The Good Vibes Contest - Round 3 - Winners!!!

3년 전

I have finally managed to chose the winners for this round of The Good Vibes Contest and I have to say, it was incredibly difficult. So hard, that I'm having doubts about the fairness of this contest. I mean, who am I to decide the best write-up from so many wonderful stories?

I'm in the process of finding a better way to run this show, so if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!


In the meantime, with special thanks to @mrprecious for his help, here are the results!

1st Place - @sweetpea with entry

2nd Place - @kiaraantonoviche with entry

3rd Place (shared) - @maeugenia with entry and @arthur47 with entry.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you so much to all of you awesome steemians who took part! There were so many amazing posts and I am sorry I couldn't give the prize to more people!

Until next time, Steem on!


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its looking very pleasurable things for me

  ·  3년 전

Nice post!


Congrats to the winners


Congrats you guys!!

By the way, any idea of when is the next?

I would love to participate next time but am nowhere near those great writers that have won. Great choice for the winners. Great job too - must be quite a bit of hard work.

I think its awesome that you are doing this! I know how much work you have been putting in and it shows. Me and wife wife have run several contests on a few of our side projects and it takes time and dedication. It's great to see that you are helping out the community as well. The only comment I can say is keep it up and to those that didn't win keep trying! Best of luck!

I liked it

oh i'm late for this contest, i wish i could participate on this contest. Congrats to winners and maybe next time i can take part into it :)

Aww thank you so much for choosing my entry for 2nd place! And congrats to @sweetpea, @maeugenia, and @arthur47!


Congratulations! I really liked your post, thank you for sharing something so personal with us!


My pleasure, it was rather cathartic for me as well! Can't wait for future challenges!

what a cute contest!! love this :)

This kind of game is really interesting, but I came one step later. I can only see the result of the game now, but it does not matter. Congratulations to those contestants, you are the best!


Thanks for consider me for the rewards. Congrats to the other winners and thanks to all for sharing your good vibes.

Seguir motivando a todos a participar, éxito en todo lo que inicies.

Thank you so much!!
I'm so glad you liked my post, thank you for this opportunity and congratulations to all the winners

very steady, a very good post, incredible fellow steemania


How to join?

congratulation to all the winners

Congratulations to all the winners.i hope to participate next time as am following you also.

Beautiful .@musliadiiii

Wow nice work sir..

Congrates for choosing them


This is beautiful. I'd love to participate in the next contest.

Great job @corina

Your doing a good thing. I can imagine it is tough picking the best ones.

Congrats to the winners.



Thank you! It's close to impossible! I feel really bad when there are so many great entries and I can only chose 3. I don't think it's fair anymore. I don't know how to run this, I wish there was a judge panel or something.


Maybe that's the answer. Spread the decision out over a panel. I can imagine that all the entries took a while to get through so it would help with that too.

Well done though. Gaz.

  ·  3년 전

Well let your conscience be the judge. As long as you fair and just. No worries.


Yes we do need a panel, just me and you isnt enough to pick out the winners yeah.

congratulations to all the winners, motivation to continue competing.

Congratulations to the winners!

Perhaps you need to come up with a criterias for judging. That's what I did with my art contests so even if the person joining isn't too talented at drawing they still had a fair chance to win.

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It is always difficult to choose one of all the proposed, but then he and the competition. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for your contest.

I hope we can work together. vote my blog and direct me reply @juninho

Nice, this is pleasure!

I love writing so much and next time i will pass by.. so sad i saw this late.. to the winners, congratulations..

it's very difficult, when you have to choose the best 3 of the many good ones! but you have to do hahaha

congratulations everyone and thank you @corina for the contest.

Nice and congratulations to the winners of this contest ! :)

Congratulations @corina!
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It still available???

wow congrats for those who win..

Excellent post friend, from #venezuela #Caracas giving my support to your contribution ... greetings @corina

Congrats to the winners. Great effort.

congratulations to the winners I am happy for you!thank you for sharing good vibes

Congratulations for the winners ! And Congratulations to you for your succeeded effort you put in this contest and most of your work ! Tahnk you for beeing here :)

Congratulations to the selected winners...
. Thanks @corina for your efforts, it's appreciated


Thank you so much!


You're welcome

  ·  3년 전

Truly @corina is too much. Well-done.


Sure 👌👌

Oh wow! I had a brainwave to pop by to see who the winners were, not expecting the results! Yay! Thank you, made my day! Such a lovely initiative you have going here @corina!

Congratulations to all winners. When is the next?

Weldone @corina.
Congratulations to all the winners

I'll be looking out for the next contest Followed!

Congratulations to the winners..

Please what is this contest about

keep doing the best :)

Congratulations to every winner !

They deserved it !

Wow this is a great ideas sharing memories from others and love onces. I am so proud of.this kind of mindset very brillian thinking I salute you sir your the man with courage .

Nice contest , can i join this contest ,

  ·  3년 전

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Congratulation to all of the winners of this contest

Congratulation !!!

@corina really you are doing a great job . i'm appreciating you.