Iä Crowdmind followers! We have great news! You probably know how much we care about different things, and work productivity of our friends is always imperative! Today our friend @f3nix, chief of the @bananafish community shared his problem on our Discord server.


We all know how much effort these guys put in their activities, and there is no doubt that @bananafish is one of the most productive communities around. Now is the time to turn the favor, and help their leader worship the Old Gods at his workplace.


What is the best way to successfully (and discreetly) introduce the cult of Cthulhu to your workplace?

Be creative and describe us how you would do this. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and pay attention to the following rules:

  • Contest deadline is 26.02.2019
  • No plagiarism, no real-life practice, the key is to have fun and not to summon anything…
  • Post a link to your post in the comments section (yes we already told that)
  • Use #CrowdOfCthulhu hashtag (not mandatory)
  • Well, no other rules.

    1st PLACE: 10 STEEM
    2nd PLACE: 5 STEEM
    3rd PLACE: 3 STEEM

Jury: @f3nix, @hidden84, and @hiddenblade

Thank you for participating and happy crowdsourcing. If you don’t know what Cthulhu is, use google or check this link

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Here be me entry so that out fellow members of the congregation may know what to do in any a situation.

Personal access: No longer Sacred knowledge but know accessible to the layperson.

Topics: [redacted]



What a dark masterpiece!


:D :D!!!!~ Dzięki @crowdmind~


Here comes one of our most twisted (in a fascinating way) bananafishian's minds!

Wrote this post and then decided to enter in this contest because it's just for fun:

  ·  작년

Yo! I'm on it now.. good luck 😉

I do hope it still is the 26th wherever you may be. If not, expect me to send a couple of my minions to your place of work (provided you give me the address and phone number) so that they may persuade you into accepting my entry that I poured my blood, sweat, and tears over. 8-)

  ·  작년

Thank you @crowdmind for entrusting to the power of the crowd such a paramount question! It's renowned how important It is to spread madness in the workplace. May the Ancient One inspire (and torment) you all with his visions and good luck!

Aha, you almost got me...

Thank you for participating and happy crowdsourcing. If you don’t know what Cthulhu is, use google or check this link

Was that your own entry already? Nice try ;)

· got us

I may have taken this too seriously... but damn, I couldn't resist, so here we have it

Whisper IN The Abyss: Calluna's Guide to Introducing Cthulhu in the Workplace

I am a bit worried i maybe used too much real life cult knowledge, and this may be a bit scary, so i used the horror tag to be safe ;) hopefully it prompts another entry or two, can't wait to see what you get!

What do you mean introduce? My "workplace" is already corrupted, in fact it is the Cult of Cthulhu itself! Iä Iä!


Dear messenger of the Gods, I'm afraid that you're a bit too forward in the madness spreading mission. Indeed your presence fills of sick joy the minds of these acolytes!


Direct and immediate exposure has the best madness-inducing effects. Trust me, I know what I am doing.


@nyarlathotep we would be happy to see you spreading chaos in our bananafish realms! Here's the key to the portal.


hahaha...omg sounds like the Crawling Chaos itself!!! Iä!

Haha! @f3nix, I just might come up with something ... crazy.

  ·  작년

I count on that @tristancarax, you never disappoint!


I can't wait to see the first entries...

I'm giggling, thinking how much our fruit-fish salad acolytes will love this!


Look what you did to us :-D

  ·  작년

It's all part of Azatoth's mindless plan!

I do not even know what Cthulhu is...I only notice I miss a lot although I spend whole days here :(

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This falls on the subject, because I'm already spreading the cult for months!
I take the note to write a post about it!


now your experience can be very valuable :-)