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Thank you everyone that has been upvoting and participating in my other contests. This one had such good feed back I'm going to increase the prizes to 15 SBD for today's contest. There will now be:

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Suggested Daily Topic

The daily topic for today is:

Is ‘Be Yourself’ Bad Advice?

In case you don't know who I am here is my intro post from way back:
BunnyPuncher Don’t worry your bunnies are “fairly” safe!

Story of an honest Steemian. Honesty in today's world it still exists!!

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That depends on how you look at it. Naturally I would say its not a bad advice, being yourself is the best you can do for yourself. It saves you the stress of trying so hard to be something you're not; and people would appreciate you better for your sincerity. It the contest of business I'll say its bad advice. You have to create a picture for your clients to see. The image they see isn't what's real its the impression you give. Someone once told me

you have to fake it to make it.

If I'm pursuing a big contract I do not be myself I become the person they want me to be. I rent a better car, get a better suit, book a five star hotel for the meet and at the end i earn myself a life changing contract. So "be yourself" is both good and bad advice

Nice question @bunnypuncher, my answer is no, it's the best advice someone can give you. Many people misunderstand what it really means to be yourself, because they don’t have a deep vision of it and they look themselves in the mirror thinking that the person they see is who they really are. In order to find yourself and understand who you really are, you have to look inside you. We all come to this world with a purpose and every each one of us have to find is own one. If you try to be someone else or if you live your life wishing to be someone else you will never be happy and you will never find fulfilment. There are two big mistake that people do: the first one is that many people depend from other people and by doing that they are not in control of their life. The second one is that many of us don’t have self confidence and they compare themselves to others, ending up feeling worthless and lost, thinking they will never achieve success in their life. You are unique and special, in all the different aspect of your personality. It is all about finding who you are and accepting the way you are. Only then you will start to realise that you don’t need to change and you are amazing just the way you are, because you will find your passion and what you are good at so you can follow your purpose and feel happy. An important aspect of life to keep in mind is timing. During your journey you will understand that sometimes you will have to be patient and to trust the process, everything comes to you at right moment.

Depends on your goals. In sales you can't always be yourself, because you have to be a reflection of the person you're trying to sell to.

In today life it is not bad, it is practical

Don't be fake.
If you have to be fake, don't, just become that person you are faking to be.

Be Yourself IS sometimes a bad descision. If you are having bad habits, they will always hurt yourselves or others. And almost nobody has no bad habits at all.

No...that's if u truly want to be happy.
Trying to please every one by pretending to be someone else is so hard, overwhelming and depressing. I have discovered that whenever you are been the real you, you are happier. Whether the real you is good or bad.


i agree with u, you just have to be yourself and if the other person doesn't like it, it's fine. It's just how life goes, it's not being selfish. If you please everyone you won't enjoy your life. It's all about finding balance. Be kind with everyone but not stupid. Great comment bro


thank you for your sharing and i like it !
I want to share with you about "Short space of time to Phú Yên in Vietnam"

"Be yourself!" ~ Advice that's given to people who want to court someone, and advice that will result in an eyeroll. From my understanding, in some countries people don't care "who" you are but rather "what" you can give them, and thus... the advice is irrelevant.

Some people aren't so material/monetarily driven though... so, the advice could be useful depending on the people involved. :P


I respect your opinion and i get your point of view but i still believe that you can be yourself in any situation, for me it does not matter where you are, who you are or what you believe in. When you have a deep understanding of life, when you really know yourself and more important when you are in control of your mind, you have the ability to be yourself all the time. You may have to adapt to the situation but that doesn't mean you have to change the way you are, you just approach the situation in a different way. This is the way i look at it and please don't get me wrong, i'm not trying to criticize you. I'm not saying that i'm right or wrong, i just like to say my point of view and i also like to hear what other people thinks, that's all. Have a great day @kaelci and thanks for sharing your thought


My point of view was my being mostly facetious. :) But thank you for sharing your opinion.

A lesson that works not just for favors and praise, but for happiness. Humble and sincere, that's a sign of happiness. The word work motivation is what you need to plant


Nice comment mister @morinho, happiness is really important. I've heard you are about to join the Manchester United? Is it true? :) just joking, have a great day

is the way to express originality, we will be the same in many things, but we feel in different ways


We feel and also think in different way. I preferer to be real and to be myself, for many reason and one of them is that being yourself comes naturally, without having to think continuosly.

  ·  3년 전

All people can change the style of behavior depending on in what company they are. It quite naturally. However it is bad only if, changing the behavior you don't begin "to play a other role ". So, for example, going with girlfriends to cafe, you cheerfully laugh and without respite stir about everything on light. But, coming to work, you become more serious, reject thoughts "not on business" and talk only when it is necessary. Such behavior model is absolutely normal, any sane person understands that the situation otherwise provokes to concrete behavior.

always be yourself your essence is the most important


that's right

Well.. here's the winner @pitboy of today's giveway. ;)

I think the answer is a clear “NO"

For the majority, ‘be your self’ is in reality terrible advice. … no one desires to see your authentic self. :(

The next time people say 'just be yourself' you have to stop it in your tracks. Nobody wants to hear everything that goes through our mind. We just want us to live up to what comes out of our mouths "

Being yourself is the best way to live life , it is quite difficult to pretend to be what you are not...

Not at all to make a good example for the entire population

Is ‘Be Yourself’ Bad Advice?

No.. But, as we all know, life is very complex and few things are a simple black and white answer, most answers are a shade of grey.

Be yourself but always aspire to be a better person. Who do you want to be in five years, and how are you going to achieve that goal? Do not shy away from who you want to become, even if it may sound stupid to others. We all have great potential but most are scared to achieve their greatness!

Your education should begin once you leave school and continue until your last breath.
Plato said that Socrates stated that "The only thing I know is that I know nothing". Always strive to learn more, even if it's in a topic that you believe yourself to be an expert in. Listen to other's point of view, try and understand things from their perspective.

Your integrity counts for a lot. It will be your calling card. If you constantly let others down, lie, or manipulate then people will eventually lose trust in you and even avoid.
Sometimes we can do this without thinking, sometimes it's out of a sense of fear or ignorance.

If that is the case, then aspire to become a better person. Learn from your mistakes and try to improve yourself. You will only ever fail if you do not learn from your mistakes, so if need be then make mistakes whilst trying to grow as an individual. You will only fail if you give up and do not learn!

So be yourself, but have a vision of who you want to be in five years and work on becoming that person.
Spent at least 30 minutes every day focused on improving you, not necessarily just your technical skills but your personal and interpersonal skills. Books by Dale Carnegie such as "How to Win Friends and Influence People" will help you to become a better person in a social setting. We do not live in a vacuum, we need others. This can be difficult to understand, especially when we've been hurt or let down by others. Sometimes we may need to move elsewhere and start a new...

If you're good in a social setting but want to become a speaker then you can do so. Work on your weak areas, if it's your voice then study Judy apps "voice of influence" to give yourself a voice that will carry your message to the masses.

Be yourself my friends but also work towards who you want to become in five years time. You all have great potential within yourselves and you can achieve this with a little bit of work.

My final piece of advice, stop always trying to please others and the expense of yourselves, I know that this is hard, especially when you're lonely but work on yourself find out what makes you happy. Sometimes we can be lonely in a crowded room, find out what makes you happy. Look deep down inside yourself and find out what that is and reach for it, this will take time. You have but one life and you can achieve many great things in it as well as help your fellow man.

These are not hollow words. I've been broken to the point where I was scared to speak. I was once a Combat Medic in the Army but dreamed of working in Aerospace sector, now I am an Aerospace Engineer who helps vulnerable kids in Iraq and Turkey learn about STEM and what good they can do in this world.

Be yourself, but discover who it is you want to be and become that person!

What do you guys think? Was my answer to @bunnypuncher question any good or did I just confuse things?
Let me know in the comments below or check out my channel at @epicdave

Every time anyone Says that be yourself that means be like me ...so never follow that line ...don’t be yourself ..you do yourself

Only if you suck.

Its not a bad advice. It depend on situation and self functionality .

Be yourself. Because that's a great way to be.

It is also by theme quote😄😄


Be yourself is not a bad advice. In fact, it is the best advice you can ever give to yourself and to others. Why? The moment you decide to be someone else, you have given up your uniqueness. Not just your uniqueness, your identity too. Imagine a scenario where you enter a place filled with people who know you but not for who you are. They know instead because you behave like your elder sister. Instead of them calling you by your name, they call you by your sister's. Then you'll hear something like 'Hello Shiva's sister' How will that make you feel?
Also, you can never go wrong with being yourself. You may make grave mistakes trying to be who you're not but if you stick to being you, you can rest assured that you have nothing to fear.

it's the best we can do, we can not escape from ourselves

  ·  3년 전

Is not a bad advice but it can be misunderstood because be yourself doesn't mean "the hell with others" or "it doesn't matter whatever everyone thinks or feel".

It is good advice. Unless you are stupid, or scary, or stupid scary, then don't be yourself. In that case you should be your favorite superhero, preferably with cape.

No. It is not. Unless your name is Bunny puncher.

I'll leave my opinion in the form of music.

'' Do not forget the truth,
No poetry in half
If you suffer, again be born
Learn to survive,
To be happy is to know how to live ...
And the important thing was knowing that living is good to believe
And that there is no happiness in you is not you ''

Being yourself is excellent advice, without hypocrisy

I will only be myself if I win.... bad advice?

my peepee is hjuuuge

never do anything.

It's not entirely a bad advice,cause you cant force one to be what he is not,but sometimes what he/she may be wrong making a mistake is inevitable then,so it's not entirely wrong,.

The Graan controversy with that saying. For good or for bad it is done.

do not mind anything about other people, do something for yourself, do not ignore the people around you.

Everyone is as it is and now!

Giving the "Be Yourself" to people, to me is not so much a bad idea as it is an incomplete one. How can you be yourself when you have no idea about who you really are. You only can become what you know. I believe,instead of giving people the "Be Yourself" advice, we should give them this : Discover your purpose and become the best possible version of you to achieve your aim.

I think it very well can be. Work settings, in public etc but such places as first dates and other social vent of a closer setting I think you owe it to the other individuals to be yourself so there are no surprises later.

Unless you are a potential serial killer, there is nothing wrong with being yourself, it is the only way to be truly free and happy, why bind yourself to the chains of others?

The advice to be yourself will threaten some, and is easier to follow if you know yourself; and like what you are. :D

  ·  3년 전


Being yourself best attitude

Of course not, because I'm sure of who I am, although I'm not perfect, because the only perfect is God, I know what I should do and what I should not do.

Always be Bruce Willis

Nope. Far better to be true to yourself than living a lie.

  ·  3년 전

Always be yourself!

Thanks for the contest.

Neither good nor bad.

Is ‘Be Yourself’ Bad Advice?

I think this advice depends on context. I think what people mean by this most of the time is to be genuine. People don't like it when others show fake attitudes and opinions.

Of course though are certain situations where you wouldn't necessarily want to say everything you are thinking either.

my answer for this question, be yourself is a bad advice? I think it depends upon the situation. Sometimes you need to be yourself if the situation needs to be yourself that you will not think that there are people arounds you, that in every decision that you will make may be few of them they will not understand you, but that is the real you. However if you will not be yourself in any situation you only consider the feelings that may be you do not want to hurt others and you only want to please everybody so that they become happy or satisfied.

Be yourself is a good advice, but you can't be yourself only by saying or pretending that. First you must know yourself and meet your evil side in order to be nearer to your true self. Or thats what I think. Like other comments says, you don't have to listen to nobody and make your own way...

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it's a bad advice!!

Just be yourself ..no matter how crucial is the situation just do what you want.. And someday gradually they will understand you.

It depends on the situation, sometimes that advice may cause a mistake.


Be yourself, it is not the same as you ... The essence of being comes from the one is and must be shown facing the world as such. @bunnypuncher, we want to win jajajaj !!! Good luck for all of you.

In my opinion it is not bad. Sometimes you have to be special and do things others don't or are not used to do. Doing things differently can be innovative and life changing.

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No, because being yourself is the best think that you can do.

Makin' random comments and yah.

each person has his essence
and in each one it is different, we go on the road and find different environments and act well and everything will work out well, but if you act badly it will not be the same.

In these days people live in a world full of superficial things, much of what comes from the heart is missing.

This is very good in business.any way you earn money from steemit and you repay to your followers or comment place in your post.good luck..!

no, because pretending to be someone will soon fade and you'll be back as the real you. The people arround you will start to to confuse and don't like the new you. It's better to be yourself from the start and then it's for them if they will likebyou or not. True friends will remain if that friendship is true.

We love you bunnypuncher!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

I love my hater's,
Because they are my motivator's.

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Live what you are, because you are what you live.

Hi Mr. @bunnypuncher, thanks a lot for the contest that made me win some :)
Todays topics answer:
Be yourself is not a bad thing i guess if there is no bad something included.

No, everyone must show themselves as they are in any situation.

This post has received a 28.48 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @bunnypuncher.

We are always missing one side. "I (you)". When we know we will be unhappy, there is so much that we have to do and that we do. For others, we censor ourselves from others...

No, but depends of too many variables, for example, to be yourself is neccesary to know who you are, thats the startline, once you identified that and you are comfortable with that then yes, theres no doubt than you need to be yourself...

Thats the esence of each person, if you are not, hardly can answer the tough questions or know what to do in difficult task... the best thing than we can do in our lives its to know and be ourselves.

No you should always be yourself cause at some point you will start to act that way. Pretending to be something your not will only end up leading you to hurting someone or failing at something you are not really ready to do.

In this world, where almost everybody lie to get to the top. People pretend to stay relevant. So being yourself sometime is disregarded just to achieve a goal....but goals you achieve by being yourself is more satisfying.

At all, take out your inner self and be transparent as you are, a gift that few have.

No, rather I believe that the highest expression of oneself is what everyone's intuitively driven to.

It's the best you can do

no, be yourself is the good advice

No, the essence of your personality is the most important thing every day of your life.

I am from Indonesia follow me, I have the best news for you all and other interesting conten

Nope, everyone should be himself all the time

No , i think it is a good advice. Because by being yourself u actions are going to reflect what you are and you need not pretend and that is real essence of a good being.

Not a bad advice at all. Because in today's world no one is your's. So you have to do for yourself what you want to do. No one will do anything for you.


Great post!!

good advice makes people grow

Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

be yourself

Not at all.

  ·  3년 전

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Some people grow up finding theirself being unwanted by others due to their inheritant bad attitude.
So being theirselves is such a threat to the people around them and these might makes life a more complicated for them to cope.
Who want a bad person?
Yeah hardly few people want you with your flaws.
Despite the fact that many don't want to settle with a parasite being.
'Being yourself still remained the best advice for them, so as to find the rare one that will love you with all your perfect imperfections,
with their love and support you might later ended being what life expected you to be.
Even if you a bad type, Being real is what world will always appreciate.
So with my own perception, i think 'Be yourself' will remained a good advice forever.

yes i agree , being honest helps us in many ways , we always come out of difficult situation if we are honest, lets be honest and move forward, thank you

Upvote my comments and reply

It is the best advice that can be given! You have to be like one! without hypocrisy!

I hope I can be lucky this time :)

I wonder if most of the winners will have something in their comments about being your self...

Nope! Not at all.

Sometimes ;-) especially when it comes to dates or a Job interview

"Be yourself" is a bad advice, depending on the circumstance. For instance, telling an armed robber to be himself.

I love you

You are doing great work here mate! this giveaway can really help some people. I would also like to get one of those so ill be following for more such contest as i am new to steemit and these giveaway can really help me! Thank you for the contest :)

A very good advice
It's good to be oneself than letting other people's matter or what they feel about you bother you.

I don't think it's particularly bad advice, it just matters who your true self is. I think the biggest reason most people don't show their true self is that they're scared that they'll get judged. But you shouldn't be scared of that, no matter who you meet they will judge you, but that doesn't mean in a bad way. Surround yourself with people who accept you as your 'true self' and be happy with them!

I believe in luck

  ·  3년 전


Partly yes , partly no . People will always say just be yourself then some of them will judge of being yourself . sometimes we need to wear mask of either being ourselves or being what others want us to be for us to gain acceptance and love .

No, it isn't a bad advice.

Being original is key to living a fulfilling life.

  ·  3년 전

If you spend your time trying to be good at everything, you will never be great in anything

Some people want something to happen, some people hope it will happen, others make it come true

It entirely depends on who you really are. I mean I could naturally be a bad person but trying so hard to change and be good, is a good thing right. But pretending to be someone I am not is a bad thing just the same. I guess the better advice would be to become the best version of yourself.

Only those who dare to take risks far can definitely find How far a person can go

  ·  3년 전

You are blocking your dreams when you allow your fears to grow bigger than your beliefs

My parents are working too hard for me not so that I not only become an ordinary person but become an extraordinary person

When people say you've changed actually it's just because you stopped doing what they wanted you to do

God still loves you if there are still many trials and challenges of life that come to you. God believes that you are able to go through it, then keep that trust

Dare to take a decision then you have stepped 10 times faster to succeed

Every time you pass in vain just keeps you and farther away from the word success

A good advice, it's always good to be oneself!

Good decisions come from experience, and experience gained from bad decisions

Luck is when opportunity comes, you have matured with all the preparations

Work as if you do not need money, Love as if you will not Hurt and dance as if no one has seen you

Knowing is not enough we have to do it, the desire is not enough just with the chest we have to do it

We may be separated for a long time when we can not learn to grow older

I think it is a good advice, so long as the person being told such is a good person. But it becomes a scary advice when it is given to those criminal-minded individuals.

we should trying to be better everyday, after that changes come into ourself, so keep it 'be yourself'.

Be your selection is a good advice.. Because it is a polite Request.

Nice..be yourself is so beautiful Word..

That is a good message to becareful.

Very nice Word..

Not at all.

As a storywriter, you could be yourself in several stories . But sometimes to go beyond certain limits, you need to play the role of a different persona. So no, It isn't exactly bad advice.

No, within reason it is OK. However some amount of "filtering" is necessary if you are over 5 years old.

Advising a person to be himself /herself is not a bad advice at all. This is because being one's self makes life easier. When you try to be someone else, it's takes away the essence of you being created. Ever sat down to wonder why no two persons on earth have the same finger prints? It didn't just come to be. It was made that way purposefully because we were made uniquely. Also, being you is the best thing you can be. No one can do you better than you.


Is ‘Be Yourself’ Bad Advice?

I think not, but sometimes it's good to review how you are and what you can do better

No unless youre an performer.

Not necessarily. In some cases, it could be seen as bad advice, but people very often try to act like they are someone who they really aren't.

In some of these cases, this leads to awkward situations, missed opportunities and more disadvantageous & mostly unnecessary results.

In general, I'd consider it good advice, though in some specific cases it could be seen as bad advice.

Failure in life is common. The great thing is how you learn from the failure to succeed. Be happy when it fails because there God gives a lesson of sincerity.

Thanks for the opportunity!

It is not a bad advise to tell yourself and be you. Sometimes we need to level up and overcome our shyness and have more confident of our ownself, be bold and go out there. It’s the best move to take and trust our instinct. 🙂

The opportunity to find a better power within us arises when life looks very challenging
Joseph Campbell

Be yourself is bad but being better versin of yourself is great

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When you are squeezed, do not scream. Do not complain and feel upset, as if you are desperate. Pray with confidence and ask for a way out! Open your eyes and start looking.

  ·  3년 전

Improve basically change. Being perfect is a recurring change

Perfect or not today depends on you and your actions. When perfection is not accompanied by action, the perfection of life is impossible to realize.

Always remember these inspiring words! Failure is profit. When it fails, it means you are given time to learn. There is a time when you have to correct the plan that has been running.

Start moving and make changes. Perfection is a self-change that you do over and over. Without change, perfection is a mere dream and a rag to self.

Successful people will take advantage of mistakes and try again in different ways
Dale Carnegie

@Bunny, If you ask me, every time it's a bad advice. For a start, if somebody needs advice, it means that person doesn't know how to act in such a scenario. You wouldn't answer to someone who asked "how am I supposed to perform an open chest surgery?" "OH, JUST BE YOURSELF AND EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE!", so you should never use that generic and shallow advice when someone asks you for advice. Being yourself won't solve your doubts, and probably won't solve your problems. In a less dramatic example, if someone has troubles to mate, then he is probably doing something wrong, or in my particular case, not doing the correct things (I tend to over think, which is action's archenemy), and that's part of being oneself, so there is something about that notion of "yourself" that needs to change. One thing is trying to boost self-esteem, that's fine and good, but one can have self-esteem while acknowledging his or her flaws, and trying to fix them. At the end, the one who knows himself and works through his flaws will be more confident than the blissfully ignorant, because that person will be more likely to achieve results.

Always remember these inspiring words! Failure is profit. When it fails, it means you are given time to learn. There is a time when you have to correct the plan that has been running.

That is knowledge from experience. Whether it is bitter or sweet, experience remains at its highest function, knowledge for humans. This is the motivational word for yourself that experience is important to life

experience is the best teacher. Experience teaches you not to fall into the same mistake. When the first one fails, you will not use it again.

Aslong you dont disturb other people, no its not.

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Thx for this giveaway ;)

not bad ;0

Batman is here! :)

gainer will earn ^^

glory and win

Hello, transfer all your SBD to my purse, I would be very happy. regards

Yes you absolutely right. I believe that.

As always girl playing games ;p

In this life many people know what to do, but few do what he knows. Knowing is not enough, you must take action

Crying can release extra stress hormones, that's why we are crying after feeling better

God, I know that when I lose something you are preparing for the better for me

You can not change your past and do not worry too much about tomorrow. Today is a day that can change your future

  ·  3년 전

I think that there is something more important than just believing, the action of the World is full of dreamers, not many people dare to come forward and begin to take definite steps to realize their vision

i will not win lol

Win, money , and fame !

Big boys don’t cry.

Life is not easy, but you have to be able to find yourself in it.

I hope to win :)

The life is strange.

the best thing is to be yourself, that is your true essence, your true self


The best thing is to
Be yourself, that is your true
Essence, your true self

                 - andinayt

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hi @bunnypuncher, "be yourself" is not a bad advice. It is being who you are and not immitating anyone just to please other people. Thank you.

Hope everyone has a great day!

It is good filozofy but bad advice. There is no chance to always be yourself. U have to "act" at work, shops, school or when u wanna impress a girl. On the other hand if u always have to be u for all cost just to show ppl how cool u r or to be noticed - u r just shallow man. Important is how u see yourself and not how strangers see you.

the best thing is to be yourself, that is your true essence, your true self


The best thing is to
Be yourself, that is your true
Essence, your true self

                 - benemerito

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


All really depends on whether you are following a heroic narrative to its finality. Or, you have future authored your life, but, fell short of the intrinsic ideal. I have wrote a very interesting paper discussing said issue and have shown Jordan B Peterson to be flat out wrong about the non-sense he promotes. It is not bad advice if you have given that advice to yourself, rather than someone else telling you "I did this..." and you following the advice that someone else found success with...remember, they found the advice useful...but, it does not mean (by any stretch of the imagination) it will work for you. Just like self-help books, useless pieces of paper that are promoting help, not self-help i.e. if you helped yourself, you would not need to listen to someone else' BS about what worked for them, which will or will not work for you. Find the desire and motivation yourself and stop listen to people feeding you non-sense.

Read this and you will see what I mean...


Peace be with you all as you experience everything!

If be yourself would be a good advice nobody would have any problems.

You always have to be yourself in each of the situations, be brave!

No, until "being yourself" means violating ethical standards or breaking any laws:)

It could be a bad advice depending on the nature of a person. Instead, I would say:

‘Be the best of yourself’

Very good job..

I disagree. Following that advice is sometimes flawed, I'm not perfect and sometimes I need help.

Often we turn to friends for advice in everyday life. Whenever we encounter problems, we need support from friends. It also includes money management.

more people feel the necessity to execute an advice if they feel they have spent the resources to receive it.

Our reluctance to accept criticism can make us unwilling to listen to health advice, such as having to take medication regularly.

When we give feedback, we realize the recipient is not good at accepting it. When we receive feedback, we realize the feedback giver is not good at delivering it.

People tend to accept free suggestions

When we give feedback, we realize the recipient is not good at accepting it. When we receive feedback, we realize the feedback giver is not good at delivering it.

The attitude of exaggerating the good qualities within us and the shortcomings of opponents is common, but research shows that we are much more powerful when we know that our opponents have surpassed us.

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Many people cautiously seek only praise, for example, asking for criticism only from supportive friends, and only about matters of expertise

Savings are important. This becomes the first step in finance, but if you are wise and let money work for you, do not just settle for saving money.

whatever mental precautions we take, taking advantage of challenging critiques will always be difficult. Science can offer a way to do it better, but ultimately, everything comes back to us.

The art of dodging critics requires selective attention and expertise in self-deception techniques.

We find this "close-of-the-ears" reaction in the education system, where students often do not accept advice or advice about their schoolwork.

Going on vacation is important to refresh the soul and mind especially when young. But a vacation does not have to stay in a five star hotel and eat in expensive restaurants.
You can even save money when thinking about and planning a holiday well in advance. You can prepare tickets, lodging in order to arrange the cost of the holidays well.

Sometimes these proposals are provided free of charge, and sometimes paid with the money they have earned if they choose to accept it.

people with high self-esteem are generally better at receiving criticism than people who lack self-respect.

Although ignorance is a blessing, completely avoiding or ignoring criticism is not always possible.

There is something unique in humans. We are all driven to achieve something - we want to run faster, become more creative, win more awards, heal more sickness, earn more money. But one problem: if others want to help us realize the potential by judging what we do and showing the inner deficiencies we can improve; if they want to offer warm words of wisdom, constructive criticism, or useful feedback, most of us would rather not hear it.

if we want to be more receptive to unwanted news, it may be easier if we install the 'emotional shield' first, ensuring our positive self-esteem remains intact regardless of whether the news is good or bad. It may even be, another part of the problem is that we initially allow ourselves to treat criticism as unwanted.

In many situations, we need to find other ways to protect the ego. One useful technique in self-deception is distraction: keeping the focus away from our flaws.

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Is the ego to blame for our inability to accept criticism, even constructive criticism?

It makes sense that if we could do it, we would be better prepared to achieve our goals.

NO! It´s actually the best advice you can give to someone. I mean unless you are crazy or something. But now for real, imagine working, having a relationship or whatever being someone else in the process. There's no way anyone can be happy doing that. So always be yourself be happy!

It seems that even the most constructive criticism can bring out the worst in us. But is this defensive reaction to this criticism unavoidable?

To discredit the critic is not always enough, and the next step may be to blame them for our failure.

One general rule about investing is about risk. Investments should diversify to manage risk.

it is very difficult to resist not to comment on the spelling mistakes of the critics, and suspect that they are incompetent

it is very difficult to resist not to comment on the spelling mistakes of the critics, and suspect that they are incompetent

Can we convince ourselves to take counsel simply by convincing ourselves that we choose to accept it.

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When faced with input or criticism, our natural response is to divert attention from lack of self.

Asking for advice from friends is important. However, you need to re-filter the advice, especially on finance.

But for most people, "be yourself" is bad advice. Let me be authentic for a moment: no one wants to see your true self. We all have thoughts and feelings that we consider fundamental in our lives, but that it is better to keep quiet.

After all, criticism is one of the strongest influences for self-development, but we can only benefit from the advice we really listen to.

This is not a good advice, I think this topic is not complete in itself.
I'm surprised how anybody will be like himself. How can a cat become a cat? We are already like ourselves. We are empty in ourselves, there is no one present, as we can be. And if I want to be like myself, then there should be somebody already in me within me. There is no two energy inside me that people say that you become like the first energy or become like other energy. I have already become myself. And if anybody advice me that you should become like him or her than my answer is "I never ever become like others because if I try than I will loose myself completely".
So do not give this advice to anyone, Its only my view not yours, who are trying to become theirselves.

Continuing college in college is a must. But if you will only learn because you can not find work anymore. Or because you are not sure of your passion, you should not. Consider the cost, and how much money is borrowed to earn a master's degree.

people always have smart tactics to stay positive in the face of criticism.

this is useful to make us feel better, but also, at the same time, it reveals insecurity, character flaws, and unpleasant attitude within us.

One of the worst financial suggestions tells a person to use an unlimited credit card

rather than welcoming criticism with open arms, our first response is often a defensive response.

Congratulations to the all winners

We all want to live up to our expectations of ourselves, and being criticized - or even just a possibility of being criticized - can pose a great threat to self-esteem and a positive sense of identity.

If you can afford it, go and buy

failing to achieve our goals makes us feel bad, but so does listening to criticisms that can help us achieve those goals

Well, when you use a credit card for that something, you actually know you can not afford it.

Criticism-or even just the possibility of being criticized-can pose a great threat to self-esteem and a positive sense of identity.

Why do we find it hard to accept criticism, good or bad

people are especially resistant to advice when they believe it can require them to do something troublesome or unpleasant.

We unconsciously feel capable of buying anything, even if we do not want or need it. It's sometimes to prove you have money.

Perhaps the most criticized person in the face of criticism is the one who gave it.

Pressure from friends is not just about drink and illegal things. Pressure can also be related to spending money. How can it be?

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who else we will be ?

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Para nada creo que es el mejor consejo que se le puede dar a una persona

Of course, it'll always be the best advice. Nobody is happy pretending being what is not.

I think it's something very ambiguous: sometimes it can be effective, there are times when it is not.

Is ‘Be Yourself’ Bad Advice?

That's a good question. You could say no, because pretending to be someone else is usually a negative thing and a clear example of a lack of personality. Sometimes being yourself is misunderstood as following your heart, and if your personality is overwhelming, you may end up making multiple mistakes, because you ‘Be Yourself’ and not self-moderate.

So, no.

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I don't think it's a bad advice, it's just too general.

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And my opinion about a person being themselves, all ima say is that:

“Look again at those people around you. For most, debt is simply a part of life. But it doesn’t have to be for you. You weren’t born to be a slave." -- You were born to be yourself.


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It will never be a bad advice to say that you are yourself, the authenticity of the human being is the basis that identifies and makes you stand out from the others, we are all equal, we have our time counted, so the best thing is to put aside the costumes and show that what follows your heart, is your best secret weapon.

I think it's terrible advice, because we must be better every day, I would say, fight to be who you want to be, because that's how the adventure of life continues, to be yourself, it's like stopping and saying it's good, up to here, I'll be myself.

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Dejo esta pequeñas letras como análisis cada quien vive una historia distintas, problemas, fracasos, desengaños pero debemos empezar por nosotros mismo para cambiar y así poder dar buenos consejos a las personas que te busquen de corazón. si tu mismo Consejero.

Be who you want to be

It shouldn't be, we're all supposed to be ourselves, educated to live in society. Spontaneity is perceived and when you pretend to be what you are not, you are too. It's healthier to be yourself. Greetings

the best is inside you

Being yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself and those around you. In my own view, being yourself isn't bad in anyway. You'll be much happier when you are yourself. Being yourself will inspire others to do the same. It is a confidence booster and when you are yourself you don't have anything to prove. In all of this, being yourself isn't bad .

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I've been contemplating with body issues, self confidence and lots more. I kept thinking of what I'm becoming and I hate myself more and more everyday. I hurt people around me as I began to sail into the dark thoughts. Then one night, I was having coffee with a friend, he's suffering from a skin and immune system illness that he went into depression. I was shock to know that because he is the most relax person I've ever met. Then he told me, after sometimes fighting with depression, he began to accept his condition and himself. He said we're living in the world where money, status and name is important that we sacrifice all our freedom and happiness. Then he continue asking me, we want to be rich, but how much is enough? We want to be successful, but how many success is enough? Then it opened up my mind. There's no guarantee of when will our life end, so instead of trying so hard to perfecting myself let me first love myself, the way it is. So for me, yes. The answer is yes. Be true to yourself and just be you because you are amazing just the way you are.