Chibera Contest - Design-A-Logo - Win 120 Steem and Perk ranks!

3년 전

We are now hosting a new Chibera contest! Were giving the community the option to design a logo that might get used for Chibera!


We here at Chibera have decided to give the community a completely unique opportunity!

We’re looking for talented artists to design a epic logo for Chibera - the first real blockchain integrated MMORPG.

So what exactly do you have to do?

Well, that is actually pretty simple. Just go into your favorite image or 3D creation tool or even just pick up a piece of paper and design a logo for Chibera.

What can I win?

You can win Steem!

  • 60 Steem for the person who wins the contest
  • 40 Steem for the second
  • and the person who finishes third gets 20 Steem!

All of these people will get special surprise perks as well!

What the rules again?
  • The logo has the be at least 1920x1080p resolution
  • Has to be submitted within 7 days since this post was created!
  • You must put the link to your entry in the chibera discord channel logo-contest
  • Provide the image with a transparent background

Legal stuff: Well, after all, it’s a “logo” contest, so naturally, all submissions will become property of Chibera Inc., and may or may not be used by Chibera in releases or publications.

The winner will be decided by a board of certified experts, aka us, here at Chibera!

Prizes sponsored by @NobleWitness - Courtesy of @SirCork, @RhondaK, @Gmuxx, &@Anarcho-Andrei: “Best of luck to all contestants and best wishes to the Chibera crew, here’s to a future of fun, gaming and moar steem commerce!” - The NobleWitness Team

So to summarize!

Make an epic logo for Chibera that is at least 1080p in size and you have a chance to win:


60 Steem and a level 3 Perk!
40 Steem and a level 2 Perk!
20 Steem and a level 1 Perk!


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Hey guys this is my entry to the contest the only thing is that I don't do discord so I can't posted there.
I have a full post about it with some logo variants just click my link down below.


Not doing discord is hazardous to your steem career. It's basically a massive accelerator to involve yourself in the communities and not doing so is like riding a bicycle on a freeway, while discord cars fill of networked users zoom past you.


Thank you for the feedback. I don't like chat rooms and I want my work to speak for itself in the pace it wants. Thank you for the advice. I appreaciate it. ☺


If it works for you, cool. But it is a lot slower way to do things on a "social" "network" :)

Here is my entry. I hope you liked it. I made it from scratch.
Link to the post below


hello and thanks for submitting

Wow. I am going to be a part of this.


Glad to hear it!

Mi participacion,
chibera felix.jpg


thanks for the submission


thanks for the submission


looks nice, best of luck

This is my own design. Hope it does the job.

Let me head to discord to submit my link

Greetings. Here I leave my design:

Where to see what Chibera is abt? Details and such? 😊 No theme or anything? Just make a logo?

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Nope its artistic freedom


Ok. 👍👍👍

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Hola amigos



Looks cool make sure to make a post!

Hi Everyone, That's my Chibera 3D Logo Contest Entry Post:
You can see more information in my entry and I hope you really like it, Thanks for your time and viewing.

Hello @chibera. Here is my entry.
Great project. I had to give it my all.
Here is the design.

Just noticed this contest today, would have liked to put more time into the logo here but is my submission!
I hope this game takes off like a rocket!

that's logo?


Placeholder logo, feel free to make anything you like.
The game will have a stylized feel if that helps.

This is awesome i'm taking part too !!!


glad to hear it

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