Bunnypuncher's daily giveaway 7/26/2018 - 15 SBD total in prizes

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It's your upvotes that make this contest happen.

Daily giveaway 7/26/2018.

First Place: @tokek
Second Place: @reaper99
Third Place: @abiaulia
Fourth Place: @ashu123
Fifth Place: @cryptomonitor
Sixth Place: @davidjossy
Seventh Place: @good.karnaa
Eighth Place: @yuniswett454

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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

First Place: 5 SBD
Second Place: 3 SBD
Third Place: 2 SBD
Fourth Place: 1 SBD
Fifth Place: 1 SBD
Sixth Place: 1 SBD
Seventh Place: 1 SBD
Eighth Place: 1 SBD

The daily give-a-way winner will be selected at random from people that comment on this post. And I'll announce the winner the following day on the next day's contest post. I'll pull the list of entries from the comments approximately 24 hours after the post depending on my schedule. So unless you see the following day's post go ahead and add a comment. I'll will include entries right up to the last minute before I post the result and next contest.

To keep this simple and workable there will only be one rule.

#1) Leave a comment

Suggested Daily Topic

The daily topic for today is:

What Are the Five Greatest Inventions of All Time?

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:
BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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Hi Steemians, how's your day going? I don't know you but i'm super excited for this upcoming, very powerfull, full moon and lunar eclipse. I've got my gear ready to capture, what i believe is going to be, an awesome show on the biggest screen in the world, the sky. I like this contest because there are no limitations and someone can come up with his own topic to share. It's a good way to engage with the community, it's fun and fair for everyone. Thanks @bunnypuncher for create this content, i would like also to wish you my gratitude for being an honest and kind person. In those days it's hard to find a good soul like you. I wish everyone an amazing day, ciao :)


Thank you for the kind words.

  1. Wheel
  2. Printing Press
  3. Integrated Circuit
  4. Light Bulb
  5. Al Gore inventing the Internet!
  1. George Foreman Grill
  2. The Clapper
  3. Snuggie
  4. Moonshoes
  5. Slapchop
  • wheels
  • steam engine
  • Compass
  • phone
  • the paper


  1. Electricity
  2. Computer
  3. Mobile
  4. Microscope
  5. Telescope

Pretty much agree with what you said.

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wheel -fire- light bulb- internet- phone


My vote isn’t worth much yet but this made my day!


🖖 and I hear ya on the vote thing :D







Life, medicine, the internet, telephones and electricity.


Life, medicine, the
Internet, telephones and

                 - daines

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Social media
Green revolution
World war


Lot of big discoveries happens during world war

The best inventions @bunnypuncher, are:

  • The car/ El coche
  • The wheels/ La rueda
  • The electricity/ La electricidad
  • Water supply/ Suministro de agua
  • The smartphones/ Los smartphones






  • The wheel
  • Combustion engine
  • Penicillin
  • the antibiotics

It is very good daily contest,I want to participations it and hopefully I win it.

  1. Micro processors
  2. Internet
  3. Telecommunication
  4. Vaccine
  5. Paper

penicillin - automobile television - refrigerator - fire

  1. Antibiotic
  2. Electricity
  3. Airplane
  4. Computer
  5. Internet
  1. Stone tools
  2. Controlling fire
  3. Agriculture
  4. Money
  5. Writing

No only one
Just I very happy ;)

Great Stuff foam insulation spray
Impact driver

Internet, Bitcoin, Steemit, the drone and solar energy.

electricity, computers, cellphones, wifi and engines

All the sincere medical advances
steam engines

Makin' random comments and revolution, agriculture, political philosophy, machinery and transportation.

New crypto, technology, smartphones, deadly equipments and electronics devices

  1. internet
  2. electricity
  3. telephon
  4. programs and
  5. algorithm.

5 great discoveries.

Nice.. The discovery in the world is a fire, language, mesiu, money and network..

The greatest inventions throughout history include electricity, machinery, electronic devices, computers and the Internet. thanks.

here is a historic discovery that transforms a modern life.
#electricity, #electronics, #internet, #magnetic, and #computers.






The greatest discoveries in history include Internet, telephone, machine, money and electricity nice to know you..

Wheel ,internet ,social media, currency, Electricity

man, the heavens, earth, angels, printing press

writing, printing press, electricity, computers, Internet

Paper, Zipper, telephone, electricity, penicillin

Writing, currency, electricity, muscle cars, and Toblerone.

a number 0 algorithm, computers, internet, electricity and lights that until now illuminate all corners of the world. it is a discovery that can change the circumstances to date.

For me:





AMC's Breaking Bad xD

  1. The internet.
  2. The airplane.
  3. The cellphone.
  4. The lightbulb.
  5. Any artificial medicine.

Nice.. The greatest discovery in the world is machine, electrical, language, weapon, and medicine.. Thank you

Aeroplanes is one of great discovery and writing, electrical, machine and computer

Electrical, computers, internet, Aeroplanes and machine.. That's all the greatest discovery..

Writing, penicillin, electricity, phone and Steemit

Electricity, Automobile, Telephone, Antibiotics, Computer

The greatest discovery is car, Aeroplanes, weapon, oil and Internet..

The biggest discovery is a money, machine, internet Aeroplanes and electrical toll.. Thank you

  1. The printing press(1430s)
  2. Electricity (19th century)
  3. Penicillin (1928)
  4. Semiconductor electronic (mid 20th century) became the building block modern industrial world.
  5. Optical lense (13 century) reflicting lights through glass.

Than you!!

Hi; Wheel, Incandescent lamp, Automobile, Computer, Internet

  1. Steam machines
  2. Phones
  3. Internet
  4. Nanotechnology
  5. Block chain


-printing press
-alternating current

Thanks Bunny for this, is like a free lotto

I think the most important is:

  • Internet
  • Camera
  • Wheel
  • Portable Music
  • Chocolate

I think the greatest inventions of all time are

  • the toilet
  • electricity
  • ibuprofen
  • computers
  • swimming pools


There are more, and maybe more important ones. But these are the ones I could come up with by now.


  ·  2년 전

in fact everything has been important!

internet, televicion, cars, telephones, electricity

fire, writing, television, light bulb, internet

inventions such as electricity, computers, telephones, the Internet and the numbers can be counted as a discovery that is severely affected for modern life as it is today.

wheels, steam engine, compass, telephone and paper








eSight 3: glasses that give sight to the blind

television fire missiles Block-chain steemit

The fire, the wheel, the printing press, the birth control pills, the Internet!

fire wheel printing press Internet steemit :)

I'm ready to win some price!

Telescope, Internet, Smartphone, Bitcoin, Steem!




  • CAR.


Internet, phone, transportation, electricity, medical equipment

Five great inventions ever:

  1. Television
  2. Car
  3. Cellphone
  4. Computer
  5. Penicillin.

The world has become a little bit easier because of this inventions. Have a nice day all.

  1. Internet
  2. Mobile phones
  3. Computers
  4. Airplanes
  5. Cars

Running water , heating, stemcel trearment, to grow crops, airplane

• Tv
• Internet
• Movies
• cars
• the wheel

  1. Telephone
  2. Airplane
  3. Electricity
  4. Light Bulb
  5. World Wide Web



Mobile phone.

Printing press.

Modern computer.

In their order of usefulness I would say:

  1. Electricity
  2. Internet
  3. Radio technology
  4. Sound technology
  5. Space technology

1.Nano Technology

  1. Speed Train
  2. Missiles
  3. Vaccines
    5, Lie Detectors
  ·  2년 전

#5: Optical Lenses (13th Century) Reflecting light through glass.
#4: Semiconductor Electronics (Mid-20th Century)
#3: Penicillin (1928)
#2: Electricity (Late 19th Century)
#1: The Printing Press (1430s)

Good blog @bunnypuncher for giveaway

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My top 5 inventions of all time:

  1. The wheel
  2. Steam engine
  3. Pennicilin
  4. Airplanes
  5. The internet

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1 Love
2 patience
3 tolerance
4 the understanding
5 charity

without those 5 things nothing of what exists in the world would have importance

  • Electricity
  • Combustion Engines
  • Mobile Phones
  • Cars
  • Internet

Combustion Engines Mobile
Phones Cars Internet

                 - davllinc007

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


The Five Greatest Inventions of All Time



-steemit :-)


  1. wheels
  2. steam engine
  3. compass
  4. phone
  5. paper
  1. wheels
  2. steam engine
  3. compass
  4. phone
  5. paper
  1. wheels
  2. steam engine
  3. compass
  4. phone
  5. paper
  1. wheels
  2. steam engine
  3. compass
  4. phone
  5. paper

Electric kettle, showers, indoor toilets, prescription glasses and cochlear implants.

Hi bunny,

  1. Boats and rafts enabled people to reach distant lands, travel up rivers, fish rich offshore regions, and travel far, bringing trade items and gaining wealth.

  2. Fire allowed people to cook foods that would not have been edible in a raw state. The warmth of fire improved the comfort of life and helped infants and sick or injured people rest and recuperate. Without fire it would have been impossible for people to settle in areas of cold climate.

  3. Writing allowed people to tell stories, send messages, keep records, ask questions and teach new skills, without ever speaking or being present.

  4. Flint-knapping gave people various kinds of tools; knives, burins, scrapers, arrow and spear heads.

  5. Taming of livestock and dogs improved life tremendously. The dogs protected campsites from predators and helped hunters catch prey. Cattle, goats and sheep made nourishing children easier, with dairy products and meat.


  1. fire
  2. language
  3. wheels
  4. gunpowder
  5. money

Thanks for the contest. Inventions we know about as a public? That’s a tough one.

The wheel
The cars
The computers
The mobile phone

Electricity is pretty awesome. Stream engine was a game changer then internal combustion engine. Solar power. I hear "sliced bread" saved humanity at some point.

  1. wheels
  2. money
  3. electricity
  4. telecommunications
  5. world wide transaction
  1. Phone
  2. electricity
  3. aircraft
  4. light bulbs
  5. Worldwide Web

Agriculture, writing and the wheel. Also Linux.

  1. mobile phone
  2. DNA test
  3. 3D printing
  4. Application startup
  5. Genetically engineered forests


Five greatest inventions of all times are

  1. Electricity
  2. Printing Press
  3. Penicillin
  4. semiconductor electronics
  5. optical lenses

The fire, the electricity, the wheel, the coin, the credit cards.

  • Blockchain
  • Nap
  • Gazpacho
  • Holidays
  • Pub

First, there are those inventions that allowed greater communication between human beings, opening the doors to the development of our spice, such as writing, printing press, and the telephone. Then there are those who have improved our life and health, such as antibiotics and birth control pills.

engines, lamps, electronics, electricity and algorithms became the most useful invention of the modern era.

electric power, hydro power, satellites, computers, vehicles

The electricity, the wheel, the phone, the laser, the internet.

  1. The sandwich
  2. Airconditioning
  3. The mute button
  4. Cheese
  5. Television
  1. The wheel (3,500 a.C.
  2. The incandescent lamp (1897).
  3. The car (1769).
  4. La computer (1942).
  5. Internet (1969).

The discovery of the boat of the prophet nuh found by the experts

I have found a beautiful artwork at the aceh tsunami museum

The discovery of mermaids that horrend Makassar society, Indonesia in 2015 ago

Netflix :)

The discovery of mermaids that horrend Makassar society, Indonesia in 2015 ago

  1. electricity
  2. the car
  3. the phone
  4. the computer
  5. internet

In the year 2014 and then I managed to find an object when the sun is sunken where the sky is maroon red that appalled the residents where I live

I think the greatest discovery in history was the discovery of ancient human fossils

Good night friend steemit
Nice your contest
Good job broeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Air Aconditioner
  • Cinematography
  • Netflix
  • PRINT.
  • Electricity
  • Cars
  • Clothes
  • Fire
  • Me


The Computer
The Airplane
The Internet
The Smartphone

Electricity, Printing Press, semiconductor electronics, optical lenses, solar energy

  1. Cars
  2. Television
  3. Telephones
  4. Washing Machine
  5. Coffee!

Hello the most important inventions of the modern era are: The Telephone, The Cellular Phone, The Computer, The Internet, The microwave oven. Greetings, this time I have the luck to be one of the winners.

The five greatest inventions of all time are:
1-The writing
2-The wheel
3-The printing press
4-The electric bulb
5-The Computer
Each corresponds to a period in history in which humanity took a qualitative leap in its development.

For me the five most important inventions are:
a. First the needle, which allowed man to build coats to withstand changes in temperature and thus move further away from their caves.
b. The second was the wheel, for the ability to move and transport heavy objects that we provided
c. The third electricity, it is obvious the unspeakable amount of benefits that gives us
d. Fourth the phone that we shorten the time and distance
and. Fifth at this point I find myself undecided between the Internet and the Blockchain for opening the doors to a future that we have not yet managed to glimpse at all.

  • BEER!!
  • Motor engine
  • Medicine
  • Internet
  • Phone

In my opinion, the greatest inventions of all time are electricity, language, money, internet, and gunpowder for fire arus... Thank @bunnypuncher

Having consulted several websites on the Internet I consider that the five best inventions of all time, which have had the greatest impact on the development of how we live today are:.
The wheel
The car
The computer

the internet, the telephone, the cryptomonedas, the airplanes and the cars

Hello @bunnypuncher, thank for the opportunity!

In my opinion the greatest inventions of all times are:

  1. Medicine

  2. Internet

  3. Electricity


  1. Cellphones


Printing Press

Some researchers find surprising facts that are not accidental. So at first the fire was discovered when they grabbed a tree in their surroundings and when it was discovered from the start of the fire.

Gradually people began to learn to make fire as well as one way by rubbing the logs or using stoned stones to create sparks. The discovery of this fire also encouraged civilization at that time.

The heyday of Thomas Edison stems from the invention of bulb lamps, where it wants to compete with traditional lighting using oil and gas. The first lamp bulb found to survive for 1000 hours, which he then perfected so it can be used in homes, roads and other public places.

At the age of 12 years, edison is not a person who is too smart in school lessons, while the teacher is not too fond of edison because he always asked the same thing over and over. In the end her mother took herself out of school and taught her own edison. She remembered that her mother was the one who taught her, was honest with herself and convinced herself, where Edison felt that she had something to strive for and she was not disappointed.

It can be said that he is the most talented mathematician of all time. Archimedes proposes mechanical and hydrostatic sciences, aiming at the innovation of a lever or lever that can be used to move heavy objects with little force.

Things are getting easier now because they are not getting out of inventions. But you know what is the most important discovery of all time?

There is currently no man-made machine with manual labor just like animals or human labor to do everything.

Did you know that the foundation of any discovery until now it has a purpose to facilitate humans in doing every job

The discovery of fire indirectly creates colonial lifestyles and assembles because early humans are afraid of the dark approaching the source of fire.

This encourages the creation of a communication system that we know the language. Here human civilization then advanced quite rapidly and communication between humans spread throughout the earth's land.

As we know it today, comfort is present because of the discoveries from the Middle Ages to the present day in the days of modern man.

Currently the development of technology can not be denied, let alone technology-based smartphone (smart phone) where almost everyone has it now. With the ease of internet access everyone can talk to each other from great distances, even send images and video sharing widely throughout the world through a website-based application.

1- The Lamp / electricity
2- The Wheel
3- Internet
4- Certain medicines
5- Computers

Not necessarily in this order.

Before the satellite was invented, navigation was done using a compass. Compass is a navigation tool in the form of a magnetic arrow that is able to align itself with the earth magnet accurately. The direction of the designated winds is north, south, east and west. When used with a sexy clock, the result will be more accurate.

Telephone is a communication tool used to deliver voice messages and operates through signal transmission in the power grid.

Through his discoveries, scientists make human life easier so that the quality of life increases

I want to suggest different things. This is my choices.

Five Greatest Inventions of All Time

  1. Book
  2. Ink
  3. Lens
  4. Transistor
  5. Wheel

They made others inventions possible.

interesting historical discoveries are the secret of money.

Have you ever imagined if there were no inventors or engineers trying to bring people into a new civilization, humans might not be able to communicate with each other at great distances and humans would sail to send messages between countries.

With the rapid communication system, distance then becomes a problem when a human wants to visit other human beings. Bad forests and terrestrial conditions become obstacles before finally a round object with the center axis is found, this thing we are familiar with the name of the wheel. Human civilization then developed again with the creation of the train, the first vehicle found by humans.

Before doing human communication very hard to communicate remotely

But without the discovery, undoubtedly we are still living in a civilization that is not as advanced now.

We can be grateful because at this time our life is much better than the primitive era.

The internet, cell phones, cryptomes, computers and air conditioning

the invention that has been advanced from the previous centuries to be one of the existing technological innovations at this time.

Edison once said that all of his inventive methods came from hard work, repeated trials and failures. Until at the end of his life he has been patenting more than 1000 copyright.

During the lifetime of Alexander Graham Bell the greatest influence in the creation of the telephone came from his mother and his wife. Where most of his research aims to create a hearing machine until finally created the phone.

Munitions are the greatest discovery in human civilization because they produce ideas for creating weapons of war that are very far away, such as firearms, cannons, etc.

So far, it is not known who first created the wheel. However, never found a wheel that is estimated to have been more than 5 thousand years old. Due to its main use to move things from one place to another, the wheel is widely used in the field of transportation.

So far, it is not known who first created the wheel. However, never found a wheel that is estimated to have been more than 5 thousand years old. Due to its main use to move things from one place to another, the wheel is widely used in the field of transportation.

  1. BTS (along with armys)
  2. Steemit
  3. Crypto
  4. All kind of vehicles
  5. WC

Peace! ✌

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It can be said that Nikola Tesla was the most brilliant inventor of his time and philanthropist, where most of his designs and inventions were patented by other inventors, among them dynamo, x-ray, and radar.

It can be said that Nikola Tesla was the most brilliant inventor of his time and philanthropist, where most of his designs and inventions were patented by other inventors, among them dynamo, x-ray, and radar.

When electricity is not found and everything works mechanically, the steam engine is an integral part of human life. The Industrial Revolution will not be able to run without the existence of a steam engine.

Benjamin Franklin is known as one of the founding fathers of the United States, and is the one who contributed to the making of the Declaration of Independence.

His most famous discovery to date is the lightning rod, where he hypothesizes that lightning is an electric current. In conducting his hypothetical test he used a kite during a rainstorm

Perhaps, the steam engine is the 'ancestor' of all the machines on earth.

At the time discovered by Alexander Graham Bell, few people have a phone, including my grandmother .. hehe

can you imagine how the explorers should determine the direction when traveling during the day or when the night is overcast?

It can be argued that the most astonishing mathematical discovery of Archimedes is pi which has so far been used in mathematical calculations of circular calculations, pi finding is based on calculus calculations created by Archimedes. Even he also found one of the laws of physics that is the center of gravity.

Lots of inventions that have occurred throughout the lifetime of human beings on earth, hundreds or even thousands of inventions.

The Nobel Prize is a hot topic discussed by the global community lately. This can not be separated from the discoveries that make the creator 'rewarded' award-shaped medals and some money. Yes, discovery is the main idea.

With the presence of wheels, various aspects of life progress. Thus, it can be said that the wheel is the opening gate for other innovations throughout history.

When further thought, discovery is one of the essential elements to advance civilization.

James Watt is the inventor of the steam engine. It can be said that the increase of CO2 gas in the air from industrial products comes from the beginning of the invention of the steam engine. Yet his inventions have transformed the world's industry and made him the father of the industrial revolution.

Tim Berners Lee An inventor of the World Wide Web (WWW) that is currently used by billions of websites worldwide.

  ·  2년 전

Humans are social beings, even since the first humans are created, they need each other. This creates a barter system in primitive human social life. But since the money was found, the barter system disappeared. Without the discovery of the money system, we must bring a horse from Indonesia to exchange for a TV in China.😊😊

Wheel, Fire, Internet, Block-chain & Honesty

Steam engines are machines that use heat energy in water vapor and convert it into mechanical energy. The steam engine used to be a locomotive and ship pump which made it very important in the role of the Industrial Revolution. The invention of the steam engine made humans build large factories for the benefit of industry.

The invention of the steam engine made humans build large factories for the benefit of industry.

The virtual transaction system creates an entirely new business system and money exchange, stock examples, investments, etc. In addition, this invention resulted in a credit card payment system that became a breakthrough system popular in the world.

Galileo Galilei, a distinguished astronomer, physicist, mathematician and engineer with his invention in the form of telescopes, thermometers and compasses. Until the end of his life he became a house prisoner because it is against the Catholic church.

Of all the findings, there are at least five discoveries which, since their benefits to life are considered the greatest inventions of all time, are:
Wheels, Steam engines, compass, telephone and paper ..

For methe Five Greatest Inventions of All Time are:

Cell phone

Generally the inventor of a telephone that is better known to the public is Alexander Graham Bell, but it seems history must be rewritten because it is an immigrant from Florence (Florence), Italy named Antonio Meucci who invented the phone in 1849 and patented his work in 1871. , Alexander Graham Bell was known as the father of the telephone, but on June 11, 2002 at the United States congress, Antonio Meucci was designated as the inventor of the telephone

Compass has been used since the 14th century and is still a navigation system for explorers. Although navigation now can be done more easily using satellites, the existence of the compass is especially in the century of irreplaceable exploration in the history of human civilization. Along with the steam engine, the compass helps a nation interact with other nations.

Video game
whats app

Air plane,
And Ball..hehe

  ·  2년 전

Good luck to everyone

Please help me with your SBD..😀😀😀

Along with the steam engine, the compass helps a nation interact with other nations.

  1. Satellite.
  2. Engine..
  3. Compass..
  4. Telephone..
  5. Car..

I love you

Although navigation now can be done more easily using satellites, the existence of the compass is especially in the century..

Redes sociales

The sons of Minnie Marx, Harpo, Cheeko, Groucho, Zeppo and Gummo

hello everybody. I am too excited to find this giveaway. hope you all find it helpful.

Kontes yang sangat hebat,semoga saya bisa memenangkannya..

This contest is very good,.

Steam engine
And let's not forget the greatest of al steemit lol

I will highlight just one, and that we will all have by law in common The Internet!! ;D Saludos

The calculus
The internet
The videogames
The pizza
And steemit xD

  • Internet
  • Telecommunication
  • Phone
  • TV.
  • Plastic surgery

I am really impressed with your idea @bunnypuncher keep it up you are providing us great opportunity to win some money on this blog also engage us here.
Greatest innovations are:

the car
the phone
the Internet

the car
the phone
the Internet

Eye glasses

it's really a great work.thanks for your kind work. @bunnypuncher

  • electricity
  • vehicles
  • virtual media
  • medicine
    *crypto world including steemit

Hi, first of all, thank you to bring this nice opportunity. As I consider our ancestor are those who lead the path for us- we became what we right now,so there contribution are- #Fire, #Farming including(preservation of food), #Minning( it started from prehistoric), #Writting (after this we create the philosophy of life), #Music , #painting and #wheels.

Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Blockchain
  • Computers
  • The Internet
  • Electricity
  • Sliced Bread

take a pillow, turn off the lights and sleep.

Me gustan los concursos!

Great way to help minnows like me

.PRINTING PRESS knowledge began freely replicating and quickly assumed a life of its own

.SEMICONDUCTOR ELECTRONICS it's the building block for the modern industrial world. They have also opened up a door to technological advancements that continue to astound today.

.PENICILLIN medicine cured disease and save world


.OPTICAL LENSES reflecting light throuh glass

The wheel
The antibiotic

  1. program
  2. internet
  3. electricity
  4. numbers and
  5. machines.

these are 5 best inventions in my opinion. please rate your @bunnypuncher


My family


telephones, electricity, airplanes, light bulbs and wheels

Five Greatest Inventions of All Time.

  1. Electricity
  2. Phones
  3. Clothes Washers and Dryers
  4. Internet
  ·  2년 전
  1. fire
  2. wheels
  3. electricity
  4. money
  5. aircraft
  1. language
  2. wheels
  3. fire
  4. electricity
  5. light bulb
  1. compass
  2. wheels
  3. paper
  4. fire
  5. phone

1- Electricity
2- bulb
3 pen and paper
4 phone
5 cars

The airplanes
The atomic bomb
The Nuclear Bomb
The gas
The kerosene


  1. Electricity
  2. Internet
  3. Phone
  4. Car
  5. Time
  1. Internet
  2. Computer
  3. Smartphone
  4. Things that related to medicine
  5. Electric/Bulb
  1. electricity
  2. money
  3. phone
  4. language
  5. compass
  1. Phone
  2. electricity
  3. aircraft
  4. light bulbs
  5. Worldwide Web
  1. mobile phone
  2. DNA test
  3. 3D printing
  4. Application startup
  5. Genetically engineered forests
  1. gunpowder
  2. money
  3. electricity
  4. telecommunications
  5. world wide transaction
  1. fire
  2. language
  3. wheels
  4. gunpowder
  5. money

Hello, Steemians out there. I am participating in this contest, lol. Thanks for making this @bunnypuncher. For me,


  1. ELECTRICITY - without it, no machinery works.
  2. WHEEL - for transportation purposes
  3. MEDICINES - for health purposes which started with Penicillin
  4. TELEPHONE - innovate to mobile phones
  5. INTERNET - for online communication and business purposes

All time great inventions:

-Social Media

i think

Sehr guter und sorgfältig recherchierter Beitrag, weiter so

  1. electricity
  2. light bulb
  3. airplanes
  4. internet
  5. medicine

the discovery of the greatest of all time including phone, Internet, electrical, mechanical and radio..

The five greatest inventions are:

  1. Airplane
  2. Medical Operations
  3. Internet
  4. Phone
  5. Computer.
  • The Worldwide Web
  • Airplane
  • Electricity
  • Telephone
  • Semiconductor Electronics


thanks for your information

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The greatest inventions are

  • Life
  • house
  • internet
  • money
  • machines

he enviado 154366254524562456214582 comentarios y nunca he ganado !! :0

This is an interesting contest, I haven't seen such before. all power to you. hope you grow well. and for sure it is a good initiative for newbies and other steem mates too.