It's been a while, but I hope this post will be a starting point for better things ahead, I want to thank @nomadicsoul for her kindness and philanthropy.

I'm an artist and a graphic designer
Here are some of my exhibits




I believe that art is life, I believe in creating something out of the natural, I believe in bringing out the best in everything I do.

How I Can Add Value To Steemit

  • I want to be a source of encouragement to the younger generation, by also inviting more people to steemit.

  • Organizing Meet ups and gatherings where I can talk about Steemit and the way it can improve people's lives.

  • I want to daily put smiles on people's faces, because a lot of people go through a lot of sad moments, I want to use pictures to tell them that they shouldn't relent tgey should keep going on they'll one day it'll get better.

  • I'll also be dropping awesome comments on people's blogs and post so as to encourage them to post more, cos without encouragement their will be no zeal.

  • I will also want to create a platform on steemit where I can train people to become digital artists.

I do love posting every day and as well upvoting and giving but due to I don't have a poor steempower I can't give to someone what my heart desires to give to such person.. This makes me sad.

I want need support of 300steem to buy a camera so I can expand my horizon, I love taking pictures and making people look good... which I could also earn from but sadly I can't afford it.

I love football, I love watching movies and traveling and making friends.



I love y'all!!

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Holy crap, that's really your atwork?! You should post more of that!!1

Sorry I didn't see this in time to upvote.

Thanks for your entry and this post. It's actually steem delegation not steem =/