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Daily giveaway 6/12/2018.

First Place: @jasm
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Third Place: @jaristeem
Fourth Place: @reonlouw
Fifth Place: @usman119
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Seventh Place: @sumen
Eighth Place: @kosikredki

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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

First Place: 5 SBD
Second Place: 3 SBD
Third Place: 2 SBD
Fourth Place: 1 SBD
Fifth Place: 1 SBD
Sixth Place: 1 SBD
Seventh Place: 1 SBD
Eighth Place: 1 SBD

The daily give-a-way winner will be selected at random from people that comment on this post. And I'll announce the winner the following day on the next day's contest post. I'll pull the list of entries from the comments approximately 24 hours after the post depending on my schedule. So unless you see the following day's post go ahead and add a comment. I'll will include entries right up to the last minute before I post the result and next contest.

I will do my very best to have a contest each day. However, I could without notice take a day or two off. On days that I'm off there may not be a contest so please try and be understanding if there is a couple of days without a contest.

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Suggested Daily Topic

The daily topic for today is:

Teachers .
What qualities do you appreciate from your unforgetable teacher? What makes for a great teacher? Tell us about a great teacher you had or have.

Thanks @ayyeenn for the contest idea.

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Wow the easiest post I ever think I've had....

First let me say I've had a lot of great and bad Teachers...
And even though I taught in the past, it's not what I do for a profession.

But at it's heart and soul is the guiding principle to my life. And what I have brought forward to every task/job/ or situation in my life. And that is to learn and pay if forward. Essentially be a mentor. This is pure and simple the Human Condition and what makes us so different from rest of the animal kingdodom.

My Art Teacher Mr. Lyneck let me push my expression out there. My having Miss Read in 1st grade who was an evil drunk, showed how great advanced ed. teacher was.

At College Victor Pan and Peter Bloniarz both mentored me as research and teaching assistants.
And Namu saw a special light in me and asked for and 1 other to participate as the only non-major Oil Painter's ever to participate in the Graduating, Art Show.

In Grad school Melvin Klearer pushed through 3 levels of study in 3 weeks so that I was the Teaching Assistants to Graduate Level Compiler Construction and Computer Architecture.
Working in Stahl Reseach/CS First Boston/EDO/NYNEX/and for and with hundreds of companies,I iterally was mentored or mentored by others on a daily basis.

Finally when I opened my own businesses, I learned from people every day and brought along and taught many at all levels.

Those that could not learn were moved out.

A good teacher needs to figure and understand what motivates a person they are teaching and present the information in such that the student will internalize it and use it.

And the teaching/mentoring if possible should open the person up to future possible enhancement opportunities (improvements).

Can we imagine what impact it would have on the graduates generated if the students were educated by teachers whose competence was lacking

The teacher's quantity and quality gap affect the quality of education because quality education is also determined by qualified teachers

the magnitude of the influence of teachers' ability on educational outcomes.

I want to win it

a big challenge for the government to create a condition where being a teacher becomes one of the many coveted professional choices.

There are still many teachers who teach poor ways, how to teach in the classroom boring. This is the right momentum to criticize the teacher's competence.

Teachers are an important element in education.

Another thing pedagogic ability is one key to educating success.

The stricter the teacher, the better they helped me. Anything I got away with, made my learning experience less. That said, a strict teacher who showed no grace just ended the teaching relationship. Showing grace and letting things slide are vastly different and have vastly different outcomes.

My high school speech teacher's sayings keep echoing. He talked about the different kinds of speech and I keep seeing them happen. He taught us to be wary of those who try to act on our emotions and he was right.


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I Become A Great and Inspirational Master............

Melalui PRESTASI, Jufri berkesempatan untuk melanjutkan studi S2 di ST. Michael’s College, Vermont, Amerika Serikat. Dalam studinya tersebut, dia mengambil jurusan Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). TESOL sendiri mempelajari bagaimana mengajarkan Bahasa Inggris kepada orang-orang yang memiliki bahasa pertama selain Bahasa Inggris. Jufri mengambil jurusan ini tentu dengan alasan untuk meningkatkan keahlian sebagai guru Bahasa Inggris untuk murid-murid Non Native Speaker (NNS).

Finland succeeds in making teachers the most desirable profession after salary and teacher status are raised to almost equal with professors in college.

the educational process should be supported by qualified, trained-professional, highly motivated, and fully supported teachers.

Very good topic

The teacher is the creator and does not perlutext book against the curriculum.

improving education through improving the quality of teachers which is one of the goals of suistainable development goals can not be ignored and is a major prerequisite

teachers are implementing various programs and policies in an effort to improve the quality of education

The factor of loving the child with all his heart, inevitably must be owned by a teacher. This is the main capital of a teacher. The teacher who loves his protégé will always try to make his students happy with a fun learning process.

the difficulty of assigning and retaining teachers to want to teach in special areas, especially remote areas and borders.

There are still many teachers who "do not want" to develop themselves to increase knowledge and competence in teaching. Teachers do not want to write, do not make scientific publications, or are not innovative in learning activities. The teacher feels just enough to teach.

haloo.. assalamualaikum..??

Thanks for the previous two places.
To me the teacher is like a hero who teaches about goodness to his disciples

A teacher to me is more meaningful than a friend because the teacher taught me a great knowledge for my future and I am very grateful to him for the service of a teacher I can read, write, even draw

When I read today's topic of your contest I am confused about what to say about my teacher because he is very meritorious to me, a vast knowledge he has taught me.
Thank you my beloved teacher

It is difficult to imagine the services of a teacher, for he is the one who taught me to be what I am today, my success because of the help of a teacher

Thank for sharing two place
Your as teacher from me

Master is like a real hero after my biological parents can not do me much, because my knowledge is minimal

Gentle, kind, patient and extremely clever.

I can not express in words when I remember a teacher who has guided me, just one sentence I want to say "thank you very much my teacher"

  ·  3년 전

Thank you for your services, sweet memories of remembering how you taught me so well that I can be parallel to people with a lot of knowledge

Untuk mendukung keinginannya tersebut, Jufri memiliki mimpi untuk melakukan studi ke luar negeri. Hingga pada akhirnya mimpinya tersebut dapat terwujud melalui program beasiswa USAID Scholarship PRESTASI Program. "PRESTASI adalah program beasiswa yang telah mengabulkan mimpi dan cita-cita saya untuk studi di luar negeri yang saya sudah usahakan selama 10 tahun," ungkap Jufri.

I always remember my primary school teacher and one from the university.
The one of primary for its simple and way of giving us the classes was very didactic and dynamic.
And that of the university was very professional and prepared in its subject, it did not have excuse to explain something to us, always very collaborates and attentive to our doubts.

A great teacher is one who is always there to help and teach his students if they reproach them. and must be demanding in their tasks and acvies. First of all, be cordial and exemplary.

I am a retired teacher, when my ex see me, they tell me beautiful things, like my beautiful teacher, I love you, I always remember you. Perhaps the love, respect and patience that each child has.

Teachers can make a large and positive difference to how well children do at school, but unfortunately, not all teachers do. The reality is that some teachers are far more effective than other teachers.

Studies that take into account all of the available evidence on teacher effectiveness suggest that students placed with high-performing teachers will progress three times as fast as those placed with low-performing teachers.
Barber & Mourshed, 2007

Why are some teachers better than others?

Part of the answer lies in the teaching strategies that they use; however, another part of the answer lies in the teachers themselves. Simply forcing all teachers in school to adopt certain teaching strategies will not change the fact that there will be some teachers who clearly have more impact on students than others.

Read on to discover the seven characteristics of great teachers.


John Hattie, the ‘go to guru’ of evidence-based education, believes1 that the best teachers are passionate people. They love what they teach, they love being a teacher, and they love the challenge of helping each of their students learn. Their passion is contagious, and they infect their students with a love of learning.

Passion is what drives us to put so much energy into our teaching. It stops us from giving up when things get hard, and it motivates us to learn ways to improve our craft – no matter how good we already are. You cannot be a great teacher without a passion for helping kids learn.

High Expectations

Great teachers expect all of their students to work hard and to learn. They acknowledge that their students are at different stages and have varying levels of ability. However, they believe that all of their students can learn, that all of their students should achieve real progress every year and that all of their students should achieve basic levels of competence in literacy and numeracy.

Great teachers expect every one of their students to work hard and achieve things that haven’t mastered before. Their belief in their students leads these teachers to challenge their high achievers, in the same way it leads them to challenge students who struggle. Research2 suggests this habitual challenging of students is the single largest factor separating great teachers from the rest of the pack.

“When I treat you as what you are capable of becoming, I help you become that.


All other things being equal, smart people make the best teachers – and the smarter the person the better. This may fly in the face of popular belief, but research3 clearly shows that higher levels of intelligence, traditionally known as IQ and now known as general mental ability (g), leads to higher performance in all jobs – including teaching4.

The only variable in teachers that is consistently associated with student progress is teacher IQ.
Dylan William

This is not so surprising when you consider that intelligence is essentially a measure of your ability to grasp the challenge before you and discern the best way to proceed. This ability underpins decision-making and problem-solving, things that teachers must do on a daily basis and things that research2 shows great teachers do well.


All teachers need to know the content that they need to teach, and they need to know the most effective ways of teaching it. If you haven’t done so yet, you can get a 3 minute crash course in the Top 10 Evidence Based Teaching Strategies here.

“It is teachers using particular teaching methods that are more likely to have the above-average effects on student achievement.”
John Hattie

Such knowledge is a prerequisite to effective teaching. However, on its own, this knowledge is not enough to move you from good to great. It is how they use this knowledge that makes some teachers more effective than others2. Great teachers help students move from surface knowledge to deeper levels of understanding. They connect new knowledge to students’ prior knowledge, including knowledge from other curriculum areas, and they offer individualised suggestions to help each of their students improve.


Great teachers work hard. Teaching is not always fun or easy, and it certainly isn’t a 9 to 3 job. While it is possible to focus your efforts on those things that matter most, there is no substitute for hard work. Great teachers are driven to do well, and they understand the link between effort and success.

“Genius is one-percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration”
Thomas Edison

Conscientious people are responsible, determined and persistent. They work hard and go the extra mile in order to do the very best job that they can. Therefore, you should not be surprised to learn research5 shows that conscientious staff perform better in virtually all jobs.


Teachers who care about their students have more impact on how well those students do at school6.

They genuinely care about them as people in much the same way that a loving parent would care about their child. Great teachers are warm, respectful and empathetic. They say good morning to students when they walk into school at the start of the day, they ask students about things going on in their lives, and they offer support when students are in need.

You also need to care about them as students – that is you need to care when they are just coasting along when they could be doing better. Great teachers are not afraid of tough love. You need to believe in your students and challenge them to excel while simultaneously supporting them to do so.

This caring attitude lays the foundation for classrooms where students:

Believe in their own capacity to learn
Are not afraid of having a go or making mistakes
Are receptive to feedback that will help them learn.

A Problem-Solving Approach to Failure

Great teachers want to help every one of their students to succeed, but sometimes their efforts fail to have the desired effect. They are not afraid of failure. They don’t blame themselves, but nor do they excuse the failure as inevitable. Rather, they see the failure as feedback that tells them that what they are currently doing is not working for this student or group of students. Great teachers then embrace the situation as a challenge to be met or a problem to be solved.

When faced with the challenge of a student or a group of students not mastering what they are trying to teach, great teachers seek information about alternative approaches, be it from other teachers or outside experts. They try out solutions, they monitor their impact, and they keep trying out ideas until they find something that works1.

#It is important to note that most teachers show these characteristics to some degree. The best teachers show them to a greater degree.

'Uttom Kumar' was the beast teacher i ever had,he lead me, guide me to a better path.even now in every step of my life i follow his footsteps.I think every man has a mentor in his life,and my mentor is and always will be 'Uttom Kumar'

My Atelier teacher (drawing and painting) ruled the classroom with an iron fist. I spent 4 long and intense years under her guidance. I'll always remain grateful in that I'll always remain aware in not letting bad habits grow. To always push yourself. That "close enough" is not enough. "Close enough" didn't put men on the moon ;)

A teacher needs to be knowledgeable and have the skill or technique to deliver that knowledge in a clear and understanding way. It’s a bonus if the lesson is also fun and creative. But I think a good teacher starts with caring.

That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever had a really good teacher. Most of my past teachers can be summed up in the quote “those who can’t do, teach.”

My English teacher, Antonio Aragon was a substitute teacher who lived in the United States, had a sick mother here in Venezuela and that's why he taught at my public school, he was extraordinary, a very studied person and with an incomparable lexicon, he always gave us his personal books depending on the tastes of each student, something that always stood out in his magnificent stories of his work on a tourist cruise which gave him thousands of stories that undoubtedly impressed us all, an unforgettable teacher.

My teacher teach me never go to near zina , in start of my college life. And he died after few months of class start . I never forget my teacher

Great Contest!

Mrs Kareem, my class coordinator and literature teacher. She served as both a mother and a teacher, teaching is not all about passing academic knowledge, but passing moral values along side it. The good ones don't last they say, may her soul rest in perfect peace.

Its ability to recognize rocks and all information from geology and geomorphology. He was an authentic teacher, his classes very dynamic and his explanations very understandable.

I think the best teachers are those who do not teach you everything and encourage you to continue searching for knowledge through research, if the teacher tells you everything, you only know what he says. The best teacher is the one who teaches that knowledge is infinite and must be pursued. That has taught me many professors of my career, Medicine.

I remeber all teachers

i wanna win! :P

the basketball coach I had in college. I liked their planning and their way of integrating into the group by creating an easy and participative environment for interaction among the students.

I am a teacher, will ask this to my students.

Its a tough question teacher always teacher

Congrats to the winners :)

a good teacher is one who knows how to treat his students, there must be a balance between imparting knowledge and being friendly

Great teachers will actually put in effort to help students understand the material. Some teachers will just do boring lectures, and half the students are asleep.

She used to punish us by striking our palms with a rod. That was unforgettable experience.

  ·  3년 전

My Spanish teacher who taught me to write the word in Spanish "through" that should be separate, always confused me

I miss my childhood teacher from first grade! SHe is the one who teach me about how should I manage all the stuff

Teachers who aren't too serious and have a great sense of humor are a lot easier to learn from

Shen happened not to be my best teacher but I appreciate what she did for me and will surely never forget. It happened on a promising day of my A level exam, the subject was financial accounting. My tradition of reading is jotting during reading, I forgot to remove on e ofmmy jottings from my pocket which will have implicate me and I may lose my papers for that year. When I discovered I confused in her and she help me by collecting the jottings and threw it away for me..
Am using this medium to thank you and hope all your children meet with helpers like you and am equally grateful @bunnypuncher for this post

A quality is patience, my father was my patient to teach me music, I am very grateful to share with me since childhood the music.

My professor of art history and color when studying design, once he arrived drunk in the classroom, we thought he was going to fall.

I had a great teacher in elementary school who liked my stories, even the violent ones. Never forgot that!

Teacher is a hero in the field of education, I have a very cruel teacher, almost every day his hands landed in my face, that's an experience that I can not forget. He is a very clever teacher in the affairs of the lesson, only me who is less disciplined.

The professor of physics in the first semester at the University. He was very considerate, respectful, friendly and always told us stories of when he was studying.

I am currently a teacher, and I consider myself an excellent professional, since my greatest reward is his affection. the personality of a teacher has a lot to do, because if you are affectionate, humble and have love, you know that I transmit my knowledge of any content only I am myself. that makes a feedback in classes since they feel confident and I learn from them and they from me, total learning is individual.

To be a good teacher I think connection with students is the main thing. I once had a teacher in primary school who was very supportive o students.

My teacher is always doing her best just to understand the lesson much better or in an easier way.

how to forget the teacher Olimpia. she was unique, her classes were entertaining from beginning to end I think it was because of her sincerity when it came to discussing the topics. It did not matter that we were teenagers she treated us like adults to better capture the subject. and it worked, at least with me

I remember that one of my teachers was very strict. Mr. Jesus was called. the interesting thing about his classes was that no matter what the topic was, he always got a daily situation to show the relevance of what he was teaching

That he really likes what he does, that makes him a great teacher and that he will teach you in the best way

That he puts a lot of emotion to the class and so one wants to see his classes

good luck to all!

Are you scared me? If not, check my last live-stream ;)

I'm new here! :)

gainer wants this sbd! :D

I had a teacher who was always very charismatic, and when we did not like a subject to something that one was interested in what he explained, it was surprising. DEP dear teacher

I wanna win ;)

i'm lucker


sheeeeedow !

vulcano will earn this sbd

Just leaving a boring comment today :)

teaching is hard work, it takes a lot of effort, patience, dedication and love to your career, but you get a beautiful reward, the satisfaction that generates to transmit knowledge to others and with this to make a more educated world has no calculable price.

The best teacher is the one who always finds the most suitable way for his students to understand him, the one who with effort and dedication manages to nourish the soul, brain and heart in the same way.

hello I appreciate your way of treating your students

What makes a good teacher is that charisma, that thing that keeps us attentive and makes the class interesting, be dynamic and interact with the students makes the class more attractive.

For me a great teacher has two qualities, patience and ability to make understandable the subject that explains, because it can not be a grammaster that postpones his entire class, because nobody understands it.

I like my math teacher in Grade School he have the best way to explain the formula and he always teach the easy/shortcut side of it.

A good teacher is that one who enjoys their labor, a good teacher is someone who will teach you in a entertaining way and will be patient even if you make a lot of mistakes. When you see a good teacher you can recognize them, because they are really having a good time while teaching students.
In my very personal opinion, a good teacher tells stories while teaching, talk about several topics related to the subject of the class, because you can actually learn and not get bored in the process.

In school I had two great teacher, one of them was my biology teacher, a fat bearded old man who was just having fun while teaching us, in his class we laughed a lot with his jokes and stories, also he was very inspired all the time and was really passionate about biology, it's fun because sometimes he came in the classroom dancing and singing, lol.

I also had a music teacher who was from Romania and his accent was funny, but he knew A LOT about history and half the class was about music and the other half was about history of music or one of his experiences. He was a 70+ years old man! but he always made us laugh and motivated us. It was sad the day he left the music school forever and we didn't even say bye. Great times I had there and the students were also great people and great friends! I actually left the music school when I passed to second level because I had to change turns and I didn't like neither the teacher nor the environment in the classroom. I still miss these people, I hope that teacher is still alive and my ex classmates are doing good too :)


Oh! I just remembered I also had good teacher at the university, but that would make this comment much longer, I'll save that for next opportunity

Only hard rock.

A teacher who tells you interesting life stories, like my earth science teacher

Probably the teacher with humor so that the students won't be stressful when studying.

My greatest teacher was someone who could really motivate you to get your shit done. Paired with a great personality and a feeling that he actually cared about his students.

My mom is a teacher and never stops. She is my favorite teacher since I cannot avoid her.

Comment, comment, comment.

My favorite teacher was in College and taught accounting. I did not like her at the time, but later realized her standards were very helpful in real life.

One of the teachers I would never forget was when I was at 5th grade, her name was Joy, she teaches mathematics. she's outstanding in all was, she's kind at heart, she's supportive, I remember that she always advices me and teaches me the things I didn't understand, she helped me financially and much more, so were ever You are great teacher I pray that God would Bless You for me.

  ·  3년 전

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Of the qualities to be one of my great teachers is the knowledge in the areas, the facility to transmit their knowledge, the class dynamics and the orientations towards the students.

A good teacher needs to understand what motivates a person they are teaching and present the information in such that the student will internalize it and use it.

In the university I had a teacher who explained the whole class with anecdotes of his life and then he asked us if something similar had happened to us inviting us to tell the story and why it had to do with the subject, he gave our a guide to review it with exercises.
On the day of the evaluation we made a multigrafied exam that would be corrected by a random student in the classroom after giving the results.
Of course the exam was done with a pen to ensure that the answers were not deleted.
This teacher used his own experiences to give the class what made that class entertaining and unforgettable so that the class would be recorded in our minds. In this class there was a freedom so great that the student enjoyed it to the maximum achieving excellent punctuation in the subject

I had great math and physics teachers who simplified these subjects for students to understand and taught the fundamental logics and concepts so that we can apply the same concepts in different scenarios. They also gave day-to-day examples on how to use what we learn which gave us a sense of appreciation. A great teacher will work to ensure their students understand the topics taught and make learning fun and cares about the students.

I remember some wonderful teachers during my primary school years, a miss Liem was my first favourite, she was very beautiful and cares for us a lot but she decided to quit when she was around five months pregnant. The new teacher, Miss Ho was also wonderful, I remember her looking like a tinkerbell and she cares for us a lot and does her best to not favour a student and treat us all well. Then there is my mandarin teacher Madam Fang who was strict but funny and does funny expression also Madam Lee who is gentle but firm. I also remember a substitute teacher who is really good at story telling and we just cant get enough, the vampire story she told gave me nightmares that I still remember now.

Humbleness, way of teaching and friendly nature


Being a Teacher has always been a challenge to me, I live in Venezuela and the minimum salary is about $1 per month (That is what I earn in the High-School where I work) but I also work in 4 other places as a Language Teacher and as an ESL Teacher. I inspire my students with an example of passion and vocation, I love teaching and I know how to do it in the best way, all of my students always tell me "You are the best Teacher"; I answer them: " No, I am only doing my job better than the rest, but I can be better"! So I strive to be better than what I was yesterday, and today; aiming to teach in the best way, inspiring everyone to learn!

My math teacher ... I hate maths but she was a great person not like those who jst like to yell to their students.

If you have a good comuniation with students evrything will be allright

His name was Frederick, back in secondary school(high school), he was my mathematics teacher. He challenged me with so many though questions and made me improve a lot, to the point that I stopped reading mathematics, and solely depended on his classes. He was so good at teaching, such that even after over 7 years now, I still can remember 60% to 80% of what I knew then in school. He made everything stick with series of exercises. Prior to his coming to our school, I was simply a "village champion".

Gentle, strict, respectful, honest, open to discussion and without pride.

The most important of all the qualities a teacher should have: the quality of listening.

Im very appreciate the great teacher must provide good behavior and can understand to his students

My English teacher is assertive but she can be so kindly too , unforgetable moment is when she wake up me in the morning and told me to go to school , im not a bad boy at all im just lazy to go to school but my english teacher its so assertive makes me hard to be lazy . And im not hate her , i love her very much she gave me many important lessons and made me even better.

I appreciated her kindness and patience.

In my school (2003 S.S.C.) my favorite teacher's name was Jahid Uddin. He is the head master of our school. He was so much strict but very honest. i liked his honesty, punctuality. He was our English teacher. Almost time i got punished by him for English translation, not because i did not learnt them, because i afraid of him and almost time forgot what i learned. After finishing that class i realized he teaches us the valuable think that will be our partner for our next study life.

a great teacher is a teacher who is able to inspire and motivate his students, so as to be able to do something good with his own ability.

Speech and intonation are clear and easy to understand.

Greatest teacher was the life itself.

Which teacher!? So many to choose from!

As a professional meditation teacher one thing I had to learn was to wait for the student to be ready. To wait for what we refer to as "worthy enquiry". That is, until the student is ready to learn the lesson.

So from that I want to say that one quality that makes a good teacher is the ability to wait for and then identify worthy enquiry.

Sebuah kalimat bijak mengatakan bahwa “ Bila ingin melihat kualitas suatu bangsa maka lihatlah kualitas gurunya”. Guru yang berkualitas akan memiliki karakter yang baik, yang mana perilakunya dapat ditiru oleh peserta didik.

A wise sentence says that "If you want to see the quality of a nation then look at the quality of the teacher". A qualified teacher will have a good character, whose behavior can be imitated by the learner.

Character, according to Prof. Suyanto, PhD is a way of thinking and behaving that characterizes every individual to live and work together, both within the sphere of family life, society, nation, and country. Characters that show how a person behaves.

Karakter, menurut Prof. Suyanto, PhD adalah cara berfikir dan berperilaku yang menjadi ciri khas setiap individu untuk hidup dan bekerjasama, baik dalam lingkup kehidupan keluarga, masyarakat , bangsa , dan negara. Karaktelrah yang menunjukan bagaimana seseorang bertingkah laku.

Pendidikan Karakter mempunyai makna lebih tinggi dari pendidikan moral, karena bukan sekedar mengajarkan mana yang benar dan mana yang salah

Character Education has a higher meaning of moral education, because it is not just teaching what is right and what is wrong..

Lebih dari itu, pendidikan karakter menanamkan kebiasaan (habituation) tentang hal yang baik sehingga peserta didik menjadi paham (domain kognitif) tentang mana yang baik dan salah, mampu merasakan (domain Afektif) nilai yang baik, dan biasa melakukannya (domain perilaku).

Moreover, character education instills habituation about good things so that learners become aware (cognitive domains) about which is good and wrong, able to sense (Afektif domain) good value, and usually do it (behavioral domain).

  ·  3년 전

Sebuah kalimat bijak mengatakan bahwa “ Bila ingin melihat kualitas suatu bangsa maka lihatlah kualitas gurunya”. Guru yang berkualitas .

A wise sentence says that "If you want to see the quality of a nation then look at the quality of the teacher". Qualified teachers.

There are several teachers which I remember with greatest affection. One of them made us laugh so much that even today I remember all that he was talking about. Learning in fun is the best learning!

Ada 5 Indikator untuk menjadi guru hebat diantaranya kulitas diri, integritas moral, kedalaman ilmu, keterampilan, dan komitmen.

There are 5 indicators to be great teachers such as self-qualities, moral integrity, depth of knowledge, skills, and commitment.

Dengan demikian pendidikan karakter erat kaitannya dengan kebiasaan yang dilakukan terus menerus.

Thus character education is closely related to the habit that is done continuously.

Wow!happy to participate in this
The great teacher have ever had was one Mrs Hassan at secondary school then,when I get to that school,she was the first tea her I get to know she's friendly to everyone both student and teacher,she has inspired me a lot,there's this time I can afford to go to school when my parent went broke,she helped me,whenever she's teaching,she will make sure all her student get to know it,during her class if she ask a question,no chorus answer,just stand up and answer if you know,she has help many student,she even organise a evening lesson for student that wish to come.ome of the quality I think she possess and no other teacher possess that at school is that she is motherly,she teaches the way you are gonna understand,infact she makes me understand English language,every student back then in school loves her for the the kind way she has been to all student and she's not too harsh to student even if you provoke her and the only way you can provoke her is to stay silent and not answer question while she's teaching,unlike other teachers,she comes early to class,you won't be the one to go call her before she's gonna come,I love her,hoping to see her also on a great position in the future

Pembentukan karakter dilakukan melalui keteladanan, intervensi, pembiasaan yang konsisten , dan penguatan. Pembentukan karakter pada siswa peserta didik hanya dapat dilakukan oleh guru-guru yang berkarakter pula.

Character formation is done through exemplary, intervention, consistent habituation, and reinforcement. The formation of characters in students' learners can only be done by teachers who are characterized as well.

Faktor mencintai anak dengan segenap hati, mau tidak mau harus dimiliki oleh seorang guru. Ini adalah modal utama dari seorang guru. Guru yang mencintai anak didiknya akan selalu berusaha membahagiakan anak didiknya dengan proses belajar yang menyenangkan .

My chemistry teacher, unforgettable, performs classes differently with other dynamics and not something boring, we get out of the classroom to learn chemistry but with the daily life of the human being, a little easier to understand. Master Framklim Robinson

We had one, he was with us ski ⛷ driving. And the better ones drives with him later trough the deep powder snow. Unforgettable! But he was also very tough :-)

Faktor mencintai anak dengan segenap hatinya, mau tak mau harus dimiliki oleh seorang guru. Ini adalah modal utama seorang guru. Guru yang mencintai anak didiknya akan selalu berusaha membuat muridnya senang dengan proses belajar yang menyenangkan.

The factor of loving the child with all his heart, inevitably must be owned by a teacher. This is the main capital of a teacher. The teacher who loves his protégé will always try to make his students happy with a fun learning process.

Memahami latar belakang sosial budaya peserta didik..

Understand the sociocultural background of the learners ..

By understanding the background of learners, teachers can easily develop and choose teaching methods and techniques. Appropriate teaching methods and techniques can make it easier for students to absorb knowledge and understand what values will be inculcated.

There is no benefit to a surly teacher, rude, and arrogant. This can lead to student dislikes and often lead to hatred for teachers who also lead students did not like the subjects that brought the teacher.

Teachers also must avoid punishment that is not educational and excessive, both punishment that hurt physically and nonphysical. Remember, there are many instances where students are impolite and insolent in imitating the teacher's behavioral patterns.

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Character teachers will be able to convince their students that they have the potential to change toward the better, to move from poverty and ignorance, and to live better and succeed in the future through learning.

Friend of mine that teach me to make videos.

She taught me mathematics and she gave me hope when I had no hope. She has told us life can be difficult, mistakes and misses belong to life and we only have to go through and overcome it.

I always studied in strict schools and institutions. In college, there were bad and worse teachers. Anyway, the first time I studied informatics, I had a great teacher. She was patient, intelligent, dedicated and concerned that the student learn

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I can't forget my Biology teacher in college wherein the class is all about what we want to know about our bodies. She doesn't discuss, she just pick a person who have a question then answers it.

The person is straightforward and simple.

Friendly and caring

No but is is

Rich methods and media

Awesome question. He used to be my teacher 15.5 years ago. Professionally, he was a dentist but after his father (our school head) got ill, he took charge as the principal. At the time, our SouthAfrican Studies teacher had left the school so to avoid inconvenience, he started teaching us.
For the first time in my life, I loved the subject. He always used to say “Every story has two sides. Don’t limit your thinking to your text books”. Whenever, we studied history, he always used to say that I regret what I am teaching you now because i know it is wrong fact, but still I need to teach you this. Apart from his unit, I used to spend a lot of time discussing with him the other side of the story. He often offered me coffee and showed me videos and articles on his laptop.

Well the name of my best teacher was Mr Steve.
He was the person who helped me develop my interest in history and world affairs. He told me about Saddam Hussain, internal politics of Libya, Bosnian civil war,etc, etc. Those were the topics I couldn’t imagine to learn without his help.
He often used to bash Zia’s islamization and we had strong disagreements on various ideologies. Our views and perspectives were often contradicting but those were the nicest arguments I ever had.

great teachers can inspire

I had a teacher in my university that really loved to teach and help the students

he came to the class with some kind of energy that just made all of us want to come to the class and be better at the class
if anyone needed help he stayed after the class and helped anyone who needed another explantion

thats what make a teacher a great one!
the passion to learn and to see your students grow!

Congrats to the winners.
Who here has had a teacher that rewards you when you do well in a subject.
Whenever I achieved good marks, he used to gift me chocolates. I still keep the wrapper of that Toblerone he gifted me. Once when I scored 99/100 in history, he gifted me Parker.
Leaving that school was the end of one of the most beautiful chapters of my life. I still miss those people.

Mine was Mrs. Bradley at Sarasota High School, in my "advanced" physics class. We studied angular momentum, thermodynamics and irreversible processes, Special Relativity, and basic quantum behavior. My friend and classmate Jon combined the two with a spinning Ottoman and two heavy paint cans which, when he got dizzy, fell onto the carpet and burst open, disgorging their contents.
It is easy to calculate the energy levels of the Hydrogen atom. With Helium and above, the calculations rapidly accelerate toward the impossible, but it was an assignment anyway. Jon, Gary, and I turned in probably the first paper she had gotten from students with a computer printout. We had a horrible old DecWriter connected to a mainframe with BASIC, which under the Parents' Association we had bought with bake sales and the like. We did some numerical calculations.

We got an A for turning it in. Then I asked her, "Did we get the right answer?" She replied "Nobody knows. I'm keeping the results of various classes, and I look for patterns."
In that one statement, she told me everything anybody needs to know about science

Wow. Great topic.
I have studied from a lot of teachers but the one I admire the most is …

The story I narrate , starts from eleventh class;

Dressed in pink saree, standing there she was;

With her glorious voice, she called me inside;

The pretty mole on neck, with hairs she did hide;

Whatever I may write, will always fall short;

I wished her this way, but nothing of that sort.

With wrinkles of experience and her black &white hair;
I loved her so much and i still do.
You were a blessing to me.

Terrific question. I'm going to write a goodish bit about it, so please don't mind the length of this answer.

I've had a fair number of good teachers, but the best one I've come across is my math/physics teacher from classes 7 through 10. She was a perfectionist in every way.

She encouraged us to ask questions, was gracious to accept her mistakes and actually paid attention to our alternative methods of solving math problems.

Hope to win soon.
I had (still have) a tendency of making stupid calculation errors while solving problems. My best teacher miss clara is the best in the world. She always gave me a hard time about getting my take home right. I never liked her then: I thought she was biased against me. However on the parent-teacher interaction day, she told my mother that she was strict with me only because I could do much better. Looking at it from this angle boosted my morale, as I'm shy and always underestimate myself. I really appreciate her now.

I've had a couple of teachers more who have this opinion of me, one in Kindergarten and one quite recently, in college. Both of them told me that I'll do really well if I let go of my inhibitions. I still don't know what my goal should be, but I feel reassured that they have the belief in me.

Okay for me i will say my physics professor who encouraged us to mind-map things, a technique that I use even today; a chemistry teacher who showed me that chemistry is not about memorizing equations and formulae and whatnot; an English teacher who made the works of Shakespeare(Julius Caesar/Merchant of Venice) SO interesting(damn I miss studying English); my mom, for helping me overcome my fear of math and my dad, for all the discussions about vague computer science topics.

While I consider my formative years to be the ones during secondary school, I have never truly had a remarkable teacher until I was in junior college (equivalent to 6th form college in the UK or AP in America).

He was my math teacher. He was an extremely normal person with almost nothing noteworthy. He was neither witty nor particularly impressive at teaching and yet he left an indelible mark on me because of two particular incidents that i would say another day. But it changed my life.

I will have to go with my math teacher.
He was a Georgian, and he is a decadent of Georgian royalty, but of course his parents and grandparents lived in Soviet Union hence it didn't matter (if only it made it dangerous)

What clearly came across were his manners - he had the best etiquette I have ever witnessed in a human being.
Secondly he was incredibly gifted - he took 2nd in math and 3rd in Physics in the Soviet Olympiad when he was in high school.
Thus I fell in love with him at once - his constant sense of humour and fantastic knowledge base (he could answer ANY question I had) made me love the subject.
We became close friends, which was quite weird because He was 50 and I was 15=) But he was truly my soul mate. I even remember when after summer we were sitting on a bench in a park drinking beer and looking at girls, telling each other what girlfriends we had for summer and how we had them=))) He was 50 on passport, but he truly was 19 in his soul=)
Fantastic guy.

Wow. Cool discussion. For my unforgettable teacher,
Mr. Gould – my music teacher! Join me in saluting a genius, and shed tears at the missed opportunities!

Alan Insall, teacher of English Literature, at Plymouth College of Further Education, presumably now retired.

Great contest. My math tutor Mr. Oliver. In Nigeria, we have this thing of taking after school classes or tuitions to prepare for various qualifying exams that most under-grad schools require us to take.

Oliver sir used to take in about 200 kids in four batches of 3-4 2 hr sessions a week. So there were about 50 of us crammed into a small room, some of us in the balcony peering in through the window. I just wish i had taken a photo of the scene to share here.

A great teacher has the skill to learn you new things, combined with the ability to reach you.

A good teacher is one that knows what they are teaching but is also willing to learn from their students as well.

Congratulations to the winners :) Nice contest

I had a geography teacher who would take out student and used to draw meridians and parallels on him with a chalk. I will remember it as long as I live.

The best teachers are those who make you feel relaxed, because that is the best way to learn.

Uno de mis mejores maestro fue mi profesor de contabilidad I en el Tecnológico Antonino José de Sucre. Era un profesor metódico para dar las clases y hacía que estudiantado se interesara por la materia de hecho no hubo ningún aplazado en ese curso.

The commitment is the true key for a teacher because it lead then to improve their performance beyond the basic requirements that the college demands to please the need of their students. I have to mention my teacher Ledys, basic school, Walter, highschool, Juan, University.

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Bueno mi Profesor era muy estricto, cada ves que mandaba trabajos para realizar en casa solo daba un dia para realizar lo que aveces, que uno llegaba a casa no daba tiempo de salir a despeja la mente un rato por los trabajos eran tan largos que después que llegábamos del colegio teníamos que comenzar a trabajar con el trabajo y era tan estricto que nunca nos dejaba salir a receso practica mente ir al colegio era casi como ir a prisión

So many years have passed, that I no longer remember haha

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Guru biasa-biasa saja hanya bisa menceritakan. Guru yang baik mampu menjelaskan. Guru yang unggul mampu menunjukkan. Sementara guru yang hebat bisa memberikan inspirasi

The average teacher can only tell. A good teacher can explain. A superior teacher is able to demonstrate. While a great teacher can provide inspiration.

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Kutipan dari William Arthur Ward di atas mungkin telah menginspirasi Muhammad Jufrianto, seorang guru Bahasa Inggris sekaligus bagian kesiswaan di SMA N 3 Takalar, Sulawesi Selatan. Sebagai seorang guru, Jufri ingin menginspirasi murid-muridnya melalui semua pengalaman yang telah dia dapatkan agar mereka termotivasi untuk meraih cita-cita.

The quote from William Arthur Ward above may have inspired Muhammad Jufrianto, an English teacher as well as a student at SMA N 3 Takalar, South Sulawesi. As a teacher, Jufri wants to inspire his students through all the experiences he has gained so they are motivated to achieve his goals.

It'll be really awesome.. I'm anticipating for it

To support his wish, Jufri has a dream to study abroad. Until ultimately, the dream can be realized through the USAID Scholarship PRESTASI Program. "ACHIEVEMENT is a scholarship program that has granted my dreams and my dreams to study abroad that I have been working for 10 years," Jufri said.

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Through ACHIEVEMENT, Jufri had the opportunity to pursue graduate studies at ST. Michael's College, Vermont, United States. In his studies, he majored in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). TESOL itself learns how to teach English to people who have a first language other than English. Jufri takes this course with the excuse of improving his skills as an English teacher for Non Native Speakers (NNS) students.

What qualities do you appreciate about your unforgettable teacher?
I appreciate your dedication to doing what we learn right,
The respect and tolerance he had for those who were not easy to learn or who found it more difficult to understand.
Their commitment to lead us to daily reading in order to open up a field of knowledge and information.
His slow speech and his way of disciplining (he always made us read aloud as a way of disciplining)
What does a great teacher do?
Teach with love and respect
To be concerned for their students as a whole ( for their education, for their integral development and for their situation in their family environment).
Be attentive to the student in case of irregular situations that may arise

Tell us about a great teacher you had or have.
From my sixth grade teacher, José Torres, who was the teacher of language and literature, I remember him with great affection for his perseverance and for instilling in us a desire to excel and a love of study.

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Hi, thanks for your contest, it takes me back to my student days.

The qualities that I appreciate in my unforgettable teacher are the pedagogy he has to make himself understood in the subject that concerns him.
A great teacher is made by knowing how to transmit to his students the teachings he wishes to make known to them.
I had a great teacher of accounting, who has pedagogy and charisma to teach the subject with all the details that it deserves taking it with examples of your day, to make it more understandable, I will never forget it!!

Pria yang hobi berolahraga basket ini mengaku banyak sekali ilmu dan pengalaman yang dia dapatkan selama studi di Amerika. Pada saat berkuliah, Jufri berkonsentrasi di learners centered classroom yang mana di dalamnya dia mendesain kelas yang manajemennya fokus pada kebutuhan siswa seperti pengembangan pengetahuan dan keterampilan.

The man who likes to exercise basketball is admitted a lot of knowledge and experience that he got during the study in America. While attending college, Jufri concentrates on the learners centered classroom in which he designs a classroom whose management focuses on the needs of students such as the development of knowledge and skills.

Hasil studi tentang learners centered classroom tersebut direfleksikan oleh Jufri ke dalam sebuah caption project (tugas akhir) yang mana di dalamnya Jufri menguraikan hasil analisis model pembelajaran, metode assessment dan tesnya. Hal tersebut dia lakukan dengan memadukan analisis antara teori mata kuliah dengan realita yang dia hadapi di dalam kelas.

The study of learners centered classroom is reflected by Jufri into a caption project (final project) in which Jufri describes the results of the learning model analysis, assessment methods and tests. This he did by combining the analysis between the theory of the course with the reality he faced in the classroom.

Langkah Jufri untuk mengaplikasikan ilmu yang didapatnya dari Amerika adalah dengan menerapkannya dalam pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris, sesuai dengan profesinya saat ini. Jufri menerapkan ilmu tersebut mulai dari rencana pelaksanaan pembelajaran, bahan-bahan ajar, dan hal-hal lain yang dia perlukan dalam mengajar Bahasa Inggris.

Selain membagikan ilmu kepada murid-murid, saya juga mempunyai keinginan untuk berbagi pengalaman dengan guru-guru yang lain. Saya bercita-cita membentuk kelompok belajar guru dengan nama Teachers’ Talk. Program ini adalah tempat berbagi pengalaman bagaimana meng-handle kelas-kelas Bahasa Inggris berdasarkan pengalaman yang didapat di kelas. Program ini juga bermanfaat untuk meningkatkan kemampuan berkomunikasi lisan dalam Bahasa Inggris bagi guru-guru.

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In addition to sharing knowledge with the students, I also have a desire to share experiences with other teachers. I aspire to form a teacher learning group called Teachers' Talk. This program is a place to share experiences of how to handle English classes based on the experience gained in the classroom. This program is also useful for improving the ability of oral communication in English for teachers.

Tak hanya sebatas di ruang kelas Bahasa Inggris, Jufri juga menerapkan ilmunya sebagai pengajar di Kelas Inspirasi di Kabupaten Takalar, Sulawesi Selatan. Dalam profesinya tersebut, Jufri membagikan pengalamannya selama masa studi di luar negeri sebagai bahan untuk memotivasi dengan menceritakan keberhasilannya meraih cita-cita dengan kerja keras, kesabaran, keikhlasan, tanggung jawab dan restu dari orangtua.

In addition to sharing knowledge with the students, I also have a desire to share experiences with other teachers. I aspire to form a teacher learning group called Teachers' Talk. This program is a place to share experiences of how to handle English classes based on the experience gained in the classroom. This program is also useful for improving the ability of oral communication in English for teachers.

Melalui Kelas Inspirasi tersebut, Jufri juga berkesempatan untuk menjadi pengajar Bahasa Indonesia untuk Penutur Asing (BIPA) selama 4 bulan di Northern Illinois University (NIU), Amerika Serikat. Dalam program tersebut, Jufri bertugas mengajarkan Bahasa Indonesia bagi mahasiswa penutur asing serta memperkenalkan kebudayaan Indonesia, khususnya kepada mahasiswa di NIU

The great teacher I ever had is my mom. She tought me what is right and wrong, she patiently understands me when I’m being a brat sometimes, she’s amazing in every single way. My mom is literally a teacher at school but I never experience to become her student because my mom told me that it may sounds unfair to the other kid if ever she will treat me different from the other.

I'm leaving a comment guys

Sungguh pengalaman yang sangat mengesankan bagi Jufri dapat meningkatkan kapasitasnya sebagai pengajar yang profesional dan inspiratif melalui PRESTASI. Kepada generasi muda Jufri berpesan, "JIka kalian punya mimpi, jangan pernah berhenti untuk mencoba, berusaha, dan berdoa. Keberhasilan hanya milik orang-orang yang berusaha dan berdoa. Keberhasilan bukanlah tergantung seberapa pintarnya kita, akan tetapi seberapa percaya Tuhan akan usaha kita untuk meyakini-Nya bahwa kita layak memperoleh mimpi itu. Yakinlah, hasil tak akan pernah mengkhianati usaha..

Sungguh pengalaman yang sangat mengesankan bagi Jufri dapat meningkatkan kapasitasnya sebagai pengajar yang profesional dan inspiratif melalui PRESTASI. Kepada generasi muda Jufri berpesan, "JIka kalian punya mimpi, jangan pernah berhenti untuk mencoba, berusaha, dan berdoa. Keberhasilan hanya milik orang-orang yang berusaha dan berdoa. Keberhasilan bukanlah tergantung seberapa pintarnya kita, akan tetapi seberapa percaya Tuhan akan usaha kita untuk meyakini-Nya bahwa kita layak memperoleh mimpi itu. Yakinlah, hasil tak akan pernah mengkhianati usaha..

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teacher is a hero who is very meritorious, I can only say thank you to the teacher who has educated me to become like this


It is a very impressive experience for Jufri to improve his capacity as a professional and inspirational teacher through ACHIEVEMENT. To the younger generation Jufri said, "If you have dreams, never stop trying, try, and pray." Success belongs only to those who try and pray Success does not depend on how smart we are, but how much God trusts our efforts to believing that we deserve the dream.Be sure, the results will never betray the effort

Education is a tool that has the power to change the world

I am not a person who knows everything, but I have known, accepted, and thought about the many questions and kiss that came into me

The real education will give birth to new hopes and beliefs

The greatest part of education is what we get from the mistakes and failures that we experience all the time rather than from the lessons we get from within the classroom

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I will grab my knowledge, wherever it is because knowledge does not meneganl time and place

science will lead us to the opportunity to make something different

Education is not something that makes us to live, it is life itself

A thousand times better for us to have sensitivity without education than educated but insensitive

We could have known designations for teachers in different languages, but we would not really know what the teacher was like before we saw what he was doing

Not only hesitate but make you a bad guy

Education is the key to open the golden door of success

We learn in many ways even though it is from the past because if we want to define the future we must learn from the past

Education is like our friend, Tell me, then I will forget. Teach me, maybe I can remember it. Invite and involve me, then I will learn

Education is how we survive when we fail and are able to rise and learn from that failure

“ You have the potential…”

It was a boring morning for 7th grader me and the only thing that I was looking forward to in the time table was Biology period.

My ma'am enters the class and finds out that I was the only one who did an assignment which she asked us to do yesterday. Moreover, it was done in a different style altogether compared to what she was expecting.

Now what is so life changing about this?

7th grade was a difficult period in my life. I had just switched schools and lets just say some people in my new school were less than welcoming. If you're thinking this is another Mean Girls cliche story….nope.

Some of the students there were intent on showing how ‘un-special’ I was. They rejoiced in my embarrassments, weaknesses and insecurities. Maybe to them it was just a game but in the end it left me questioning myself before I set out to do anything at all.

That moment in my life was pivotal. It made me feel as if someone had just added colour into my transparent body. I cried like a baby and that is enough to tell you how deeply it affected me because I rarely cry.

Quite a lot of things happened after that. Good things. I just graduated from that school a couple of months back with the title of ‘former School Leader’. And on popular vote.

If you are a teacher, I want you to know that the things you say to your student can have a profound impact on their life even if its just a, “You have potential”.

Education remains education. We have to learn anything, then decide which one to follow. Because education is not a black or white issue, west or east, education is learning from what we experience

If you are smart you may be lazy but if you are smart it results because you are diligent

Smart and smart is the same but slightly different

Wisdom is not seen from a person's age, but judging by his attitude and experience

But If smart and smart not accompanied by to the humble heart will produce arrogance

The only failure in this world is when we stop to learn

Data is not information, information is not knowledge, knowledge is not understanding, and understanding is not wisdom

Smart and clever if one becomes a scientist

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The philosophy of education today will be the philosophy of government in the future that will come

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Intelligent results from mind and smart results from craft

The ultimate goal of education is to turn DARK into a LIGHT

If you are studying at this time then you will reap it in the time to come
But if you are lazy to learn at this time then this moment you will feel it

learning is a direct action that shows your future
Lazy learning to makemua currently hesitate

With the cultivation of trying and not afraid to fail then we will learn and get new things

The skin of education is indeed bitter, but the fruit is very sweet and fragrant aroma

Do not wait for the next few years because right now you're complaining if you do not learn

But if you are smart and smart and accompanied by humility then you will be a laudable person

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The most recent thing in this world is the past that you do not know

Zero means nothing, empty and priceless.

learning is not guaranteed but learning is effort

which I definitely liked the teacher

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the teacher is an unbeatable hero

my high school teacher was very thoughtful...and kind.....

so the teacher is a simple thing

learning to be more grateful for the situation even if it does not match what we expect

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love makes the world more beautiful love makes the world more colorful love it makes everything

Do not ever break there if faced with adversity, because every drop of clear rain water comes from dark clouds.

If we fill our hearts with worries about tomorrow, we do not have today to be grateful

learn Tawaqal and be sincere and Learn us to the grave

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If you want to see the past, look at the situation now. If you want to see the future then look at what you are doing now.

Memories remain but do not focus there. Your life is not for memories but for the future. Keep the spirit

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In life, you do not need to be perfect, you have to give the best you can. For a bright future.

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You can hide from your mistakes, but not from repentance. You can play with your drama, but not with your karma.

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Patience is the best medicine of all difficulties.

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True love does not just come, but through the process of sadness and laughter together.

When there is a better problem immediately fix it by finding a shared solution rather than blaming each other.

Expand using telingga beyond your mouth. Because you are given two hands and one mouth so that you hear more than speak.

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A winner will never stop trying and the person who stops trying will not be a winner.

People succeed not only with a hard heart, but they are also hardworking people who believe in his ability.

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When anger peaks, being patient is the best option. Angry will not solve the problem and succumb not mean lose.

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Expand using telingga beyond your mouth. Because you are given two hands and one mouth so that you hear more than speak.

Letting go of someone we love is really painful but not all loved ones must be possessed.

When anger peaks, being patient is the best option. Angry will not solve the problem and succumb not mean lose.

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Memories remain but do not focus there. Your life is not for memories but for the future. Keep the spirit

Without learning there will be no change. Without change is dead.

People succeed not only with a hard heart, but they are also hardworking people who believe in his ability.

Our job is not to succeed. Our task is to try, because in trying that we find and learn to build an opportunity for success.

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When there is a better problem immediately fix it by finding a shared solution rather than blaming each other.

Be firm to yourself, get rid of negative thoughts and do good. Anxiety only belongs to those who despair.

A winner will never stop trying and the person who stops trying will not be a winner.

The first thing to remember to be successful: do everything from the heart.