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Great Steemians!

Welcome to a brand new edition of my weekly variety contest. This fresh edition promises to be more profiting and entertaining. 😀 CITIMILLZ WEEKLY VARIETY CONTEST is now exclusive only to all SEVEN77 challenge members. If you are wondering what the SEVEN77 challenge is all about

SEVEN77 challenge is an on-going awareness campaign on twitter organized by @nathanmars to focus on promoting steem platform to attract angel investors and capitalists. The vision is for Steem price to hit $7.77 before the end of this year.

If you are not a SEVEN77 participant already, kindly join today
Read more about the awareness campaign here:)

Now take a look at the list of all the SEVEN77 members so far:)
1 @theycallmedan
2 @exyle
3 @andrarchy
4 @freecrypto20
5 @jongolson
6 @captainbob
7 @zanoni
8 @plantstoplanks
9 @phoenixwren
10 @behelen
11 @iamjadeline
12 @vincy
13 @annieben
14 @macoolette
15 @runridefly
16 @kennanqhd
17 @zainenn
18 @adeTorrent
19 @tibfox
20 @madushanka
21 @hafizullah
22 @kaerpediem
23 @snook
24 @mariannewest
25 @priyanarc
26 @lyndsaybowes
27 @surfermarly
28 @thereikiforest
29 @rehan12
30 @artakush
31 @neopch
32 @greencross
33 @d00k13
34 @sarkash7011
35 @robmojo
36 @naomieartha
37 @ayopeju
38 @creativesoul
39 @iamangierose
40 @deepsouthpiddlin
41 @hmetu
42 @alviamartodikr1
43 @missaj
44 @emsonic
45 @face2face
46 @joancabz
47 @marvyinnovation
48 @cryptospa
49 @doktormuslem
50 @blueeyes8960
51 @dearw
52 @elsiekjay
53 @ajorundon
54 @glokdm
55 @jenina619
56 @peachyladiva
57 @babarakas43
58 @bestkizito
59 @mickvir
60 @blind-spot
61 @clixmoney
62 @certain
63 @dmilliz
64 @madefrance
65 @traciyork
66 @sandrag89
67 @abigail.cns
68 @mjtravel
69 @prettynicevideo
70 @razia_t
71 @stackin
72 @crypt-skip
74 @flaxz
75 @guurry123
76 @jozef230
77 @hauptmann
78 @xcountytravelers
79 @ThomasGift8
80 @thekitchenfairy
81 @anggreklestari
82 @pixiepost
83 @immarojas
84 @katrina-ariel
85 @meesterboom
86 @lukestokes
87 @steevc
88 @jeronimorubio
89 @anthonyadavisii
90 @kevinli
91 @sasaadrian
92 @russia1
93 @urme33
94 @steemflow
95 @yungchief
96 @jk6276
97 @novacadian
99 @ecoinstant
100 @raj808
101 @toufiqurrahman32
102 @joetunex
103 @chesatochi
104 @runicar
105 @alokkumar121
106 @sumit71428
107 @matthewtonyit
108 @enrique89
109 @sasharavenmusic
110 @omsoc
111 @actifit Captain
112 @willspatrick
113 @citimillz
114 @ashikstd
115 @ridoykhan22
116 @kph
117 @carreno11b
118 @khaleelkazi
119 @practicaleric
120 @redrica
121 @wandrnrose7
122 @immarojas
123 @wil.metcalfe
124 @rmsbodybuilding
125 @russia-btc
126 @t3a
127 @asad44
128 @yaanivapeji
129 @maclevis
130 @kahlyfa
131 @asadul
132 @prasasth
133 @jeanlucsr
134 @tt3
135 @ornima
136 @jonsnow1983
137 @samirich
138 @bluengel
139 @cheese4ead
140 @dongentle2
141 @rufans
142 @yohan2on
143 @nonsowrites
144 @alexabsolute
145 @achimmertens
146 @chiren
147 @ricardo993
148 @gidionline
149 @thewanderingwind
150 @judethedude
151 @oakcrypto
152 @ewuoso
153 @janicechua
154 @eprolific
155 @julisavio
156 @dimsamogun
157 @nmcdougal94
158 @barineka
159 @donajuice
160 @mittymartz
161 @azizbd
162 @arifulislam
163 @adeyemoola
164 @akomoajong
165 @successbd
166 @mamun123456
167 @camzy
168 @onyejekwesteve
169 @adahmiracle
170 @shaonsahriar
171 @eekayjosh
172 @n1hal
173 @cryptoprotek
174 @paultarpan
175 @mdaminulislam
176 @sumonsha
177 @steemersayu907
178 @ignacioarreses
179 @good-darma
180 @anikys3reasure
181 @soufiani
182 @Smiles563
183 @knowhow92
184 @NiguelMannes
185 @romafedorov
186 @Pauloluwanisola
187 @lebey1
188 @S3KONI
189 @PaulMoon410
191 @pouchon
192 @josediccus
193 @pearlumie
194 @IamwhatIamnot
195 @nourtawfiq
196 @itrmarcusliew
197 @alomgir0
198 @julian2013
199 @edouard
200 @summisimeon
201 @dazedconfused11
202 @hashcash
203 @bien
204 @yeninsfer
205 @hiroyamagishi
206 @jeffjagoe
207 @wonderwop
208 @goldmatters
209 @swhomebiz
210 @paulag
211 @tanlikming
212 @vangie
213 @jamesmars
214 @teamhumble
215 @gaborockstar
216 @tapu333
217 @vlogger147
218 @alexabsolute
219 @artbyclark
220 @heiditravels
221 @mayb
222 @sergiomendes
223 @mistakili
224 @roger5120
225 @mytechtrail
226 @olivia08
227 @zephalexia
228 @eugelys
229 @cassillas5553
230 @shogo
231 @salmannaqvi
232 @salman33
233 @rdxhuda
234 @phoenixwinter
235 @n33
236 @Freewritehouse
237 @onestopfacts
238 @davidke20
239 @ura-soul
240 @ayojewels
241 @maxdevalue
242 @kenny-crane
243 @ajks
244 @dragonblades
245 @abhisheksss571
246 @davedickeyyall
247 @purapapita
248 @adeyemidrey
249 @arifull
250 @chireerocks
251 @anikearn
252 @cruis
253 @tonygreene113
254 @jacksonchakma
255 @eddiespino
256 @hungryharish
257 @hungryanu
258 @oppongk
259 @burlarj
260 @dfacademy
261 @mcoinz79
262 @kayda-ventures
263 @mspbro
264 @blog-beginner
265 @Pratimabasnet13
266 @nathanmars
267 @m18207319997
268 @clove71
269 @kajan
270 @arbazalam
271 @dadapizza
272 @wav-dr
273 @wiralhokseumawe
274 @thegreens
275 @fruitdaddy
276 @rikaz87
277 @JapaneseWays
278 @matheusggr
279 @nandy4eva
280 @cflclosers
281 @michelios
282 @shaidon
283 @joythewanderer
284 @zekepickleman
285 @mrnightmare89
286 @originalmrspice
287 @joeyadrian
288 @chrisaiki
289 @roselifecoach
290 @aperterikk
291 @official-hord
292 @jackdamen
293 @bloggerkrunal
294 @therealwolf
295 @starkerz
296 @revisesociology
297 @cityofstars
298 @edwardstobia
299 @Lil_keszi
300 @hidemi
301 @future24
302 @donald.porter
303 @steemseph
304 @tfq86
305 @kabir88
306 @cleanplanet Captain
307 @rem-steem
308 @anttn
309 #TheZeroWay
310 @zhongyefu
311 @teenagecrypto
312 @cranium
313 @quochuy
314 @Earnlogy
315 @c0ff33a
316 #KidsGlorious
317 @apostle-thomas
318 @mihirbarot
319 @simplymike

To take part in this week's edition. Follow these rules:-

• Upvote the contest post

• Resteem the contest post for proper visibility

• Reply your answer for the weeks question on the comment box

• Votes from bots not accepted. Votes from yourself not counted.

• Entries without votes will not be considered as a winner

🎮Comment with highest upvotes wins the first prize, followed by the first and second runner-up.
50% of the post payout goes to the first prize winner, while 25% each goes to the first and second runner up.



N/B: This contest is supported by @nathanmars . Many thanks to him for his efforts towards promoting Steem.


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My favorite dApp is @actifit. This app has the purpose of getting you healthy by encouraging you to get exercise daily. There is a large supportive community of actifitters. The dev team is continually working on improvements. You get AFIT tokens and upvotes for your daily posts.

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Same with me 😊

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that's so nice to know.
we're on the same path then.

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My favorite dapp on Steem is ACTIFIT. They are the bomb and just keep on improving.

This is a difficult one to choose from all the awesome DApps we are blessed with, I will have to go with Actifit as my most favorite DApp.

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I'm pretty fond of @Partiko because I can earn free upvotes by them on Steemit just by using the app and I can get additional points if I watch quick advertisements. Win win for me! Happy Steemin'!

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Change Steem ♨ Life !

just participating sorry for not resteeming !
thanks ! @citimillz

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thank you!

obviously actifit.

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My favourite DApp is ActiFit. An absolutely fantastic app that I use to stay fit and healthy💪. Health is really our true asset💰💸💵.Doesn't really matter how much cash you have, life will suck if you aren't healthy enough to enjoy it.
I do lots of walking and actifit helps me keep track of the steps. They upvote my posts and send me Afit tokens😎
We all know block chain is the future so what better way to combine it with fitness and start stacking up tokens.
Everyone does some type of movement on a daily basis🏃
So I would encourage you all to download the amazing ActiFit app,get extra active, post your report and collect your steem and afit tokens🎉
You will get healthier and earn something. Its a no brainer and a win win in all aspects 👍😁

Actifit for me too

I know many have said so already, but @actifit is my favorite, I just have it on and it will measure my steps of the day, it inspires me to make more steps and to take interesting photos that I can share in my report, that way I have explored more of Stockholm than before and seen many new places.

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thank you @citimillz for hosting this contest, upvoted and resteemed ;)
my favorite dapp is esteem because almost everyone uses it to get support (vote) from @esteemapp and their curators support almost everyone uses esteem ;)

My favourites DAPP on Steem Blockchain is "Magic dice"

Of the dapps that I use partiko has been the best. I’m rewarded for most if not all the things I do on the blockchain. From signing in each day to liking someone’s post - for people who are on the go @partiko gives them a reason to drop in even when they can’t post. There is even reward for watching short videos. Partiko for the win. Steem on!

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It's easy to used dapp no other than @partiko,aside from giving me points in every tick of my finger, it's easy to make my post and never lost the word you write,means it is automatically save and found it when I come back.
Thank you #seven77 family, Sir @nathanmars and the author of this contest @citimillz.
Keep it up!

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My favorite dapp is @partiko. By this dapp we can create instant steemit account. This app helps new users by providing points which can be converted to steem upvotes.This dapp provides points for upvoting and commenting too.The more points we have, the more upvotes we can get from partiko. The UI is designed in a great way and it is simple to use. This is the one of the best dapp for steemit.

Hello champ! First of all thanks for hosting and a big thanks for supporting the #Seven77 movement! Your question is hard as there are so many dapps in the steem ecosystem. I'd say @steemmonsters is one of the best around. A solid card game on Steemit with a lot of exposure as a solid community make it one of the best around. I wish you good fortune in the wars to come dude. Cheers!

My favorite dapp here on $STEEM is "Magic Dice"

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@citimillz, In my opinion Partiko is Trending at this moment for it's Features and Points System. And hope that they will going to come up with more amazing features ahead.

Keep up the good work and wishing you great success ahead.

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Thanks for contest.
My favourite dapp is @actifit @partiko and @steemminsters

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My favorite dapp is partiko because you can get points easily

@dtube of course! It has the biggest impact on my steem journey and I have found the most friends via DTube.


My fav steem dapp is @steempress-io that is not about great point like other dapps. Steempress is a great dapp for writer like me, then the readers will notice about steem, steempress, when read my post on my wordpress.

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My favourite dApp is Steemmonsters. It is an awesome game which I just started to play a few days back. It is just lit🔥

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Thanks for this compilation of Seven77 members, lets keep growing!


Thanks for stopping in! #Steem all the way up.

My favorite dapp is Magic Dice

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