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Daily giveaway 5/22/2018.

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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

First Place: 5 SBD
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Fifth Place: 1 SBD
Sixth Place: 1 SBD
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Suggested Daily Topic

The daily topic for today is:

Should we spend billions on exploring space?

Good or Bad? Is the knowledge we gain worth the money we spend? What are your thoughts?

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:
BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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The scientific returns have been enormous. I favor continuing robotic missions as they are most cost-effective. Manned missions require a lot of overhead for life support. A manned mission to an asteroid or Mars requires shielding from radiation which does not appear to be anywhere close to being ready for deployment.


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Exploration of space could lead to exciting technological advancements that could help create a better, perhaps more sustainable world for all of us. I say YES!

Exploring space might be the only chance for our species. We are quickly ruining our planet, we need a new one to ruin next!

Why bother spending all this money exploring space and finding out there was water on Mars at some point in the last few thousand years (we have water in Earth) when these same great minds could be applied to finding better ways to power humanity's insatiable desire for energy, to feeding the starving millions around the globe, and generally making life down here better before looking up into the heavens. It seems the authoritative powers have their heads way, way up in the clouds.

The needs of humanity should always come first. While there are people on Earth who need help, they should be helped, rather than seeing money spent on sending robots onto other planets. Humanity is the number one priority; keeping the human race alive is a necessity. Alternatively, space exploration is a desire. If we put our desires before our needs, then everyone loses out on a better standard of living.
Also, why take so much time and money to learn about Mars or any other planet, when we know so little about our own.


Ahhh. Some sanity. Thank you my dear friend. Very eloquently put.




I understand what you mean but well, when a meteor hits earth all live here would probably die. That's why it's good to start learning about other planets so we can live on them as well. We should rather spend no money on militaire and put that into making the live on earth better and exploring space / finding new planets to live on. I know that it probably won't work but yeah.

NASA has stated we(humans) can't leave low Earth orbit, due to the van Allen radiation belt. Which means, to me at least, if we can't do it now, we've NEVER been able to. Especially back in the 60s and70s. So that smells like a lot of lying already. I don't even know if we as a species have any real clue as to what's above us. I believe however it is off limits to us for whatever reason our Creator has deemed. I believe if we're going to waste money exploring unknown areas, we should start with our oceans. However I believe the only justifiable reason for spending that kind of money is if it is being done to actually help our wonderful people here on this lovely planet. We're destroying this place, leaving people to starve and freeze in the streets, and so many other atrocities, and so many people WORSHIP nasa and the other space agencies. NASA alone gets 19 BILLION!!! dollars a year. Imagine if they took just a one year break.
I get to thinking about this and I get frustrated. We've made it this far in our civilization without attempting to go into space, and all the while, we've been screwing off everything here. Now, we finally have technology to either fix our preexisting issues that we our selves have created, or go "play" Startrek. And because of the indoctrination in the schools and the brainwashing of our adult population through media and politics, we choose Startrek.😔


If you want to actually learn how they solved the issue of traveling through the Van Allen belts you could read this: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jillianscudder/2017/06/16/astroquizzical-van-allen-belts-barrier-spaceflight/#79443bb36f8d

The difficulty of the belts is the radiation given to the astronauts traveling through, so they aimed well to minimize the damage. They only received minor radiation.

If you want to learn some useful innovations created through NASA research there are countless pages on the subject, such as this one: https://www.jpl.nasa.gov/infographics/infographic.view.php?id=11358


There is way more money spend on militaire other than space, I think we should fix that first. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_budget_of_the_United_States

congrats to the winners.
personally we should fix the problems on the planet, before heading to space.

That is a very good question. But lets talk about us ever been on the moon, I think not.

I would say it should be a percentage, not a hard number. Starving people should come first.

in my opinion, instead of spending a lot of money on less useful things, it's better to donate to an orphanage.

congrats to the winners

I do not think that exploring is bad, what I think is wrong is that they spend billions of dollars in space experiments and damage and pollute the waters of our planet, this is our home and I think we should take care of it more since it is the only planet suitable for human beings we will take care of it. There are many people going hungry and no one cares, what kind of humans are we?

Hello Bunny Puncher, I know that this one is not Logos's contest But I could not send it in the last publication of selection of logos this one logo is the attempt of improving the gray rabbit ... to seeing if he likes it

logo bunny puncher color.jpg


That is really cool. I'll add him to my logo collection.


please send me some sbd.


@BUNNYPUNCHER I have looked at all your logos and have been vocal about my likes/dislikes of a few of them.
It is classy and cool!! A little playful...and I love how the red gloves just pop out of the picture at you. YOU HAVE TO AT LEAST CONSIDER THIS ONE....PLEASE. I don't know who this person is and I've never interacted with them before.(Basically I'm saying this isn't a paid endorsement.😁) Go ahead, admit it...you know you like it. 😊


thank you! :D

Yes we should spend billions even trillions of dollars exploring space, the resources out there are worth it and I would put the market cap of a company that manages to create some sort of mining colony in another planet up in the trillion dollars space! Even better, finding a new planet for human kind to live in is invaluable.

hello this is my opinion
Should we spend billions on exploring space?
Already nations, especially developed nations, have made a large investment of their public budgets, aimed at outer space research, from there we can see how they send different teams as technicians, for space exploration. As to whether the question is directed to personal spending, it is always interesting to have the opportunity to know and have new scientific references, this investment can only be made by those who have the economic capacity to do so. But I believe that in each of the countries, developed or not, it is necessary to look at the people who need food, clothing, housing, education, transport and respect for human dignity, and to make major investments in them, since in my opinion it is not worth making major investments in space exploration, if there are people in the world dying of hunger.
Good or bad?
This will depend on the interest of governments and how much social investment is being lost, to invest in space exploration...

Is the knowledge we gain worth the money we spend?
If this knowledge first responds to your concerns and is beneficial to humanity, the money invested in it will be very well spent.
What are your thoughts?
As you can see from the above answers, I agree with this investment, provided that the priorities of human attention, the enjoyment of all rights for all and the pursuit of positive happiness are not neglected, and that this acquired knowledge is used to improve man's life.

Yes, we might soon need back up for our existence

  ·  3년 전

yes, better spend it in space than in war


Hello, I agree with having a good money to continue doing research in space, thanks to this we have been able to clear many doubts that humanity had, and the clearing of questions is always important.
As to whether it is good or not, it will all depend on the interest that human beings have in continuing to dispel doubts.
I would particularly like to have the opportunity to explore space, and to see for myself what it is like and what may surprise me.

Bunny Bunny Puncher Puncher, thanks for the prize!!!!!! I definitely think we should spend billions of dollars (if available) to explore and seek water and atmosphere ins space. I think that the new billionaires like Musk (maybe he wont be a billionaire for long....oops!) should push the way into looking for faster ways to travel.
For me mars would be just a small step to achieve, is the technology that would come from that exploration that is worth the billions.
I would gladly go to Mars, even if it was a big risk.
I believe that the only way to big progress is to achieve and overachieve impossible boundaries.

Anyway, thanks again Bunny Bunny Puncher Puncher @bunnypuncher !!!

If they want a Martian come for my wife, I'll leave them for free :D

You can not become rich just by relying on one stream of income. When you decide to become rich, you should be able to open opportunities and opportunities that can give you additional income. You never know not when one stream of your income will recede slowly?

Do not Be Enslaved By Your Own Money
Those are the real sides you need to reflect on money. You can not turn a blind eye to this reality. Allowing yourself to be overwhelmed with money is like giving your life to uncertainty. Money is not a living thing but its power to control humans is not small. Make sure that you are not enslaved by anyone but yourself. You have the right to make choices and make your own destiny.

  ·  3년 전

This world presents a challenge for everyone who wants to survive to work and earn money so that with the money they can buy what is needed and desired in order to support his life. Competition in the world of work is not easy. Not infrequently of us feel difficulty even frustrated in working because of the demands of work and high rivals. Then after receiving a reward for our work, what do we do? We often spend a lot of money on our needs and desires. Is it a small business to raise money by spending less wisely.

It's for crazy people. Strange people. The rebels. Troublemaker. Stack round in a square hole. People who see things differently. They do not like the rules. And they do not respect the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can not do is ignore them. Because they changed things. They push mankind forward. And while some may see them as crazy people, we see them as geniuses. Because people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who really do it.

  ·  3년 전

I think that it would be very interesting to continue exploring space because initially we would know more about it, and we would also be certain that life on another planet is possible, since there are some theories that contradict each other on this point, with respect to the money that has been used for these studies I would consider it an investment because many questions have been clarified in this regard, so I firmly believe that it is necessary to continue research because in the future it can be of great help to the human race.

I totally agree with what yhe petson above me said. Different people have different reasons for the “detest” of space exploration..
ON the FRINGE there are those who think it is all faked anyway, in studios, and that money is just wasted

ON the other FRINGE there are those who think ANY money spent on space should be spent on starving children, even though in the long run unless we do spend money on space to the point we can protect ourselves from a rogue planet killing asteroid impact, all those starving children WILL end up dying with our planet.. (question of when, not if).

I love to outer space ..😊

  ·  3년 전

It can almost be said that money is the answer to the necessities of life. But remember that money is not the only thing that is perfect. Money can be even worse than we imagine. We can be a different person 180 degrees just because of money. Our need for money has the potential to make us an ambitious individual to continue working and raising money without understanding the nature of life and work. Often this ambition that tends to resemble this madness changes our personality and makes us not as ourselves in the eyes of others.

Be especially careful for those of you who work with orientation on money. Sometimes we can change his personality because of money. But on the other hand money can show our identity. Money can test who we really are. Be careful in using the money you earn. The wisdom of using money equals saving yourself from the difficulties that may occur in the future.uhbiu.jpg

I think spending billions is a good thing, we better put money from militaire from all over the world in space to move forward as a species other than booming each other. I know this is nearly impossible but it can be. It's very important to start building live on other planets such as Mars cause when a meteor strikes earth all living will die. There are so many interesting things that we don't know anything about, traveling to other stars. We have to start somewhere. By the way, we should not spend billions but trillions, in the militaire industry there goes about two trillion around (http://www.globalissues.org/article/75/world-military-spending). We should explore our oceans as well, we don't know a lot about them and we're destroying the live there as well.

Too many people spend the money they get ... to buy things they do not want ... to impress people they do not like..

No.... I'd rather spending billions of dollars researching cures for deadl diseases like cancer.....

I think the human race it too curious and so many things are born out our curiosity to be (like) God.i don't think exploring space is worth the billions

Of course we should

we should spend. It may be the only way to find these intelligent beings and save the human race from stupidity

We should spend money on exploring different countries in the world and helping them establish offline steemit workshops were people will come together to steem and end money.

Yes....we should, but we should all come together and do it together

If you don't explore you will never find things. So yes exploration of space is worth it.

I can bet. Today is my lucky day

Nice giveaway

Done. Now waiting the result badly

Yes, I would spend all the millions to explore the space and bring something that would improve the planet, and give it more benefits. something was seen as investment for purposes.

Good. Because without extraordinary decisions, human being couldn't move from stone age to right now. And billions spent on exploring space better than, let say...wars as someone already said in this comment section.

Btw, congrats to the winners :)

I am honest and want to win

Hope i can win 5$ SBD

I want to say no because the money could be used to fix things on Earth, but with the way people are treating the planet we may need to escape into space some day in the future or go extinct. Haha.

My first thought is a resounding, "Yes! Of course we should!!!".

But then I start to think of all the people on Earth and the inequalities that exist. We need to solve our local, planet-wide issues first, before we can put our best foot forward on 'the final frontier'.

Btw, thanks @bunnypuncher for these contests, and congrats to all the winners, and hopefuls :D

Although it seems ironical that a part of valuable resources are spent on space exploration, as a species, we are fundamentally obligated to find the answers to the great mysteries of our universe. We must invest time and money on technology to know what kind of places are surrounding our solar system to learn more about us and more importantly, to know if are we really alone in the universe. And yes, humankind will eventually go extinct like most of the species that lived on this planet if we don't take good care of our planet, but in order to learn how valuable life really is, in my opinion, the answer lies in the deep vastness of space exploration.

I think that if it's worth spending so much money to get more information about the things that surround our planet, since this can help us to prevent accidents with matter coming from space, it could help us to get materials that start to run out on the planet and also to help to understand more about why our planet is the only one in which until now life has been found.

Congrats to the winners.

Exploring space is good, but there are priorities on Earth.

felicidades a los que ganaron, y perseverancia a los que estamos esperando,mientras tanto vamos conociendo cada uno nuestro pensar.
con respecto al comentario de hoy , estoy de acuerdo siempre en los avances en cuanto a las ciencias, tecnologías, pero siempre buscando el equilibrio, es contradictorio que mientras se gasta mucho dinero en estos proyectos , hay mucha gente muriendo de hambre en muchas partes del mundo , por eso es contradictorio.esa es my humilde opinión.

I think it should be split 50/50 between Earth and Space!

I think we should as it will be vital in the future if our race is to survive, not in out lifetime though

Why not? Money is imaginary anyways.

Hello Bunnypuncher ... I do not think it's an expense, I think it's an investment. The planet earth by the way that goes, with respect to the contamination so uncontrolled, is not going to last what it should, then, those scientists who now spend billions, they are only investing in a future so that humanity, call people , do not disappear.

Space is very lonely place...it's like throwing money down the bottomless pit.

Great giveaway

YES!!!! We should take all the money on the planet, including gold and jewelry and stuff it on a rocket, and then launch the rocket in the outer space, the darkest area of them all!!!

Exploring is the human nature, including exploring outer space. Then, why should we investigate space? Why do not we just focus on fixing any damage we do ourselves on Earth?
should not have to spend money, time, and resources to explore space because there are still many problems on our Earth.

I'm here again. I hope m noticed. #smiles

upvoted, followed, resteemed

It looks like a private company can do it much more efcient. When it comes to government money, our money, it is little responsibility for costs and results.
Yes, we want to discover it, but not if it becomes a "black hole". 😉

In my opinion, if one should invest in research to explore the space because there are technological advances that could help us solve problems here on earth.

Yes, because the goal of that is to find another habitable planet.

For what?

In case, in some future, our planet is in danger and we have to go to another place. In addition, exploring the space, gives us the opportunity to find living beings, with intellectual coefficients, that nurture us in knowledge.

Congratulations to the winners! :)

I think - YES - we should definitely spend billions exploring space. And stop spending billions on earthly warfare. Sure, defense is fine, especially if we were exploring outer space and happen to make contact with a hostile species, but we need to stop spending so much on offense, on killing our own. That money could be better used elsewhere. Like exploration. ;)

If you never risk crossing the river, you will never know what awaits you on the other shore.

Yes, and we should tax the rich to do it

Of course, yes, I am sure that the knowledge we would obtain is worth more than the money that would be spent.

Yes let see whats really out there.

There's a lot of money invested already, I think we don't need to invest more.

We’re gonna need a new place to live.

Wow. Really thoughtful question sir.
No, we should spend less and find ways to do more space exploration with less money. Having worked in ‘real’ space exploration at JPL, the problem has been we just keep throwing money at technologies that cannot really cannot get us anywhere. NASA and any other government funding is not the real answer to getting us to the stars. We need to get serious someday soon, before Earth can no longer support humans; the potential and possibilities of huge catastrophe events are a reality. We could be racing with the inevitable; Mars IS NOT the answer today or ever!!!

Yes. The amounts of money involved are tiny - the value for the sciences is considerable.

Yeah. If what we learned was “THERE IS LIFE ELSEWHERE THAN EARTH!!!” - then $100 billion would be a bargain for learning the most significant fact in all of human history

Yes ofcorse we should. We shiukd not be myopic in the context of results.

Creo que no es malo, pero Deberiamos conocer mas nuestro mundo, para aprender a cuidarlo. Por ejemplo sabemos mas de marte que del fondo de los Mares

Congrats our dear winners.
To the topic, the thing is no progress has ever been made by sticking to what is known and easy. Every technological advancement has come through an investment of hard work, time, intellect, and in most cases money.

There are many benefits to space exploration, and I believe they justify the cost. I'm not enough of an expert to be able to name many specifics, but I can speak generally, and the same idea applies to any kind of science or endeavour.

yes we should, but not yet. actually we can't do anything to travel alive the distance that pull us apart from potential living planets. so. till then better we invest in improving our way of expending resourses in this planet.

Yea for sure. Space is challenging, it pushes us to our limits. New technologies must be developed, and old ones refined. The knowledge gained trickles down to other areas of human affairs. So its worth it

I think that when we explore space we are fulfilling the very purpose of us as a species.

The purpose of any intelligent, technological species is to enable the genome of one planet to spread beyond its starting planet.
So yes we should put our efforts into any kind of exploration, especially space.

Great luck for the winners congrats all.
Space is a frontier of the unknown. There are benefits to gain that we cannot imagine right now. Just like the explorers that first ventured out to find the Americas had no idea idea what they would find (resources, Flora, fauna..), we don't know yet what we don't know. Prepare to be surprised. So it a huge and positive development

I think it's worth it to spend billions on exploring space. Who knows what we'll find? It could lead to insane discoveries!

YES OF COURSE!! The future on earth and our entity in the universe depends totally on knowing and exploring more of space/universe…Space exploration will not only enable us know more about the universe but will also benefit mankind and others on earth. There is a huge need to promote the interest in space exploration among learning students, people and citizens. If we can all work together we can soon land up on our second home planet(i hope..on mars)!

Still waiting to win :)
Yes it is important. Through the decades since cold war we met a lots of astonishing facts about the planetary bodies which provided the out line and history of the earth as well as satellite communication is a result of space exploration.

its hard to get natural resources in space, probability is very low, but exploring the sea/underground could be more useful against space for natural resources that people could got beneficial.

It is good in spending billions on exploring space

The money gained there will surely enhance and yield a very huge capital

If it means gaining more knowledge I would say YES it is worth our billions. Billions are best spent to gain more knowledge and expanding our knowledge horizons among many things.

Estoy seguro de que es bueno. ya que la exploración e investigación del espacio nos conlleva a conocer nuevos conocimientos del sistema planetario, así como anticiparnos a nuevos cambios que nos ayuden a los avances de la ciencia

In my opinion,I don't think exploring space is worth the billions.There's a lot of money already invested. I don't think we need to spend more...

I don't think we should or have to, it's just the questions out there keep calling to us. And we all know how curious we can get.

YES! We should spend billions on Space exploration! We need to be spending much more than we are now. The knowledge we gain, and the opportunity for humanity to advance are tremendous, and 100% worth the money.

I'm one of those common people with simple thoughts.we need not to, if there are billions I better spend it to make earth a better place to live with no sufferings rather than be known to the world as the country which is first explorer but the countrymen are starved.

Of course it's worth it, we presumably want to go into space so we should learn more about it first

I hope to win it again

If you have the money then explore the universe

Good work

Congrats to the all winner..

No comment

Leave a comment , done :)

I miss you..😘

Kontesmu mengecewakan

Good,,I like it


It is very bad.

If money is never an issue then go for it

Mantap sekali

I'm in. Space exploration? Big yes. We could discover a lot from it

Good or bad,i not understand

Congratulations to the winners

Hope to win this round

no, because our own planet needs the money more than explorations do. for example the improvements of technologies , for the people experiencing poverty , for the members of PWD community , for the aged , and for the sick people . I think it is more righteous if we will use the moeny to help others.

Yes through exploring the space can be beneficial especially for the future but what about the life of today who needs the billions of money ? I think helping others is the best proceed of the money .

"The amount of money being spent on space research is in the billions and it has achieved extraordinarily little except for a bit of improved technology which would probably have come about anyway by other means. Whether or not global warming is real, and whether or not we are facing imminent catastrophe on this planet, we are certainly facing serious issues here on Earth, and they are getting worse as we simply watch them. These include the disappearance of the rainforest, the pollution of the oceans, and increased desertification of an area about the size of England every year. These are the general crises that are coming to the planet, quite apart from the economic ones we’re so obsessed with at the moment" .

" for some time considered space research a gross waste of money, time and effort that could be much better applied to the management of our own planet"

Congrats to the winners!!! , I leave a comment, maybe i'm gonna win this time :)

Good. The knowledge we gain is far better than the money we used to acquire the knowledge. Money is something can finish within the twinkle of an eye but knowledge stay with one even to the very old age.

Hey bunny!

In my opinion exploration of space is a waste of resources as we are facing serious problems here on earth as the pollution of the oceans, global warming etc. The money, time and effort spent on space exploration has achieved so little by far so it would be better to use the ressources in order to solve issues human kind is facing on earth.

I say YES, find other forms of life out there(if there are any) and probably learn from these external forms of life.

Spending on space research and expeditions is actually depends on the priorities of any state. Priority of a common man is to get the food or shelter. Poor economic countries will choose to invest in their economic stability projects like mid-term or long-term goals to sustain their economy. Countries that have gained the technological advancements would definitely go for the space exploration and research programs. Million or billion dollar investments will depict their interest level. For their pride and further advancement and most importantly to slow down their rival state. There we have plenty of problems in this world; globalization, pollution, ozone depletion and similar like that, which are global issues. As a inhabitant of the Earth these dilemmas required are important for me.

I say no. Why not use those money in order to help humanity and make it a better place for everyone? Use the money to help the poor, feed the hungry and develop earth the way it should be

It depends! Do we crucially need to do that? As if we don't we may be die because attacked by aliens.
If it is not, why don't we take that amount of money to help the poverty? To help the poor? Pay for education and so forth.
This way of spending money is more valuable than doing a useless things.
Cheers ❤️

Hey dude - hope you're doing well sorry I haven't popped by in a while - hope you and Mrs.Bunnypuncher are doing well - all the best - E.

Thanks so much @bunnypuncher. I won. I am grateful.

Yes. We should always invest on ourselves from time to time

I think we should spend that money on the problems we have on earth before we explore other planets.


a winner is you :: https://steemit.com/rudyardcatling/@rudyardcatling/winner-for-random-contest-2

the sbd should be in your account in a few minutes ... i dont know the discussion here but have you ever considered that given the increasing population and automation , that space colonization might actually BE the only option to solve the problems here ?

well , not getting into this one, congratulations


i hope you read this because your account looks a bit stale on the feed-side, nonetheless, the coin was flipped, the coingod has decided, you win :)

yes @bunnypuncher the space its the future

I think those billions should be wasted in helping poor countries, looking for the cure of cancer and things like that.... what is the hurry about exploring space?, maybe people who knows more about the subject has a whole different point of view... anyways that is just my opinion

The money spent on exploring space would be better used to solve the needs of humanity. I think that the priority should be to improve the earth and make life better for its inhabitants.

Well, there are worse venues to spend that kinda money on. And one could argue the opposite too, that there are better things to do with that kinda capital. As a race, humanity just can't adequately or properly govern ourselves. We'v been at it for thousands of years and still can't rid ourselves of greed, poverty, death, etc. But we sure can argue about the oddest things...

Spending money on knowledge is always worth it, and who knows if doing it you make a discovery that can make you a millionaire!

Why not? but I think everything must have a balance

Good friend, if the expense had to make my country, Venezuela I do not agree because that money can very well serve to prepare future scientists, doctors or teachers, it would also serve to equip hospitals with the best equipment and medicines saving many lives , I think there will be a deposit to activate some soup kitchens in the schools of the communities most in need.

Yes, we should!
Just as investing in cryptocurrencies is the future of the world currency systems, exploring space is the future for mankind!

Ni bueno ni malo! Quien desee gastar que gaste, es su problema! Todos los conocimientos son valiosos!...al menos para quien los toma y aprende!

Yes. You simply don't know what you might find. People would have been against exploring the oceans hundreds of years ago I'm sure.

Yes. We should spend billion on exploring space because we all want to know what is outside on earth and also what are other species after us.

exploring space should be to some extent
if that much of money is spent on the needs of this world we dont need to search another one

yes!! the space will be our next home in the future!!

It's not a bad thing exploring the space, we could have a breakthrough in technology advancement with the search. Today's use of satellite communication wouldn't have been possible if the space wasn't explored, maybe you should take a look on how satellite communications has helped the world on one of my post here
Let the exploration just continue..God has blessed us with resources we even haven't just tapped into.

Of course, space exploration has helped create many scientific advances.

If the knowledge we get to gain would be the actual truth, it may be worth it a bit. But NASA only shows the people what they want us to see, I mean there's lots of things to be found about things not being the real truth when it comes to space ... That money they spend, is mostly a (I believe) cover up for the real full truth. We can never be sure (unless we are one of the researchers ourselves) if they tell us the real deal there.

Space exploration has always been a controversial subject.
On one hand those billions could be used to benefit earth and help the needy, on the other hand we could come across intelligent life that could even fix our problems in seconds.
It all depends on how you see the water in the glass.

Personally I think we should explore space, at the very least we know more about our environment (neighbouring solar systems).
We might even discover new elements that can boost research here.
Imagine an element that dessicates cancer or something like vibranium lol

Also the sun is always expanding and one day earth will be too hot, you will wanna plan your exit. Hehe

I think is great the looking for knowledge in any way. But I also think that the priority should be the problems that we already have here in Earth.

Should we spend billions on exploring space? Why not ?

I would say that not today, until it is possible to generate abundance in the whole world, and that can only be done with technology used in favor of humanity, and for that we must invest the money that is used in space exploration.

If humanity spend all money for space research instead for wars there will be no problems on earth and we will be 1000 of years progress

It really is and will be necessary to explore the space, it is something very positive. Summarizing all its findings, it could be said that space research has saved many lives, an example of this would be the discovery of magnetic resonance, which was developed by NASA to carry out its missions and is the technique that today day is used to detect tumors. Similarly, it helps detect natural disasters such as hurricanes through satellites. In conclusion, it brings very good things for humanity.

This is good contest. Cause anyone can winner here....

Good mood for everyone.

I think yes.
Most 9f the technology we use today is one way or other related to space. We must spend as per the need and benifit. Unnecessary attempts may be dangerous too or unfruitful.

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Yes! Thank you.

if resources are available, it is also nicer to explore more and to give answers to unanswered doubts.

love you bro

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A lot of the technology we take for granted--camera phones, LEDs, CAT scans, wireless headsets--were developed in part or entirely by NASA to facilitate space travel before becoming mass produced. Even if going to space doesn't help us directly, the advancements we've made in the process have changed society for the better.

Plus, it's not like we aren't spending billions on worse things already.

I guess we have to spend to find out if there are any incumbent treat to us

Thank @bunnypuncher for this contest !

Why not? I'd prefer space exploration than spending on wars.

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There are times when people are stupid and the money will split up, but now it happens to everyone.

The lack of money is the root of all evil.

  ·  3년 전

Do not try to make money if you do not know how to use it.

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Money is just a tool, money can take you wherever you want to go, but money can not replace you being a driver when you go alone.

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I prefer to live as a poor person with a lot of money.

People who think that money can do everything, may be suspected as a man who does everything for mere money.

Banks are the places that can lend you money if you can prove you do not need it.

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Every time I wake up, I always see the Forbes list of Forbes richest people, if my name is not listed, then I go to work.

Borrow money on a pessimist, because he usually does not expect his money to come back.

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The corruptor never liked money and wealth, if only a little.

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Wasting money only makes you lose money, while wasting time will make you lose some of your life.

When asked about money, everyone will not be different from religion.

It is said that money can not buy happiness, but money can buy you the misery you love.

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If women do not exist, all the money on earth is meaningless.

The only problem that can be solved with money is financial problems.

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Money can never talk, but money can swear.

The money is nothing more than a pride on a piece of paper.

The rich do not always have a lot of money, the proof is that sometimes he does not take money to pay for parking

Take care of your health, because health is your most precious treasure.

Money never starts an idea; is the idea that started money.

Money is like an arm or a leg - use him or you lose him.

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A business that does nothing but money is a bad business.

Yes, as long as something good comes from it.

You must know money can buy you an antidote, but money can never buy you health.

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Money often requires too much

I want to live as a poor man with a lot of moneyPablo Picasso

The best thing money can buy is financial freedom

Money is a terrible master but a very good servant

Space... The final frontier... This are the voyages of an steemian... hmmmhmhhm...

Sorry, I was lost in my memories...

Of course, we have to spend money on exploring space, but we have to end war and hunger first.

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Do not spend your money before you have it

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I was making money the old fashioned way. I was doing very well to a rich relative just before he died

The sahan market is designed to transfer money from an active person to a patient person

People should invest more in taking care of the earth we are living on now, we don't need to ruin more then we allready did! And IF there's life on Mars or any other planet, I don't think that they are waiting for us ... so I would say, making life better here is a way better option to invest our money.

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You must rule over money or lack of money forever will overwhelm you

Money is just a tool. It will take you wherever you want, but it will not replace you as the driver

Happiness is not just ownership of money, but lies in the joy of achievement, the passion for creative endeavor

The true measure of your wealth is how much you value if you lose all your money

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Empty pockets can never return a person Only empty heads and empty hearts can do it

How many millionaires do you know who get rich just by saving money in savings? It's a fact of my truth

Wealth is a relative thing because he who has a little money and a little desire is richer than he who has a lot of money and a lot of desire

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Many people do not care about their money until they are running out, and others do the same with their time

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He who lost money, lost a lot; He who lost friends, lost more; He who lost faith, lost everything

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Pound annual income, annual expenditure, 6 pounds yields happinessPound income, annual expenditure, 6 pounds generates suffering

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It's a great idea. But if i have the money, I would like to spend billions just to create the technology where we could forget a certain person and events...

It is time for us to stand up and cheer for the performers, the achievers, the people who recognize the challenge and do something about it

The habit of saving itself is education; saving encourages every virtue, teaches self-denial, cultivates a sense of order, trains future thinking, and also broadens the mind

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The beauty of life will be seen for simple people. The beauty will be seen without the help of any object.

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Simple is able to keep you from anything that is not necessary.

I hope will be more.

People stay away from simple life because it feels bland ... but people who have enjoyed the joy of simple life will continue to simplify his life.

In the end it all requires simplicity to make it better.

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Simplicity allows us to enjoy our wealth. wastage makes the abundant money lost its pleasure.

Simplicity gives you the space to think deeper into the meaning of life.

Everything that is made as simple as possible will bring unexpected results.

Because the human being is gradually consuming the planet, it is necessary all the money invested to look for intergalactic alternatives for when this planet expires.

The simple man can set aside most of his income, so he grows wealthy over time.

Well-managed wealth through a simplicity is a form of true luxury.

Simplicity makes you see the beauty in every luxury and beauty in every thing that is not fancy.

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Simple gives you space to think deeper into the meaning of life

Glory will last a moment if not standing on the foundation of simplicity.

Sometimes the most powerful idea is that it looks simple.

Simplicity makes you see the beauty in every luxury and beauty in every thing that is not fancy.

Some people may say its a waste of time but in my opinion we are constantly advancing in our space program and there is no telling how many amazing things we still have to discover in space. So spending in it is worth it !!!

Being rich and being simple are two different things. because you can be the richest person and the simplest person.

I think it is a great idea to spend much more money on space.
There are many benefits.
From the thermal space blanket, used today by marathon runners at the end of races, to the portable vacuum cleaners we now have in our homes, space research has bequeathed surprising and pleasing innovations that we non-astronauts use every day.

Life is full of miracles. Where Greed can not touch it and only simplicity can accept it.

Luxury invites high respect, while simplicity invites a more eternal kind of respect.

Simple is often more luxurious than wasting wealth.

Glory will last a moment if not standing on the foundation of simplicity.

Simplicity means eliminating the unnecessary, eliminating any defects that ruin the scene.

The great thing is to Be great and keep it simple, be great but keep it agile.

In simplicity, we free our minds from the heavy burden of complexity.

What there is something out of the sky so we have to spend a lot of money to go there?

Simple is not a sign of poverty, but a sign of readiness to experience a rich life.

In simplicity, we can see a perfection of everything.

Saya ingin beruntung dalam kontes harian anda..

The pleasures offered by the simple life are more beautiful than the life that is always filled with bland luxury.

Simplicity does not burden your mind with unworthy things, simplicity focuses your mind on the things that matter only.

When you want luxury, sometimes it's just simplicity that can bring it to you.

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Simplicity keeps you happy no matter how great your wealth is.

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It takes great effort to maintain the pleasure of things that are not simple.

Simple is not only suitable for the poor, but harmonious is also applied to the rich.

Luxury gives the heart a moment's convenience, simplicity gives the heart a lasting comfort.

Can we go into space?

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Wealth that is managed with simplicity is a form of true luxury.

Simple is often more luxurious than wasting wealth.

I think we should spend as much as possible. As Armstorng said, it is 'one giant leap for mankind' and I totally agree with it. The human race made amazing developments and now, we are capable enough to explore the lesser known world that is beyond our Earth.

Just to spend the money in vain ..

Living independently though initially feels burdensome, but self-reliance is actually a fun lifestyle.

Yeah i agree the billuons are worth it entireky. Well, there are a lot of things to mention. If I mention few I would miss many more. So, I’ll try to be as concise as possible.
Progress. Progress of the human civilisation, I think is the best way to sum it all up.

Independence is a duty for every champion. Independence is a mandatory option for potential winners.

Independence requires more energy and more money. But the long-term effects of self-reliance can pay off the energy and the cost is manyfold.

Some people grow old without ever having independence. Some children have studied hard about independence. Independence is not about age.

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The decision to live independently for just one second. Struggle a few months. And the results can dinikamti forever.

If a lot of money, going up to the sky can ..