjoy the work.

But I decided to look around, not so long ago, and I realized that the interview process had changed considerably. Just the thought of sitting in front of a panel of interviewers scared me a bit - but it was a challenge I overcame... and learned much in the process.

I am not saying that life is not difficult because everyone experiences difficulties, no matter how perfect you can feel someone's life

six days a week we chose fear for ourselves and on the seventh day we chose for each other ... it was a lineball call which of the two categories was more frightening!

When placing yourself forward for the opportunity you want to do but you are afraid of your ability to meet all the criteria needed to do the job ... or maybe apply and not get it.

last week I climbed mountain peaks 2.7 k

when throwing me from runners with strong currents

corrededores del diablo-6468.jpg

  ·  4년 전

Thanks for your kindness Gentleman!

The last such incident happened on steemit only. When I first saw a sbi contest that was a writer's contest. Topic was very unusual and the reaction and comment of other people confused me as I was seeing any contest first time.
I honestly showed my suspense on that this contest is not real but I go politely.There was also another reason that why I thought.
But that Gentleman got so angry that he is still upset from me by banning my entry in his all contest. He replied me very rudly.
I tried my best, I said him two three times sorry, but he didn't believe that either.
Meanwhile on the same day, there were too more people whom I said due to different reasons but they are now my best friend, guiding me whenever there arise some problem in understanding some sentences.

He was twenty year older than me.
That time I was scared. But then I decided that I should n't try to negotiate him, it would be better for both of us.

I met so many people but that was only an exception incident. Sometimes it is harder to prove that you don't have any bad intentions specially when you are honest.
Thank you again!

I think the last time I've done something that scared me would have to be today, I've started driving recently and let me tell you, it's honestly much scarier than I would have ever thought. Knowing you're driving a giant metal machine that can easily kill someone is frightening, and I've already received a bit of road rage for not going fast enough. Hoping that I'll be able to learn more after awhile.


Take care while driving - the best advice about road rage is to remind yourself that rage like that stems from mild to severe mental illness. Do your best to ignore the offender, make no eye contact and never ever engage. Remember that you have every right to be on the road, even to make mistakes. Stay calm, focus on your driving not the offender. :-)

The last time that I did something scared and challenged me was pretending to be my boyfriends name just to make him enroll again for the semester. His name is genesis and that name could possibly a girl or a boy and when the dean confronted me he asked me why did I had failing grades. So I just replied not knowing I was not genesis. Haha

Unfortunately, the last time I had to do something that was challenging for me, I chickened out. It was embarrassing. I'm scared of heights and I figured why not face that fear by doing a completely safe jump off a small cliff into the water below. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but I couldn't do it.

I don't understand but I do punch my bunnies daily, so it's something.

great work 👍🏻

What's today's topic ?? I don't see any mentions.

  ·  4년 전

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Nice post great work

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I argue every day. But, these are not big disputes but ordinary social activity. Most often with my wife :) In occasion of fear - I experience it always. There is always a fear that I can not do something. Thanks to my fear, I became what I am. In many ways, I'm grateful for my fear. Good luck to you and Love.

Спорю я каждый день. Но, это не большие споры а обычная социальная активность. Чаще всего с женой :) По поводу страха - я испытываю его всегда. Всегда присутствует страх, что я что-то не смогу. Благодаря моему страху я стал тем, кем я есть. Во многом, я благодарен своему страху. Удачи Вам и Любви.

After my son was born, I, almost constantly, feel fear for his life and health.

Most of all I'm afraid my parents will leave me alone.

During the game of my favorite team, I always feel fear and excitement for the result.

I am a very adventurous person and I adore arguing. It's good that there are a lot of bookmakers that are proposing to argue with me. Last time I argued (made a bet) on Tuesday.

Move to another country

once i traveled on a bus without my headphones, then i could hear everyone eating, sniffing, breathing .. disgusting. XD

Have you played star fox? and if you have, did you know tat slippy toad is superior to peppy hare? Frogs > Bunnies

Your profile picture

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didn't visit dentist, scared every day

@mimismartypants check out @bunnypuncher, he seems to be the only one on Steemit with SBD . Must have got it through nefarious ways and trying to launder it through these competitions. Could he just be the Ozark of Steemit? Who knows? But i'm keen to be an accomplice and get my hands dirty, take me to trial I ain't saying nothing! I ain't no snitch!


Mmmmm this is interesting!! I actually already folloe but seems like you have to do big stuff to get noticed!!! I mean the name @bunnypuncher says it all!! The dude hits rabits in the face for fun!! You gotta be jumping out of blenders and saving lives to get a single glance!

Steemit challenges me everyday :-)

First time I flew rented drone. Wasn't cheap drone.

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I'd be lying to you if I said that our new sailing adventure didn't scare me.

  ·  4년 전

We are currently around three months into our new boat life. We are very happy with our purchase and the huge life change that we have made.

We are excited for our future, all of the amazing places we will visit, and all of the learning experiences that we will get to have.

However, making this huge lifestyle change has been a little scary for me

  ·  4년 전

The first month of boat ownership was an interesting one. Before we bought our boat, we were constantly told that there are two best days in a boat owner’s life:

The day you buy you boat.
The day you sell it

See, we really loved full-time RVing, and it became so easy for us. We were definitely in our comfort zone while RVing, and that's part of the reason for why we wanted to switch to sailing – we wanted to start a new adventure, have a new challenge, learn new things, and more

There were times when I wondered if we had made a huge mistake and times when I wondered what the heck I had just gotten myself into. I just felt that there was so much to learn, and I started to scare myself – I started to think that there was no way I could possibly learn everything.

Wes is a natural when it comes to sailing, and he does so well with it. But me? I was just so afraid that I would never get the hang of it all.

Scaring yourself is a good thing – it means that you're pushing yourself to do something new and outside of your comfort zone. This can help you grow as a person and continue to improve.

However, I started to scare myself to the point that I began to doubt myself entirely.

And, that's when I realized that I just needed to tell myself to shut up.

Doing new things is going to be scary, but it doesn't have to be the end of the world

I can now say that I'm so glad I pushed myself because I already feel 1,000% happier about the transition, and I've learned so much, to the point that those fears have all gone away.

While I'm definitely no pro and know that I will be learning for years and decades more, I am so very happy with the progress I have made.

Today I ran a lot, playing soccer: S very challenging

  ·  4년 전

he main thing that worked for me was that I knew I just had to get out and sail without an instructor. So, we took a bunch of classes, got signed off by insurance, and the following day, we went out all by ourselves.

All of those fears that I had went away when we went out and then safely docked ourselves back in our slip.

I then had the confidence I needed because I saw that it could be done!

Sometimes, you just have to do whatever scares you and get that feeling out of the way by putting it out in the open and seeing that you can accomplish something that terrifies you. By doing it, you'll see that you were holding yourself back and that you are stronger than your fear.

Hello everyone

It was like two days ago, when I entered a long position in NEO & ETC! Scared the sh*t out of me, but it was in the end a good decision.


when i gave birth exactly a year ago today and 1 month!! that was the scariest moment of my entire life... it scarred me that I am sooo scared to be pregnant again. dont get me wrong, i love kids! I want a girl!... but... the pain, that I cannot take anymore.

I still have not done that thing that scared me the most.

Could you increase min ROI and max ROI.

Well... I'll try and give an answer to your question "when was the last time you did something that scared or challenged you?? "
The last time I did something challenging is now.
Entering into your contest is actually challenging because we are all fighting for the winner's prize.
Thanks for your contest @bunnypuncher and I really appreciate your efforts. You are doing a great job.

Yesterday i confronted my boss about his irrational and abusive behavior while remaining calm and respectful. I usually either get angry or ignore it when people are mean. I am trying to walk the tightrope between.

I do something that looks scary only to me unless you really understand the point.

nice step by @bunnypuncher..
Answer - when i tried to do mountaineering on a hill alone. i shivered by the thrill

When I found what I thought was a smart way to start a conversation with a girl, it ended in shame.

Seeing my daughter appearing on her first dance performance and feeling tears drip in my eyes ...

One day I was climbing a mountain with my friends, I thought it would be a relaxed walk but I ended up being a hell of 3 hours rationing the water because there was not much left.

I can’t remember

Calling up my insurance to find out if something was covered the other week was pretty damn challenging. And then there's the fear I'll get an unexpected bill anyway...

When you decided not to be humiliated anylong and work away from anywhere that deprive self esteem from you. It a hard decision as well a best for you

The last time I got scared a lot was about a month ago. I am from Venezuela, and here, because there are no spare parts for cars, transportation is no longer available, and I was on the street. and just at that moment a transport passed. But people pushed themselves, they beat themselves, not caring about children. One of those children fainted because of the pressure that was in place, I had some water in my bag and I went to take it to the child's breast to give him to drink, It was really very scary what was lived at that moment.


Great contest.. how can i join the contest next time? Please reply me. Thanks.. up vote done

Well, very recently I had the opportunity to go to the beach and see how people rode their jet ski. But it seemed to me something out of the ordinary. Because those who operated the jet skis were older ladies. Which was that they enjoyed what you did very much. It gave me a bit of laughter. Because it is not usual to see this kind of thing nowadays. But the truth is that it teaches us that age does not matter to live life to the fullest. @bunnypuncher

Actually it was yesterday, I can´t say what it was, because it was illegal, but it happened not intentionally, but I can't say it didn't feel good.

I have a challenge every day

As a shy introvert, meeting my boyfriend's dad was indeed a challenge.

Living in Venezuela is a challenge!

good luck winners !

One day recently, I got up right at 3:00 a.m. My TV set on, and started to change the channel only and also, the time changed every time

Traveling from Venezuela to Argentina was a great challenge!

I write. Every day is challenging for me. It's a great deal to write when I don't feel like writing.

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Two years ago when I was swimming at sea with my friend, without realizing I had swam very far from the beach

@bpclan fear for life is a greatest scare for all human beings.Though everybody know one day all of us has to die but still we have ego and dont accept this truth.

Last April I was with my girlfriend again and I tried to strangle her neck because I was angry she had cheated on me

Maybe 2017 is the most terrible year of my life because at that time I was rejected by many women when I wanted to apply

About three years ago, maybe.
I have the most horrifying moment of my life that I was beating my friend until he was in a hospital hospital for two days

One month ago I once mistreated my friend

It's right on your topic today because yesterday I had the most brutal fight in my life even my friend had to fracture his hand

Last year, on May 21, I could not forget the terrible incident, my hard tackle while playing ball on the other player's head

Two months ago my boyfriend was hit by a motorbike driver in front of me when we wanted to meet

When was the last time you did something that scared or challenged you?
Venezuelans do something that scares us every day, guess what it is?
to ride on any of the lines of the caracas subway, which is a real terror, that high-impact sport, neither parachuting nor parachuting, nor diving into a swimming pool, not even mountaineering or bullfighting are as strong as getting on the subway car every day.

Yesterday in the gym, I broke my squat record, I was very afraid of the barbell falling on me.

it was a last time when police caught me. It scared me a bit and in the same time motivated to be more careful during breaking the law.

Did something that scared me? I told my wife that she was wrong about something.

For the first time when my cellphone was steal , so scared but this kind of experience is challenging myself to be strong , and still thankful because I'm safe., Soon I can move on . #sadhappens #firsttimeinmyhistory

Hello rabbit! coincidentally today I saw a car accident, that scared me so much that I could not control my nerves, but it challenges me, to have more pruduncia, I hope that all drivers have it too, to avoid moments like these.

Congratulations to the winners

I still have to do something that will challenge me

I could say that it is my second most difficult and frightening moment, and it is coming. After a year and a half of having undergone a partial mastectomy where I thought I would lose my left nipple forever, a large nodule has reappeared and my heart is in my throat because I must do a new biopsy. And to hear that cancer is back, would be my biggest nightmare at this moment. Totally scary

The life is a challenge.

The last time something scared me was when my father gave him a stroke, I was very scared when I saw him so bad and I thought I would lose him. But thank God it was just a big scare; since he recovered quickly and is currently very well.

My life is my challenge


its about to happen
cheers o/

It was the heights that really is smething that I do not wanna be at.

But was able to stay at 10 storied building's edge for some time and the view from that was indeed amazing and it was indeed worth it !

The biggest and most recent scare I have had was when a group of criminals closed a roadway I was on and started breaking into a truck that was right next to my car to steal its contents. Scared to death, I started driving on a sidewalk until I got a little farther away.


Opening up myself to someone else.

Go to the road alone at night and the road has a dog that bark me and try to fight me.

The very first time I climed a Mesa. My fear of heights and need for hiking finally colided to a place that had the perfect mix of adrenaline and respect for the situation

yesterday i ate a pizza with pineapple, that was very challenging

@bunnypuncher you have nice content.i am really impressed by you. i also have some good content if you have some time go ahead and upvote me by this way i will get some confidence.thanks

Realmente soy una persona que no me exijo mucho así que pocos desafíos tengo en mi vida

Today. I watched the trailer of "the nun". It was scary.

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I like to think of myself as an explorer. A person who is spontaneous, full of life and taking risks. But when I sat with myself and asked this question, what is my honest answer?

Hey @bunnypuncher! How was your day today? 😊

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when stepping into your vulnerability ... face limiting beliefs and behaviors that prevent you from fulfillment, happiness, and success.

have a difficult conversation: say 'No'.
improve relationships, ask (not, demand) what you really want and what you really value.

It's about preparing to raise your hand at a work meeting or at an event and ask questions that are usually too fearful.

Five months passed, I felt like a person who was completely different from the people who saw in the New Year ... and all the better,

Everything in life will not be easy.
There will be times when you might be afraid and times when you might not believe in yourself.

Some of the best things in life will be frightening, and you can't stop once you feel scared. That means you have just started!

Scaring yourself is a good thing - that means you push yourself to do something new and outside your comfort zone. This can help you grow as a person and keep on increasing.

Sometimes it feels like nothing can really surprise us lately.

I am more afraid to embarrass myself when doing something openly which I clearly do not understand.

Last year I did something that hurts me by jumping above 5 meters and breaking my leg

Three weeks ago I was threatened with my life, when I joined a motorbike race in a motorbike racing tournament between villages and I fell off my motorbike so I was rushed to the hospital

Even though I like to speak in public, I'm really afraid to record my thoughts on video.

The feeling of fear when disaster strikes cannot be separated from us.

Fear, anxiety is always approaching when we imagine dangerous things befalling the people closest to us.

The last time I faced a challenge was ... today. Living in Venezuela is a BIG CHALLENGE, looking for food is a challenge, looking for cash is a challenge, taking public transport is a challenge, working is a challenge, getting medicines is a challenge ... Everything is a challenge. Sad but true.

I feel scared when threatened with losing someone I love.

when reading scary ghost stories

people are afraid of darkness not because of the absence of light, but because of "ignorance of what might be in darkness."

when you feel threatened as if you are in danger.

when your friend will not miss the opportunity to torture you.

As the video game graphics evolve more and more realistic, the modern horror video game becomes even more frightening. Unlike film,

A good horror movie can scare you for days.

videos that start with a soothing scene, then suddenly a horrible image appears with a startling sound.

when deciding to go back after going far.

fear always approaches when seeing a horror movie

Congratulations to the winners, greetings bunny

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the last time i did that it scared me and challenged me when i was on my girlfriends house. She asked me to visit so that her dad will accept but damn it gone wild. Her dad running towards me bringing a bolo (bolo-philippines sharp material use for cutting trees.) There were many bystanders that time outside, they laughed at me while me im scared to death but when i realized it now, lol.haha

if you choose me my dreams will have all come true