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Daily giveaway 7/10/2018.

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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

First Place: 5 SBD

Second Place: 3 SBD

Third Place: 2 SBD

Fourth Place: 1 SBD

Fifth Place: 1 SBD

Sixth Place: 1 SBD

Seventh Place: 1 SBD

Eighth Place: 1 SBD

The daily give-a-way winner will be selected at random from people that comment on this post. And I'll announce the winner the following day on the next day's contest post. I'll pull the list of entries from the comments approximately 24 hours after the post depending on my schedule. So unless you see the following day's post go ahead and add a comment. I'll will include entries right up to the last minute before I post the result and next contest.


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The daily topic for today is:

What Would You Be Willing to Wait in a Really Long Line For?

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:

BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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Something of high net value that I want. I hate waiting in lines, so it has to be very profitable. The latest fads and rock bands, the main sources of long lines, are of no interest to me. I would rather watch sports in the comfort of my home than go to a loud stadium cum rock concert.


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Hi everyone plz support me.. i m new in steemit

A really long line? However much $25/hr for waiting worth of stuff or $ I guess?

any type of free medical/dental care

for example here in venezuela

It's really amazing for the
people who are not from here, understand that for "ALL" you have to make a line, go to a bank and wait in line, in a pharmacy you line up, to a supermarket and there is a queue, you go to pee in a service station on any road and there you also have to queue, however the saddest thing is that even to bury a loved one in the cemeteries and chapels, there is also a line.

The transit through a street of any city or town in our country in these times, makes us immediately think of the amount of health problems that may be suffering the Venezuelan, that Venezuelan on foot, which has no "truckloads" armored, no planes to go to market to Curacao or Aruba; inevitably we fall in that our mental, physical and emotional health is being affected, we see how pathologies of all kinds are re-emerging, even diseases that were already eradicated for decades; Everything is reflected in the workplace, social, family and you notice that they are affecting our daily life, day to day as some would say.

descarga (28).jpg

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Didn't Maduro say that everything is going well?


no friend nothing to see, this country is currently going backwards. The Services are worse every day and food is not available. There is very little Food. To be able to buy it you have to make queues of more than 6 hours of waiting, and when we get to buy the product is expensive


I was being sarcastic. My "</sarcasm>" tag was interpreted as HTML and masked. :-(

As for you and your countrymen, I do feel for you. The pictures remind me of the Soviet Union and we know how well that worked out. At least, the USSR had some semblance of medical care. Maduro is very dangerous precisely because he's incompetent. He seems to have taken Lenin's saying "the printing press is the weapon of the masses" too seriously. Venezuela is undergoing a hyperinflation. The blowback has come in the form of lost support, especially from the military. If enough soldiers face deprivation, they will mutiny. At best, the government will fall. At worst, it will trigger a civil war.


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Free SBD, ico? Cryptocurrency? Hmmm be like that

Just started following you and I think it was a good idea !!

here in Venezuela every day we make lines for whatever food transport documents lines up to 4 hours or more

Whao... Been thinking.. Cnt figure it out


Lemme help you out,

True Love. (real true love)
I think you wouldn't mind the line for that


Lol... Sure... I waited long for it. Hope u'r doing great today sugar


I'm great dear.

I not understand to your topic today

Can a separate queue or a public queue in front of a counter with the same specialization?

Propose a girl whom i love since i was child

I want to sezxz

Is this stupid bs what great ideas have come to what is wrong wit me

I'd wait in a really long line to get one of today's prices from Bunnypuncher.

To get free SBD. ;D


Hahahahahah nice one

I would be willing to wait depending on what I am going to buy or pay, even though my patience is not my virtue. I am not a very patient person when it comes to long queue.

The best way that the queue does not make you eternal is to distract yourself by talking to other people. This is my point of view.

I would wait in a really long line for tickets to see Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)
although they don't have real life lines for those anymore

the same thing most of the world is waiting in a really long line for... True Love, my soulmate, the one!

as it happens I've already been served my husband. I'm very lucky!

Just here for the money, heres a slong

To eat in my favorite Italian restaurant, I love pasta and pizza :^)

I wouldn't mind even a bit waiting on a very long line just to get a 100% from @blocktrades

Kinda hate waiting in line! But damn kinda deep question. Honestly do not know. Nothing really comes to my mind that I would wait really long in a line for except to see my family or friends (in a weird case that standing in a line would be required to do so)

Free pizza, netflix and some sbd. 😂


For waiting in the line there must should be a good reason...When Government of India Banned old notes then I have waited 2hrs just for exchanging my old currency with the new currency because that time I didn't have a single money in my pocket and I had to pay my Hostel fee.

Thank you:-)

To pass the time I would think about things that was on my plans. I have never cut in line but I have became inraged by people who pass with more people in the party.



ROFL!!!! I love it


I'm glad you enjoyed it!😀

France worldcup champion c3

Free beer 😀🍺

I would wait for my baby until the end of the world


Free chipotle

Free stuff, like food or electronics or money.

Thanks for the contest. I would be willing to wait to get a certificate for any knowledge i laboured to acquire.

Pick me again :)

Thanks :)

Sex, Drugs and Rock N' Roll?

There are very few things that I would be willing for to wait that long, but as usual, it is a question of quantity and quality. If they were to hand out something great or valuable like free money in decent amounts for free, I would take a stand.

In that line.

I dont know, I never thought about it

free give away. items money crypto..

I will wait for that dream to come true which i am seeing since i was a child

Free steem :)


Hahahahaha I love this

Makin' random comments 'n' Communism eventually abolishing the current state of affairs.

although waiting is something boring, when it's needed, I think there's always time to wait.

waiting is something boring

a very irritating thing waiting for a long time.


I can wait For do a good work.

A true friend

Honestly I’ve never been a huge fan of lines. You won’t find me at the bank standing and you definitely won’t find me brawling for a TV on Black Friday. The one line I do find myself waiting in, however, is the line that leads to Free food
And me When I hear free food, two things come to my mind.
1)Free food can be in the form of "kavuyo" or such food that is for anyone who is hungry. It is generally distributed at religious places like gurudwara's or at religious ceremonies. I recently attended the langar held at "The Golden Temple in uganda" while on a trip. While I ate the food, a sense of bliss washed over me. I could feel the love and belief of the people.
People like you and me who are making a difference in the world. Who make sure that no child, woman or man, sleeps on an empty stomach. They give their time and lend a hand in reducing the suffering in this world.So yeah on this kind of a long line, I’ll wait. And wait… And wait… And wait…

A dance show....i really love them.

New lens :)

What I will wait in line for is a couple things one is waiting for some food depending how good it is or waiting for a new video game system

For a concert of my favorite band

I am not willing to wait

What Would I Be Willing to Wait in a Really Long Line For?
hhhmmm... free giveaways,hehehe... paying bills...
Waiting to be one of the winner in your giveaway @bunnypuncher. Thank you!

Most time I wait in a long queue just to withdraw money from the ATM, the wait is necessary because I need to use money, so I guess maybe the long wait is worth it after all I get what I need at the end.

  ·  3년 전

Good tacos!!

A good Gyro

I am soo lucky, hope to win this time.

Hmm, I dunno, define really long, lol. I used to wait in an absurd line at the anime convention in order to watch the costume/cosplay contest every year. We'd get in line when others went to lunch, which put us near the front. We'd order pizza and eat it in line (one of us would go get it or go sit in the room to get the delivery and then return to the group). One year we ate our fill and had a couple slices left, so we asked if anyone in line wanted it. We legitimately gave it to guys in Ninja Turtle costumes. 😂 The show, btw, started at like 7 or 8 pm. LOOooong line.

Wish to be smart and active. Thaks bunnypuncher

Thanks for the contest, keep them up!

I am waiting to be graduate.

Any person having 2 mobiles and want to donate one.

I don'tlike wait on long line.
But I will ready to wait for any good work and abide descipline.

I live in a communist country and people have to wait in line for everything several times a day, unwillingly.

I I could, I would willingly wait in a long line for to buy a new iPhone X.


I don't like to wait on long line.
But I will ready to wait for any good work and abide descipline.

Good food

to see a live band i've yet to see, that has always been a favourite.

If it is to win the first place in your contest, I have no problems


If it is to win
The first place in your contest,
I have no problems

                 - deyvich

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Ok i guess i would wait all day and night for a ticket to a blockchain summit in san fransco which is going to be there on 18th october this year . It would be worth the wait to see over 800 industry leaders, business decision makers, tech innovators and investors.
. I would wait even longer to get a front row ticket to see them talking. It would be worth the wait to see the best top guys in crypto. I would wait in line for all of this, over waiting on anything in the world.

Free Food :)

I really wait in a long line to become my dream come true .And I steel hopping and waiting the perfect time . The time that one day I will shine like a rising star...

What laziness they give me: /

I do not like them, no!

Congratulations to the winners!
Greetings friend!

Something important (ex. medical) or special of high value (ex. Tickets to a sold out show), but my limit is still probably about 2 hours for the latter.

For a concert

I hate waiting, it´s a waste of time, and time means money, a lot of money.
I´am not willing to wait any second for anything/anyone; If it requires me needing to wait, I'm probably passing on and never look back.

Anything delicious and free

I think I would happily wait in a line to enter the emirates stadium (Arasenal F.C. stadium) to watch a Premier League match. I think it would be the most exciting row I would do, or rather I will do in life, it will be a dream come true, I have dreamed of that since I was a child. Although I think it would not be a line that makes you wait a lot but would be willing to wait an entire day in a row to enter that stadium.

Favorite movie

A chance to slap Trump in the facehole.

I do not know, because I've never done that in my life.

Hi, how are you?, well for me there are some things that I would stand in line for and there are some things i would never wait more than five minutes for. The only way that I would wait in line for a long time would be good deals, free stuff, or something that I really really really wanted. I’ve cut plenty of lines at amusement parks and stuff but I’ve never been caught. I cut because i get annoyed or impatient waiting because I don’t like to wait long periods of time. The longest I’ve ever waited in line would be 3 hours and I did not like it very much.

My dear friend, that question is very funny for Venezuelans, because it makes big queues for everything, to buy food, to collect in the bank, to buy medicines, even for public transport. The big queues is already a natural thing in this country and if we want to get what we need unfortunately we have to do them. We wish with the heart that things in our country change for the good of all.

  ·  3년 전

A gorgeous, hot, loving wife! :D

Problem, is the maturity test. There is no reason to blame others, fix yourself and be an adult person.

You are the person I am often proud of and tell my friends that you succeeded in making me feel afraid to lose, to be afraid to change, and start to fear everything.

  ·  3년 전

If someone brings attention to you do not get bored with him, let alone mendaikiannya. For a moment that little attention will be missed when you feel lonely.
If someone brings attention to you do not get bored with him, let alone mendaikiannya. For a moment that little attention will be missed when you feel lonely.

Likes with someone is easy, easy approach is easy to survive is difficult. If it is the best, aka better tone above this best, there is always a cloud on the clouds, want to whenever.

  ·  3년 전

Do not solve the problem by complaining, complaining and angry. just finish with patience, gratitude and do not forget to smile.

Sometimes patience is indeed boring, but behind patience tu stored seeds of wisdom.

Learn to be calm and patient. The way out of a problem and kemenagana always be achieved by those who are calm and patient.

After being injured, the tree never waited for apologies from the machete to continue growing.

Every calamity contains a precious gift, but only people have patience who deserve it.

How I pasrahkan my heart, how I love you. Tapia pa you give me, you exchange everything with injury and pain.

  ·  3년 전

Behind the word sorry is my promise to be better and not to repeat the same mistake

I can wait in the long line for the "pearl of wisdom"

Learning tuk grateful though not enough, Ikhlas though not willing, obedient despite the weight, understand though not one. Patience though burdened, faithful though tempted, giving though not how much, loves despite being hurt and calm despite the anxiety

Whatever happened to enjoy this life. Remove tears, give your smile. Sometimes, the sweetest smile comes after teardrops.

Whatever happens. keep trying to be enthusiastic and trustworthy, know behind the hidden trials of happiness.

  ·  3년 전

Great man is a man who can control himself when dukuasai anger, calm when humiliated, smile when underestimated. Be patient while meeting the trials and be grateful for all the shortcomings and advantages possessed.

  ·  3년 전

Patience is indeed heavy, because the prize is heaven, Cova kalo easy gifts most fan

When we rejoice in something that disappoints our hearts. Then believe God will replace the disappointment with something that can not be reached.

A patient person is not a person who has no anger, but a mature and strong person to control his anger.

Welcome all the restlessness with Istighfar open a complaint, take all the disappointment with Prayer and replace our despair with hope.

  ·  3년 전

In life, even when you have been given the best, aka the tone of people who do not respect you. that's their problem is not your problem.

What is present to hurt you, some are present to be your medicine. So learn, be patient waiting.

Do not make me hope, give me honest certainty I'm tired of waiting for you that is not sure

I choose longer line in my local store over fast self check out every time. Even if I know I will have to wait long. I don't care, this is my small revolt against robots taking over our jobs.

Please everyone, do the same, or soon, more people will be without the jobs.

Leave thoughts that make you weak, and hold on to thoughts that give you strength.

  ·  3년 전

Leave thoughts that make you weak, and hold on to thoughts that give you strength.

That patience may be painful, but patience will be perfection in the future.

As an overprivileged middle class American, I only wait in long lines to get on a water slide or a roller coaster ;)
To be clear, how many bunnies to we have to punch to win the contest?

It does not matter what you do but you have to be responsible for what you create.

Leave thoughts that make you weak, and hold on to thoughts that give you strength.

  ·  3년 전

Do not worry about what we have not, but what we have not been grateful for.

Wow GREAT question. I have waited in insane lines for movies, concerts, to meet people. I would and will do it all again.

Complaining will not fix things, just make it a day. Live sincerely and patiently.


Complaining will not fix things, just make it a day. Live sincerely and patiently.

Life is hard and not easy, but I am much harder and harder to beat.

At the border, while scaping from my own country.

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  ·  3년 전

When we are not appreciated that is where we learn about patience.

  ·  3년 전

A great soul has two hearts, one crying heart and one being patient.

  ·  3년 전

Life is not just looking for the best, but more to accept reality.

That is something truly relative to the value you give to things. In my case, since I live in Venezuela, I have made long lines to buy a single kilo of pasta or rice, but in a normal life, I would not be willing to do anything, there is no more valuable thing than time.

  ·  3년 전

I know I'm not worth forgiving and maybe I will not be forgiven, but I'll still apologize.

  ·  3년 전

Defend if your strength is still worth fighting for, but let go if your strength is not cared for.

  ·  3년 전

A broken love is not a broken happiness, you just need to be patient for a while because the other happiness is waiting for you.

Focus on the best results, not on the fastest or easiest results, that's where our patience is judged.

If you really are the best for me, maybe we do not hurt each other and will not be elastic to leave.

  ·  3년 전

Sometimes in the smile masin there is pain and bitterness that never seen and dirasai by others. But a person is able to nurture his strength with his words of enthusiasm. Although sometimes a smile in a cry.

There will come a time when someone will regret having once indulged in his private parts. Either at that time old or when the death was about to pick her up. But it is felt when they feel the pain of hell.

  ·  3년 전

Although held firmly, if he is not ours, he is detached. Although ditolaj to the edge, if he was for us, he came, that's his name.

  ·  3년 전

Prioritize the good religion, because women need guidance to the surge with tenderness and affection.

win the bunnypuncher contest

Why is it so important we choose friends with whom ?? because some people are not aware that we are slowly changing resembling who we accompany. Then look for friends who believe will lead to goodness.

  ·  3년 전

Do not give up when life gives us a hundred excuses for grief and woe, do not give up or complain.

The rain can make my steps stop, unfortunately rain can not stop longing for him that I can not touch. And more unlucky again, when he could not stop him he even made it grow.

Do not deliberately go to be searched, janga deliberately ran for the ikejar, fighting not sebercanda it. The heart and the physical need rest.

Avoiding is not hateful, not unloving, because approaching it often makes the heart hurt.

The first parent lined up at 4 a.m. on a Sunday, when the only other people around were out just long enough to stumble from warm taxis through sobering 19-degree air into their homes.

  ·  3년 전

The most important thing is not how beautiful it is initially, but how do we keep that beautiful beginning to the end.

Sometimes you have to fail, so you know how to get up and stand up straight again.

Twenty minutes later, other parents showed up and a line began to form down Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn. One father kept a list so that anyone searching for a thawing hot coffee could do so without losing a place in the line. He abandoned that project as more and more people trickled in and the end of the line was no longer visible from the front.

  ·  3년 전

Because if you want something beautiful, you have to need a long process and a struggle.

Some parents stood, shimmying and hopping to keep warm. A few line veterans brought chairs and buried themselves under blankets. It was too dark to read, so they chatted about things like schools or children, and they poked fun at one another for being there.

Things are not always good, but at least jagan makes it worse by complaining too much.

Every few minutes, someone would check his watch and express the hope that Carmelo the Science Fellow would open his doors early for his annual summer camp registration.

Your duties are just obedient, the rest let God determine the scenario of your life.

And how is my roses that I once dumped then you picked him who is now hurting you.

If waiting in line in the predawn of a January morning for science camp registration sounds crazy, you do not have a New York City child born after 2018.

  ·  3년 전

Hurt it's a mass, struggling for that success now, and the future is happy with those who love me.

For those children and their parents, especially in the neighborhoods of brownstone Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan and the Upper West Side, not getting into activities, classes, sports teams — and even local schools — has become a way of life. If every generation must have its own designation, call theirs Generation Waiting List.

Tired it is a sign that you are fighting for something, maybe the future or someone.

  ·  3년 전

I would wait in line for a concert that will be playing around my neighborhood because it is my first time being in a concert with my uncle and my brothers. I would be very excited that I would cut in line in front of people just to see the show.

What do you do if a name you never mentioned in prayer in your third night. Today proposed to you ??

If you already know the prohibition of courtship in Islam, but you still melakanukannya. It is not the love that is in your heart, but the lust that has control your heart.

Now is not the time for the troubles of love, but it's time for us to improve

If the line is long and I have to wait, the one thing that I would do to entertain myself is listening to music or plar rock, paper, scissors game. The line will be boring. This Is something that will be worth doing because it is my first concert with a family.

What do you do if a name you never mentioned in prayer in your third night. Today proposed to you ??

If I were to wait in line for something it would be for a new game. However, I wouldn’t wait in line at 4 a.m. That’s just crazy that parents would wait in line just to get something for there own child.

Respect the person who loves you, he sacrifices not to beg for love.

Problems are not to be faced with rough, but to be addressed with patience.


Problems are not to
Be faced with rough, but to be
Addressed with patience.

                 - martan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

. If I were to do that for my own child, if I had one, I would be mad if I couldn’t get my child in.

Sometimes silence is the best choice on the tongue and tired hearts say.

Waiting in line gets me bothered sometimes because you have to be patient and hear other people around you either having fun or complaing about the situation.

Sometimes there are times when I want to go back, when we are both struggling to have each other.

Another thing that makes it difficult is when you have little kids is that they are also impatient and just run around everywhere. If I had somthing important that would benefit me or someone else, I would wait as long as it took.

If we leave something because Alla, God willing, God will replace it with something better.

Be careful with hope, sweetness catapult, his thumb dropping.

A personal experince I had was at Disneyland. Over there you diffently know what waiting in line is…well one time I went my cousin and I wanted to get on a ride which was about a 2 hour wait so we decided to say we were looking for our mom and that she was ahead of us and cut the time to like 20 minutes.

Do not be too much when you love someone to believe that excessive will lead to too

  ·  3년 전

i would wait in line for black frida.i will probably camp outside if there was something i really liked.and yeah i would wait outside untill 4:Am

I would Not diff, wait outside in the cold, for a concert!! The Only Way I would Wait For A concert Is If It Was For Nicki Minaj, Rhianna, Chris Brown And People Like That!

There are some things that I would stand in line for and there are some things i would never wait more than five minutes for. The only way that I would wait in line for a long time would be good deals, free stuff, or something that I really really really wanted. I’ve cut plenty of lines at amusement parks and stuff but I’ve never been caught.

To get into a concert with a singer I love or for a plane ticket to a vacation.


I cut because i get annoyed or impatient waiting because I don’t like to wait long periods of time. The longest I’ve ever waited in line would be 3 hours and I did not like it very much.

  ·  3년 전

I will wait in line for a Fashion show for a while their. I will probably spend the night their at the Fashion Show for I can get a good seat, and also see the whole show live their.

We all wait in lines for stuff on a everyday basis. I would be willing to wake up and be at a store at 4 am for black friday shopping. Ive camped overnight for a discount on a flat screen tv for my friend at best buy. The longest time ive waited in a line was about five hours other than staying the night somewhere for something.

  ·  3년 전

I intertain myself by jokes and games and my lovely friends. You just have to find things to do you enjoy. I wouldnt say i am a paitent line waiter i can be but mostly it depends on the wait and others in line with me.

I have got mad at someone for cutting in front of me before and ive also seen other people get extreamly mad at someone else and it end up viloent .

i would wiat in line for free money or a 2013 dodge cummins. i would wait over night or at 4a.m. for a new truck or money. the longest line ive ever waited in was for like mabye 15 mins then i got mad and left.

if if do wait in line for something i usually text people or i will call someone or i will play with my knife. when i wiat in line the longer i wait the more madder i get.

ive cut in line plenty of times. and yes ive seen people get visibly mad for people cutting in line.

you have to wait in line for kfc chicken.

I wait in line at a restuarant or to go shopping for sales. The only thing I would wait in line at 4am for is go shopping for a huge sale. I have only waited in line for 3 hours at the most . I usually entertain myself by talking to others or getting on my phone. I am imaptient when waiting long time , specially with a lot of people around me. I never cut , but when I see people do there is usually a arguement between me and that person or someone else in line and that person. Everyone has to wait in line like everybody else.

i wait in line at resturants. I do not think that i would stay the night for almost anything but i would get in line for a new phone or a new car.twinter jam i waited like 5 hours. play games with friends i am mostly a patient waiter. yes i have cut in line. no i havent ever witnessed anything like that.

Waiting in line… I have waited in line at the store to buy supplys. I have never waited in line for any long period of time because it would wast the time i have any time I need, an why wait for what would come back out an probably less in cost.The longest i have waited in line was at BB&T on a friday afternoon.

I don't like queue or wait for a long line, like restaurant or cakes like that.
The willingness to be in a really long line should be bagging for great gifts to the people I love.
Another reason should be last time when I hurt my back, I line up for 6 hours to get medical attention. It's a special case only.

I would wait in line for a concert or at a store to buy something. The only thing I would, willingly, wait in line for at 4 a.m. is a really famous sermon. There really isn’t anything i would camp over night for. The longest line i have ever waited in was at Winter Jam, which is a christian concert, in 2009.

I waited right around 2 hours for it. While waiting in line, i would play games or just sit and talk to others. I am a very impatient person, so I tend to get fidgity and annoyed when I have to wait. I have cut in line in the cafeteria. I have not seen any politeness in a line fall apart due to someone cutting.

I usually wait in line for lunch and at the DMV. I would wait overnight at a concert that I really wanted to see. The longest line I ever waited in is at the DMV. I usually entertain myself by texting my friends or reading a book that I brought from home. I am a somewhat patient line-waiter.

I’ll wait in line for sports or movies maybe but i’m not very patient. The only thing i would wait a long period of time for would be some sporting event but that’s just because i’m a sports fan. That’s about the only time i would wait in a line that long. When it comes to lines i’m not really patient i can’t stand there for a long period of time because i get bored and frustrated. Yes i do cut in line sometimes depending on what it is but usually i just won’t get whatever i’m waiting on because it’s usually not worth it.

A tesla would be sweet, or some free beer. But good beer, not crap

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Right now what I wait in line for is food at good resturants, because the food is worth the wait. I’d be willing to wait in line for a concert of my favorite bands or for Wrestlemania. I’ve waited in line for about an hour and a half to get a table at the Dillard’s house but the food is great so it’s worth the wait.

Gaining something > $10

How I entertain myself while waiting in line is I tend to turn ADD and just say random things or go on facebook on my phone. I am mostly a paitent waiter in lines, but can get ill. I have cut in line before when someone was taking there time with something else so I passed them. I have seen people get upset when someone else cuts in line but it has never gotten real bad.

i wait in line for anything interesting that comes to the Bi-lo center, for example, i buy tickets in advance to the Monster Jam every January and have to wait in line forever to get in. I wouldn’t get in line for just anything it would havve to be something I’m interested in. Like my favorite singer or an event. The longest line I’ve ever had to wait in would be an hour or two. To entertain myself is to,

probably torture my brother or either read or listen to my iPod. Well, i get kind of impatient or irriated when i have to wait outside in the cold but either way I would say I’m a patient line-waiter.

I have cutted in line before, but mainly school cafeteria lines. Usually, the lines i have waited in at the Bi-lo center it’s more like a huge group of people outside of a huge building. But i have seen people get angry and impatient and just plain rude.

somethings that people wait in line for, at the hospital in the emergency section of the hospital you wait in line, or at the dmv you can wait in line. If i wanted something bad enough i would wait in line at 4 a.m. the longest ive ever waited in line was at olive garden it was for almost 2 hours. yes, i have cut in line before, hasnt everyone? when im waiting, i usually hate waiting.

i cannot be patient, period. im cranky & uptight whenever i have to wait in line. i usually stay on my phone on facebook or texting, but imm never really waiting in a line or anything by myself. so its never really boring.


To get justice...

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I would wait all day and night for a ticket to a LA Clippers basketball game. It would be worth the wait to see the best team in the NBA play. I would wait even longer to get a front row ticket to see them play the scrub LA Lakers. It would be worth the wait to see the best player in the game Blake Griffin, dunk all over the most overated player, and biggest scrub in the NBA Kobe Bryant. I would wait in line for all of this, over waiting on anything in the world.

I have waited in a long line for world cup match ticket, i was in the line for about 5 hours. But when i got the ticket, i understood that's worth it.
I won't hesitate again to stand on the line for watching world cup.

Thank you @bunnypuncher for the SBD giveaway, i am in the first place.

I often wait in line for lunch at school.
No, there is nothing ( atleast nothing within reason), that I would ever be willing to wait in line at 4 a.m or overnight for.

The longest I have ever waited in a line was about two hours. I typically entertain myself by reading while waiting in line. I am mostly pateint when I am waiting in line, however there are some circumstances in which I do become agitated while waiting in line.

i wouldnt wait in line for nothing over night.
u crazy i aint staying in line for long u tripping aint nobody got time for that.
none i dont wait in lines i cut.

for the Time i have not longer to work for Others,just have Time for my little Child. Go Cryptos

i would leave the line cuz aint nobody got time for that.
unpatient i will cut as soon as i can, if i see a open ima take it.
yes i cut a line one time at golden coral this kid was taking all day long and i got mad so i just went around him and he gone look at me like im crazy pshh.

I would wait in line for a 16 oz ribeye from Texas Road House but not over 2 hours. Camping out at 4:00AM is not my cup of tea but if i was in line for a new compound bow i would consider it. I would wait in line for about 6 hours tops, untill I would start to be agitated.

My Success

The longest line I have ever waited in would be to winter jame and that was about 3 hours. What i would do to pass the time as i was in line would be play games on my Phone.

Yes, I have cut in line for food at several establisments.
To entertain myself in line crack jokes about the people in front or behind me.
I once waited for like two hours to get into a lynyrd skynyrd concert.

I have to wait in line at the dmv when i go or at nice resturaunts.

I would never camp out over something it will be cheaper an easier to buy if you wait a little while an let the new thing get old.

In my country there are long lines for everything, sadly

PAX this October in Melbourne \o/

Because it is very useful for me and I have to wait

In my country you can expect everything. Everyone asks: What is Venezuela going to stop? My answer is: there is no brake for inflation, there is no brake on emigration, there is no brake on the crisis.

Good night @bunnypuncher wait for me in the winner of this daily contest I want to wait in front of alias winner no 1

Because I realized that I was waiting in the back line I was always left behind

I follow my personal line of life. I think it's the right one.

If I wait for the front line it is because I want to be a winner

Because I want to be number one on the front line leaving my rivals behind

Maybe because I want to be a patient person and I have to do for the good

I think it is very necessary for me and I really need it

Getting rid of the rear is just the same as not trying to be the person on the front line

I would be willing to spend 1 full day in a line for the passport here in Venezuela with sun, rain and everything

I waited in line before because I waited for a discount on my child's tuition fee. I guess I can wait for another round next timr

Patience is what I would be willing to wait

yesterday I had to make a line of 7 hours to buy a battery for my car

would be willing to wait for a really long line in the bank

in Venezuela we usually have to make lines one after the other to access food, gas, transportation, to go to work I have to wait up to an hour to go to the door with the guillotine of falling from the door on the highway, and I've even lined up for two days since Saturday night, spending all Sunday sleeping on the street to get food and not giving them away but buying them with my money, I think we Venezuelans go through that great difficulty daily to get the most basic things we have What to sacrifice, what am I willing to do is your question? I have already done everything in a row to obtain food, medicine and transportation and not for free but paid for my own money and at exorbitant prices


Podría esperar votar al salir de la dictadura de mi país, para elegir nuevos gobernantes

Bunnypuncher tum kisi kam k nhi rhy, mujhe inam he nhi dety.

Kondisi sungai atau krueng dengan airnya yang jernih mengalir deras mengitari bebatuan beragam ukuran, membuat warga yang mandi-mandi lebih asyik. Terlebih lagi anak-anak tanpa bosan-bosan terkadang merendam diri hingga berjam-jam.

I'm willing to spend even a complete day in a line just to see a concert of my favorite band Red Hot Chili Peppers, even more, if it's in LA Cali, that has been one of my dreams since a couple of years.


I stand in line for anything. We must have patience.

Queue is a waiting line from customers (units) that require the services of one or more servants (service facilities).

How long do customers have to wait at the checkout? what happens to the waiting time during peak activity? is the cashier enough?

Digital reading required a higher cognitive workload than reading on paper.

Lokasinya yang berada di pinggiran jalan nasional, selain kecil warga tak ragu-ragu terhadap berbagai kemungkinan buruk terjadi, di lokasi tersebut juga tersedia makanan dan minuman yang serba lengkap.

Very good contest

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How are you able to give all of this away?


The longest I have been willing to wait was some years back, going to San Antonio, TX at 2:00am to get in line so I would get into the Immigration office to be able to apply for a replacement "Green Card" before the office closed at 4:00pm. I actually got in at around 1:00pm, so it was 11 hours waiting in line.

Would it be considered "willing?" Dubious, but it was necessary.


Happy To wait on long line for any good things😊