Daily Drawing Challenge #9 / Get 50% of rewards for this post

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Hey guys!

We are moving to the next round and I am happy to invite you to Daily Drawing Challenge #9! The picture I drew for this round shows the girl enjoying her coffee while chatting with someone. She is smiling and looks happy. In other words, she enjoys her little things. So...


“Enjoy the little things”. This is it. You are free to draw everything you associate with this simple, but meaningful phrase. This is the phrase that we all often hear, but have you ever thought what your little things are? You may use any medium, both traditional and digital artworks are accepted.

The winner takes it all

I am giving away half of the payout for this post no matter how much this post earns to only one person whose work I choose.

All submitted entries will be featured in my future posts. I will upvote all submitted entries and testers some of them.

Rules (Please read carefully! Twice!)

– the picture is drawn by you and you are publishing it for the first time specially for this challenge;

– use the tag “cookiedrawing” (not necessarily first);

– upvote&resteem this post (the more exposure it gets, the higher the prize will be);

– post your entry in the comment section to this post (I will not take into consideration entries that are not posted in the comment section);

– entries are accepted until 2 p.m. UTC (10 a.m. EST), May, 27.

You must follow all the rules to participate. I will announce the winner of Daily Drawing Challenge #8 in my next post.

Ready? Set. Go!

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Great! Thanks for your entry!


Thank you for oportunity


I can feel that moment! Very cute, and makes me want to watch some anime


Very nice! Thanks for your work!


Отличная работа! Спасибо:)

here's my entry to the contest, i hope you like it, thanks for the opportunity to share my drawings.

enjoy V.jpg



That’s cute! Thanks for your entry!


hey thanks, so glad you liked it :)

flow of matter through thought little things big thougths

This is my entry, thank you @cookiespooky for inspiring my pencil to move across the paper.



Wow that’s really unusual! Thanks!


thank you I am drawing more now thanks to your contest. Got me back into drawing...:)

Hello friend, this is my entry to the daily diary # 9 I hope you like it



Good job! Thanks for participating!


Cool! Thank you!


Good job! Thanks for the entry!

The sketch you have published looks so good and realistically, that it seems that this girl is going to blink in a sec 😉
Congratulations, it's a great job! 👏🔝🆙


cool sketch!


Emazing art and very cool


That’s cool! Thank you!


Nice! Thanks!

I found you again! I feel like sometimes I try to keep a little folder of those I like to check on daily and somehow I lost you in the shuffle.

I am so glad to see your amazing pen drawings are still happening.

This looks a fun contest, good luck to the lucky winner!


Hey Donna! Glad to see you! Indeed, lost in the feed:) It becomes really hard to scroll the whole feed and I think I need that little folder too:)

Thanks you so much! You always come out of blue and I am always glad to read your comments!

Hello steemit friend this is my entry I hope you like it




Cool! Thank you for your entry!

nice sketch. awesome style!


Wow that’s something new:) Thanks for your entry!


hehe, thanks!

He enjoys movies on his phone.


I really tried to put this up.


Good! Thanks!


Nice! Thanks!

I have fulfilled all the rules and here is my entry for this daily drawing challenge #9
3 Best Friends.jpg
thank you for giving me a lot of inspiration ^-^

@rezae01 thanks for inviting me to your blog, I found this contest and decided to join.
Lady in Lake6.png


your welcome ^-^

Oh! I should prolly get an entry in for this one huh? XD I'll have to do that sometime before this work day is up!

really beautiful Artwork.

The winner has not been announced?