Bunnypuncher's daily giveaway 5/27/2018 - 15 SBD total in prizes

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This contest is over please join the 5/28 one.

It's your upvotes that make this contest happen.

Daily giveaway 5/27/2018.

First place: ayesha0018
Second place: steem-powr
Third place: craftyme
Fourth place: theironfelix
Fifth place: sexy-princess
Sixth place: telloaguileram
Seventh place: cjsean
Eighth place: omarbalzar

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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

First Place: 5 SBD
Second Place: 3 SBD
Third Place: 2 SBD
Fourth Place: 1 SBD
Fifth Place: 1 SBD
Sixth Place: 1 SBD
Seventh Place: 1 SBD
Eighth Place: 1 SBD

The daily give-a-way winner will be selected at random from people that comment on this post. And I'll announce the winner the following day on the next day's contest post. I'll pull the list of entries from the comments approximately 24 hours after the post depending on my schedule. So unless you see the following day's post go ahead and add a comment. I'll will include entries right up to the last minute before I post the result and next contest.

I will do my very best to have a contest each day. However, I could without notice take a day or two off. On days that I'm off there may not be a contest so please try and be understanding if there is a couple of days without a contest.

To keep this simple and workable there will only be one rule. I don't want to disqualify new people or people that forget to resteem, upvote, and follow. I'm very appreciative of the upvotes and followers that participate in my contests. Please follow me so you can see the results of the contests.

#1) Leave a comment

Suggested Daily Topic

To make things more interesting I'm going add a suggested daily topic. To perk up discussion between Steemians. As always you are free to comment whatever you like to enter. You do not have to follow this suggestion.

The daily topic for today is:

The most important of all human qualities is a sense of humour.

Do you agree or disagree? If so why or why not?

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:
BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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Lots of contestants but I'm in again :)

Thank you so VERY much for these out of this world contests! You are GREATLY appreciated! I'm VERY proudly resteeming, commenting, upvoting and following! All the VERY best! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

el buen humor en la mujer mas que todo es primordial por que si no hay buen humor se nos reseca la vagina jejejejejejejeje

I can assure you that my marriage would not exist without sense of humor. My wife is the funniest person alive, and as he makes me laugh I also make her laugh a lot. Hope your are all well and funny hahahaha!!!!!!

To achieve success you need to be on the right track. But that's not enough, after being on the right track you have to start making the effort to succeed.

el buen humor es tener una buena vida y rejuvenece

I thank the @bunnypuncher who has trusted me as the second winner in this contest


  ·  3년 전

I do not have an idea why should have a sense of humor and no. The most important thing i can laugh and have fun 😉


Well you laugh because you have sense of humor :)

Dari sering membuat kesalahan, kita punya banyak kesempatan untuk memperbaiki hal yang salah tersebut. Pelajaran yang dapat kita ambil dari kutipan ini adalah pasti ada hal yang sukses di balik seabrek kesalahan yang terjadi.

Sometimes it ever comes to mind why we are still doing wrong. If so, do not be discouraged and keep trying though there is still a mistake.

I want to like humor but can not,

Dengan rajin bekerja delapan jam per hari mungkin suatu saat kamu akan menjadi bos dan bekerja dua belas jam per hari.

  ·  3년 전

This excerpt includes the wisdom word of life. The word motivation of James Jason also teaches that in this life human beings do not escape from the problem.

Motivation does not last long. The bath also did not last long - that is the reason why we recommend it every day.

cinta kita uang bukan humor..

In life there must be both positive and negative things. Negative things people want to avoid, but there are times when negative things can also produce something positive.

Life is like photography. You need a negative to develop.

I do not seem to have a sense of humor here because I never won your contest

Feeling worried about what will happen in tomorrow will never be felt by everyone. Worries arise because we do not yet know what we will face in the future.

This funny motivational word encourages us to live the day without worry. Live the day with confidence, because not necessarily that we worry about tomorrow will actually happen.

Usir jauh-jauh anggapan miring tersebut. Jika ingin melakukan sesuatu, lakukanlah. Bertambah usia harus pula diimbangi dengan bertambahnya semangat, usia boleh tua tetapi semangat harus tetap muda.

Menjadi bos adalah mimpi bagi hampir tiap orang. Di bayangan kita, pekerjaan sebagai bos itu mudah karena bisa menyuruh pegawainya untuk melakukan sesuatu.

  ·  3년 전

There are still many who think that increasing age is a burden and a barrier to doing something great. Though great things can be achieved at any age of origin do it seriously

As long as it is alive, every human being must have problems. It is our duty to face and solve it. Believe that all the problems there is a solution.

Ingatlah, hari ini adalah hari esok yang kau khawatirkan kemarin.

Age is not important unless you are cheese yes.. good..

Selama masih hidup, setiap manusia pasti memiliki masalah. Sudah jadi kewajiban kita untuk menghadapi dan memecahkannya. Percayalah bahwa semua masalah itu ada solusinya.

BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe

but it also reinforces your relationships with your family, your friends and your coworkers.
bdw i am running out of patience

  ·  3년 전

Think as much as you want, but do not eat as much as you think.

Pria sukses itu adalah pria yang menghasilkan banyak uang dibanding banyaknya uang yang istirnya habiskan. Wanita sukses adalah wanita yang bisa menemukan pria seperti itu

Especially when obscenities are involved and signify a true friendship.

Lol no comment is a comment after all. I forgot to add the topic but have since corrected that.

Menahan gelak tawa itu tidak sehat. Gelak tawa akan turun ke bawah dan membasahi celana Anda

Pandanglah langit untuk melihat kebesaran Tuhan, pandanglah laut untuk melihat anugerah dari Tuhan, dan pandanglah cermin untuk melihat kutukan dari Tuhan

Semua orang ingin masuk surga, tapi banyak orang juga yang tidak ingin mati

Canda dan tawa dari sebuah kata kata bijak lucu dapat membantu kamu melepaskan sejenah semua permasalahan hidup. Ok langsung saja berikut ini kami sediakan berbagai contoh kata bijak lucu yang semoga dapat menghibur kamu semua.

Bunnypuncher's daily giveaway 5/27/2018 - 15 SBD total in prizes

Seorang anak kecil berusia tiga tahun sedang memegang dan memeriksa testikelnya sementara ia sedang mandi

kamu bikin acoon saya menang ya...terimakasih ya...

Hal yang paling utama ketika mencari seorang calon suami adalah menemukan orang yang berkepribadian. Mobil pribadi, rumah pribadi dan kolam renang pribadi.

Sahabat terbaik adalah uang, karena dengan uang sahabat pun akan datang..

First place: ayesha0018
Second place: steem-powr
Third place: craftyme
Fourth place: theironfelix
Fifth place: sexy-princess
Sixth place: telloaguileram
Seventh place: cjsean
Eighth place: omarbalzar

Hape sekarang canggih, bisa tau letak posisi mantan, tapi sayang gak bisa delete kenangan mantan

Bermimpilah tentang apa yang ingin yang kamu impikan, jadilah seperti yang kamu inginkan. Karena bisa jadi itu memang hanya mimpi

Jika ada orang yang menyebutmu jelek, maka jangan berputus asa karena belum tentu orang tersebut berkata bohong.

  ·  3년 전

Being confused to find the word motivation funny to be a refreshing inspiration? Read and find the word motivation that can make you smile, but still inspired in the collection of citations in this article.

saya setuju dengan hal ini...

You who always say that the opportunity will come over will tersentil with this quote. Funny indeed, considering people just waiting for a chance without going to him.

As with the wise words of life above, negative things are needed to develop. From the negative, we can learn about the mistakes of the past and learn from them.

Opportunity does not come knocking, he will be visible after you break the door.

Motivasi harus dilakukan setiap hari agar seseorang selalu positif dan semangat dalam menjalani rutinitas harian. Jangan sampai “bau-bau” negatif menyelimuti diri karena kita tidak “dimandikan” dengan motivasi setiap hari.

selesai juga ini.. contest..

Make these funny motivational words an encouragement to pick up an opportunity. Smash all the doors that block in order to get the desired opportunity.

  ·  3년 전

This quote stresses us to focus on setting goals. Most people just aim to be successful, they do not decide to succeed in what field.

Dengan tujuan yang spesifik, usaha yang dilakukan untuk meraih tujuan akan lebih terfokus. Selain itu juga dapat meningkatkan efektivitas dan efisiensi dalam melakukan usaha tersebut.

i good. kamu sangat baik...

You can log in to as many accounts as you want and switch in between them in a couple of clicks. Loggin in supports both Steemconnect as well as traditional authentication.

Satu-satunya masa di mana aku tidak punya masalah di dunia ini adalah saat aku sudah enam kaki di bawah tanah.

When experiencing failure in doing something, people will tend to fall into disappointment. It needs effort to be able to rise from disappointment, one way is to rediscover the motivation in self. Motivation can we get from the word motivation funny from celebrities or from novels.

I like humor, because humor keeps me hungry 😆

Humans who have humor will look younger 😀

Because humans who have humor will look classy

I will try to enter your contest to win some SBD, for now I have no opinion about the humor you mean. Thank you Mr. @bunnypuncher

Hello Mr.bunnypuncher
Can I win your contest. Let me have a sense of humor.

LeHarusbih Spesifik

Agar lebih menarik, saya akan menambahkan topik harian yang disarankan. Untuk menjadi gembira diskusi antara Steemians

  ·  3년 전

Agar tetap sederhana dan bisa diterapkan ini hanya akan ada satu aturan. Saya tidak ingin mendiskualifikasi orang-orang baru atau orang-orang yang lupa untuk mengembalikan, memberi suara, dan mengikuti. Saya sangat menghargai para upvote dan pengikut yang berpartisipasi dalam kontes saya. Silakan ikuti saya sehingga Anda dapat melihat hasil kontes.

Humor will make people laugh

  ·  3년 전

Kegagalan adalah kesuksesan yang tertunda dan kebohongan adalah kejujuran yang tertunda

goog..Must Be More Specific...

I agree, the sense of humor makes the person different for good or bad. For example my humor is acid and sometimes black but without coming to offend.



i have a weird sense of humour

I just want some upvote for this comment

Sense of humor is a very necessary human quality because it helps in building relationships. What's life without relationship? Anyone with a great sense of humor can enter any place and get the attention of everyone there because he/she had mastered the act of human relation. People with great sense of humor are always interesting to be around and they make time spent with them a worthwhile one. Thus sense of humor is a great quality that anyone that wants to stand the chance of building relationships faster should cultivate

A good send of humor is one of the most important human qualities because
It helps us to look at the reality of life in the optimistic way by making a person accept harsh realities of life
A person can also influence other people with this quality

Bunnypuncher's daily giveaway 5/27/2018 - 15 SBD total in prizes has been mystically resteemed by the @resteemmuse

The sense of humor is subject to people, not everyone has it but still are good people, others if they have it but are not pleasant people, from my point of view so that a person has a better social relationship should have some sense of humor, of course ... We do not want to socialize with someone who does not have a point of humor, the sense of humor is important in society, in a certain way makes relationships work more fluidly.

Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

I like your contest..

Yes and No. Share is more valuable. If all people share their ideas and thoughts humanity will be light years in progress.

Sence of humour or 6th seance? Lol both are interacting each other

Congratulations winners :D

I do not like to make humor, but I like it ..

I do not like to make humor, but I like it ..

Success is not always overcome, but never discouraged. I hope your support

This is hard because I haven't had a chance to think about the question in general. Nonetheless, I'll pull an answer out of thin air to compensate for my utter inability to put two words together and say, "yes."

Foxes totally agree with you. Where is the point of being rich and heathly but in the same time sad ? We quit our human's outfits because were too uncomfortable. Now we can live in our own way, and that is a humorous way and we are the most happy lifeforms on this planet. We have a plenty of proofs on our blog and there will be more and more each week, because when we are happy, we are also more creative :)

Having sense of humor can make your life better in a certain way.

Certainly there are times when one goes through very difficult times, but finally life goes on, and you have to face it. That is why, despite everything, we should smile, because a sad person can suffer in his health. So, try to always maintain a good mood.

Quiero participar :c

I want to win your daily contes..please help me.😊😊

Good night to you..

saya suka humor tapi tak mau saya pakek..

(En español) Estoy de acuerdo con que "El sentido del húmor" Es la más importantes de las cualidades humanas por la razón de que es la que nos diferencia de los animales y humanos, es lo que nos hace únicos además de nuestra forma de pensar elevada, el sentido del humor es lo que nos hace humanos @bunnypuncher
(En inglés.) I agree that "The sense of the hunger" is the most important of the human qualities for the reason that it is what differentiates us from animals and humans, is what makes us unique in addition to our elevated way of thinking, the sense of humor is what makes us human @bunnypuncher

No one does not like humor

I want to tell you mr. @bunnypuncher that I again eat a very good goat satay, but do not ask for it because I've spent everything

I think it's just as important as other qualities, they go hand in hand, a life carried mostly with humor loses a little sense of the reality of things, I think it must be balanced, human beings possess many qualities, (generosity, loyalty, responsibility) and humor is one of them, humor is very important, imagine life without it, it would be sad and gray.

  ·  3년 전

Inspiration can come from words that are humorous, often humorous words can even be more striking than a word that is serious. With the word funny motivation, we will feel more relaxed in meaning and seek enlightenment from a quote.

A good social bonding will be formed easily for one who has a good sense of humour. And in these days, a good friend circle is important for everyone, even in steemit. So i think sense of humour is important not only for self wellbeing but also for having good relations

It's nice to be in your daily contest, I really like your good idea.
I like humor, but you tell me it ..😉

Humour, kindness and sense of living are all equally important :)

  ·  3년 전

ya.. oke saya akan membuatnya..

I agree with what you make as a topic today ..

I want to ask ya
Mr. @bunnypuncher is married yet if I do not have a beautiful girl ya longer need a life partner because of him

Congratulations to the all participations.
Hope tomorrow I'm win it.

I agree, maybe is not the most important, but it is important

berat sekali tentang mencari kemenangan bagi saya...

Dont forget me..:p

terimakasih @bunnypuncher atas contes..

Today you are a little early to announce the contest, eum I have a hunch if tomorrow surely you are late to announce it

Very interesting, humor is something that makes us get out of mind.

Already announced the contest @bunnypuncher but not champion hahaha
Pity I can not win again maybe a little late times yes

Even if you are on the right track, you will be crushed if you just sit.

Be kind to people, that's the most important thing

kemarin sangat suka humor tapi sekang tidak,,

dark humor is the way out of dark times, when or life are hard the only good way is the have a laughter.

  ·  3년 전

If every day there is a contest it so good there is hope to win sbd because mr. @bunnypuncher offers nice rewards


I try but some days it is hard to get the contest out. Still most days there is a contest.

A sense of humor is certainly important there isn’t enough of it nowadays.

This funny quote from Will Rogers encourages someone not to stop in the middle of the road in order to achieve success. The harshness of life and the many rivalries will overwhelm those who are half-hearted in realizing success.

  ·  3년 전

Humor is always interesting to discuss ..

Before luck giving a shakehand, bad luck giving me a liplock😭😭

janji kita adalah utang,, utang kita adalah SBD...

Good luck to all

The above quote contains witty elements by comparing the motivation with bathing. This funny full-meaning motivational word teaches that self-motivation should be done every day, just like a bath.

Agree, sense of humour is one way to enchance your skills.

Humor is a stress medicine.

Yes i definitely agree. Having a good sense of humor is an excellent quality I thinandk that humor is the language that unifies the hearts. Two people may disagree and their disagreement may be returned in a funny way so that both people can understand the silly side of their disagreement and this can help them find a common ground. Also, our soldiers who are in the battlefield are most often visited by humorists which help them lower their stress because laughter has a therapeutic effect and is recognized as a powerful painkiller.

Motivation must be done every day so that someone is always positive and passion in daily routine. Do not let negative "smells" envelop themselves because we are not "bathed" with motivation every day.

Hey @bunnypuncher, it's very disappointing .. I'm sure one of the winners is @alpaya, not @alpayah as you announced it, let alone the account @alpayah you send the gift was never there ..

This is also supported by the evidence of the transfer history that you made when sending the prize, that there are only 7 users who get the gift shipments, it should be 8 users .. but the account @alpayah you send is not even in your transfer history ..

I have seen your transfer history and can attest by attaching some of these photos as evidence ..


I do not protest with your mistakes, but I just suggest that next time you correct them in a better way so as not to repeat them, so make a little bit of disappointment .. moreover it is very difficult to win your contest, when the victory is in sight even escape because of such errors.

Hopefully your contest more interesting and my hope to be more exciting the participants, then consider also to increase the prize because more and more participants ..

Thank you..


My apologies if I made a mistake the process is automated by scripts but there is some human intervention. But, I haven’t been checking as of late since I was unaware of any issues in the process. I’ll check and correct if there is a mistake will deliver any missing SBD.


I do see the extra h on your name which would have been an error on my part. I’ll send you the missing SBD shortly.


Thanks a lot, I should get one SBD, but you give more than that .. I hope you are not angry with my protest .. 🐰🐰🐰


I'm not angry at all. I appreciate you pointing out the error as I do strive to be fair. And the extra couple of SBD are a bonus for your bringing this to my attention.

  ·  3년 전

You got a 20.99% upvote from @upme thanks to @bunnypuncher! Send at least 3 SBD or 3 STEEM to get upvote for next round. Delegate STEEM POWER and start earning 100% daily payouts ( no commission ).

Try try again. Hope one day will be my name at the top of 5SBD winner.

Better to sing than to cry.

I agree with what you say, because if someone has a high sense of humor then he will be greeted with rousing as a person full of imagination ..

saya ingin menyukai humor tapi tidak bisa,,,

@bunnypuncher a good sense of humour makes a man handsome. ;)

Something good is coming

No doubt, sense of humor is a great quality but a good character is worth than it.

even the best falls down sometime

I always wanted to be someone, but now I realize I should be more specific.

  ·  3년 전

Kutipan ini menekankan kita agar fokus dalam menentukan tujuan. Kebanyakan orang hanya bertujuan menjadi sukses, mereka tidak menentukan mau sukses dalam bidang apa.

Life is complex enough in itself. I believe , one must have sense of humor in order to carry through and lighten the burden of our every day mental stress. Otherwise, life 's trying times could drown us in self-pity and bitterness.

The Power of the tongue

With a specific goal, the effort to achieve goals will be more focused. It can also increase the effectiveness and efficiency in doing business.

Hidup itu seperti fotografi. Kamu butuh negatif untuk berkembang.

Leave a com :)

Dalam hidup pasti ada hal yang bersifat positif maupun negatif. Hal negatif tentu ingin dihindari orang, tetapi ada kalanya hal negatif juga bisa menghasilkan sesuatu yang positif.

I think so, the problem is that very few people use it or do not have it. The world lacks more humor and less hate.

Seperti pada kata kata bijak kehidupan di atas, hal negatif dibutuhkan untuk berkembang. Dari hal negatif, kita bisa mempelajari tentang kesalahan di masa lalu dan mendapat pelajaran darinya.

Really really really thankyou @bunnypuncher
I can not believe i won 5SBD. I never ever imagine this . My biggest ever win in life. Again thanks @bunnypuncher

I wanna win guys !

The only time I did not have a problem in this world was when I was six feet underground.

  ·  3년 전

Kutipan ini termasuk kata kata bijak lucu tentang kehidupan. Kata motivasi dari James Jason ini juga mengajarkan bahwa dalam kehidupan ini manusia tidak luput dari permasalahan.

Will it be my lucky day? HAHAHA

Having a good sense of humour is good because it's appealing it's important but, for me it's not the most important because other things are needed to keep any form of relationship like honesty, love and care.

As long as it is alive, every human being must have problems. It is our duty to face and solve it. Believe that all the problems there is a solution.

aku suka juga.. komentar kalian...

I agree that a sense of humor is a great quality, humor will help you when you are low, it will cheer you up when you are sad, and it makes your heart, muscles and brain stronger...

All the small things

Not winning
Not a serious problem for me but that's how it works hehehe

Merasa khawatir tentang apa yang akan terjadi di hari esok tentu pernah dirasakan semua orang. Rasa khawatir muncul karena kita belum tahu apa yang akan kita hadapi di masa depan.

Good luck to all!

I expect the reward to increase.

A sense of humour is definitely an important human trait, maybe not the -most- important, but very important. ;)

As an Australian who has a typical misunderstood Australian sense of humour when it comes to people of other countries - I think more people should lighten up and realise not everything has to be so serious.

Kata kata motivasi lucu ini menyemangati kita untuk menjalani hari tanpa rasa khawatir. Jalani hari dengan penuh keyakinan, karena belum tentu yang kita khawatirkan di esok hari akan benar-benar terjadi.

yes I agree, because humor can keep us healthy. and humor is said to be able to increase our age or more precisely can prevent death.

Usia itu tidak penting kecuali kalau kamu adalah keju

Who is this.....making this post

  ·  3년 전

Masih banyak yang beranggapan bahwa usia yang bertambah adalah beban dan penghalang untuk melakukan sesuatu yang besar. Padahal hal-hal besar bisa diraih di usia berapa pun asal bersungguh-sungguh melakukannya

Hello! As they say: bad weather, good face, I think we should always take things with a little humor, so that the problems are clarified. Although everything has a balance, it also depends on the circumstance in which one finds oneself.

When will the day come?😭
Followed the rules

Hahahaha....do I look funny to you? Do I? Hahahahaha....

Banish the assumption of oblique. If you want to do something, do it. Growing age should also be balanced with increasing spirits, age may be old but the spirit must remain young.

I have no sense of humor :/

Not really. I think reliability is more important than a sense of humour.

The most important thing is not to laugh to other people's misery and suffering. Then I believe it is one of the most crucial things in life.

I do not like black humor!

Terkadang pernah terbersit dalam benak mengapa yang kita lakukan masih saja terdapat kesalahan. Jika memang demikian, jangan berkecil hati dan teruslah berupaya meskipun masih ada kesalahan yang terjadi.

I was never quick on winning these games of chance, but I feel lucky today, so let*s go!

Also, if you are doing these on a regular basis, thanks a bunch! Nice way to keep people engaged and motivated.

you can live without humor but it will be boring as hell

From making mistakes often, we have many opportunities to correct the wrong thing. The lesson that we can take from this quote is there must be something successful behind a whole bunch of mistakes.

One of the most important qualities of the human being, definitely has to be the sense of humor. It's one of the reasons why I love my boyfriend, he has the best and weirdest sense of humor

Hope to win this time

Agree. Humor is a sure sign of intelligence, and we as a specie use intelligence like a cat uses its dexterity...survival trait.

By working diligently eight hours per day maybe one day you will be the boss and work twelve hours per day.

Success Is Not About How Much Money You Generate, But How Great You Can Bring Change To The Life Of Others.

Thank you @bunnypuncher for making unique contest...

We do not want to socialize with someone who does not have a point of humor, the sense of humor is important in society, in a certain way makes relationships work more fluidly.

No, I agree not and that's because I got Friend zoned once simply because she found me "too funny" so all my advances were some sort of joke .... Right 😕
Tag: fiction

The Greatest Wage of a Job Is The Opportunity To Do More Things.

I love this contest. Thank you @bunnypuncher for sharing in steemit.

  ·  3년 전

To keep this simple and workable there will only be one rule. I don't want to disqualify new people or people that forget to resteem, upvote, and follow. I'm very appreciative of the upvotes and followers that participate in my contests. Please follow me so you can see the results of the contests.

Most important ... Hmmmm
I wouldn't say it is, I think it's love. What would happen in a world where we find a sense of humour in inflicting pain to others?

Just my thought anyways

We Can not Help Anyone. But If We're All One, We Can Help Someone...
I like this contest, your contest in amazing, thank you @bunnypuncher for making this contest.

To make things more interesting I'm going add a suggested daily topic. To perk up discussion between Steemians

I wanna win this time srsly ;)

Agree, because sense of humour make a person to become interesting.

Great contest @bunnypuncher...I love you...

All Your Dreams Will Be Realized As long as you have the courage to pursue it.


I'm leaving a comment guys

First place will be mine, im joking :D

Humor can make us laugh.😁

vulcano earn this sbd

Being a boss is a dream for almost everyone. In our shadow, the job as a boss is easy because it can tell his employees to do something.

If You Have not Gained Success, Never Stop Trying To Keep Trying.

Thank you @bunnypuncher for share, I love you do much

A Dream Can Be Toward Not Because Of Miracles, It's Due To Sweat And Hard Work.

I love you @bunnypuncher your contest very Unique

Yes, i agree.

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.
If one can't find humour in things that simply have it then i don't think he qualifies as a human.

Maybe a robot, bit definitely not human. Sense of humour is one of the qualities give naturally to man.

The Higher Dreams You Have, The Greater Achievements That You Will Be
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Thanks a lot. Can seance of humour gave for eat

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The Most Rich Man Is Not The Most Owner, But The Person With The Few Needs.

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You have to follow the rules of life. Acting wrongs sometimes might be good , while acting right some times might me wrongs. It just the rules of life

Good humor is therapeutic, so that laughter produces mental and emotional benefits to life. I hope that today bunnypuncher I am in a good mood and I am the winner.

I disagree, the most important quality in the human being is FORGIVENESS.

I agree that the human best qualities is the sense of humor for the reasons indicated below that are extracted from the website: http://lesmotssereveillent.fr

Humor and laughter offer many advantages: elimination of stress, anxiety, cholesterol ... but also weight loss, fight against pain, insomnia ... It reduces cardiovascular disease, respiratory, accelerates digestion ... Laughter promotes acceptance, joy, relaxation, and helps transform our mental habits ...
A minute of laughter is as effective as 45 minutes of relaxation. 20 seconds of laughter equivalent to 3 minutes of rowing. The famous Hippocrates prescribes laughter to his patients in order to cure them of the ills of the heart and the spirit. Among the Native Americans, each tribe had a comic wizard that made the sick person laugh until it healed!

Sense of humour is the best quality you can have ,making people laugh means you are acting as a stress buster ,also you are adding immunity yo our body .

There are many qualities that someone should have, I believe humor is not the most important. Honesty, responsibility, kindness, and integrity are more important.

I disagree that it is the most important, but I recognize that it is an important quality to have for the human being, since it allows us to laugh at life, and even about ourselves, and we must see how important this is, when the EGO wants stop us on our way to success

I don't know that humor is 'the' most important quality, but it's definitely in my top 10. Maybe my top 5. Humor smooths the road, allows us humans to connect in happy ways. The ability to laugh at oneself - that is high humor, keeps us humble, and we'll always have something to laugh about!

Hello, yes, I agree that the best quality of the human being is humor because humor helps you lead a more pleasant life.

Hi, I do not agree, there are other qualities in the human being much more important, such as gratitude.

depends really, people tend to find different things funny. A teenage prankster probably won't have the same sense of humor as a full fledged doctor. I think the most important a healthy self love which in turn gets projected onto those around you.

I totally agree, in fact my friends call me ¨smile¨, since I always laugh at everything, my motto is always: Smile, since laughter is the best sedative for bad times

At bad weather good smiles..

I find the way you spell the word "humour" to be quite humorous.

Hi, I think that good humor should persist in the life of every human being, although there always has to be a balance.

I completely agree because you cannot take life too seriously. Life is a divine comedy. We were giving laughter as a tool to express & spread joy in this black & white parody. Lets use it as our armour to bring more smiles into this co(s)mic drama ! @bunnypuncher

You are too quick to announce it, but usually a little late .. maybe influence Real Madrid win last night ..haha

For today I do not want to comment anymore because saa do not know the topic today oh oh I am really ni.
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But not a serious problem of course

Not the most important, but definitely an important one.

Of course, the sense of humor is one of the most important human qualities, so why don´t you ask the humorists?

Yeh the most memorable moments in my life have been when I have laughed among friends, family or co workers. It is difficult to connect with people who take things too seriously and humour has a way of helping us over come the most difficult of situations

I am tempted to agree that sense of humour is the most important of all human qualities but I think it is not. Yes, it is very important in human relations but majority of us will choose humility, kindness and perseverance over sense of humour. Humour is good but it is not a very essential ingredient in the success recipe. Thus, I maintain that it is not the most important of all human qualities.

I never win x.x the good luck is not with me.

Mmmm regarding the topic, I don't agree. I do think the sense of humor is a very important human quality, however I think the empathy, the values, the respect and love are way more important than that. I mean, if people don't have values, empathy and they don't respect others, the sense of humor would worth NOTHING.

That's my opinion. Greetings! :D

Yes, she allows us to interact more easily with other people.

Circumstances don't make us right? It's the way we react that determines who we are. So, yes, I agree. Because a good sense of humor is required for handling situation with the right attitude

I hope I will win

A sense of humour is wonderful. But does it pay your bills, feed your child, help your neighbours?

Therefore is it the most important quality?

Pretty much agree...it's the best quality to possess

I agree, because a day without laughing is a lost day

I agree on thr fact that humor is an important asset in existing together with other human beings. However, I would not say it is the most important quality a human should have. In times of crisis and difficultt, sense of humor only gets you so far. Not trying to devalue sense of humor, but there are far more other qualities that would "qualify" as the most important. To me, that would be compassion. Cheers.

Yes I agree 100℅, a good sense of humour keeps you going

that's right, that's why they call me giggles in my work, I always like to be laughing

good humor is part of being positive in life, you attract what you think and that is why we should have positive thoughts, that makes a big difference, there are also many toxic people in life to also walk in a bad mood and attracting bad things ..

Humor is needed to keep people from getting depressed and is one of the best qualities someone can have.

Friend, that is completely false. The most important quality of the human being is the ingenuity, an evident example, is you.

I think there are others more importants than the sense of humor, BUT, having it is like a gift. God, my boyfriend makes me laugh until my belly and my whole face are aching. That's certainly a git!

One of the most important qualities that we can have people is the sense of humor, because we are happy life as " a day without a smile is a lost day".

i agree, because we can have a little or much fun from funny people. They're make our face have a smile

Of course, sense of humor is very important thing in human life. Cause without this human can not good behave generally with anyone.

everyone has a problem but problem is not my problem!!:)

Without the sense of humor our lives will be empty without grace, joys and there would be many wars since we would all be without feelings

Humor is what I need now

Humor is important makes life fun and easy.