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The advent of the cryptocurrency, has brought a major and recurring transformation to the world.There has been a soar in the number of persons who use cryptocurrency and that number keeps going up. It is natural that individuals would only want to invest with the cryptocurrencies at the very top. Therefore, you should have knowledge of which platform to use in trading your cryptocurrencies for simplicity,fastness,user identity secured, and compatibility.

Various cryptocurrency platforms have come up with ideas to make transactions quick and easy,but users on daily basis dare for more.This is because life is well appreciated if made simple,secured and protected.So many crypto coins have flooded the exchange markets thereby necessitating the need for multiple coins compatibility in one platform.

There are many Cases of people reporting the need for quick,easy and simple transactions without passing through the hurdles of complex and mind weakening online Registrations before transactions. Anonymity has also taken it's pace as users strive for platforms that will grant them best exchange services without necessarily revealing their user 🆔.

The exchange of coins have optimistically increased global economy and no doubt that cryptocurrency have much to tell on the fate of the future society which we all are beckoning on. This society is structured to be relatively good and stress free. This have also increased the demand for platform that can accommodate if not all but an enormous amount of coins all in one page.

Having just a few coins on one exchange platform have also made so many people decline from having cryptocurrency trading as their priority. While it has made many firms,organisations and merchants using this kind of juvenile platforms loose plenty deals and customers.

The global world today has made online transactions so complex due to rigorous registration processes thereby propelling the call for creativity. Creativity that will save people's time, effort, money, fund and interest.

Here are some of the top cryptocurrency.

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Bitcoin is the first and the largest cryptocurrencies in the world.And daily, It shows no plan of losing this spot to any coin or person. It happened to be one of the best options to invest in. this is due to its relative stability when compared with the other cryptocurrency. Therefore, if you looking for a cryptocurrency which is high in value to invest in, then the bitcoin is the perfect option for you.

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It is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world. They are on a personal vendetta to get ahead of bitcoin in the race to be the greatest and largest cryptocurrency in the world. This is undoubtedly another good option which you would want to explore if you are looking for a cryptocurrency to invest in. Ethereum is set to remain in this position for a long time to come.
Cryptocurrency is the future of the world we live in. therefore, it is a wise decision to take steps to get the very best value for your investment.

more other cryptocurrency have skyrocketed it's optimum goals by achievement a great record of demand in the exchange market.

All the above mentioned reports have triggered a great deal of creativity,innovation and invention from great minds to help eradicate this issues and make crypto exchange life simple,secure,more interesting and time saving.

Introducing ONEPAGEXIMG_20181023_193733_240.JPG

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OnepageX is a unique service that allows people to convert currencies without wasting their time with registration and multi-step processes.OnepageX is the simplest cryptocurrency converter in the world supporting multiple cryptocurrency conversions all in one page. unlike other exchange platforms,OnepageX does not require rigorous registration processes,just know the coin you want to trade and you are good to start.


The platform is relatively simple having no need of you undergoing registration processes.This is quite unique because all your transactions are automatically executed within an infinitesimal amount of time and price all in one page IMG_20181023_192943_054.JPG.


OnepageX supports over 150+ cryptocurrencies all in one page. All you need do is just to pick the desired coin and start trading with ease.IMG_20181023_193014_120.JPG

Coin Selections

OnepageX as of now offers more pairs than any other cryptocurrency conversion tool online. This is another quality that makes OnepageX unique to other exchange platforms.All the most desired cryptocurrencies are all made available to users to trade on all in one page. You don't need to do multiple navigations to get your desired trade done.

How to use OnepageX

OnepageX is the easiest to use out of any cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Pick an asset to convert to.
  • Enter a withdrawal address.
  • Click “Start Exchange”
    A card will appear with a deposit address. Simply deposit to that address and you are done.
    Each individual card will display a live transaction status that will let the user know about their transaction.All of this actions happens a giffy.
    OnepageXOnebox widget

OnepageX has a
Portable code that can be easily installed and executed by an end user.This widget can be integrated into any website and it is called Onebox


Currently all transactions are converted from bitcoin. The team is working hard on bringing more improvements to the platform. They have proposed that they will continue to add more funding assets to give users even more selection.This might take an even more great deal but having the right perception about users demands for a simple interface,The integration will in no time come to reality.This integration includes that addition of steem and other cryptocurrency.
With respect to keeping the interface simple, OnepageX allows multiple transactions from one page. Transactions are added in the form of cards that users can come back to and use any time.


Mrs Adebola was planning to watch the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia but didn't have much cash on her. The stadium tickets were almost sold out and she needed to exchange her wave coin to bitcoin to enable her generate quick cash to purchase a ticket.There were no simple platforms to enable her do this trade without multiple site navigations and imputing of time wasting passwords.Then she remembered
OnepageX advert on twitter.Just in one click she exchanged even more other coins than she wanted within 30seconds of deposit and all were done in one page. Mrs Adebola picked a ticket and her Cryptocurrency trading Life became a testimony.

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