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Suggested Daily Topic

The daily topic for today is:

Cosmetic surgery- pros and cons.

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:
BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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The biggest problem is that it looks fake. A survey of men showed a strong dislike of fake female breasts. Surgical facelifts done wrong look terrible. I had a girlfriend who I suspect had a nosejob, among other deceptions. Nonsurgical facelifts may not look fake, but they can't hide age-related bone changes.


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I'm fine with it, but when it's obvious or bad it looks like crap.

My natural beauty has made it unnecessary to consider this issue thus far...

each to his own, I suppose. But I do see examples of such surgery that is cringe-worthy. Everything that you overdo becomes harmful.

Pros - to correct cosmetic defects (such as hare-lip) to give a better quality of life.
Cons - to change the way you look, just because.

caveat emptor

Like all in this life it has problems the cosmetic surgery, but for me is good because you can better some parts on you body or face and looks nice and feel good with yourself. A cons would be that is a little dangerous


Pros & Cons associated with Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is basically an area of medicine focused on enhancing the looks or appearance of the human body. It is applicable in the areas of the head, neck, and the entire body as a whole. From recent studies, over thousands of women in europe desire to have new looks, appear younger via cosmetic surgery. It may sound interesting enough to be a victim of this medical practice but there are numerous problems associated with it which i am going to mention a few as well as advantages. Let's dive into the advantages of cosmetic surgery first.

Advantages of Cosmetic Surgery

  • Facilitates good health of individuals: Consider victims that undergo liposuction for instance, where body fats are being sucked out of the body. After this procedure, patients carry around much less weight. In return, pressure on bones and joints are relieved. Also patients experience improved breathing via rhinoplasties.
  • Increased confidence of individuals: Abraham Maslow, one sociologist ever made a statement which can be interpreted in my own words as, if one has an improved image, one get to feel better and participate fully in life. He/She gets more engaging than hiding from things. Cosmetic surgery can enable someone to feel better under his/her own skin.
  • Increased opportunities: This may sound a bit funny but honestly from society's point of view, attractive people always get the top positions in workplaces, offices and places alike. As cosmetic surgery improves one's image, it opens doors for more opportunities in life though, opportunities come but once.

Disadvantages Of Cosmetic Surgery

  • Numbness: Did you know that some cosmetic surgeries may result in nerve damages? This can only result from careless or naive practice of this medical procedure. A damage to any of the nerves may be permanent.
  • Black sheep of the society: I come from a part of Africa where people do not play with their religious beliefs. To the religious people, one cannot decide to change what their supreme being has given them as a default feature. To them victims of cosmetic surgery are violators of a solemn vow between then their object of worship. Society frowns on cosmetic surgery victims. But are they right? The answer is with God.
  • Skin Breakdown: In rare cases, individual experience a skin breakdown post surgery. In this scenario patients have to undergo another round of surgery to remove the broken skin leaving them with visibke scarring and probably infections.

Natural beauty is also lovely



I perfectly agree with you.



Btw, for men goes the same. But then I have to ask my wife to choose a picture.


Wooww.. no. no.. I no like.


Not sure why not?

I guess you should post a natural male beauty.

I do not like them, only if it's necessary, because of an accident or something, but not to look better.

I do not know, I do not think about that haha I'm beautiful

Do thick sunglasses make you feel "cooler?"

Congrats to the winners of the previous contest and a big thanks to @bunnypuncher for making evwryone to benefit from this. This is my say on the topic;


A great number of people, either male or female subject themselves to cosmetic surgery, otherwise known as plastic surgery on a yearly basis. This surgery, however, is usually done by specialists called plastic surgeons. The aim of the surgery is to alter almost any aspect of the physical appearance, which could be from facial features to body shape. However, some of these cosmetic surgeries are done for medical reasons, especially after sustaining an accident to reconstruct and restructure the facial appearance, while many are voluntary.

However, considering the pros and cons before undergoing any cosmetic surgery could be of help in term of decision making, whether to proceed or not.

Pros Of Cosmetic Surgery

• Health Related Issues

Those with health issues related to the physical appearance could derive a whole lot of benefits from plastic surgery. For example, a woman with very large breasts will experience excruciating back pain that could be eliminated or reduced by reducing the size of those breasts. Also men, the removal of breast tissue can significantly reduce the risk of cancer in that tissue. There are many more of these regarding health.

• confidence levels

For some, undergoing cosmetic surgery can be very essential to improve their confidence levels and self-image. For example, if someone has a physical feature he/she spent years wishing were different or probably having a recognizable impact on their daily life or health, this could be a pointing to the fact that such person truly desire to change, as opposed to a sudden dislike for something about yourself that recently became an issue. However, if such person is obsessed about a specific facial or body feature, it could eventually leads to mental health issues. In this case, therapy might be considered, instead of surgery.

Cons Of Consmetic Surgery

• Could Lead To Complications

Surgery generally shouldn't be taken lightly because of the potential complications that follow in most case. Cosmetic surgery, just like any other surgeries might results in Pains and this is a significant drawback in this case. As regards the pain sustained, the recovery time can be as long as six months in some cases. Also, some patients might develop health problems such as hemorrhaging as a result of this surgery.

• People's Expectations

In most cases, some patients might be so disappointed after undergoing a surgery since the result they are actually expecting is different from what they get at the end of the day. This happens especially when the expectation of someone is so high before undergoing the surgery. For instance, if a patient expectation is to look like a movie star or automatically solves one's dating problems, but unfortunately getting a result far away from one's thought. This can be seen as a drawback to having cosmetic procedures.

• Cost Factor

Cosmetic surgery can be very expensive and it's usually not covered by medical insurance. Also, complications resulting from the surgery could lead to financial loss due to time taken for recovery, especially off work.



Wow! This is good of you... I love your content especially that part you talk of high expectation of people, its very true. Yo wanna look like a movie star but unfortunately you turn out to be something else...damn!


Yeah, that's how it is @temmytee


Acheever, you are going to have to change your name to overacheever.


Lol...why do you think so @coinsandchains?


Because that is one of the longest best formatted comments I have seen.


Lol....thanks for the acknowledgement man @coinsandchains

If any revolution has happened in the last 10 years in the field of medicine, it is aesthetic surgery. Today, aesthetic surgery is considered as the paradigm of treatments aimed at not only looking younger, but healthier and more harmonious. The increase in life expectancy, the incorporation of women into the labor market and the competitiveness of our society characterized by the prominence of aesthetic values ​​and the desire to improve personal image, has led many men and women to consider undergo an aesthetic surgery intervention.
In most cases the surgical option is a personal choice, which aims not only to return physical health, but the preservation of emotional health and the increase of self-esteem. The reality speaks for itself, this branch of medicine is an invaluable aid for thousands and thousands of people every year in all the nations and cultures of our planet, since the eagerness to improve our appearance knows no borders. The procedures to rejuvenate or correct certain physical parts altered as a result of accidents, congenital malformations or simply by the passage of time, have become fashionable due to the benefits that aesthetic surgery offers today.

The most requested cosmetic surgeries by women lately are:
-Map of augmentation

images (3).jpgminoplasty

although I think that the natural we look more beautiful, nothing like the natural.

Hi @bunnypuncher
pros Some pretty tits
cons sometimes some pretty ladies die

We suffer from hiccups.

Hiccups are involuntary spasms in the diaphragm of the muscular membrane of the chest. This annoying phenomenon occurs when the muscle is irritated, often by the presence of too much food in the stomach, or too little.

images (64).jpg


Best thing I've ever read on this topic is Psycho Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. Originally written in 1960 (later updated) Maltz, a plastic surgeon, noticed that with some patients the smallest bit of cosmetic surgery radically improved their lives, while with others a complete transformation of their looks did nothing. Some even swore they saw no change in their appearance. Maltz goes on to explore why this may be so and the results are fascinating.


I seem to remember reading the book he wrote (or on the same topic), he was saying that self-esteem was more important.


Yes, he goes into a lot of details and ideas to help with that, but that's basically it - that good self-esteem and overall happiness are an inside job.

Facial cosmetic surgery consultation is a necessary procedure before surgery. One of the main objectives of the consultation is to determine the patient's eligibility to follow the surgery.

pro - can fix some issues that make it easier to live
con - can be used for very superficial reasons, may not fix underlying self loathing issues

Not a fan of plastic surgery out of vanity or a lack of an healthy self conciousness.

I can see the need of it when it comes to drastic cases though.

oh great all so lucky

cosmetic surgery :-)
1.it makes you looks good if done rightly

  1. it gives the person confidence (debatable)

1.it's not good as it not natural

  1. it shows how much their image matters to them and not personality
  2. it's makes a person fake as they want to impress everyone through looks.
  3. it makes women more girly which they shouldn't be!

Uh... Not really a fan of cosmetic surgeries... The only cons for me is you will look fake if it's noticeable and your kids will not look like you if it's not too noticeable before marriage. 😂

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Cosmetic surgery- pros and cons... 💭💭

Cosmetic surgery:

  • You can get fixed up after having your face smashed in for getting to lippy at the bar.
  • if you were blessed with unfortunate features, they can be made more normal


  • People assume you get work done for vanity
  • Often the after pictures look worse than the before

Cosmetics that I use most are handbody lotion from beautiful picture with angrek


We all have one supreme personality of godhead. He is the only one who creat us,decide how we should look and give us what we deserve based on our precious karma.

So here we are talking about cosmetic surgery right??
Pros:: Nothing . It changes us from outside and what about the real nature, real character from inside. We want to go against law of nature?? ..We want to go against one who created us??..... absolutely not!!

Being like what we are is a great way to be.

Cons:: So many really. Sorry I cannot list them here. You guys know most of them.

I think that people who go to this kind of operation really need an operation on the brain! Surely you can boast of a good body and a better face, but at the expense of what? Exposing your life is a big risk you shouldn't pay for.

There is nothing to be upset if the mouth is defective,It can be removed through cosmetic surgery.People are doing a lot of things to be beautiful for being beautiful.Those who have the capability to afford, they have cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic operations are for those people who are looking to perfect or are not satisfied with a part that gave them the natural. It has many advantages, especially to increase your self-esteem and among the disadvantages I see, is the health problem you are facing.

cosmetic surgery pros and cons

unfortunately for some... what is seemed as a necessary surgery to maintain ones well being is in fact considered cosmetic surgery. these I will give examples for shortly!
the risks are further deformation and infection this can lead to further painful; extensive major surgeries and amputations and in rare cases death.
it is said some people will overdose on such a thing because they will never ever be happy with their bodies. And are simply prone to self loathing. and this is what creates the stigma around cosmetic surgery and what is deemed as a necessary surgery verses a choice alteration. this that are choose able and not necessary should be named differently.

Cosmetic Surgeries deemed a essential

spinal re alignment
cataract removal
cleft jaw
cleft pallat
cleft tounge
cleft lip
broken bones
knee replacement
fillings and reaping's
breast removal
cancer removal

Cosmetic Surgeries that should be deemed essential

gender reassignment surgery: solving neurological hermaphrodism is not wrong! and being betrayed by your body is not a choice! correcting it should not be considered a choice. men need penises women need vaginas humans need air! denying it is cruel!
(liposuction, nip tuck, gastrectomy)
some times no matter what you do or how hard you try due to medical reasons or intolerance or inflammation of the bows, you will never lose weight ever. this can make you feel helpless and there by make you gain even more weight. shortening your already fucked up lifespan.

nasal repair: is it your fault you were born with swollen adenoids or a fucked up squashed face or were a victim of domestic violence or targeted by a nutcase as the source of their problems?

Cosmetic Surgeries which should remain elective

Boob jobs
but implants
silicone injections
Botox injections
hair cuts

I'm a young person, almost a child, and I can't see how positive cosmetic operations can be. I feel that those people who have them done can be tempting to death, they are people with very low self-esteem and these operations, in the long run, become a vice.

Hello. I would like to enter the contest today.
I do not think much about plastic surgery. People who want to look better should have the option I guess.

I did quite a detailed comment on here which I know doesn't even matter what I wrote as winners are selected at random so I am going to use my comment as a post on my own page!


We do read your comments.

Makin’ random comments and... looks nice, costs a lot.

When we talk about beauty it usually makes us remember being aestetique in shape and being young. So, cosmetic surgery looks like an golden cure for most. But in reality it is not a golden cure all. Cause human tissue is a living material and it feeds, changes and gain ages. And when we change the connection of that tissue it would not be able to feed and live properely.

Pro: it can give new life to soldiers severely maimed my IED’s!

Cosmetic surgeries are supposed to make you look better, obviously this is the biggest pro it has... but in my opinion it has so many cons that I wouldn´t ever subject myself to it.

Depends on the people making use of it. No particular cons if the result is fitting with what was expected by the person who made the request.
Cons: More likely when people who do not need to change a thing are looking uglier than they were before.

I do not know anything about that, I do not like them at all. I do not know why, but I do not like them: /

It can help to improve our appearance, and in cases where they are performed as a result of accidents or congenital deformities, can help to improve the quality of life of people.
They can help us overcome some self-esteem problem.

Risk of death in the operating room.
It can cause addiction, where people undergo multiple operations.
It distracts the patient's attention from the real problems he or she should face.

Hmmmmm....I am one of the few people you will ever meet who has been hit in the face with a running chainsaw. A plastic surgeon put it all back together and most can't tell. I actually would have prefered more of a scar as a conversation starter, or (with a snarl) stopper.

I do not agree with the surgeries, we are beautiful to the natural one.

In one line

Cosmetic surgery is beautiful but dangerous.

Congrats to all the winners!

In my own opinion about it.No to cosmetic surgery. pros it enhances beauty but cons you will pay or suffer later.” Natural beauty “ is the best beauty can a person possess because God made you and us beautiful just the way we are. And why changed it?

Everything has its pros and cons, but all those who are free to take that risk, sometimes a surgery is necessary, for example, I need it because I had a bilateral mastectomy, but I have to wait three years to do it.

In most cases, it is for people lacking self-esteem and confidence.

Hey this is truly original!

Is it just me, or are some of these people trying too hard to win a random contest?


Lol, I do like reading the essay answers even if it's not an area I have a strong view about. There is a comedy news show called the chaser who interviewed people in (Washington?) In the USA just asking the one question (What's your opinion?) The Austrian and the Canadian were like (On what?) Everyone else just started ranting on random topics. I'm sure the more out there comments are why this competition is still running.

pros and cons of cosmetic surgery should include the fact that nearly every surgery needed is considered cosmetic eg: cut my head open when I was a kid and needed 5 stitches. that is cosmetic surgery. if I didn't get stitched back up id not only have bled to death but you wouldn't be able to look at me in an open coffin without fainting. I have a half moon scar there.
another is that some cccosmetic surgeries are definitely elective an non essential and are more ore less thanks to the media the onl;y thing that comes to mind when cosmetic surgery is mentioned. for example my daughter had her earing ripped out of her ear in preschool by a jealous little girl. and her ear healed split. the gp wasn't covered to repair it by the time we could get an appointment. and my daughter didn't bring it up until it was trying to heal and swollen . he said I'm not insured to perform cosmetic surgery. Now my daughter is self conscious about her ears. and whenever I wear earings I have to go pirate style and share my earings to make her feel better.

Cosmetic from indonesia
Wardah lotion hand body

Good topic, @bunny
Cosmetic surgery:
Pros: improves the self-esteem of the dissatisfied with with his own body.
Cons: I think it can create the vice of continuing to be dissatisfied and there is no cosmetic surgery for the mind.

And remain ugly...

Cosmetic Surgery

pros - You can do whatever the fuck you want. I suggest trying to alter yourself to look exactly like your neighbor. Then start dressing like them. Then paint your house the same color. Then buy the same car. But deny any accusations made.

cons - later in life your skin will fall off and your neighbor will most likely laugh at you as you walk around skinless. But then you could skin them and reverse the accusations

Most cosmetic surgery is done in vain; to each their own. But what happens if that becomes an addiction? You don't know when to stop... or how?

Other cosmetic surgery could be done to hide a scar that brings back bad memories. Hide the pain away, remove the memory altogether.

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Different stokes for different folks! I believe in it for reconstructive purposes and medically necessary situations!

  ·  3년 전

In simple terms, it is cosmic surgery is good if it succeeds. if fails it ruins!

This post has received a 45.9 % upvote from @boomerang.

One of the biggest pros in getting cosmetic surgery is that your appearance can be improved
Along with improving one's appearance, one's self-esteem and self-esteem can also be enhanced as a result of getting cosmetic surgery.

For Cons because cosmetic surgery is still surgery and shouldn't be taken lightly.The potential for complications exists, just as for any other operation.

Most women would agree that plastic surgery can improve self-confidence and because they feel more beautiful.

For women whose physical appearance is primed into the spotlight, such as a movie player, or model, plastic surgery is essential to be able to support the appearance.

Plastic surgery is also very beneficial for those who experience health problems related to their physical appearance. Suppose a patient is born with a cleft lip and indeed should be in plastic surgery to improve the patient's lip shape.

Pros: people look better.
Cons: it's all fake. Simple.

Unfortunately we are living in a very superficial society and that's why cosmetic surgery is a must.

Lemme be quick about this

Dont know about cosmetic surgery

cosmetic surgery is good think because ugly people can be beautiful and famous.

As long as it's done with responsability I can't see anything wrong with it.

Good day @bunnypuncher.
Cosmetics surgery makes ugly people look beautiful and handsome (pros) and it becomes very dangerous for their health in the long run (cons).

cosmetics of the skin smooth and that beautify the ugly

I will simply comment each to their own.

cosmetic tools such as talcum powder, handbags, perfumes and so on are a necessity for every human being to beautify themselves.

For me the simple answer to not getting into controversy, everything in excess is bad.

Pros: it means that you have a lot of money.
Cons: you keep ugly inside.

I think the problem is not surgery as such, many people have changed their lives modifying imperfections in their body of different nature. The problem lies in the abuse of these surgeries that fall even and unnecessary, becoming antiesteticas for those who receive them. As many of these surgeries are unnecessary, there is a great risk of suffering complications in vain surgery. I think it is a great tool that changes lives, as long as it is used when it is really necessary.

Pros: you get your wish of looking beautiful
Cons: you eventually get ugly at the end.

Pro, It helps some people to live normal lives
Con, It also helps once normal people to look like freaks

Congratulations to the winners. Still Hoping to win

Age gracefully and you won’t need to go under the knife.

A pro would be that you look better, of course depends on the cosmetic surgery you do and one cons would be that you had problems with cosmetic surgery.

its a topic to write an essay!

Should only be used if necessary. If you end up looking like a distorted cartoon on purpose, that on you...

Some people really need a cosmetic surgery very hard 😅

count me in

Pros - improve self-confidence of some people
Cons - you could die from it, sooner or later there would be side effect

congratulations winners

Physical imperfections become one of the causes of society, especially women doing cosmetic surgery. Some women feel confident, but some feel the negative effects of cosmetic. All depends on us all , whether to accept the physical form that has been given by the Almighty

Las cirugías cosméticas mas solicitadas por las mujeres últimamente son:
-Mamoplastia de aumento

images (3).jpg
Aunque yo pienso que al natural somos mas lindas ,nada como lo natural.

@bunnypuncher congrats to all winners.
as today's topic is pros and cons of cosmetic surgery so first of all i want to say like every coin has two side so it is also just like that only.
but i think it is risky also . and useful also. so favouring on one side is too difficult for me.

  ·  3년 전

Thanks a lot! ***Being Greatest is to remain smallest.***

This is my first time to join in this contest!

Cosmetic surgery- pros and cons

pro: looks like you want
cons; its a bad desicion for your body

Well, I had a bit of work done. The doc was so good you can't even tell I had it done.....

Legit Cosmetic Surgeon
Pros - Good Results and Safe
Cons - Expensive

Fake Cosmetic Surgeon
Pros- cheap
Cons- Not sure for the results, not safe.

Hoping to win this time.😊

No mather what ppl will do it from vanity point.

Why change how you look?

One may look good at the beginning (or not if the surgery went wrong) but as you grow older, all will sag and deteriorate. Lines and patches will show even more than before the surgery. We should let nature take its course or improve ourselves naturally through exercise and natural remedies.

Cosmetic surgery makes you pretty for some years

Cosmetic surgery can be awesome but the disadvantages may be life threatening or cost one alot.

Pro: if the practitioner is a pro

Count me in

It is needed for appearance.

Plastic surgery is a procedure done on patients who are in need of tissue or skin restoration or reconstruction due to accidents, birth defects or burns. Plastic surgeons undergo a special kind training to specialize in this area. Technically, this is different from cosmetic surgery when it comes to purpose. Cosmetic surgery is usually done for aesthetic purposes with the patient’s desire to alter his or her looks. Nowadays, however, most people are using it interchangeably.

Other plastic surgeons who are also practicing cosmetic surgery also refer to these two as one and the same.

The Job of a Plastic Surgeon

There are many ways plastic surgeons use surgery to reconstruct areas of the body.

  • pros improve the appearance, a better lifestyle
  • Contras, death risks, a bad operation

In the same way, no one can be judged by the decisions that he takes in life, we are beings free of expression ...

These include skin grafting, where skin is taken from a part of the body and transferred or grafted to the area where replacement is needed. Another is skin flap surgery, wherein a tissue, along with its blood vessels is transferred to another part of the body.

Tissue expansion, on the other hand, is a procedure where tissue surrounding the damaged area is made to grow extra skin to be used as replacement for the area the needs it.

Other methods include creation of devices such as prosthetic limbs,

vacuum closure and fat transfer, say, removing fat from the thigh and transferring it on the buttocks.

Conditions present at birth that can be corrected with plastic surgery include patients with lip or cleft palate, hypospadias, birth marks, abnormally shaped heads, small ears and webbed fingers, to name a few. With regard to cases where plastic surgeries are called for later in life, these include patients who have suffered from extensive burns, cancers, Bell’s palsy, trauma from accidents and animal bites, osteoarthiritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

  ·  3년 전

Despite the need and importance of plastic surgeries, there are also setbacks attributed to undergoing reconstruction.

It is also a person’s own discretion if he or she wants to undergo plastic surgery, so long as it is not a matter of life and death.

Before going under the knife for fat grafting or breast reconstruction, careful consideration should be made.

Here is a look at the opposing views to plastic surgery as broken down by its pros and cons.

Ahli Bedah Plastik

List of Pros of Plastic Surgery

It helps in gaining back one’s self-esteem.

People born with birth defects like cleft palate have difficulty in speech.

Best thing to do in cosmetic surgery, you remain young fit and tight looking

I am already beautiful, dont need plastic surgery

I want plastic surgery for my nose but its really expensive.

Natural face is a natural beauty,

I'm really disappointed, hopefully Real Madrid do not win anything else after the departure of Ronaldo, so they can feel the consequences of his carelessness ..
From now on I will support Juventus ... if Ronaldo come to Indonesia and strengthen PERSIB Bandung, I am ready to defend it ..

Procedures will become easier if the patient does not wear makeup and jewelry.

I really only care about the contest

Patients wishing to consult a surgeon need to make an appointment at a clinic or hospital where the practitioner is practicing.

Continuing education is an obligation for all surgeons.

Cosmetic surgery is a cons more then pros.
My personal opinion.
Thanks to @bunnypuncher

My disappointment is totally unimaginable, I promise that my whole life will never be fond of Real Madrid again because of what they did against Ronaldo ..

bunnypuncher , Please give me a giveaway? Hahahaa


It's random not up to me. Pray to the python god of random numbers only he/she can help you.


bunnypuncher, Thanks for reply!

Cosmetic surgery includes the procedure of choice and is usually not covered by health insurance.

  ·  3년 전

If you are winding around looking for a "suitable" career, chances are you are not really happy

It is important for the patient to check the qualifications and permission of the surgeon's practice before they undergo a surgical procedure. For the sake of safety, patients should choose a surgeon who has a lot of experience and good reputation.

Sagging skin can cause wrinkles, wrinkles and wrinkles at the tip of the eye, making a person look older.

Act according to the knowledge you just discovered.

The should the club's management should be willing to comply with all Ronaldo's wishes so he will not leave the club because his disappointment is not appreciated, including the demand for the raise he asks, because he deserves to get whatever he wants ...

The doctor will show a variety of surgical model simulations that help the patient understand the workings and outcomes of each procedure

Learning more about cosmetic surgery here

Who Needs a Cosmetic Surgery Consultation and Expected Results

Cosmetic surgery includes invasive and minimally invasive procedures, in which the procedure only causes less pain and the patient may soon regain health.

Florentino Perez should consider selling CR7 for only 100 million euros, this is a very cheap price for Ronaldo, because with the contribution he gave during the play at Real Madrid is very difficult to pass by any player ..

In some procedures, surgery is also done in the breast.

Silence is a time for self-rejuvenation and dialogue with oneself, for peace and to realize that deliberate "loneliness" is not a bad thing, but a liberating thing for your whole existence.

We provide free services to patients searching, tracking, and comparing quality medical care in Asia

  ·  3년 전

Only surgeons who get a special certification may open a cosmetic surgery practice.

What is a Face Cosmetic Surgery Consultation: Overview, Benefits, and Expected Results

Often, the search for identity can lead you to something that can satisfy yourself.

As a Real Madrid supporter I am very disappointed with the decision of club president who sold Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus, because he is a very valuable asset and is one of the best players who consistently scored many goals for Real Madrid in every season during play in Real Madrid's since 2009. .

Possible Complications and Risks of Facial Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

If you believe in something or see beauty in something, you should do it no matter what others think.

A facial cosmetic surgery consultation is an appointment with a cosmetic surgeon before a patient undergoes a surgical procedure. Consultations are intended to evaluate and plan surgical procedures.

Three of the top five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures are facial cosmetic surgery,

Whatever you do, get rid of everything that distracts you from the thought of life and where you want to take your life

Having a mentor can be an excellent source as you go through the sharp pebbles that can not be avoided on your way..

Cosmetic surgery is a relatively expensive procedure, so clinics usually offer costing arrangements

Generally, the fat layer can be removed by liposuction procedure. By suctioning fat, the face will look thinner, petite, and sharper.

Give yourself time and space of any kind of expectation, conversation, noise, media, and pressure.

If you've been a victim in the past, face this problem. The problem will not disappear by itself, but will color your daily life, and requires that you match the expectations of others and not your own expectations.

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Tonight is very quiet, not when there you are ..

The major complications that can occur during a facial cosmetic surgery consultation are the expectations of the patient who are too high.

We all have a reason why we do not evolve in the direction we want - it could be financial, school, work, relationships, let's just say, usually this reason has been taken by others. If you are a busy person, take time to loosen up your schedule so you can sit down for a moment and face this face-to-face. If it has always been second priority, it will never be completed.

If it has always been second priority, it will never be completed.

Facial cosmetic surgery is highly recommended for people who have problems on the surface of their skin, especially those that begin to relax.

While it's sometimes fun to collaborate with others, it's hard to be really creative if you're always surrounded by others.

Scope of facial cosmetic surgery includes chin, cheeks, hair or scalp, ears, even jawbone, and neck.

Stop smoking, overeating, and drinking. These are examples of mistakes or habits that will prevent you from working at the peak of your potential.

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Reconstructive surgery is performed to restore the function of the body parts, while cosmetics aim to improve the appearance that can increase confidence or self-esteem

Eliminate the bad traits of your life (this is an act or habit that binds you and lets you loose when you have to think about difficult life questions); this nature will eventually divert your goals and sometimes even harmful.

Taking responsibility will draw you back from the brink and make you independent and steadfast, as it no longer carries a wave of fate.

Remember, be patient with yourself and trust in your ability. Everything will come in time.

The surgeon often recommends patients who are too young, too old and who have made several cosmetic surgery procedures to avoid surgery

If you do not have strong beliefs, you will listen to the words of others at any time and be influenced by their insistence on what is right, wrong, and what is appropriate.

This feeling is difficult to explain with words, but if you do not know who you really are, it's hard to ignore.

Everyone has pebbles in their lives but pretending these pebbles are worse or even none will not help you at all.

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It's good if it make them looks good. The con is that people will feel bad about being so poor that they look bad...

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good post.

I live in love

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but for me is good because you can better some parts

From recent studies, over thousands of women in europe desire to have new looks, appear younger via cosmetic surgery.

I only know that I would never do that

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Pro that enhances beauty and can even be used to correct birth defects such as cleft lip, plus if done with a qualified surgeon there is no risk, you must be careful to make sure you have really qualified personnel

But cosmetic auliya the best hand body lotion

Get lucky man.

Like cosmetic, like your body.
Wardah face is rare for cosmetic

The existence of failure factors in each operation so sometimes the results obtained are not in accordance with the wishes.

After plastic surgery, the potential for complications and side effects is always present. This does not make a person's condition better, even worse.

Plastic surgery is not cheap, all women know it. The permanent change of your identity and the possibility of having a perfect body seem too good to be true. Think twice before you spend your money for plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is not cheap, all women know it. The permanent change of your identity and the possibility of having a perfect body seem too good to be true. Think twice before you spend your money for plastic surgery.

Addiction is not just on alcohol, drugs or nicotine alone. Plastic surgery can also cause addiction to get a more perfect appearance than before. There may be celebrities who want to imitate her beauty so you will try as much as possible to resemble your idol. First you want a nose like that celebrity, and unknowingly you've thrown away hundreds of millions to become imitation of someone who has no identity. Some people also become addicted to perfection and will continue to undergo some operations until eventually they will feel perfect. Not only that, plastic surgery will also affect your psychology that everything will be possible with surgery, thus blurring the line between the real thing with the unreal.

Plastic surgery is the same as buying goods online. You pay and pray that the product you want is the same as in the picture. Most women feel they prefer their lips or nose or native breasts rather than the result of surgery. You must realize that you can not restore your body shape again. The healing goes through a long process and may leave physical and mental scars.

Some plastic surgery has caused death. Although this is rare but this effect is very likely to occur for anyone who performs plastic surgery. One such case is former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano who died of complications after operating her butt. Similarly, the mother of rapper Kanye West, Donda, who died of complications after performing tummy tuck and breast surgery.

In addition to requiring mental courage and also healthy physical, someone who wants to undergo plastic surgery must also prepare a number of funds that amount is not small, given the name of plastic surgery is not cheap.

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Within the cosmetic enhancement industry, the vast majority of practices are endlessly touting the enormous benefits of plastic surgery. It makes sense from a marketing standpoint to only relay these positive outcomes to hopeful new patients. Fortunately, we at CosmetiCare believe in a policy of honesty, forthrightness, and authentic patient communication. We value these virtues over typical marketing and advertising tactics, and understand how important a trust-filled bond is with our patients. That’s why we’re providing you with an inside look into the real pros and cons of plastic surgery procedures.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it. There are two-sides to every coin,

and like anything else, plastic surgery is not immune to potential pitfalls.

Of course, we believe the pros almost always outweigh the cons. Still, it’s important for us to know that our patients get to see the complete picture

This ensures that each patient makes better,

more informed decisions during their respective cosmetic enhancement journeys. Better decisions lead to better outcomes and happier patients. And above all else, having happier patients is our primary goal.

The cost of time is often left out of the most commonly listed pros and cons of plastic surgery. The truth is, surgery of any kind takes time. There’s an enormous amount of planning, careful consideration, and strategy involved.

takes time for patients to consult with surgeons, to become educated on all of the factors involved,

and to create a plan of action for their cosmetic enhancement journey. And those are just the ongoings prior to the actual procedure.

one of the primary reasons why newer,

The pros and cons before undergoing any cosmetic surgery could be of help in term of decision making, whether to proceed or not.

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and typical life events to dedicate days or even weeks to healing after a surgical procedure. While this recovery process can be minimized with the proper precautions and techniques, it’s not altogether avoidable.

and typical life events to dedicate days or even weeks to healing after a surgical procedure. While this recovery process can be minimized with the proper precautions and techniques, it’s not altogether avoidable.

As we mentioned,

the post-procedural downtime of many plastic surgery treatments simply cannot be avoided.

It can, however, be effectively minimized or reduced. The best way to decrease potential recovery time is to receive quality care and attention from board-certified plastic surgeons that are experts in their respective specialities.

At CosmetiCare, our award-winning surgeons work tirelessly and perform procedures with the utmost care with the specific goal of optimizing outcomes while minimizing the need for recovery.

Of course, after the surgery is over, a large part of the responsibility is then placed on the patients to help themselves recover.

While CosmetiCare will always be there to aid in the recovery process in whatever ways that we can, patients will see much better outcomes if they can treat their bodies appropriately during this time.

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maintaining healthy diets, quitting smoking, resting the specified areas of your body,

applying lotions or ointments, and getting plenty of quality sleep. A post-surgery healthy lifestyle can drastically reduce the time it takes for your body to heal.

Downtime can also be easily negotiated into existing schedules when patients are able to plan appropriately.

Utilizing vacation days, planning surgery during optimal seasons, and preparing work and family life ahead of time can allow patients to ostensibly schedule their post-surgical downtime into their normally busy lives.

leads to minimized stress and anxiety, which then in turn leads to healthier and faster recovery processes.

Another factor often avoided when analyzing the pros and cons of plastic surgery is the financial cost.

It’s true, cosmetic procedures do require money. And while a few patients are able to bare these costs without a second thought, the majority are forced to reckon with the potential burdens. Dollar signs can often be enough scare away would-be patients, leaving them unfortunately unable to experience benefits of plastic surgery.

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There are two things to keep in mind here. First, the cost of plastic surgery should not be the determining factor in your decision to undergo treatment. This might seem counterintuitive to everything that you know about finding

deals or good consumer purchasing habits. However

cosmetic surgery really isn't something that should be bargained for.

These are serious medical procedures that can end up being a lot more costly if patients rely on doctors who cut corners or use unconventional tactics in order to skimp out on costs. Revision rates and patient dissatisfaction are extremely high in these types of circumstances.


many patients operate under the incorrect assumption that ‘surgery is surgery’ and that it’s okay to visit less-than-pristine practices in order to save few bucks.

It’s important to understand that these are life-changing, permanent decisions being made and as with any type of medical procedure, quality should always be the top priority.

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We understand that highly rated surgical centers are often paired with higher costs, which brings us to our second point.

we offer three incredible opportunities for patients to finance their cosmetic enhancement journeys. These financing

solutions provide extremely low monthly payments,

low or zero interest rates, and unparalleled customer service and support. Click here to learn more about the special financing options at CosmetiCare and see just how

Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery

If you are considering cosmetic surgery, you will want to read and understand the pros and cons of the various procedures.

If so, then it’s important that you weigh the varying pros and cons before determining if, when and what types of cosmetic surgery is right for you.

There are a lot of risks and plenty of rewards to cosmetic surgery.

It all depends on what you are looking for. Below we’ve outlined the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery.

Pros of Cosmetic Surgery

one of the reasons most people get cosmetic surgery is because they want to fix or change the way they look. Looks are incredibly important and there’s no denying that cosmetic surgery can not only enhance your exterior, but also build confidence internally as well.

with a heightened self esteem comes a much better social life. You can feel confident strutting your stuff knowing that you look your absolute best.

i think it is beneficial to look more pretty but it has more disadvantages from its advantages so a person must ignore this.

Problems and consequences of cosmetic surgery

1 Skin necrosis
2.Skin allergy
3.Allergic infections
4.Delayed healing process
6.Excessive bleeding
8.Drug reaction
9.Damage of a particular area
10.Adverse effect such as implantation reaction

#I am personally against cosmetic surgery
To me,that's the highest display of low self esteem.

So I would say , Say no to cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is up to everyone to decide for themselves. But who are they to say it anyway when they didn't choose the face they had.

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The topic of today:
The Pros of cosmetic surgery for many people is to see better, better physical and thus increase their self-esteem.

And the cons of this practice, is the cause of health damage to be subjected to this type of surgery.

Pro: maximum beauty. Conts: very expensive

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there are only cons in which at the beginning it is beauty until you become addicted and you end up ruining your face and body.

Pros .. A big ass and cons surgery ( big risk)

While not abusing it can be positive, but I have seen older people perform so many surgeries and both stretch the skin of their faces that end up looking like masks of wax, without the ability to express a gesture other than opening their eyes, which They are unpleasant, so stretched they are.

It's good to know it exists. It's bad to know that some people overuses it.

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