Daily Drawing Challenge #10 / Get 50% of rewards for this post

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Daily Drawing Challenge is back again! I am happy to start it again after a long pause and let’s get right into it.


Here I’ve sketched myself walking with my son. He is growing fast and is becoming a smart little man. Time spent with him is the most precious to me. And what is your favorite pastime?

You may use any medium, both traditional and digital artworks are accepted.

The winner takes it all

I am giving away half of the payout for this post no matter how much this post earns to only one person whose work I choose.

All submitted entries will be featured in my future posts.

Rules (Please read carefully!)

– the picture is drawn by you and you are publishing it for the first time specially for this challenge;
– use the tag “cookiedrawing” (not necessarily first);
– upvote this post;
– resteem this post;
– post your entry in the comment section to this post (I will not take into consideration entries that are not posted in the comment section);
– entries are accepted until 2 p.m. UTC (10 a.m. EST), June, 27.

Ready? Set. Go!

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What a good topic, the tickets will be interesting, to prepare my presentation, greetings to all.


Looking forward to your ticket, amigo!

Happy to see your son is getting bigger! Does he like to doodle..? Haha


Thanks, @joelai! He doodles all the time:)


Must be coming from you then... :D


Lol hope so


I know so!

"Favourite past time" is the Theme?
Hmmm that gives me some ideas xD


Right! Give me your ideas:)

I lost you in the shuffle again. It's so hard to keep up with all the good people and talent on here, but I found you again :) I'll share this one so you can get more contestants


Thanks, Donna;)

I really like the way you draw, @cookispooky.


Thanks, Kathleen! Your art is awesome!