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Daily giveaway 5/21/2018.

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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

First Place: 5 SBD
Second Place: 3 SBD
Third Place: 2 SBD
Fourth Place: 1 SBD
Fifth Place: 1 SBD
Sixth Place: 1 SBD
Seventh Place: 1 SBD
Eighth Place: 1 SBD

The daily give-a-way winner will be selected at random from people that comment on this post. And I'll announce the winner the following day on the next day's contest post. I'll pull the list of entries from the comments approximately 24 hours after the post depending on my schedule. So unless you see the following day's post go ahead and add a comment. I'll will include entries right up to the last minute before I post the result and next contest.

I will do my very best to have a contest each day. However, I could without notice take a day or two off. On days that I'm off there may not be a contest so please try and be understanding if there is a couple of days without a contest.

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Suggested Daily Topic

What is the best and worst thing about your family or extended family?

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:
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Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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The worst thing is my parents' mental illnesses. My sibling and I flourished in spite of them. At least, we only had to deal with them one at a time: my mother had custody and we rarely saw my father. I had seen him after a 30-year hiatus and it was just as well. I haven't seen him in >10 years now and likely never will. My mother developed vascular dementia, which finally led to her personality disorder being diagnosed.

Fortunately, I have good extended family on both sides.


Ha de ser muy difícil, pero lo bueno es que cuenta con buenas personas a su alrededor! :-)


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Best thing about my family is they put up with my crap. Worst thing is my wife and her family are from Germany, so when they get together they all speak German and I have no clue what they're saying.


I'm sure they all speak English better than we do too..

The best thing is we get along very well :-)

The best thing about my family is that we all love each other unconditionally and genuinely want the best for each other. The worst thing about my extended family (at least on one side) is that there's a lot of infighting that can get downright vicious.

Best thing is we love in extended joint family with love and hormony but the worst thing is I have not joined it since last year because of my studies.

lo mejor es que nos queremos mucho lo malo ahorita estamos un poco separados por la migración de Venezuela

lo mejor es cuando nos reunimos nos volvemos mierda lo malo es quien le toca pagar después jejejejeje

I just hate when someone brags about the same trips again and again!!!!!!


On both sides of the family. I just hate that!!!

este lo mejor estamos bien de salud por ahora y lo malo hasta ahora todo bien no hay nada malo

The best about my family is that we are always there for each other no matter the situation or condition
While the worst thing about my family is when my parents get into a fight

The best thing about my family is that we are rumberos and we always plan parties and reunions. And the worst thing is that we do not speak softly hahaha we talk with shouts hahahaha

The good thing about my family is that they love me and when I visit them they do not want to let me go, the bad thing is that they live a little far and I do not see them very often.

  ·  3년 전

The best of my family its a party the worst a family party :s

Hello @bunnypuncher the best thing in a family, I mean in my family is, when we appreciate each other, and I melum find something bad.


  ·  3년 전

congratulations to all the winners, and thanks to the @bunnypuncher who has trusted me as the winner of first place.

The best thing about my family was the solidarity and respect my mother instilled in every member of the family, the worst thing is that my mother died and some of us forgot her teachings.

I hope I win.. I love this giveaway

Bunnypuncher's daily giveaway 5/21/2018 - 15 SBD total in prizes
hello! thanks for the contest.
The best thing is to be together, to share, to catch up on the stories, to see each other after a while.
The bad part is, when we say goodbye to each other for our little house and there's still time to fix, clean and tidy up.

Wow. Great.
That we are at each other’s throats most of the time, yet we stand by each other no matter what.

My dad is a man of few words, but when it comes to imparting wisdom ( specially when it's not needed at all) , he would become this hurricane of knowledge, would create stories out of thin air, in which he would always be the protagonist and before you realise, he would have drawn you into his spiderweb and made you believe every single word ( his lips would be twitching all the while at the immense pleasure of conning you so easily)

The best thing about my family is that we have many pets and we can play with them all the time, the bad thing is to clean the pup.


jajaja no todo es color rosa


jajajja todo tiene sus contras

Best thng is that we are not that open to each other. For me, I'm more than willing to interact with my extended families than my own family. and i don't know why.

I was about to answer... but @camilus just said it! Spot on!

The best thing about my family is that we have been united in the best and bad moments and at this moment I have a second political family that I am lucky that they are excellent. I am very lucky


  • The most beautiful unity, the healthiest function, the most enthusiastic time, and the greatest number of things we can say the most are best spoken for the family and worthy of the family. Family is the harbor of every individual, shelter for all your needs.
  • Missing the plane when going on a vacation. Home Power cut and disease

Best thing is we stick together no matter what

The best thing about my family is that, one way or another, we help each other. The worst thing is that it seems that none of them knew how to keep their mouths shut at any time. Everything is talk, talk, talk and talk ☺.

I hope I get lucky this round

We never forget about each other that's the best part

The best of my family is that in spite of any bad situation we are always there to support us regardless of the differences, and the worst of it, maybe we can not meet as often as we want for different situations. But in spite of everything, they are the most precious thing in my life.

The best thing about my family is the unconditional love we share with each other and that no matter what happens I know that i will always have their backs. The worst thing about my family I think is that we were born poor and so we really have to work hard to better our living.

The best thing is when they feed me... the whole extended family cooks way more food when I'm coming... sometimes they even panic if they don't think they have enough, which is super unneccessary but very sweet.

Best. They make me happy.
Worst. They make me want to pull out my hair!

I love my family, just as it is.

Best thing is that they're friendly but worst is that I never really got to know them all because they're far away

the best about my family is that we are all health care professionals, the worst is that despite we all share a passion for helping others we rarely get to spend any holidays together because somebody is always on duty :/

The best thing in my family is that people always share everything with each other in life, we call each other daily, talk to each other. So we never feel lonely

Best thing is I have almost no contact with them

Happy Tuesday everyone!

The best thing about my is that they stay with you through thick and thin, the worst part? They don't know when to stop, hold on when rendering help.

Worst thing is that my family is boring, which is also the best thing because there's no drama


Hahaha totally with you on this one. My family is pretty boring, but never any drama.

First of all. Thanks for the daily giveaways. Super generous of you.

Best thing about the family is I think they are all hilarious.

Worst thing is they all ate amazing cooks and love having food around all the time. I’ll die young because of all I eat.

The best thing about my family is that we all love and care for each other. The worst thing is we have different opinions on certain subjects and we often end up arguing.

I've never won, please pick me! The best thing about my family is that they are so caring and we all love each other unconditionally, but the worst thing is that we don't always have the same viewpoints, and argue quite a bit.

the worst thing that happen in my family was when my brother got impresoned , we loss all the money we invested , we loss our stable business , we heard a lot of negative gossips from my neighbors and my younger sisters got affected by the way they socialize . and the best thing that happened was when my brother ask for forgiveness to everyone . that's all that matter .

Please notice my comment , thank-you soo much .

The best thing about my family is their support in every moment of my life and the worst is their imposing.

Lo mejor de mi familia es que todos somos unidos, cuando alguien tiene un Problema no hace falta llamarlos de inmediato hacen acto de presencia. Tanto en lo malos momentos como en los Buenos. Ellos siempre están allí. Lo peor es lo bochincheros y parranderos que son. Y cada vez que tienen una fiesta de inmediato me sonsacan para que vaya a cantar en ellas. Y yo Bravo!!!

Congrats to all the winners and @bunnypuncher for another episode of his daily giveaway.

The best thing about my extended family is the fact that we recognise each other wherever we are or meet in life,

The worst thing about my extended family is the reluctancy to help one another. This part is the most annoying as none of them are ready to help any of their brother in need.

The best thing about my family is the love that my parents give me. They always take good care of me, they cook me good food, they love me and expect me a lot. They always bring the best to me, they always protect me in every case. However, my family has a bad thing. My family put a lot of hope on me. My family has three sisters, my parents do not have sons. I am the biggest child, so I have to take great responsibility, I have to learn well, earn a lot of money. I have a place in society. So, in my school days, I always try my best to study well, and I cried a lot when I was in the third place in the ranking list. I always felt I was outdone and humiliated.
That is the best and worst thing in my family. Thank you for the contest.

The best thing about my family is that they're Indian.

The worst thing about my family is that they're Indian.




Sólo Dios.

i am tooo late, hmmmm i will try next time thank you

Eummmm .. Please add the winner so I have a chance ..😭

love my family i would'nt change nothing

I can win this game today. yahoo :))

The is best thing is we are do really taking care each other, while the bad is sometime we arguing for a nonsense things .

Have an awesome day! God bless you @bunnypuncher ❤️

Family where life begins and love never ends. The family is where people always think about the best things to give each other. From delicious and nutritious meals to individual needs, happiness is the opportunity to give the best for the one you love. Having somewhere to go is home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a blessing. Having a family is the best and most fortunate thing. My parents always forced me to marry and have children when I was 30 years old. That is probably the worst.

All the things in my family are the best except one, the divorce.

This is great! Thank you!

Best thing in my family is that we all have a good time and a good laugh every moment of the day and the worst thing is that sometime we cannot handle all the stress in life and we end up fighting against each other

Lo mejor de mi familia es somos una familia, nacen, crecen, se reproducen. Lo peor es que la familia va muriendo para dar paso a otra familia. Que sigue el mismo patrón crece y tal y tal y tal. Éxito.

Worst thing is that i am far from them.

It really chaps my ass when my wife turns her clothes inside out and washes and dries them

We fight and we make up. and it's life!

best thibg is my wife loves me worst thing is i dont have a baby

Families who do bad to me I will definitely remove from my family list ,, if anyone who do good to me surely he will I made as part of my family ,,
That's why the number of my family is erratic.😊😊😊😊

I want to congratulate the winners, hopefully I can win tomorrow.

Nothing worst, everything is good..

During following your contest about 2 months ago to this day, even I never leave your contest once though ..But I am very disappointed because never won it ...

The best things is we love each other so much. The worst is my wife and me not always live with my family because of my job place.

congratulations .... active again. How are those moods?

There really is no "worst" part. We all get along, work together, and have fun now and then. And we all are there for each other -good times and bad.

The best thing about my family is that we are peace lovers. And hate people maltreating others.


The best thing in my family is that they are strong and very good and committed and the worst thing is they have not enough ambition to satisfy me


The worst thing about my family is that we fight a lot, but the best thing is that we understand each other and that we've got each others back :) That's what families do — fight and then make up.

¡Buenas noches! @bunnypuncher <3 no hablo ingles; pero acá abajo lo pondré traducido por google traductor. Porque quiero poder participar :-(

En cuanto a la pregunta, creo que todas las familias constan de lo mismo, un grupo de personas unidas en sangre ... varían solo un poco dependiendo del entorno y / o cultura, en la forma en que se educa a cada miembro. En mi familia, LO MEJOR es que siempre se acercan cuando lo necesitan y siempre están ahí para ayudar a quienes lo necesitan, si es familiar o no y lo PEOR es que no hay mucha unidad y me gustaría que eso cambie. pero debe ser difícil de hacer, ya que es una cuestión de crianza y costrumbres.

Las familias son difíciles de llevar, pero aprender a aceptarlas y respetarlas se puede manejar y tener buenos recuerdos. Lamento haber ampliado! <3

Here is the promised translation! :-D

Regarding the question, I believe that all the families consist of the same, a group of people united in blood ... vary only a little depending on the environment and / or culture, in the way that each member is educated. In my family, THE BEST is that they always reach out when you need and are always there to help those who need it, if it is family or not and the WORST thing is that there is not much unity and I would like that to change but It must be difficult to do, as it is a matter of parenting and costrumbres.

Families are difficult to carry but learning to accept each one and with respect can be handled and have fond memories. I'm sorry to have extended! <3

The best thing is that I don't see most of them very often, the worst thing is to pretend that I get along with them, lol.

@bunnypuncher I just sent you a share of @steembasicincome

You will start getting votes from them on you posts as soon as it is live. thanks for the daily giveaways!

The best part of family is the union, coping with the mess. Fight is just the bad part.

The best thing about my family is that we take care of each other and we are always united, which leads us, on certain occasions, to be very jealous with the external people of the family, and in my opinion that is the worst.

As a family we are happy 😀

Best thing about my family is that they are a bit crazy so is always fun to hangout with them, but sometimes that's also the worst because when they get mad they say and do crazy shit.

The best thing about my family is that we are always there for each other, and that's it, no worse thing.

You are doing really extra ordinary work @bunnypuncher

Family are awesome. My little one brings me so much joy. Worst thing - my father when he would exaggerate, but I got over that lol!

  ·  3년 전

The best thing about my family would probably be everything.They are the core of my life, the reason why I am what I am. Idon't know any family moderately similar to ours and that makes me feel tremendously lucky and special. With them I can be completely me, their love has always been unconditional, they make me laugh even in the saddest moments and they always give me good advice. Our family is so united that we do not need more than our presence to be happy, with them I never miss the hugs, the kisses, the "I love you" or the words of encouragement, in our small family the trust is extreme and they always remind me the important things in life, and, although it is only us 4 in the country, it is enough to make me feel complete and extremely fortunate.
And no, I can not say what it's "the worst" about my family. I do not feel that they have something wrong that should be say, we are human and daily we make mistakes, and yes, we often get angry but that does not diminish the love that we have.

hey bunny! im a minnow in steemit..

unconditional love is the best think of my family. i don't found any bad think till now.

The best thing about my family is that they supported me in my financial , buy things that needed most and also in my school. The worst thing in my family is that they do not show emotional support to me. They don't want to hear my problems and help about my problems and also they just don't care to. They just support in material things but what I want is emotional support that could make us happy as a family.

May fam support me all the time

The best thing is that they always near to me, so my friends.

The worst thing about my family is it runs on criticism and favoritism, its sucks when you're not favorite ajd everyone hates you, but the best thing about my family is mom, my nephews and my older brothers, they are so loving and they understand me, even when I'm at my most unlovable moments, and that's what I'm really thankful of

The best thing abut my family is that they appretiate me when i fall down and gives more hope and confidence to move on.

Best thing is that we are are well educated and loving. Worst thing is that my family is too vigilant- we need to exolain to them every plan that we have, so our gfs are screwed.

The best of my family is the union sharing and as we all seek to help in times of despair and the worst is that we are separated by the economic problems of my country Venezuela more than a year without seeing us.

The best thing about my family is endless love and care support we give to the less privilege, while the worst thing is that my mum and dad has divorced. Painful though....

The best thing is they live far, far away, the worst thing is pretty much the same as the first thing.

I don't think there's any good thing about my extended family.

Worst? Some of them practice witchcraft.

My family on the other hand,
Beat thing would be our devotion and dedication to having each others back.
Worst thing? We are all individual loners.

Best thing about my family is that we are 1
Worst thing is that my parents didn't teach me any language and they speak 4 languages

The best thing about my extended family is the way everyone share things in common whenever they are together.
The bad thing about them is the way they get attracted to you like bunch of ants to sugar when you have things going well for you and the way they flee and forget you once you start struggling.

The best thing about my family is all the creative thinkers in it. I love discussing philosophy with them.

The worst thing about my family are all the substance abusers and party animals. I hate being asked for money to support other peoples party life.

how are you? pick me today loll

The best thing about my extended family is that we help each other out in our career,i mean its amazing when we work together.

The worst thing about my extended family is that you don't own your privacy

the best thing about my family is that we hold on and never give up on every problem we encounter that's why we are complete and There's no worst thing about them 🙂

The road that I have been through always requires guidance from the family.

My father is alcoholic. My aunt is 80 years old and still fully active, even uses makeup.

The best of course very much, the worst of course need not be told ..😀

Hi @bunnypuncher ,, Do not wait until the participant reaches 300 people, announce it soon so the chance of my winning is not thinned ..😊

I am here for the contest.

Hopefully this contest does not go bankrupt .. haha

Jealous to see the victory of others.

Jealous to see the victory of others.

first time i join this contest, nice to meet you :D

I do not have a big family, my father is dead when I was little, my mother is old and sick .. now I am the backbone for my small family ..

I do not have a big family, my father is dead when I was little, my mother is old and sick .. now I am the backbone for my small family ..

This comment will be the winner.

The family is everything, no matter how bad they are, they is our family

I am angry if my father does not want to give me some pocket money.

All the family evils are easy to forgive, but forgiveness to anyone other than the family is hard to give.

The worst thing about our family is my siblings is so hard headed and sometimes rebellious that always makes our mother stressed out and sad but in spite of being this kind of pain in the ass, we always forgive and give them some chance because we understand that this is just a phase and they will get it eventually in time and thats the best thing about our family, we always forgive and accept. :)

All the family evils are easy to forgive, but forgiveness to anyone other than the family is hard to give.

Looks like you deserve to raise the prize and the winner, so everyone has a chance to win, not just people with multiple accounts who can get a great chance to win ...

I hope my family can continue to do good ..

  ·  3년 전

A great job, keep working.

post is very qualified, I like it, I've upvote you, vote back yes
thank you

My life is very comfortable when with a big family.

All very well, no evil from my family.

All very well, no evil from my family.

My big family lives far away from me, they live in remote villages. I am pursuing my ideals in the city.

My parents often get mad at me when I do not clean up the house.

In extended family people don't have feeling like loneliness but there has no independence like single family.

The best of my family is I always loved them, the worst is I often bother them..😉

May I be lucky in your daily contest.

Best thing is they love me.worst thing is we are poor

May I be lucky in your daily contest.

The death of one of the family members was the worst thing for me.

May the victory can I get from the hands of others.

My father once payed taxi to drive him backwards.

Hopefully you're okay with your family despite having spent hundreds of SBD for the contest, I hope nothing bad happens to you ..😁

Family number one for me, not others...

Family number one for me, not others...

Lo mejor de mi familia es la inquebrantable unidad que la caracteriza. Pero lo peor es que cuando se emparrandan , después no hay forma de que se vayan porque las fiestas duran el fin de semana completo, comiendo y bebiendo.

Good luck with me.

The best thing is to eat together.

@bunnypuncher thanks for the gift you have given.

The best thing with family is to eat together.

The best thing about my family: obedient worship ..
The worst thing about my family: rarely out of the house.😁

Announce as soon as possible, I can not wait

My family is too good, no evil of them ..:)

  ·  3년 전

I admire you...

The best thing is when togetherness with big family, separation with family is the worst moment for me.

The best thing is when togetherness with big family, separation with family is the worst moment for me.

The best thing about my family is that we support each other esp. during trying times. The worst thing is when we are having a gathering, most of my siblings would choose the easiest meal to prepare

The best thing is when togetherness with big family, separation with family is the worst moment for me.

My effort is useless ,, difficult to win in your contest, as long as i follow never win.

The good thing about my family is we like a friend like a group and no bad thing! just a happy family

The best and worst thing about the family is very much, not enough time to write it here ..

I won!!! Thanks for the reward! my dear @bunnypuncher

Good day to all

Ka peu menang lon sigo hai gam..😊😊😊😊

As a family we are very accommodating and the only thing I see that we are bad with is that we dont forgive easily.

Family is everything.

  ·  3년 전

The best thing about my family is that my mom is the most loving woman I've known, and the worst is that my father is a douchebag! :3

The best thing about my family is being able to give everyone of us the best life (love, education).
Worst things always making decision at the last mimute

Worst: Rough behavior of little brother.
Best: When i see smile on parents face

The best things in my bigfamily is that we are so many, and we have a good relation between cusins.

Thank you for the contest :)

the worst part is that we don't really talk when we're apart, the best part when we reunite its a party and we're near inseperable. Then silence again. Lol

I don’t dislike anything about my family. I love them all.

I have a son with autism. I hate autism, but I do not dislike people with autism. I love my son, I love the people we have met through his affliction.

I am 28 years old. Many of the people I loved are gone. I guess I hate the fact I can never again enjoy my Grandfather’s cooking, or hug my Grandmother, but that’s not their fault.

The best thing about my family and the extended is that we all love one another so dearly. Worst thing? Okay! Nothing really worse about my family

The best thing about my family is all the sacrifices they made for us to live. The worst thing about my extended family is greed!

The best thing about my family is that having my family has been the best thing that has ever happened to me and the worst thing is that we are quite widely separated

Congrats to the winners! Best thing about my family would be, most are present when there's a family gathering. Worst would be the pretense. It"s like showing off to other people we're okay or we love and support one another but sadly we're not.

Wish me , wish me, all the best.

Best thing about my family is we roast each other all the time but we come together in the need of hour for everyone no matter the problem is big or small.
Worst thing about my family is there's no silence in it. So I can't read books in peace.

  ·  3년 전

The best thing about my family is that we are always willing to support each other, whenever we need something our family is there whatever it is in order to help and face the situation in the best way, in short the best thing about my family is the union that characterizes us.
As for the worst thing is the logistics at the moment of planning a meeting or sharing, because we are a very large family we rarely manage to share all together since some of us sometimes can not for reasons of work and time because we live in different cities, although we always try to be the majority.

Congratulations to the winners!

Good contest, I hope to win some day :)

Hi @bunnypuncher... the best thing about my
Extended family is that we love looking out for each other, no matter what.
And the worst.... i dont think there's any yet!

Before I say this, I want to recall that my family are all awesome people, despite how I may feel sometimes. I have a few thousand other relatives, but I don’t talk to them because I never met them, so I will just talk about the dozen or so that I know well.

What I personally don’t like from them are orthodox religious attitudes, disruption, talking loud, wanting attention in public, being overly emphatic, being accusational, getting overly personal

Wel welL.
When i was a kid. I was living in a happy life. My parents always gave what i ask for, Not everytime perhaps, but most of the time.
Well, i guess just like another kids on my age. I never knew where's the money came from. What i knew it always there.
And when i was 13, i finally find out something which is i hate most from my family.

My daddy didnt work throughout the rest of his life.
My mom did.

The best thing is the family union

Okay. I love the fact that we are always around each other.
But i also hate the fact that the people in it didn't protect others from the monsters in it until damage was done. And now they deny and cover each other like nothing ever happened. Abuse is wrong; mental, physical or sexual, it is all wrong. Parents and siblings are supposed to protect their loved ones, not allow further scarring nor be the perpetrators of giving those scars.

Wow. Great topic today.
Well i love my family and we love each other deeply.
What i hate it that my mum shows off for her family too much to be okay. She never accepts their faults.
Hope i get to win

Therr arw so many thibgs i love about my family especially that we are many.
But the down side of it is my grandfather is an extremely self centred man who loves nothing but money and who thinks girl child is a burden to everyone.

Best thing about my family is they care so much that they always know what is going on in my life. Wait , the worst thing about my family is they always know what is going on in my life and let everyone else know also.

Thank you so much sir for winning. You are really kind.
Foe the topic of discussion
We are all a very loving ,well knit family. But we are all playing a game at all times - because of insecurities and inferiority complex of our elders, I can not let down my guard at any point of time. I don’t know when something will hit me out of the blue and knock me out of the boundary.

Congrats to the winners
I love my family. Really, I do! I get along with them so well!
Unless they’re drunk.
They don’t drink unless its a family get-together on the holidays (4th of July, New Years, etc) and they’re very responsible with it. It’s not the activity itself that bothers me. It’s how they act when they’re drunk.
My family teases each other often and normally, it’s fine. But their teasing can be humiliating and hurtful sometimes when they’re drunk. I have to be careful not to be around lest I be the next target

Best thing of my family are hardworkers.worst thing is we are short

Interesting discussion we have.
My family can be loving and supportive to a degree, however some in my family have an issue with being judgmental and holier-than-thou, or the ones that just have to be right all the time. And usually the ones guilty of it will get upset when you challenge them and not talk to you. It's very petty.

Success is not always concerned with the material, but the most important is our usefulness for others, especially families.

A good family begins with love, built with love, and is nourished with loyalty.

Family is one of the most important things we have, which will never change and always exist when needed.

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If we are sincere in striving for the happiness of family life, God will facilitate and show the way.

Togetherness with the family is more valuable than anything

Do not be afraid to try something new, Reach for your dreams. But remember, no matter where you go, the family you return to.

Can make the family happy is one of the happiest moments in this life.

Do not forget people who have helped when we have big problems. They are family.

Better Life Simple but Meaningful, than Luxury Life but sacrificing Family Love.

Hmm mine is actually annoying.
Dont get me wrong. I love my family. But i hate the fact that are very good at bringing up old failures
I tell my parents that I got a bad grade on a chemistry quiz that was worth about 0.001% of my grade in the class.

My parents get mad, yell, say they are disappointed in me, etc.

I can deal with this. I got a bad grade, it can be expected that they will get mad.


It’s two years later. I’m doing my homework for chemistry.

Mom enters.
Me: Hi
Mom: Are you studying for chemistry?
Me: Ya
Mom: Remember that time you did badly on that quiz?
Me (trying not to groan): Ya, I remember.
Mom (shaking head): I still can’t believe that. You need to study hard—imagine if you get ANOTHER grade like that!

No matter how busy, no matter how far away, the family is home. Money and popularity can not afford to pay for the family.

Dil dil pakistan

The best holiday is not about luxury, but about togetherness in the middle of beloved family.

Many are busy chasing the treasure to forget the family. Yet without us knowing, the family is an invaluable treasure, the beauty of togetherness.

They are the sweetest people alive. They really care about you, but the problem is that It is always your fault, and never theirs.
Unless you are a lawyer and can prove why it is their fault and not yours.

Togetherness with family is important moment in reaching happy household.

Family togetherness to be perfect, when the smile of each person in it full of sincerity and love each other

The most beautiful day is always a time for family.

Fun begins with togetherness with the people closest, especially family.

Believe that family is the best place to share.

Times have changed but humans remain the same. We still need the love, happiness, and warmth of a family.

Not a luxury, a whole family is much happier.

Wow. Hope to win soon.
What i love about my extended family is that we are cool.
In my family we all siblings (4) and my mother are more like friends. We discuss each other crushes, support each other in every problem, trust each other potential and go for movies and outings in this era where going out with your mother is not much appreciated.

Recently, when i had a breakup and was crying whole day in my room and was shouting at petty things, then my mom came in my room and hugged me and asked me everything and then consoled me that this is a part of your life, you should learn to handle yourself and should focus on your dreams. You can’t run after him because even if, he comes back like this then it will be of no use because he might have not forgave you but coming back just for your sake so let him go and let him decide what he wants in his life. If he comes back then it’s good and if he doesn’t then may be God has better plans for you.

The most beautiful palace is a house with a warm family.

Warmth in the family is not measured from the size of the house, but the extent of happiness that occupies.

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Family is a treasured treasure.

The real today's heaven that we can feel is our home filled with the warmth of our family

When you work hard, then give the result of hard work to make family happy, then you are the happiest human being.

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A father who in his youth never paid attention to his children will feel lonely in his old age.

Many people regretted the cracking of the family in the final moments of his life.

Part of the perfection in the world is to have a happy family.

I love the fact that My youngest brother- whenever he calls me asks about my boyfriend and if i fight with my bf then make me understand my mistake and tells me to say sorry. He always understands my problem and help me in household chores.
I cant think of what i hate for now.
They are really sweet.

The family leader is a father. So be the father who leads with integrity.

Happy the family before making others happy.

The crown of parents is their grandchildren and the honor of children is their ancestors.

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Communication in the family will always be maintained as long as communication with God is maintained.

If every family expert loves, loves, and mutual, trusting the whole society will be good, safe and peaceful.

Your children are the key to happiness

Family harmony lies in a healthy attitude of responsibility and communication among family experts.

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A family close to God will be a family worthy of his help in every business

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We can not choose families, because they are God's gift as part of our lives

The family will always be near you when you succeed or fall, they always love you for what they are

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Simplicity in the family is a source of peace in life

Hello guys. I WON. incredible. Hope i get lucky today also.
For what i love about my extended family, Our get togethers. Like the one coming up in a few weeks on christmas day.

My family is huge and so diverse. We have family members from America, Australia, Africa, Asia and Ireland. We have straight people and people under the LGBTQI umbrella. We have people who follow dfferent religions and some without religion. We have get togethers with 4 generations of people. We even have biological family members mixing with ex and current foster children.
The mix is amazing and the food choices at christmas lunch are to die for. I love this family. We just need people from mexico, some french and an italian for a full house :)

The family is where life begins and when love never ends

No matter how far you go, parents will always be with you

They always take the feelings and the best thing for me. I think they never do something bad to me.

The only thing that can not be recycled is wasted time without family.

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We will not understand the love of the parents until we become parents

You may believe it or not, but it is the truth that no one in this world can afford true love other than the parents

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Parents are number one while others are just a matter of finding a place

Treat your parents with love, because you will realize how much they mean when the chair they used to sit is empty

In family life, love is a lubricant of discord, cement that binds together, and music that brings harmony.

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Something can change us, but we start and end with our family.

The most enjoyable holiday is to be at home and spend time with family

or for humanity, if you can not give love and attention to your own family, then what have you done.