Bunnypuncher's daily giveaway 6/29/2018 - 15 SBD total in prizes

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It's your upvotes that make this contest happen.

Daily giveaway 6/29/2018.

First Place: @mileidy10
Second Place: @reonlouw
Third Place: @smartmediagroup
Fourth Place: @akkirocks
Fifth Place: @clurrr
Sixth Place: @onefatindian
Seventh Place: @the-witty-waiter
Eighth Place: @alexandracruz

Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 5.13.51 AM.png

Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

First Place: 5 SBD

Second Place: 3 SBD

Third Place: 2 SBD

Fourth Place: 1 SBD

Fifth Place: 1 SBD

Sixth Place: 1 SBD

Seventh Place: 1 SBD

Eighth Place: 1 SBD

The daily give-a-way winner will be selected at random from people that comment on this post. And I'll announce the winner the following day on the next day's contest post. I'll pull the list of entries from the comments approximately 24 hours after the post depending on my schedule. So unless you see the following day's post go ahead and add a comment. I'll will include entries right up to the last minute before I post the result and next contest.


I will do my very best to have a contest each day. However, I could without notice take a day or two off. On days that I'm off there may not be a contest so please try and be understanding if there is a couple of days without a contest.


To keep this simple and workable there will only be one rule. I don't want to disqualify new people or people that forget to resteem, upvote, and follow. I'm very appreciative of the upvotes and followers that participate in my contests. Please follow me so you can see the results of the contests.

#1) Leave a comment

Suggested Daily Topic

The daily topic for today is:

Don't have a great topic for today so it's a free day anything goes. Tell us a joke, about yourself, your favorite color, a thing you have done on steemit, whatever comes to mind. Just leave a comment :)

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:

BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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I like traffic lights.


You just planted 0.06 tree(s)!

Thanks to @rufusfirefly

We have planted already 3382.28 trees
out of 1,000,000

Let's save and restore Abongphen Highland Forest
in Cameroonian village Kedjom-Keku!
Plant trees with @treeplanter and get paid for it!
My Steem Power = 18835.38
Thanks a lot!
@martin.mikes coordinator of @kedjom-keku

Thank you @bunnypuncher. I love winning something!

Email addresses it would be annoying to give out loud:

  1. MikeUnderscore2004@yahoo.com
  2. MikeAtYahooDotCom@hotmail.com
  3. Mike_WardAllOneWord@yahoo.com
  4. AAAAAAThatsSixAs@yahoo.com
  5. 1OneTheFirstJustTheNumberTheSecondSpelledOut@hotmail.com

I don't have a great response today, so I'll just post this post about not having anything to post.

Set warna tajam pirus yang menonjolkan kuning cerah and merah muda permen karet untuk sebuah palet yang terlihat seperti permen di hari Paskah. Jika warna merah muda membuat paletnya terlalu “kewanitaan” untuk tujuan desain Anda, biarkan saja dan pilihlah dua nuansa warna aqua ditambahkan dengan warna kuning agar lebih cerah, kombinasi yang bersih.

From parents, we learn that there is nothing we can boast about.

The government of President Joko Widodo focuses on Indonesia's maritime sector as a pillar of Indonesia's economy and defense

Good morning dear steemians. Today I share my experience from day to day in steemit. I'm on my way to my first 4 months and no one said that it was easy, but the interest and perceveranvia of oneself make us learn more and more in order to get attention through our post. You can take an eye for my profile and see the differences from my first post to the present. Day by day learning more and more. Greetings. And God bless you. Greetings from Venezuela.


When we want something, parents will be willing to sacrifice to do anything to fulfill it.

Congratulations to the all winners

If your child is lying, it's because you punish your child too much

You ever accidentally go up to a real big fat person, and you accidentally ask them for a good place to eat? And they look at you and say they don't know. And you're looking at them, like, 'You do know. I bet if I follow you for an hour, we gonna be eatin

Portugal is the champions FIFA world cup 2018..hehe

Have our parents ever counted and demanded you to repay all the good in the future?

Parents will support the path we choose and pray for our success

Here is the first joke I had today on OK Google:
Did you hear about the plant that took a math class?
It had square roots.
I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend.

Photography is what captures unique coincidences like the time a Kangaroo almost kissed my lens ;)

DSC_0059 (2)-2.jpg

A child asked his dad ''Dad, do you believe in ghosts?''
Then the father replied ''No, of course not son! There are no such things as ghosts''.
Then the child said ''But the servant of our house said that there are ghosts in our house''.
Then father looks so startled and stood up with a horrified expression. ''Quickly pack your things. We are getting out of here. Hurry up!''
''But you said...''The child protested.

Hope you enjoyed it~And I hope I'll be chosen as a winner!!!


Lol this really got me there man nice one


Hehe~ Thanks:)


the funniest thing i have done here in steemit was using one hashtag too much hahahahaha... the author of the giveaway had a headache for i had attached too many entries. all i wanted to do was just use her tag.

but she was kind enough and advised me to edit which entries goes to her giveaway and allowed me to continue using the hashtag to help spread the awareness..

it was cool. we were cool..

good day!

The fruit does not fall far from the tree. That is the saying that many believe illustrates the relationship between parent and child.

This is reminder for us as a daughter or son..

You are everything to me
You are the queen of my heart
The one who kept me up
I know my world
That prevents me from my mistake
Who taught me with
Your affectionate love
You are the mystery of my love

You're like an ants working hard
You are like a bee looking for honey
You want me
The butterflies are open to freedom
Without trouble, without difficulty..

Do not be stubborn, follow orders
That's your father's word
You sacrifice for your son
You bothered for your son
You earn a lawful living
Everything for my comfort..

Put aside the nay
Dismissed the world
Set aside the world of freedom
Mom and Dad's orders are always remembered
It's not out of my memory..

I appreciate all your sacrifices
I'll reward you with that wonderful,
My promise to you...

Thank you @bunnypuncher .hope you like it..

Ok, dear @bunnypuncher
Here is my life story

i am a simple boy, from Bangladesh
I have a little problem (short stature)

I feel very nervous for the reason.
I don't have any good friend's.
I wanna success in my life.
I love my family my life.

What can i do?
Give me a suggestion as a good friend.
Thank you


Keep being simple,
To have a good friend is not easy so just make a lot of friend and one day you'll will have friends rather than just friend,
You'll success one day and maybe this steemit platform is your stepping stone so keep steeming,
Keep loving your family and your life,

You already know what to do friend.


Thank you so much dear @heartbeat1515
I hope i will be successful on my life.
Very appreciated to your comment.

Steemit is an important source of income for me. When I remember and look back at what I have achieved with each SBD or STEEM won it is very satisfying.

I started working in this community in January 2018, by a friend @williamjose and his wife @norkamoran, who helped and supported me.

The change to bolivars of my 1st SBD served to pay off a debt that I could not pay with my regular job. Then I won 4 SBDs that helped me to pay off the debt and as a way of giving thanks I organized a lunch with my relatives, I explained to them that now I have a new job that gives me a good income.

So far I've been able to buy medicine for my mom and fix things in my car. I consider that I have earned enough.... sometimes the rewards are few, I try to be very applied and constant, I keep going I thank God I receive it

I feel very satisfied because I have been able to help others, it is a joy to see how they too have been able to make a profit and achieve goals with STEEMIT.

I never thought that steemit will be more greatfull for me, When I begins my steemit journey, its quite difficult for me to handle cause I'm week in english and also I don't know how to write a blog or an article but now its quite benefits to me that I have learned Alot from steemit and my english skills is much better then before and now I can pay my own tutition fees :) Thanks to all the steemit community and my steemit friends :)

As the main image of this Co-creator in #Bunnypuncher's a RABBIT: I want to share with you Curiosities and something about these beautiful little animals.

descarga (24).jpg

  • Rabbits purr:

Did you know that rabbits purr like cats? So that's it. If your rabbit purrs or grinds its teeth, like a chatter, it is a sign that you are happy and that you need to be caressed. It is a very tender moment.

*They lie on their backs to:

Rabbits, like dogs, lie on their backs. That is a sign that he is very comfortable with you, that he has a lot of confidence and that he wants you to touch his tummy. As you see, they are very affectionate.

  • The teeth grow constantly:

The rabbit never stops growing teeth and nails. That's why you should be attentive to your teeth, always have a wooden toy so you can chew. If your teeth do not wear out, you may have problems and may even stop eating. As for your nails, they have to be cut every six months.

  • They are bored:

Even if you do not believe it, rabbits can get bored. That is why they have to be entertained and playing with them, that they always have a toy available and even that they relate to other rabbits and humans. They should also exercise.

  • Rabbits perform tricks:

It is a joy to see your rabbit jumping and spinning like crazy. It's very fun for them and for us. He does that when he is "super happy or happy".

*The rabbit can look back:

Rabbits without turning their heads can see from behind, their vision can reach almost 360 degrees. But his field of vision has a blind spot right in front of his face. That is why this lack is supplemented with some hairs that have in the nose that are capable of detecting anything.

Those tender animals that are rabbits, every day are inserted more into the popular preference to be adopted as pets for their tranquility, beauty and, like the adjective we use to define them, tenderness.

images (50).jpg

I will tell you a story about the bunny. But I scared will be punch by the bunny. So before the story start, I need to know is it @bunnypuncher is:

  1. the person who expert in punching bunny?
  2. the person who is cute like a bunny?
  3. Or you are a boxer bunny?

But all I know is, you are a relative of Navi...


And I like blue.

My favorite color is black and my favorite food is burger

Since it is a free day I can tell you that I am new to this platform full of expectations of how to advance step by step here in Steemit. I was looking for a reliable page to be able to stay ... and I see that there are very good contents to be able to choose or tilt for a specific topic. .. as I already mentioned, I hope to have a very pleasant experience with all those who follow me and exchange ideas.
no more to say THANK YOU

separador aves.png

images (7).png

I'm very new to Steemit. I only have 20 days on the platform and I can not deny that I have done very well, although I have not had the pleasure of having a sponsor. I'm conformist with it. Little that I have achieved in steemit little by little I will emerge. .

Something fun I've done? The funniest thing I've done, although I do not find it funny for my family, if it seems ... I once arrived at my house taken by the glass and hungry turned out that my mother had made soup for the dog and I came to the kitchen and I heat all the soup and I ate it the other day my dog looked at me with a bad face for having eaten his food without having put the claim that my mother gave me

Hello! I hope you have an excellent day.
Being a free day I will talk about me, my name is Katiuska Gómez and I am 24 years old, I am currently a student, I live in Venezuela. My days are more fun and exciting since I met steemit, it's the easiest way to learn about various topics, I love reading and here I find very talented writers.

Hello @bunnypuncher !! I am new in steemit but i love it, i wish learn all about steemit, i will follow you, i hope that you do the same jaja
i need you support !! please

Merah dan hijau adalah salah satu dari tiga pasangan warna komplementer (atau bertolak belakang) pada roda warna tradisional; yang lain termasuk oranye/biru dan ungu/kuning. Ketika dikombinasikan, warna ini mencolok, kesan kontras yang tinggi akan menjadi sedikit gemuruh jika Anda tidak menggunakannya dengan hati-hati. Itulah kenapa, untuk palet ini, warna merah dan hijau sudah diseimbangkan dan diturunkan tonenya (tidak tersaturasi penuh seperti merah dan hijau yang Anda lihat di dekorasi Natal) untuk sebuah twist segar di palet warna komplementer.

Putih, hitam (atau disini sama dengan warna biru tua yang sangat gelap), merah, dan kuning adalah kombinasi yang umum. Tapi dengan nuansa saturasi seperti ini, tidak akan terlihat membosankan

Pastel color application is very limited - safe choice for Easter day design, spring, baby, or tea party. Pastel colors are synonymous with beautiful and gentle impression, so you have to make sure that your design has the same feeling if you want to use this color palette.

Ahh! If i win @bunnypuncher contest.
I will be happy.
All the best

When you have nothing to comment but you wanna be winner

I will leave a photo of my doggo with shirt.

Since i joined steemit, many friends I know but on the other hand my wife gets angry often because I spend so much time in steemit than my wife :)

Red and blue are the standard colors that are often used in business for branding, and with a good purpose. Red means "confident and strong," while blue means "reassuring and trustworthy." This palette gives such an impression, with a slight touch of less dominant desaturation. From a conservative blue color, to a strong red brick color but gives a still professional impression. This color palette is suitable for a "more" serious corporate or project design context.

I love photography and art


@photoquest ohh i enjoyed lot while doing photography .. but still i have to become professional in photographs. I visited your photographs on your profile they were awesome.


thank you very much:)


Hi to all and congratulations to all the winners!

Good luck to all!

My favorite color is without a doubt green, because it is the one that most represents nature, and it is what I like the most.

Hi @bunnypuncher ,A good day to you.😁

I loved my sister,she is the best buddy..💖

Full meaning of TEAM
T = Together
E = Everyone
A = Achieves
M = More
When we work together, we truly achieves more.


You have a very good definition of team right there. If only and only if comment like this can be re-steem.

Being kind is more important than being right. Sometimes, what people need is not a brilliant mind to speak, but a special heart that listens

Remember: Only you can prevent bunny-punchings.
Boycott Comic Sans today.

Never give up. Face up to life's challenges and try to overcome them. Thanks @bunnypuncher for your daily contests.

My fav color is black, goes well with anything

when you are ugly and you only serve to make people laugh

Speech is silver, silence is gold
I believe this quote though it doesn't seem to work all the time.


Someone who can give great speech is a leader and someone who are able to keep silence while other are talking is the listener which everyone need.

I think so.

@bunnypuncher my interest is to make people grow and i want to make people independent. And till now My life on steemit was awesome. 2 days back i also prepared one short blog on my steemit by introducing myself. Can you also introduce yourself little bit to me?

life will put obstacles in your way, but the limits are yours.

I like trains

My favorite color is blue, like ultramarine blue, very calming to look at.
Thanks for hosting these contests, hopefully I win one, could really use it

Maybe the next theme could be about breakfast or something related with food preferences...

@bunnypuncher as it's nothing specific today. Let me thank you today for this kind of daily giveaway. It's like we get fun+SBD together. Thanks

I love the movies full of action and violence, I do not know, maybe it's testosterone hahahaha.

Today is an excellent day, cloudy and with a cold climate ... Blessings for all

La muerte pregunta a la vida por qué me odian y te aman. La vida responde: porque soy una hermosa mentira y tu una triste realidad

Wow this is cool, OK firstly let me drop a joke.
A man asks a farmer near a field, “Sorry sir, would you mind if I crossed your field instead of going around it? You see, I have to catch the 4:30 train.”
The farmer says, “Sure, go right ahead. And if my bull sees you, you’ll even catch the 4:15 train.”

OK a little about myself, well am a Free person, a lover of nature, I cherish true friendship, I love to help other people in need it gives me joy, a believer of Love and God, I love photography a lot I feel its a medium of expression and I hate discrimination.
My favorite color is Blue.
What have done on Steemit, well so far have tried to create awareness to some important topics through my blog that could help fellow Steemians who read it, I still have a lot to do though.
Steemit is an amazing platform and am happy to be a part of it, am proud to say have learned a couple of things since I joined and there is still more to learn here.

Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you´ll die today. James Dean

Hello steemians.
Today I leave this comment
thinking about winning a prize
that allows me to add SBD
to be able to balance my economy
and bring food to my house

Saw this the other day thought it was pretty cool.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 11.36.09 pm.png

Hello Steemians. I am anxious to win some day in this contest, thanks for this initiative, is very fun.

You cannot please all the people all the time and this includes your wife :(

this time i have a good feeling ;)

Do a random act of kindness today. :-)

My best experience in steemit, is to have won a card game in a contest xD

Just joined steemit, hope to learn more from the platform. Love you all

So it is a top(ic)less day ;-)

Today I have 50 days in Steemit. I try to publish at least once a week. And I have tried to participate every day in bunnypuncher, but luck does not accompany me, as I continue to try daily.

I jist have a question, whu do you punch bunnies?

i love pizza

Hi! I'm writing this while I go through a mental breakdown! So funny


Hi! I'm writing this
While I go through a mental
Breakdown! So funny

                 - princesstessa

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I'm always speechless when someone asks me to talk about myself. Smh

Thank you for making and sustaining this contest @bunnypuncher. Job well-done.

I really feel sad because of an accident that happened in my country (Nigeria). A petrol tanker exploded while in a traffic jam and many people were burnt to ashes. really a sorry site

I love making fine ladies wears. Looking good is good business.

A Month-end Luck.... Good Luck everyone! 😁

One with God is majority.

I Love vines and memes

  ·  4년 전

May the odds be ever in my favor this time... :3

What you do is amazing! Thank you @bunnypuncher. I love pretty, cute flowers, cute things and happy things :)

New day blessed and motivating, happy to see again the beautiful light of the sun and the blue igmencity of the sky.

My favourite colour is blue

This is my first post and contest. Am still working on my introduction post. Thanks for making this post.

Mick bumps into Paddy in the street, walking with a greyhound.

“That’s a fine looking dog, Paddy.” Said Mick. “Are you going to race him?”

“No feckin’ way.” said Paddy. “He’s far too quick.”

Makin’ random comments.

the best thing that happend in steemit is @bunnypuncher, ...

Hi, here I leave my entry a refreshing and original song, I hope you like it.

as the years have passed
how things changed
We're not so skinny anymore.
We are more rounded.
There's no more size thirty-six.
As the years have passed
that bodies so different
more forehead wrinkles
more gaps in the mind
and we got stuck talking.
and in spite of all that
The good mood hasn't gone away.
today we can have a laugh
the physical is the least of it.
Attitude is what counts
Nothing's gonna break us.
As the years have passed
the twists and turns of life
the tummy grew bigger and bigger
the tits were drooping
the good thing is that the surgeon
always lends us a hand
if we can pay him
and in spite of all that
All the humor hasn't gone away.
and we can have a laugh
the physical is the least of it.
Attitude is what counts
Nothing's gonna break us.
As the years have passed
the twists and turns of life
the belly-bellied husbands
more gray-haired and bald
and the bossy sons
They already look like the patterns
everything is happiness

There is a strange thing on my event he upvote me then donevote again

Big changes have occurred the price has dropped dramatically threatened break up steemit, agree not?

Steemit broke oooiii
The price of sbd has decreased

Severe times kejadin befall us upvote eh even he donevote again ,, crazy

Notice to mr. @bunnypuncher because the price of sbd decreased us steam users hard to sleep

Lol sunggu crazy happened to me many users steem disappointed in people who already vote but instead in donevote back

Many events I've been through in steem painstaking I maintain despite the fact I'm just a waste

I've been through many things with mr. @bunnypuncher from winning the contest even just being a participant sometimes because it is not a winner

I am new on steemit
I was lucky because i won on my first day with you
i love PINK color
have a great day @bunnypuncher

Q: How many rabbits does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Only one if it hops right to it.

for once in my life I'd like to win something @bunnypuncher

Today rain alot in my city , water water everywhere

hi..bunnypuncher..the contest thing is just a great idea and the rules really are very simple.
Well i am just a learner and like to read everything thats intresting in this world i also love blogging about different and knowledgeble topics everyday...
my major area of intrests are History,geography,blockchain tech infact any kind of technology attracts me which is why i also love science very much the only thing i dont like to do ever is Maths... hehehe its just the worst subject for me....
apart from this i also love playing basketball n cricket...love to workout daily..

Mi color favorito es el Verde

As popular wisdom says, improvisation is not improvised. Normally we prepare ourselves for unforeseen situations and this is one of them, for today I will stop improvising.


Selected randomly and all the eight rewards win by @aaaif.

Trying for last 70 days when my steemit reputation was 25 and my user name did not picked up once yet! what a luck! or what a bad luck! This is the greatest joke of mine :D

Not Joke

Delegate some SP to me @bunnypuncher
delegate sp.png

Hi, @bunnypuncher. I love reading and woolcraft. I prefer knitting baby clothings.

Ah, ah, ah....

hii @bunnypuncher you are doing a very awesome work by helping your community with the giveaways. I am here new on this platform and i also want to be a successful steemian so that i can also do such kind of giveaways for my followers. And i have to achieve my target till the end of this year. Thats all. Once again thanks alot for the support.

A thing I've done on Steemit? Lots and lots of fiction! :D Congrats to the last contest's winners!

Millions of people can believe in you and yet none of it matters if you don't believe in yourself.

congratulations to the winners

About myself
I was born on 15 feb 1992. I was good at sudies from begining. I did my MBBS from state medical college but i could not continue my postgraduate studies because i am suffeing from an uncurable disease of eyes due to which i lost 70% of my eyesight and it deteriorating day by day. I am now confined to a aingle room despite working hard for 25 years.
I worked hard but i dont know for what purpose?

Here's a topic, why does everyone seem to be ok with this person punching bunnies?? UNACCEPTABLE!

My favorite color is blue

Count me in

Woot! I won :D Thanks BP!!!

Comment: I managed to score an NES Classic system today!!!

Free day in comment, but I still on work

  ·  4년 전

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank you for what you've done for people like me :)

Today is the first day of your life, live as if its your last day!

Instead of doing my homework, I am leaving a comment here.

Since there's no topic today I'm calling out a challenge of observation. I'm a bit of an empath, meaning I feel others emotions on an instinctual level. This blessing/curse becomes much more heightened around the full moon. I have a theory as to why but I will save it for later.

My challenge is to just pay attention. The days before and after the full moon have people's emotions running high and the challenge is to see if you can spot the heightened emotions, highs and lows. If you gravitate towards the higher frequencies, it can raise your vibration as well. If you notice the lower vibration, maybe see if you can help raise theirs. Just an idea to put out there. Anyone else experience this as much as I do?

I hope to win :)

Thanks for the gift @bunnypuncher. Excited I placed this time. Enjoy your posts

I am waiting every single giveaway for your reward

To change the routine a bit I bring you a joke that will make you smile:


Thanks for @bunnypuncher, greetings

Since today is all about giving a comment,let me make it educative by introducing some facts you didn't know to make other learn here.
The bushes and clouds in Super Mario Bros are the same, just colored differently.enhanced-buzz-16549-1380233175-0.webp
. There are more fake flamingos in the world than real flamingosenhanced-buzz-8426-1380229690-56.webp.
If you shuffle a deck of cards, chances are that the new order of playing cards has never existed beforeenhanced-buzz-22403-1380230375-7.webp.
You replace every particle in your body every seven years. You are literally not the same person you were 7 years ago.enhanced-buzz-24897-1380230696-18.webp.thanks to bunnypuncher for always hosting a contest

You got a 54.33% upvote from @upmewhale courtesy of @bunnypuncher!

Earn 100% earning payout by delegating SP to @upmewhale. Visit http://www.upmewhale.com for details!

Ojala sea uno de los ganadores, mi color favorito es el rojo

Dream theater is back in the studio cant wait for the new album early next year

All slim girls are wife material and others are building material.
Thank God is Friday TGIF please argue with you church people lol

Well about @luckyspark my name is Lucky Spark from Nigeria a relationship expert and life couch and a motivational speaker. I write for happiness that doesn't mean I am not in for endorsement but writing have been my life style since my childhood, I started by writing a small letters and show is to my parents to my greatest surprise they will rate me higher. Wow that's how I started by being motivated by my parents.

My favorite color is sky blue and Red.

And lastly I love visiting @bunnypuncher though I have not win any of his contests before but I believe one day my luck will shine like I am called Lucky Spark smile


Lucky .jpg

Ever since I started living with my roommate(he's a good friend of mines) he picked up on the fact that I tend to walk into the edges of counter tops. Sometimes ill walk into the edges of tables as well. It's so weird lol. I usually stub my toe when I do it, which is quite painful.

i just posted an article on an actor who was jailed for 5 years for having guns and being related to terrorism in 1992, but now in 2018 bollywood is showing him as a hero by making a biopic on him, lol!

The blue is my favorite color! The best thing that has happened to me now in steemit, has been winning a contest of yours. I am new, enter here for contests and sports betting, for now I was better with just one contest of yours, than with bets. People are taking advantage of paying in SBD, which generates the post, and now not a post of $ 5, generates 1 SBD.

amber is the color of her energy

Our hearts whisper secrets we should pay attention to. Would you like to know what your intuition has to tell you? 🔮🌙

If you'd like a reading, you can always order one from my Etsy store; just click my bio's link to get there.


Hi, I'm here

I hate heart pain, my heart size increasing . Dont wanna dead now

if only I won this contest once I would be very happy xD

Legend has it that one day communism will stop affecting our lives.

Win win win :)

Congrats to the winners

Good luck Ladies and Gents

I just came home from a quick tour to the grocery store.

Coming back, I meet the neighbors dog. Lovely little fella, the two of us are always excited to see each other. Not today because the little guy was hellbeant on trying to climb up on me, with his paws finding their ways to the wound I received after yesterdays surgery.

Needless to say that I had a great time trying to hold back the pain.

Need money , best place bunnypuncher contest.

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Warna hijau yang segar dan bunga warna-warni membuat musim semi menjadi pemandangan yang menyejukkan setelah musim panas yang panjang. Palet warna ini dilengkapi oleh berbagai jenis warna hijau terang dan coral yang akan membuat desain anda lebih menonjol. Jenis warna seperti ini cocok untuk poster acara di musim semi – panas atau iklan yang memiliki kesan segar dan bermuda.

Fresh green color and colorful flowers make the spring a soothing sight after a long summer. This color palette is complemented by different types of bright green and coral colors that will make your design stand out. This type of color is perfect for show posters in the spring - summer or ads that have a fresh and lively impression.

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Merah dan biru adalah warna standar yang sering digunakan di dalam bisnis untuk branding, dan dengan tujuan yang bagus. Merah berarti “percaya diri dan kuat,” sementara biru berarti “menentramkan dan dapat dipercaya.” Palet ini memberikan kesan seperti itu, dengan sedikit sentuhan desaturasi yang tidak terlalu mendominasi. Dari warna biru yang konsevatif, sampai warna merah bata yang kuat namun memberikan kesan yang masih profesional. Palet warna ini cocok untuk konteks perusahaan atau proyek desain yang “lebih” serius.

A great day to you @bunnypuncher! I love Motherhood! I love my Adorable Baby! image


@ellechim0816 ohg greato see this cute baby.. loved this pic of cute baby.. please keep posting more pics of this cute baby..


She is Beautiful :)

Pemandangan gurun dipenuhi oleh kontras yang dramatis, begitu pun dengan skema warnanya. Untuk kombinasi warna tidak terduga dengan lebih banyak tone yang turun dibandingkan terang dan menyolok, cobalah padukan palet warna ini dengan nuansa plum dan oranye-kemerahan.

The landscape of the desert is filled with dramatic contrasts, as well as the color scheme. For unexpected color combinations with more tones down than bright and flashy, try mixing this color palette with plum and orange-reddish nuances.

Keindahan alam Islandia sudah melegendaris, dan palet warna ini berusaha untuk menangkap kontrasnya yang dramatis. Kehangatan, kelabu abu di dua warna bagian atas yang kontras dengan warna hijau. Jarak dari nuansa terang ke gelap yang membuatnya mudah dikombinasikan dengan satu dua warna atau lebih dan tetap melengkapi satu sama lain.

Iceland's natural beauty is already melegendaris, and this color palette is trying to capture its dramatic contrast. The warm, gray ash in the two upper colors contrasts with the green color. The distance from light to dark shades that make it easy to combine with one or two more colors and still complement each other.

Skema warna monokromatik (yang dibuat dari berbagai warna, tone, atau nuansa dari satu warna) sangatlah serba guna. Sementara itu, palet ini mungkin tidak memenuhi syarat monokromatik berdasarkan definisi teknis, untuk tujuan visual, itu memberikan efek yang kurang lebih sama. Sebagai sebuah warna yang multiguna seperti biru, kombinasi warna ini bisa digunakan dimana saja.

Monochromatic color schemes (made from different colors, tones, or shades of one color) are very versatile. Meanwhile, this palette may not be eligible monochromatic by technical definition, for visual purposes, it gives more or less the same effect. As a multipurpose color like blue, this color combination can be used anywhere.

Jika Anda memilki merek atau sedang membutuhkan desain yang menekankan kealamian atau kualitas “hijau,” ini adalah palet warna yang dilengkapi fitur kehijauan dan kecokelatan sebagai pilihan yang logis. Jauh lebih baik dari pilihan nuansa kusam khas Anda, palet ini mencerahkan dengan sentuhan warna hijau limau.

If you have a brand or are in need of a design that emphasizes the naturalness or quality of "green," this is a color palette with greenish and brownish features as a logical choice. Much better than your typical dull nuance choice, this palette is enlightening with a touch of lime green.

Warna-warna Primer dengan Sebuah Perputaran yang Bersemangat

Primary Colors with an Eager Turnover

Yeeepe! I've got blue as my favorite colour

Nuansa biru di bagian atas dan bawah dari palet ini memiliki warna keabu-abuan, yang membuatnya hampir netral – sebuah pondasi warna yang bagus untuk bermain dengan warna yang berani seperti hijau limau.

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The blue shades on the top and bottom of this palette have a grayish color, which makes it almost neutral - a great color foundation to play with bold colors like lime green.

I have one month in steemit and just 1 SBD, it sounds funny

Nuansa biru dan hijau yang hampir neon menyeimbangi dua warna konservatif dan menambahkan nuansa menyegarkan yang keren. Skema semacam ini mungkin cocok untuk merek kebugaran atau desain yang membutuhkan keseimbangan antara kesan bisnis dan getaran enerjik.

The almost neon blue and green shades match the two conservative colors and add a cool refreshing feel. Such schemes may be suitable for fitness brands or designs that require a balance between business impression and energetic vibrations.

Pemandangan dengan warna hangat dan keren yang keduanya sama-sama bernuansa terang dan lembut. Beachy, warna mellow yang terinspirasi itu ditarik dari kontras untuk sebuah kombinasi yang membawa pikiran santai ketika liburan di pantai – satu contoh dari bagaimana kita menghubungkan warna dengan tempat, mood, dan perasaan.

Scenery with warm and cool colors that are both bright and soft nuances. Beachy, the inspired mellow color is drawn from the contrast to a combination that brings relaxed minds while on the beach - an example of how we connect colors to places, moods, and feelings.

Why your id name is bunny puncher?

I'm Happy

Since there is no topic I will tell you that I am excited because this week I return to the gym after a year and a half, it shows the time without training, I have lost a lot of strength but I hope to recover it this month. I will give 100% as I always did when I was training.

Spain and Brazil for the world cup final ;D

I am commenting after two weeks so that others get at least chance from one unlucky user.

MY Birthmonth is next.... Hoping that I could be included in today's group of winners.... Good Luck to all of us!

To my mind what is coming is that I want to win the contest

My name in steemit is @osita21 in English would be @Teddy21.

I love participating in the contests bunnypuncher, it is very fun to read all the comments

If your son steals, it's because you did not teach him to give

Here is my most recent flower:

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My favorite color is blue! :)

Remember when parents hide their fatigue in front of their children after working hard all day out there

Indonesia difficulties in managing a country that has all the conditions of being a developed country

Very good daily contest,,you is great man..

Very good daily contest,,you is great man..

Hello, good afternoon, greetings from Venezuela, I have six months on this platform and every day is an apprenticeship, I consider myself an honest and responsible person, I hope to be lucky to be the winner of this contest, regards.

They are willing to spend all their time and energy just to make us feel comfortable.

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Hello @bunnypuncher,,good morning Indonesia..

The spread of the location of the population living in the 6,000-islands of Indonesia has become its own homework to improve the education of its human resources (HR).

If the number of people who work more and the number of employment is not sufficient, then there will be unemployment

not all children can or want to realize the dream of parents.

Life is raised in a simple family with the ever-present togetherness is already the source of our own happiness

I want to success in your contest

Happy Can Be Obtained in Simple Ways

parents never ask for any kind of compensation from us

Congrat to the all winners

Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources and located in a strategic area in the world map. Starting from agriculture, fisheries, forestry, mining, and other crops. However, this great potential has not been able to bring Indonesia into a developed country.

I miss you bunny

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Regional Economic Challenges and Government Budget

always pray for the best for our mom and dad. They too, in their silence, must pray the best for their children.

always pray for the best for our mom and dad. They too, in their silence, must pray the best for their children.

The good we do can not be accompanied by a sense of selflessness. Every thing we have will not always be ours.

Congratulations to the all

Good job

We must be able to stand on our own feet. Doing the best of what we can. And be role models for others, not depend on them.

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My favorite colors is grey and pink, my favorite food is pizza! Good luck all

I love you

Lack of human resources (HR) and crisis of statesmen to be one cause of Indonesia is still less than other countries

Much of the Life Lessons I Get from the Parents Way Raises Me

Hello @bunnypuncher, an experience that I have lived thanks to this wonderful steemit platform was to attend the first meetup held in the city of the tiger, state anzoategui venezuela, organized by the great team of @votozla. It really was an excellent day where I could share with very nice people and where I made good friends. Thanks to this event I got to know a little more about Steemit and I am encouraged to make publications about things I like to write about my hobby, which is sewing.

My favorite band is Pantera 🎸

My favorite color is blue, like the blue of the sea because it inspires peace and tranquility :)
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Got any gwapes?

Congratulations to the winners

wait, isn't not having a topic and talk about what you want the same as having a topic for the day. I gotta quit overthinking the simple things.

Hola, en verdad estaba desconectada desde hace un mes el internet malisimo y queriendo estar conectada para compartir ideas y sentimientos con todos ustedes. gracias por este buen concurso saludos

in these days I wrote that my husband was late and that I was bored, but today he arrived early and we talked and promised to change because he wants us to continue moving forward with our family and will spend more time with our daughter and me, his words were real , and because today I am very happy @bunnypuncher :D

red kuning hijau..

good full

terimakasih.. atas semuanya..

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yes or not.

good terimakasih semuanya tentang warna.. saya..

dependency factor is still strong enveloped the nation of Indonesia, as many potential assets in the country changed hands to foreign parties.

I do every day a crypto challenge, you're free to enjoy.

If something negative happens in a developed country, then the developing country will have a negative impact as well.

When we can love and be loved by our closest people, we can be happy.

Good daily contest

Indonesia as the largest archipelago country in the world has great potential to become the world's maritime axis.

Me: “I love you.”
Her: “Is that you or the wine talking?”
Me: “It’s me talking to the wine.”

Let us go for a joke today

A man goes to the doctor and says, "Doctor, wherever I touch, it hurts."
The doctor asks, "What do you mean?"
The man says, "When I touch my shoulder, it really hurts. If I touch my knee - OUCH! When I touch my forehead, it really, really hurts."
The doctor says, "I know what's wrong with you - you've broken your finger!"

Snails reproduce the same way almost everything else does - they mate and lay eggs. Some snails are hermaphrodites, though (have both male and female sexual organs in the same individual), which means that two snails can fertilize each-other.

As a maritime country, Indonesia faces several challenges

Good job

I immediately remembered something when you said the funniest moment on steemit but before that just want to share my best colour; it's black and red yeah and they are awesome colours some say I'm weird but all colours deserved to be loved because they are beautiful.

Now on to the funniest moment; it was actually when i joined steemit, i wrote a post and used the names of some people i know as tags. It was so funny but a good soul taught me the needful. Lovely contest by the way and fun too

Every night in my dream i saw i had win this contest.But in real i had never win this contest,however i tried so hard.But i'm really happy for participating a contest like this.

the spread of Indonesian seaport is also a problem.

Been trying to win the bunnypuncher contest for a while now, I get nothing but tough luck lol those are my free thoughts.

Hopefully I win it today

The growing population of the productive age and the increasing number of workers.

Want to feel the beauty of the world and gain inner peace

Your son is a coward because you always defend him

I come back, Bunny! and well... my favorite color is the red :D.

I want to participate in your daily contest

Set warna tajam pirus yang menonjolkan kuning cerah and merah muda permen karet untuk sebuah palet yang terlihat seperti permen di hari Paskah. Jika warna merah muda membuat paletnya terlalu “kewanitaan” untuk tujuan desain Anda, biarkan saja dan pilihlah dua nuansa warna aqua ditambahkan dengan warna kuning agar lebih cerah, kombinasi yang bersih.

A sharp turquoise set highlighting bright yellow and pink gum for a palette that looks like candy on Easter day. If the pink color makes the palette too "feminine" for your design purpose, leave it alone and choose two shades of aqua color added in yellow for a brighter, cleaner combination.

Population and population pyramids are also a challenge for Indonesia.

Nuansa biru dan hijau yang hampir neon menyeimbangi dua warna konservatif dan menambahkan nuansa menyegarkan yang keren. Skema semacam ini mungkin cocok untuk merek kebugaran atau desain yang membutuhkan keseimbangan antara kesan bisnis dan getaran enerjik.

The almost neon blue and green shades match the two conservative colors and add a cool refreshing feel. Such schemes may be suitable for fitness brands or designs that require a balance between business impression and energetic vibrations.

Pemandangan dengan warna hangat dan keren yang keduanya sama-sama bernuansa terang dan lembut. Beachy, warna mellow yang terinspirasi itu ditarik dari kontras untuk sebuah kombinasi yang membawa pikiran santai ketika liburan di pantai – satu contoh dari bagaimana kita menghubungkan warna dengan tempat, mood, dan perasaan.

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Scenery with warm and cool colors that are both bright and soft nuances. Beachy, the inspired mellow color is drawn from the contrast to a combination that brings relaxed minds while on the beach - an example of how we connect colors to places, moods, and feelings.

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Kontras warna kelabu hangat dengan biru dingin keren untuk sebuah skema warna dinamis yang lebih menarik secara visual jauh lebih baik dari kombinasi biru jemu dan abu-abu Anda. Jika Anda butuh palet warna yang lebih terkontrol, dibandingkan memilih warna biru tua dan abu-abu tua, cobalah warna ini yang lebih terang.

The warm gray color contrast with cool cool blue for a dynamic color scheme that is more visually appealing is much better than your tired and gray blue combination. If you need a more controlled color palette, instead of choosing dark blue and dark gray, try these lighter colors.

Nuansa teredam dari skema warna ini memiliki kesan antik, dengan warna aqua terang dan emas yang merupakan warna yang popular di tahun 1950an dan 60an. Tapi bukan berarti kombinasi ini terlihat ketinggalan jaman. Warna-warna ini (dan estetika modern abad pertengahan secara umum) telah mengalami kebangkitan dan masih terlihat keren.

The muffled shades of this color scheme have an antique impression, with bright aqua and gold colors that are popular in the 1950s and 60s. But that does not mean this combination looks outdated. These colors (and modern aesthetics of medieval in general) have experienced a resurgence and still look cool.

. Meski pun begitu, ini lebih halus (dan memiliki lebih banyak variasi warna) dibandingkan, sebut saja, warna kehijauan dan kecokelatan pada

Even so, it's finer (and has more color variations) than, say, greenish and tanned

Kombinasi ini mempunyai kesan sedang berada di luar ruangan, seperti permainan baseball di musim panas: Anda punya bola dengan tanah merah pada permata baseball, rumput hijau di lapangan, langit biru cerah diatas kepala.