🐷WIN 100 STEEM Chinese New Year Giveaway

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Chinese New Year 2019 Year of the Pig 猪 (zhū) is upon us! And to celebrate I am holding my first STEEM Giveaway with a 100 STEEM Prize Pot!

Chinese New Year

100 STEEM Bounty Prize Breakdown:

🥇1st Place - 50 STEEM
🥈2nd Place - 30 STEEM
🥉3rd Place - 20 STEEM

If you were born in one of these years your Chinese Zodiac animal is pig:
1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019

The story goes that the Jade Emperor decided that the order of the Chinese Zodiac calendar would be decided by when the animals arrived to a party. The pig came in last because he overslept, putting him 12th in the zodiac!

Red packets 红包 (hóng bāo) filled with money are given every Chinese New Year. They are usually given by married couples to children and unmarried adults that are younger than them. Adults also give them to their parents as a sign of respect. Giving red packets with money symbolizes passing on fortune and good luck! 😄

My husband @lasitha and I ordered ours from Amazon!

To enter you MUST:

  1. Follow me.
  2. Resteem this post.
  3. Comment below with a red packet 红包 (hóng bāo) and tag two friends. (* You can find photos from the internet, draw your own, or even take a photo of ones you have, whatever you want. Pig designs are optional.) On 2/10/19 the three most creative red packets from the eligible entries will be awarded STEEM (see prize breakdown above). So be sure to enter before the deadline!

Happy Chinese New Year and Good Luck! 新年快乐

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Thank you👼

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Thanks a lot! This is an awesome surprise! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

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Thank you so much! :)

Thank you for this opportunity to draw!


Happy New Year everybody @snook @jozefkrichards


I love your hand drawn one! :D

Very interesting info, i learned about chinese new year tradition throygh you, thankyou for share it.
I invite to join @sacra97 and @surika to participate.

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Image Source

I like this packet. @minsoenaing and @aggamun.

Please check this post.

Followed and resteemed.

I'd like to tag @vimukthi and @lionsuit

Happy new year sorry God created me in 1996 i was one year late...
Here is red packet
I found it in amazon
Here i am tagging two friends @pundito @novacadian
Thank you,
Yours @summisimeon


Wishing wonderful things for you this year, @summisimeon!

red envelope.png
I made one in Paint from pictures of characters from Fruits Basket. ;) The boar picture is courtesy of a Deviant Art artist called Kacey Meg; the annoyed Kyo is straight from the anime. Poor Kyo! >^.^<
And I tag @lyndsaybowes and @yogajill! :)


Furuba!!! 😍🧧

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Happy New Year!

I'm tagging @ecoinstant and @vieira


Thanks for the tag!


Happy New Year @christinelook


I invite @greenrun and @botefarm


Thanks for the tag :)

Hey, thank you for hosting this fun contest! Here's the red packet I made from scratch today. :)


I created the Chinese calligraphy (the character for SPRING) in front, and a cartoon drawing & cut at the back with an easy design to close up:


I'd like to share some nice designs I found on internet as well. :) Hope you guys like them too. Happy happy Chinese New Year~! Hongwen @kelvinzhang @alvin0617, any interest in joining this? :D


These are from 4 big brands:

At last, 2 funny ones ;)

year of the Pig.png

Thanks for the invitation, here is a digital packet that I wrapped :) Found these cute piggies on steam. Going to tag @ecoinstante and @phoenixwren

Happy new year 2019 to you @christinelook
Hope the new year will be joyful and will bring you a lot of happiness.
You are looking really sweet!

Enjoy the new year at it's best!

Followed and resteemed.

@xawi and @ferrate join this special giveaway!


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Hiii🖐😁❤ Hope you like my handmade Red Packet Steem Piggy filled with luck!🍀😉🐷💞
👀Take a look at the drawing process:
🎈Wishing a wonderful Happy Chinese New Year🎉 to @dreemsteem @crypto.talk @zord189 @itchyfeetdonica @bidesign @stackin @amico

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Thanks Jeni! I'll join tomorrow. Just finished the 10 random questions you nominated me, haha :)


Ahah😁🍀 hurry up I think this contest ends tomorow😲😀

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Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐~
Just got 2 red red packets from Wells Fargo and 1 pack of red packets from Chinese market... Don't need to buy red packets any more.
@kelvinzhang @tydebbie

happy new year

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Come and show us your angpao @wilhb81 @davidke20 @ericet @honoru @littlenewthings
This is one of my girl's angpao. Happy Chinese New Year and wish all of us abundance of love, smile, health and wealth. Gong Xi Fa Cai! ❤️❤️❤️

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Feliz años chiño, esperoq ue este lleno de muchas felicidad y prosperidad para ti y todos los tuyos.

Happy year of the almanac, Chinese, I hope that it is full of many happiness and prosperity for you and all yours.

invito a @victorialanz y a @zoniacb


Thank you for mentioning me :). Good luck in the contest.


LOL thank you. Where am I suppose to get a red packet. I did however find this interesting. After all I was born in the year of the pig. I to was late
Thanks for the tag. It’s worth a vote :)

Oohhh any picture of one . I missed that. Let me see if I can get one


Yup. Get any picture on line. Its usually available in Asian stores/groceries. But I think you can check on line.
In case you haven't read the story/origin of the Chinese New Year, here's the post I made last month.https://steemit.com/newyear/@nurseanne84/new-year-countdown-fire-crackers-and-the-color-red

FYI, its not yet late to wear anything red for luck, health, prosperity and happiness. I took the liberty of checking in your horoscope for the coming year: check what year were you born because there is metal, water, earth, wood and fire pig.


A few things I found interesting:

The 2019 Chinese horoscope for Pig doesn’t reveal anything worrisome health-wise. Maybe you are not going to hit the jackpot in terms of career or money, but you have nothing to complain about as far as health is concerned.

The Pig natives will enjoy a good state of health from March until the end of 2019. The Pig natives’ level of trust will be high and they will choose a healthy lifestyle.


That’s good news. Health right now is consuming all the air here. I can deal with money and career at some other point.

I have not been out of the house in months. Except for the light show and doctors. We’re getting there.
Thanks Ann

Hello🤗happy Chinese New year 2019🎉🎊
Here is my best 🐖🐷angpao I can choose for this event. Maybe both of you would like to join this too😬
@itchyfeetdonica @angelina6688


Thanks for the mention! :) Happy New Year! But I haven’t seen any red packets around, will think about this - perhaps make one if I find time! ^^

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It's OK because you are allowed to find the most creative angpao online. 😊👍BTW you celebrate Chinese New year right?

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I celebrated it when I was in China, not much these years... :)


ohh But still wish you happy chinese new year :) Hope you have a great holiday in wherever you are. <3

Happy Chinese New Year and thanks for a great contest!
I just loved these cute red pig envelopes!
I nominate two great artists @jenina619 and @aalagenesis

Good luck to all the entrants :-)

I was born in the year of the pig and always hated that fact. I was a fat 4 year old and lost weight at 50. Whenever someone knew my year it was all about how fat I was.

But now I am proud of it. Pigs are strong, resilient, and can survive in hard times. This is the first year of the pig since I finally lost weight and I know it will be a good one.

This beautiful envelope was left sticking out of my purse when I fell asleep during the sermon at church last Sunday. I'm going through very hard times and the money in it bought my food this week. I am so grateful for that gift and it gave me strength to carry on.


I'm not Chinese and I did not know about this tradition until I got to SE Asia about 3 years ago. I feel very fortunate and anticipate a much better year to come.

followed, resteemed, and tagging:

Follow, resteemed, this is my entry. Nice to meet you and happy new year!
@auleo @pizzapai come join join
WhatsApp Image 2019-02-04 at 4.07.30 PM.jpeg

Happy Chinese New Year 2019. Be happy in this weak.

I suggest

@prince121 and



新年快樂 - 這是從@gungho到@christinelook的紅包。

followed, resteemed, and tagging:
@audreybits and @cryptopie are my tags.

red pouch full size.jpg

red pouch.jpg

What a great contest! Happy New Year ❤🐖❤
Wishing you a wonderful year ahead @christinelook Such pleasure to meet you!! 🏮🔖💰

Heres the red packet i picked! There are so many to choose from! What fun 🐷❤🐽


I will tag two lucky ppl:


I hope they win the prize! 🐷❤💰❤🐖🎶🐉


Thank you, dear @yogajill


I hope my entry wins! I will give the lucky money to you and Nate!! 🙏🐖🐉❤

Greeting cards are always fun.
@mango-juice and @numanbutt check out this amazing giveaway.

"You're such a pig."
"Why yes, yes I am."

Hey it's my year! Huzza!

Happy Chinese New Year!!

I'd like to tag @birdelifurki and @zuma

Hola amiga @christinelook, una abrazo desde Caracas Venezuela, ¡Feliz año nuevo chino y buena suerte! 新年

Hello friend @christinelook, a hug from Caracas Venezuela, Happy Chinese New Year and good luck!


Este trabajo lo hice con mis propias manos en la técnica de punto de cruz, para desearles mucha prosperidad y armonia en el 2019.

I did this work with my own hands in the cross stitch technique, to wish you much prosperity and harmony in 2019.

Invito a mis amigos @zhanavic @racarjoal

The Chinese year 2019, it is the pig's turn, or pig, his friends with which they are compatible and he will also like the following: goat, monkey, rabbit and ox.
Happy Chinese year 2019 for all.

Especially @christinelook, for your contest, good luck for everyone, here my post: @carlagonz, @carlosega

🐷Happy New year💐🎉
@liumei @sunai

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I drew my own red packets

I'm tagging @e-rich and @izaid

Hihi, I am also a pig! 🐖 thanks for the article. 👋

May the new year of the pig be prosperous and as fruitful as this tree to everyone! @freedomshift @oliviackl

Happy Chinese New Year! 😊


I used a flashlight to highlight my red packet
@e-rich @lavendero

Who doesn't love a good giveaway? Happy New Year! @cloudblade @juicyjules0202

Happy Chinese New Year
My dear Steemians!
Wishing you all the best
Steem to the Moon!

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恭喜發財 Kung Hei Fat Choi

This is our family red pocket to others.
「掂」is cantonese word, it's mean all the best.

@ericet @softmetal

Happy Chinese new year to all.

I found lot of interesting stories to be associated with the red envelopes and packet.
So first let me wish you the luck with the below card and hope you will lucky for the whole life.


May you amass a lot of fortune and good amount of Steem in this new year.


Wising you all the happiness in life.


If you like these card designs then you can get from here
Upvoted and resteemed it for spreading luck,fortune and happiness.

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Yeh....nice contest.... more and more participation required....

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I've never find myself a need to buy red packets.
Only collected many from those given out by banks.

Happy Chinese New Year 😃

Hey @metzli & @ninjamike maybe you want to join too 😊

wow!! love this traditions! Amazing!! Thank you!!

Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family @wilhb81 @joelai


And I wonder if you interested to see all those red packet with piggy. I hosted a small activity for steemians to share the pig red packets.

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Thanks a lot, same to you and @cherryng Hope you both have a big big strong CNY 😀

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Here is my entry


I invite @linkonn @mauyon




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(source: Flickr )

I love Chinese New Year!

I thought these red packets were very cute! Especially the middle one.

I'll tag @matkodurko and @magiccleatus

Happy new year, money money come to my home 😝
@asunshinegirl @thered


Happy New Year @iamjadeline & @elizacheng

I really like these red envelopes:

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Thanks Bruni for the tag!

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Happy New Year!

I'm tagging @julian2013 & @ericet

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Congratulations to everyone happy.
Kung Hei Fat Choi.
Holding a fat pig for a good year.

The Red envelope from Taiwan Telecom Bureau.

I just now post a article about Pig's legend, but it is chinese language, if you have interested can go to see

Happy Chinese New Year from Venezuela Libre!

Image tagged, Free of copyright.


Thank you 🙏 all the best

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These ones are amazing! I love the modern and stylish floral design! Thanks for the contest! 🧧

@thekitchenfairy @ireenchew
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no Ang Pao here :(

Thank you for this amazing contest. I can't find any pig ang pao but here are aome that I got from applying for prudential insurans and some are decoration at my workplace nad the ang pao pouch are from a purchase at Giant Hypermarket.

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I appericiate your impressive activity giveaways at the ocassion of chinese new year. Best wishes on for you @christinelook & stay blessed.
Follow & Resteem this post for more viewrs. I tag my two friends @purepinay & @afrinsultana.




Thanks for picking me 😊

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Uhm, let's see if I understood this contest well. ;)

hóng bāo

Hey @nahupuku, @nnnarvaez a 100 STEEM Bounty Prize is waiting for you!! :)

Happy new year

I invite @apiprincz and @awesome-p

Happy Chinese New Year 2019. Be happy in this weak.
following and redeemed your post
Good Lucky 😊😊

First of all Happy new year to all the Chinese people in the world

My red packet 红包 (hóng bāo)

  • according to the zodiac calendar people born in the year of the pig posses certain characteristics such as:
  • They have the ability to fix any form of problem
  • They reason logically, they have kind heart and are able to cater for their loved ones.
    I am not a Chinese but i really love the Chinese culture, especially the way they speak their language and i tend to mimic it with my friends.

Inorder for me to participate in this Giveaway i had to do a sketch of my favourite pack which i saw online...
Drawing 👆 👆 original pics 👇 👇
Image source Amazone

  • Here are my tags
    Hey guys this a giveaway do well to participate don't say i didn't tell you😁.

Thanks to @auleo and @itrmarcusliew for the tagged, which means i should really give it a try.
Here's an Angpao packet that I saw from internet. I like how they designed it with the hidden meaning.
Which one did you saw first? The fishes or the bottle? Enjoy, and thanks for holding this contest @christinelook!

Tagging @roselifecoach @pizzapai.

I want to tag @wuthmoneshweyi and @mbappe
I am not a Chinese but I love Chinese girls.

images (3).jpeg
Happy new year

Happy new year here is my own post
image source
@jayswagx @writeit guys check this out

P.S will you only give prizes to three users? If so, no chance for me. It would be better if the prize pool was distributed equally among eligible entries.

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Happy New year, @christinelook.

I didn't know about the tradition of the red packets.
I must say, there a lot of cute ones to be found on the internet, but this one was my absolute favorite:


I'm tagging @cicisaja and @tryskele to join this giveaway


Oohh my Goodness, only the chinese celebrate this though we are muslim enjoy the vacation too😂😂 we call this red packet as angpao.. money in red and cure envelope


Happy new year 2019 to you @christinelook

I invite you to participate @racarjoal @mianastasia


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Happy Chinese New Year 🍀🐷😁🎉🎈 from @jenina619 to @zord189 & @itchyfeetdonica !!!🎆


I am tagging @crypt-skip and @w121212

Thanks for this contest. I love to learn about traditions in other countries. It's a great thing about Steem to have such a diverse community!

@maarnio and @myfreebtc you have to check this out.


Happy Chinese New Year!!

@fjcalduch @henlicps I invite you to participate in this great giveaway.

New Year 2019.png
Red packet source


Thanks for mentioning. I discovered your blog reward is not encouraging kindly dm me on discord... One Love

My Happy 2019 Wishes.gif
Hi @christinelook , When I saw this Chinese celebration contest it game me butterflies in my stomach.
I grew up believing that one day I would get lots and lots and lots of red packets 红包 (hóng bāo)
So I used my animation skills to create an animation for you.
It is basically a box of gold that I send your way all wrapped in red think of it as a red packets 红包 (hóng bāo) coming from my side to you.
Inside are infinite red packets 红包 (hóng bāo) bringing to you infinite abundance, good luck and good health. Happy 2019 .
This is my year year of the pig ;)
@alz190, @animaya, @itsme9001

Hello @christinelook this is a special part of the year when everyone is happy and celebrating. So I thought I should innovate and send you a Red packets 红包 (hóng bāo) so starting with a basic design I crafted these special wishes for you. Despite the distance hope the electronic medium of the internet is successful in communicating them to you. I wish you good health, Peace and Wealth in the Year of the Pig . Happy 2019 to you and your family.I have used basic animation that I had learnt as I am self taught in this field.
Here is the Red packets 红包 (hóng bāo) that I made for you. Hope you like it .


hola amiga @christinelook espero que tengas un feliz ao nuevo del cochino, te deseo mucha prosperidad y para comenzar te regalo unos sobres mientras compartimos esta mesa llena de cosas ricas para que nunca nos falte lo necesario y marque un año lleno de abundancia.

@vicent21 @surika

I wish you a happy and prosperous new year @christinelook


Come join me @meno and @pangoli

My red packet with rice inside a golden ingot. Hey @allyson19 and @steempampanga join now before it is too late

Hello @christinelook this is a special part of the year when everyone is happy and celebrating. So I thought I should innovate and send you a Red packets 红包 (hóng bāo) so starting with a basic design I crafted these special wishes for you. Despite the distance hope the electronic medium of the internet is successful in communicating them to you. I wish you good health, Peace and Wealth in the Year of the Pig . Happy 2019 to you and your family.I have used basic animation that I had learnt as I am self taught in this field.
Here is the Red packets 红包 (hóng bāo) that I made for you. Hope you like it .
@chillpill @twistytango

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hola amiga @christinelook espero que tengas un feliz año nuevo el año del cochino, te deseo mucha prosperidad, salud y felicidad.

Trato de encontrar un regalo adecuado y que nunca nos falte lo necesario y que este marcado por un año lleno de abundancia.


Gracias por la invitación que recibi y la paso a mis amigos:
@reinaldoverdu @lanzjoseg @marybellrg


Gracias @sacra97 yo ya te habia invitado por aqui para que participaras, ademas me parece super interesante y entretenido este tipo de contenidos.

Posted using Partiko Android


Si llegue por ti. Gracias


De nada @sacra97, como sabes soy muy curioso y cuando encuentro cosas interesantes las comparto con ustedes.

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@christinelook what an amazing opportunity you have created. Quite a challenge I must say that tempts you to wear the thinking cap and let the creative juices flow. I present to you my creation.


@steemcasper, @thedarkrider here is an interesting post see if you can contribute.

This pig ended up in jail from too much procrastination.. may you never oversleep and miss your opportunities! 🙂 @tinabrezpike @stetrubar

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