MLB Pick'em Contest OPENING DAY SPECIAL PROMO 03/29 | Chance to win SBD 50% | Enter

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OPENING DAY SPECIAL PROMO 03/29 | Chance to win SBD 50%

March 28, 2018. Welcome to the #MLB Pick'em contest.

Here are the first promo for being the opening day with three picks to a single game.

Contest Rules:

  1. All participants MUST UPVOTE this post

  2. All contestants are allowed one "bet."

  3. Winner(s) get 50% of all SBD generated in this posts final author payout.

  4. Whoever picks the most Teams right, wins the contest.

  5. Tie-Breaker, each day I will pick a game or team where you will need to pick the Combined Total runs scored or more runs scored.

  6. All "bets" must be placed by 10:00 PM EST.

  7. Any post edited after the deadline will be disqualified from the contest.

  8. Please reestem for the contest can yield higher profits to make it more attractive competitions

MLB Matchups for 03/29:


  1. Runline (+1.5 SEA / -1.5 CLE)
  2. Total runs scored 7.5 (OVER / UNDER)
  3. Last team to score (CLE / SEA)

TB: How many HR will have in this game?

Example: +1.5 SEA, OVER, CLE TB: 2 HR

Please list your bets in the proper order listed so that it's easier for me to grade the picks. If you have any ideas, suggestions or ways of helping the contest, feel free to let me know.

Resteem appreciated. Follow me here on Steemit

Good luck to all participants, to enjoy the MLB season


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something like this ? just popped up in the feed ....
I like the idea!

+1.5 SEA, OVER, SEA TB: 4 HR


+1.5 SEA, OVER, SEA TB: 4 HR

+1.5 SEA, Under 7.5, SEA TB: 2 HR

+1.5 Sea, Under, Sea TB: 1 HR


+1.5 Sea, Under, Sea TB: 1 HR

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+1.5 SEA, over 7.5, SEA TB: 3 HR


+1.5 SEA, over 7.5, SEA TB: 3 HR