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Daily giveaway 7/16/2018.


First Place: @ieraminet
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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

First Place: 5 SBD
Second Place: 3 SBD
Third Place: 2 SBD
Fourth Place: 1 SBD
Fifth Place: 1 SBD
Sixth Place: 1 SBD
Seventh Place: 1 SBD
Eighth Place: 1 SBD

The daily give-a-way winner will be selected at random from people that comment on this post. And I'll announce the winner the following day on the next day's contest post. I'll pull the list of entries from the comments approximately 24 hours after the post depending on my schedule. So unless you see the following day's post go ahead and add a comment. I'll will include entries right up to the last minute before I post the result and next contest.

To keep this simple and workable there will only be one rule.

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Suggested Daily Topic

The daily topic for today is:

Should People Be Allowed to Obscure Their Identities Online?

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:
BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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I believe that the honest person does not need that, I understand how to obscure their identity falsify and adulterate their data

Yes. I know some who do to avoid disclosing disabilities.


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Yes. I know some who
Do to avoid disclosing

                 - rufusfirefly

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Yes, for social networks. No, for news sites and official platforms.

it should be an option if you want to

I believe that people should be able to obscure their identities online for security purposes.

I believe that people should be able to obscure their identities
online for security purposes. If people
don’t obscure their online identity, prospective employers or anyone else can
see anything they say online. No one
wants to get turned down by their dream job because of something they posted
online while drunk.

This reminds me of the old Greek legend where the man has a ring that turns him invisible. before long he decides to get into all kinds of trouble. I don't think Human Nature has changed for the better since then, so I would expect similar results.

@bunnypuncher This question is very interesting, first the privacy is very important in the networks, but it can also be used in a negative way. By taking a hidden identity and the person feeling that they will not be affected by the facts they commit, being these good or bad. From this point of view being the person affected by an aggressor is very important to keep this identity hidden because it creates a protection that in turn also benefits the aggressor. Thank you for taking my opinion into account.

Privacy is better, but identity is sometimes very necessary, to avoid problems, plagiarism, abuse, robberies and others.

Nice contest!
Privacy is paramount

If you write it down, every time you look in the mirror, you can review your note and take it a step further, instead of answering the same questions over and over again.

You might shake your head and ask for reasons like "no time," "no money," "family responsibilities," and so on. Instead of using those things as an excuse, start making plans to overcome obstacles in your life.

I think so. in some cases it is necessary to hide the personal data of each user

The problem of personal identity is a traditional problem in Western philosophy. Philosophers such as Plato, Descartes, Locke and Hume, there have been several proposals to understand the personality of personal identity. We will not stop at the exposition or the analysis of these positions, since this would take us away from the objectives of this work. The references only refer to some of the two main lines that have been left as possible answers to the problem of personal identity.

No, why no? Because some people use this obscurity as a means of doing uncivilised things that can cause frustrate other people lives online. According to what the Holy Bible says " that light reveals things while darkness hide or obscure things". So people should not be allowed to obscure their identity. Gracias!

personally I think so, since not all pages are reliable


Personally I
Think so, since not all pages
Are reliable

                 - marigl

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

YEAH sometimes people needs privacy and find something to expres themself without jugment.

everything is in the decision of each person


Online world is an escape to our real world. Where everyone can choose who they want to be, as long as they cause no harm to others.
So it's up to them if they want to hide their identity.

I think, yes. Especially allowing for whistleblowers seems to be a benefit to our society.

Sometimes if it is preferable that the person is incognito because not all pages are reliable

Yes & No

  • Yes, but only on rare occasions

They should not be forced to have to reveal their identities to access certain services, but you are probably asking this questions thanks to the european right to be forgotten and i believe thats not right, you shouldn't be able to have a clean slate, because that would allow people with bad rep to start again and steal or damage other people, thats why we use and love blockchain right? because of the transparency!

Count me in

Yes lots of crazy troll harassment now, its not even just online, they will call your workplace. Facebook was an exception, outside of that my real identity is not going online

People should be allowed to do whatever they feel like doing. Unless you know it is harmful to others.

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.

~ Oscar Wilde

I think it's good to keep online identity confidential. But we can see that those who have made online identity public are problematic but they have increased a bit more.

Yes that is an option

Congratulations to the winners

Yes because that's still for security reasons

I think that is an option

We do not know what they do with our data so I think obscuring our personal data online is just fine

Winner never quit and quitters never win. Hope to win these

Sure! I think it will great

Nah internet should keep it all private but at some point it is necesary.

I think it is up to the platforms to decide.

not all their identities can know that way.

I think People's should be obscure their Identities online. Its a great world for us so we continue online life friendly. Thank you @bunnypuncher for your contest.

Yes but at least optionally. It should be a personal preference that the user should make.
This will also lead to many illegal activities, but companies are tracking every single activity of a user, which is bad.

If we all know who is in the Internet will become like in move "Circle". There should be some privacy.

Yes and No. Depends of your intentions in the net

to a certain extent if, as long as it does not lend itself to harassment and that kind of situations!

I firmly believe in the right to obscure your identity online. The internet is not a safe place.

Sure. I can still wear makeup in public.


I bet you look great in makeup :)

yes they should

I think it should be allowed. There are too many bad actors out there trying to rob everybody, hiding your identity and info is a good security measure.

Yes and No, depending on which angle of security are we talking about.

Yes, they should be allowed to if so they choose.

My name is xiow loch from malang city, indonesia
1st child of 2 siblings
Hobbies make love every night of the week
Very lol is not it
No matter I unpack my important identity I heppy

Okay I will dismantle my identity but not on this day yes mr. @bunnypuncher ;-)

Very well. This should be allowed as some may want their identity rather ambiguous.

It depends on the reasons they want to obscure their identity, but most of the times it is harmless, so I think it is fine to allow people to do that. What should be done is a "control" of the motives...

it is need to be in people favour whether they want to reveal their identity or not. no one should force people to reveal their identity.

Yes to protect their identities from hackers and identity thieves.

I do not think it matters, as long as their identity is not abused by the bad guys.

Depends on what website you are in. So it's a yes and no for me.

Yes of course, I think it's part of decentralization where everyone should be allowed to do things in their own way and choose decentralization over centralization.

In my opinion, it's something we all should do in most cases, surfing may be very dangerous.

Yes.. due to numerous reasons from personal information to not having theur information preyed upon. Sad thing is anonymity is becoming less and less, even if users aren't doing harm on the web, others have done, which makes it more difficult for others.

very dangerous if our identity is let alone to be introduced in general let alone online.

directly it's better.

I think it's more ethical when someone's identity tells us directly in comparison to online.

perhaps for today's already sophisticated, online notification like that, could be an alternative to speed up information.

It has many advantages as well as disadvantages. But according to me the disadvantages is more than its advantages.

A little, privacy is necessary, but sometimes they also use it to abuse.

Your identity is yourself, your essence, your personality; it should not change before others. Always be you, original.

Sure no problem. You know I would. There’s alot of reason why would someone does it? Thank you @bunnypuncher

Perhaps the greatest demonstration of love is learning to tolerate even defects. Jorge Muñoz

  ·  3년 전

They should, for privacy purposes...

I do not think our identities should be publicly displayed to avoid the dangers we do not want

ahaha very strange
He has a name, a family, a place to live, why not.
You tell your identity I am sure you will have many friends

You have a name why you do not want anyone to know about you, I think you should have lots of friends

If it becomes me then I will hide my identity from others

Nobody wants to do crazy things like unlocking their identity to others

It is foolish to have someone open his identity to someone he does not know

The identity of a person must be hidden from many people so that no unwanted things happen

It seems a bit different because basically the identity does not have to be unloaded at the place

The introduction must have a detailed name, place of residence and purpose of life

It must be the identity of a person to be shown

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we fall. I confuse

I think if! On some occasions it is preferable to remain anonymous! thanks @bunnypuncher greetings! Excelent topic

If the person lives in a communist country, they might be killed for telling truth, so I vote YES!

It is something that should not be discussed, people should have the right to remain hidden if it seems so, of course, can not think that they will have the same benefits as those who do not hide, as this would help avoid scams or any other trap that is invented.

I don't think it should be allowed. Transparency should prevail.


Makin' random comments and yes to the question.

  ·  3년 전

The home is where the heart is..

By the way, what is your identity? muajaja

Short answer: Yes of course.

They should be allowed to make that choice.

It depends on the situation for me

within the illegal, it would be the person's decision, but if you engage in something illegal, it would be your best option to obscure your identity.

Well obsecurinf idenities online have
Its advantages and also its disadvantages
But what are the advantages and what are
The disadvantages?,the advantages is that the
Person will be able to stay anonymous and
Have the freedom to say or do whatever they want to do without thinking about who is monitoring or watching their activities

Now what are the disadvantages,some of the disadvantages of obscuring and identity online is that it willl increase the number of fraud cases and fraudsters because it will make Some people to freely defraud or aftempt to defraud anyone without feeling scared because they believe that they will not be caught by the police or other security agents

Another disadvantage is that it could
Make some people start using it to perpetrate
Evil like creating false alarms that can cause wars or make them to use it as a tools to promote their evil political ideas and they will not fear to do that simply because they believe that no one knows their identity or can find them

So when we look at some of the advantages and some of the disadvantages then we will realize that the dangers in the disadvantage is more than the pleasure in the advantages so it means that identity should not be obscured online.

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Well that is a tough one. It all depends on what is behind. Anonymity can be good if the people have good intentions. In case people have very dangerous intentions such as illegal activities the obscuring of identity does not make much sense to me.
My asumption it that we will continue to need some forms of regulation to ensure the integrity of a system. In a way the blockchain systems are offering an excellent response to the matter.

I think That they can

I think it depends on where you are online. There are pagnas where your identity should be totally private and there are other cases where it is necessary to be revealed. Although the best way that everything done on the Internet is transparent is with identity revealed by the user. So people will act with more caution and you will see less abuse on the internet.

Thanks for the contest!

Yes I am in favour of people can obscure their identity for public. But real identity for social media .

I guess this should be allowed. Some do really want this but had to follow the normal way available. Good one @bunnypuncher

Now, I do not know what to say. because both sides have a point. If they want to obscure their identities, go on. But, it is there right....... I don't know.Both sides are correct. It's case to case basis.

I think you're missing a pretty large factor in this, which is cyber security.

Dam str8 babygurl

If you’re prepared for a little self-censorship, posting under your real name can be a smart strategy. Knowing that anything you say online may show up when someone Googles you, use your postings to your advantage. Post intelligent, grammatically-correct, spell-checked, well-reasoned content. Express yourself in the field in which you want to become established. Don’t forget that good search results can be better than no search

who cares lol

Privacy trumps all...personal op though so who cares right.

I value privacy, so yes.

Yes and no...no because it is an invasion of privacy imo, also because forums like these would have a very mild existence if any at all. People wouldn't be willing to give out such personal info for a game forum imo.

Yes because look at all the shit posts and how people act on here. It's very rare you find someone who makes a decent post or isn't trolling. I feel like if people gave out personal info to become apart of communities such as this one then their lcd screen backbone would be taken away from them.

Yes. To put it simply

  ·  3년 전

Yes, go to hell evry1 who wants mai dewritos

Internet Anonymousity is a double bladed knife.

I think we should be allowed to keep our identities obscure. As it is, we can still identify ourselves for the purpose of credibility in situations that warrant it.

It's kind of like how at work you may take yourself seriously and strive to build a respectable reputation, but at home with your friends you can party it up all you want.

Without the ability to compartmentalize aspects of our life we would be subject to consistent self-censorship, meaning we would both be and be subject to our own "big brother".

I don't share my name online because I don't want people to know information about my life.

I however don't feel the need to act like a completely different person online to be funny or seen as a cool

I act like I would talking to someone face to face.

I think people get to wrapped up that they can be anything they want online and that's where it gets annoying.

  ·  3년 전

Damn karissa long time no see

It helps keep your name out of people search databases.
Do watchlists count as databases? /k/ is kinda a one way ticket to getting on a watchlist

It makes what you say less believable.
You CAN get busted on Anon sites, don't believe that myth
Muh cyber bullying
/b/=/=rest of Anon boards.

I disagree with all of your cons.

I disagree with all of your cons.

less believable: A lack of anonymity would not fix this as people already post stupid or incorrect information already even if their names are plastered all over it. Even when proven wrong people will still defend their original position in an effort to save face anonymity helps reduce that stubbornness Ex: Facebook.

less believable: A lack of anonymity would not fix this as people already post stupid or incorrect information already even if their names are plastered all over it. Even when proven wrong people will still defend their original position in an effort to save face anonymity helps reduce that stubbornness

Makes us meaner: Being anonymous doesn't actually make people meaner it just allows people to speak their mind without being attacked for doing so. It only seems like people become meaner because people in RL hide what they really think.

You're back. Honestly, I think if everyone was required to use their real names, the internet would be a better place.

No, because that would allow people with a bad reputation to start over and steal or harm other people, bringing many consequences such as fraud, lies, theft, bulling, etc.

Do not let yourself be caught in the habit of changing your identity or your actions just to blend in.😊

It takes a long time and a lot of painful hope boomerang to achieve the realization that everyone seems born with the understanding: that I am nobody but myself.

Start planning what you really want to do and find out what to do to get you to that point instead of finding reasons to avoid it, stopping your goals and dreams in the middle of the road.

Realize that some people will feel jealous, scared, or overwhelmed if someone changes their habits and grows more mature and loves oneself.

Do not be afraid to think it through. There is no need to rush to make a decision, and you will be more likely to make a good decision if your mind is calm and relaxed.

Though clichés, self-expression really means when it comes to searching for identity. Make sure no one influences who you really are; of course you need to listen to others and learn from them but let the choice, decision, and final acceptance be yours. If you are subordinate to people's contention, your search for identity will be more difficult as others influence your thoughts about yourself.

Yeah, why not?

Do you regret never going abroad? Do you regret never asking someone you love to date, even though the risk is rejection?

Everything is possible, especially in searching and maintaining your true identity.

Mahatma Gandhi once said that "the best way to discover identity is by drowning yourself to serve others."

You need to find a balance between work and life that can allow you to pursue "identity" more often outside the workplace,

Although in the end the search for identity can only be done by you and only you can determine what you need,

Often, I will meet obstacles on the way, and sometimes I fall on my stomach

When you have the opportunity to see how difficult life is for those who are more in need, it is often the alarm clock that wakes you from worry, anxiety, and problems and align your view

Ask yourself a difficult question, daring to look at the big picture.

Let them know the process you just started. Emphasize that you know this is your journey, but you want to use their power as a guide. See them as objectively as possible. What seems to make them humble and shape themselves? How did they find it? How do they stay true to themselves?

If you are a creative person, you will find that time alone will help burn your creativity.

Do not lie to yourself and try to be someone you are not. Remember that this is about being yourself. Because it's important not to let family members make decisions for you, it's also important not to let people and the media push you in a certain direction, especially regarding your physical appearance.

It's a bit of a grey area. I would prefer to be anonymous online, but I am not a bully or troll who uses my anonymity in a despicable manner... I can see the pros and cons of both an allowed anonymity and being forced to portray yourself.

Congrats to the last contest's winners. :)

Do not be afraid to choose words that are considered negative because they prove that you are real, and not a lame combination of the parts of the nature that other people want to use to describe themselves.

Finding yourself is a journey, not a destination.

Who am I?
This question is not static.This should be a question you continue to ask yourself throughout your life.A healthy person will continue to re-create themselves throughout life.

At some point obscuring privacy online is an advantage to avoid stealing of personal identity. But at the other point there is a disadvantage because some bad people are using it to bully others and to spam and hack other people accounts.

Begin taking responsibility for the household budget, and plan for the future. People lacking in self-confidence tend to ignore the "details" of life with an indifferent attitude, believing that things will get organized on their own.

Opening up to the experience and new people (which you previously set aside) will show you a new world that may be better than the world you know before - a world where you can find your own corner of the sky, your castle in the clouds, and the place You're in this crazy world.

There is no definite time when you will find your true self. Be patient.

Begin to trust your own judgment and decision-making process. Of course, you will make the occasional mistake, but so will everyone else. Through error you will find yourself growing, learning, and attaining identity.

Come out of your comfort zone for a while. Notice how to adjust outside the comfort zone and you will notice things about yourself that you did not realize before.

If I had to choose three words to describe what kind of person I want to emulate, what are those words?

Do not analyze everything excessively! There is nothing wrong and true. If you try, you do it right.

Getting out of your comfort zone will not only teach you something, but also force you to know yourself....

Release the desire to be loved by everyone.

  ·  3년 전

If you have found something that deserves your effort, sacrifice, and tears, then you have found the most important life quest.

When you become yourself, some people will appreciate you more and treat you well.

You can use job change as an excuse not to realize your true potential.

Finding identity is an enlightening experience

When analyzing negative experiences in the past, look at the positive learning messages in them and do not drown in mistakes or negative thoughts.

Instead of answering who you think is right for you, focus on yourself, because the answer is very good, complete with all your shortcomings.

He who attenuates himself to fit everyone will soon lose himself.

In the course of life, you sometimes need to cry. Leaving tears out is a healthy act.

Do not spread bad gossip or speak badly about other people. Dropping others is not the way to self-knowledge. This will only jeopardize your self-esteem as a living being and make others dislike you.

You will never know who you are.

Think about what you like and do not like; think beyond those things to other ideas that come into your head while doing the association.

Being yourself is the best thing you can do

Do not let others decide for you what is destined for you. Their path may not be the right path for you. What is good for someone may not be good for someone else.

  ·  3년 전

In the silence, you will feel self-sufficient and able to support yourself, not lonely, independent or afraid

You will probably realize that having other affairs will help smooth the process of grasping your identity closely.

Ask yourself all the questions.

If you find something that can make you jump out of bed in the morning because of the spirit, keep it up. You will only continue to grow from that point.

Be prepared to understand and accept that this is part of the process, and commit to standing up and starting again.

If you do have a negative nature, acknowledging it openly can give you the motivation to try to direct that energy toward something positive.

It is important to forget what other people think because you can not please everyone.

This is not an exercise to seek pleasure. It is about clarification and problem identification. This problem may prevent you from reaching potential and let your identity grow and develop.

Spend time writing clearly about the past in your time frame

Communities have a subtle way of giving up those who "do not mix," condemning the "losers," idolizing the "pretty," setting aside the "weird." But this is a warning: These depictions have no basis in reality

Now, all you have to do is forget your lessons and relearn. Only this time, learn again based on your conscience.

Yes of cause they should do.

No, I don't think so

Congratulation to the winner. I want win again!! No, they shouldn't

Every person should same as in real life . Dont make mask on online.

Yes. Because many people have little freedom to relate to new groups in which they can share interests.
Maybe he can tell jokes or write poetry and be happy in this way.
It is not necessary to say the real name.
Example: who smiles with the name @bunnypunchers?

no, on the part of delicuentes, and another would be to hide us from them, I think.

Obscuring manually online helps in shelter of perceptive information. financial statement kept back by websites may restrain in rank such as, an email address, home address, and economic data. People requisite deposit their acceptable to vague character online, it enables independence of expression, keeps us out of harm's way from viable cyber attacks and threats, and keeps our in sequence private.

Love this post

It depends on your data needs, not hiding it is bad, just precaution

The real risk to the world is if information technology

  ·  3년 전

I think that you should be allowed to obscure your identity on curtain websites, like maybe blogs (facebook, myspace etc.).

Then there are curtain instances that it would be inappropriate since you could be in trouble for saying your someone that you really aren’t. I do particapate in online networks and also websites that you can be anonymous.

  ·  3년 전

The difference is someone can not come after you for a comment if you post anonymously.

I think it isn’t a big deal if someones makes a different name on the internet people do it all the time. I do participate on online networks all the time.

yes so that you can say anything without hesitation.

Using a different name is for defense so creeps don’t bother you. I participate in many i don’t know if Xbox live counts but i wouldn’t go around saying my name all over the internet or over a video game.

Being anonymous is a good thing so bad things don’t come back to haunt you.

People who pretend to be other people is not right

That creates a lot of problems. Fake identities are only okay when a detective or a police officer are behind the computer screen because it’s a job.

@bunnypuncher yes obviously they should. By the way congrats to all winners also.

They are trying to prevent other fake identities. A life can easily be destroyed from one fake account on Facebook or any other social site because an enemy could use a friend’s name and find out something really personal and spread it to people who shouldn’t know. Online bullying is awful and most of the time, it does start from a fake account. If someone has to make up a fake name or take up somebody else’s identity, then obviously the things they are aiming to do or say aren’t necessary.

I think that it should not be required to identify you because if somebody that would usually be oppressed for speaking out then they can talk freely without being afraid of the consequences.

My opinion is that people in politics are more respected and be desertion which also meet foul brood to say to go ahead And then there are the political consequences.

I cant understand why people hide identity online, some time its necessary but people do mostly.

Activists from around the Arab world and Britain have learned this year that social networking sites can be effective in mobilizing the lifts.

I don’t think people should lie about their identity online

but they should have the choice to not be able to put it online if they don’t want to

Tell us what you think about the question of identity online. What, to you, are the most compelling arguments for or against real-name policies?

  ·  3년 전

I think that real online identity is important because many crime that take place today are started online, ether with online chat sites or just websites in general.

I believe that if you have to have a real name on a website, Facebook for example, you should put your real first name. Having your first name online is very different then having your last name.

It is easier to be found using last names then it is your first. I think it does matter if you’re identified authentically because if someone was to bully online then there is more of a chance that the person doing the bullying will be caught and possibly stop. I do participate in online sites like Facebook, and yes I do participate in sites that I can be anonymous.

There is a sufferance, they ask different questions and they have different “backgrounds” meaning that they don’t always care what you post.

I believe that people should have the choice to identify themselves online; however, I think that if it were mandatory, it would be far better than not to have names such as in the case of bullying. If real names were mandatory, it would be much easier to track the bully and eliminate cyber bullying from the source.

I think that if people choose to use a fake name online than, A they are trying to protect themselves or, B are going to say things that they would not normally say in person.

It matters whether or not you use your real name online because if you say something mean, rude, or plan out nasty, then you could hide behind that fake name and never get in trouble for what they said.

I do participate in online networks where I am identified as the real me, but I also do participate in sites where I am anonymous.

Not at all, I am not in favour of People Be Allowed to Obscure Their Identities Online.

  ·  3년 전

but I also do participate in sites where I am anonymous.

The difference is that the sites where I am anonymous it is online gaming sites; where it doesn’t even matter who you are.

I personally agree with fake names because it can keep a person safe from a predator on line or a stalker. it also can help people talk to there friends with out any one knowing what they are talking about. and lastly it helps you be less harassed by people for some thing you said or some art you posted.

I never use my full name, birthday, or any other personal information on the computer.

I have a facebook and email but for my own security i never use my personalk information. I want to remain annonomous for my own saftey because a person can easily steel my personal information if I have it out on the internet where every one has acces to it, I simply dont trust the internet.

My feelings are in the middle of both arguments.

  ·  3년 전

I believe that people should use their real name BUT I believe that people have the right to ‘recreate’ themselves because some people are,

for example bullied and but having a fake name they can be ‘invisible’ to the bullies and are aloud to be the people that they want to be.

for example bullied and but having a fake name they can be ‘invisible’ to the bullies and are aloud to be the people that they want to be.

  ·  3년 전

I guess that the most impelling argument against the topic is that people can impersonate others and make them look bad. To me, that is bulling so I highly agree with the argument. One reason that would be good to have our real name on websites would be if YOU were the one being the bully, you could be found and put into therapy…

I do participate in online networks, forums, and activities.

I like people knowing my opinion on certain topics, like this, so that if I am in the wrong or am confused then i have other people to give me criticism or info. The only difference between

anonymous and unanimous websites is that people won’t actually know who is saying their opinion.

The debate over personal social networking sites creating a mandatory rule over personal identity is necessary. With the exception of using a nickname.
A fake identity on a social networking site allows criminals and sex offenders to disguise themselves, causing a higher rate of bullying and harassment under a fake name.

Specifically, twitter usernames and Facebook usernames should be validated when signing up for an account. If these sites comply with Google Plus’s idea, less online harassment would be of prominence, making social networking sites safer.

Political institutions are at a state level over this, limiting certain posts allowed on Facebook via any user.
Furthermore, adding personal photos that are “mature,” are stored in a cache, leaving a cesspool of digital foot printing.

I think that keeping a safe identity is important but when the time for college comes, you should probably use your real name. The college administrators use Facebook, Twitter, etc to see the type of person you are, what you do, etc. I think that people should use “real” names for social websites. When playing computer games, people should use fake names because in online games, etc, it’s better safe then not to be at all. The main difference is that, if you use your “real” name then people that you chat or message with will really know who you are. If you don’t use your “real” name then no one will know.

I personally do not believe that people should be allowed to obscure their identities when on an online website (Facebook and such). When an identity is unknown, a person may say what they wish without being recognized as their own persona. This allows people to say what they wish without knowing the consequences of their actions or receiving full punishment for this. Anonymous blogging creates the problems of inappropriate comments and hatred that plague the web’s social networking sites. In conclusion, the only thing that anonymous blogging does is allow people to spread hate and discontent across the internet.

ya.. oke good pagi oke..

Yes they should. From my point of view, easy access to the Internet and its wide influence has given way to problems that could have a negative impact on the way we use the internet, new methods of crime flourishing, opening the door to identity theft, fraud and harassment.

I think it should, in this social media digital world, a lot of spam and stolen identity to perform illegal online activities. Like myself, i only post online if I knew the online site was secure.

We know that the internet is a very useful tool to communicate, the problem is that many times we do not know who we do it with and that could bring us serious consequences. If all Internet users were OBLIGED to reveal our true identity, there would not be so many cyber crimes. For those people who "work" on the internet, buying, selling, bidding, among others, they must be completely genuine.

In conclusion, we should know when to reveal our identity and when not.

I do this is steemit. I don't want normal people to know what i am doing but want legit feedback from people unknown to me. I can do something that i am fond of freely and maybe the nature of being unknown suits me.

My mom didn't name me "Bourrbakia" but I'm in steemit exactly who I am in real life. Also, I know there is a lot of bad people looking for any detail to screw you over.

Yes. People who have important things to say about restrictive governments and malpractice need the safety of anonymity to say them.

Absolutely. Anonymity is crucial in a free and open web, One of the key benefits of the internet is it's a means of communication for civilians worldwide. It allows individuals to communicate freely and to express their beliefs, opinions and interests. While identifying oneself may be beneficial in some cases, there may be cases where identification may be harmful.

One example is whistle-blowers. Edward Snowden is a pure example of what can happen to an individual if they're not anonymous. He ended up having to flee his country in fear of persecution simply for disclosing what he felt was abuse by his government. By allowing individuals to remain anonymous if they wish on the internet, it helps keep democracy's in line when they get out of line, and allows individuals in societies that aren't free to express beliefs that aren't permitted. To abolish anonymity is to undermine the free and open nature of the internet itself.

Yes people can hide identity, I never share my pictures online.

People should be able to hide their identities.

The internet is open to everyone and can reveal almost everything about someone. It's dangerous letting everyone know who you are. Your identity can be stolen and stuff they say with your identity can be used against you. Being anonymous should not be shamed upon. More people should start realizing how dangerous it is to let everyone know your true identity

Yes they should. I hate that the states always want to regulate everything like cryptos. In Germany, we have to upload copies of our ID's and prove our residence to even buy them. This is way too much for me and takes too much time.

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It should not be permitted, since only if it knows the real identity of the person can it be held responsible for what it does and says through the networks, and the consequences of its actions in the networks, is it very easy to hide the identity to cause harm or omotir opinions that harm others without taking responsibility for them.

Everyone has the right to hide or reveal their identity.

Some use it to commit evil and hide away. Otherwise, it should be allowed.

Yes. Absolutely

People do what they like with hiden identity, so it should be open.

Its a free world. People should be able to do what they like

It has the good side and some bad side. Maybe we should not allow it


It has the good side
And some bad side. Maybe we
Should not allow it

                 - siroliver

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YES. In short.

My answer is Yes and No. I think obscuring identity should be by choice. Interested people who want to disclose their identity should be allowed to do so while those who do not want to do such should be allowed to obscure their identities online. This is because we differ in nature. Our life styles are not the same.

Hope that :)

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They should do in most cases. I never attended facebook that's why.

Hoomans... Hoomams everywhere.

As much as we would like to "stop being" humans on internet there are humans behind everything, behind the bots there are humans, behind machines there are humans, behind every technological invention there are humans, unless the ends of your actions are obsqure, illegal or harmful to others you should not hide in any way. That is something that is seen more and more on the steem platform, more and more accounts that seem inherent and lifeless no matter how much activity they have, and it is because they lack that spark of humanity. To change that we have been sharing more and more "personal" content since we committed ourselves to the Steem platform, so we've been sharing more content that is worth sharing because it doesn't affect us or put us at risk and maybe it will be useful or entertaining for someone else, always accompanied by some pictures of us, generally selfies because it is the most current and natural way to show ourselves as we are. In this way we encourage everyone to do the same.

We are human in a social network, let's show ourselves more!


Don't think that hide the name is done but if their personal data that may place at risk

We just put our name, and no personal data