200 Followers 10 SBD Giveaway!

4년 전

HI all, Crypto sludge here.

Only a month passed since i reached 100, and i just hit 200 followers!! w00 h00! (by the time i finished this post, it was 202!!! - thank you!)

Would like to use this opportunity to just thank all of you! And give something back.

So without to much of a fuss, up vote and re-steem this post (if you just found out about me, then go ahead and follow) and after 48 hours i will draw 3 names from my followers list.

1st place : 5 SBD
2nd place : 3 SBD
3rd place : 2 SBD

It is with your help i can do this giveaway, i am hoping i will be able to do much more!

Crypto Sludge

Giveaway winners announced here.

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Ok you got 1 more now you are at 273! Upvoted and resteemed!


Holly shit, at this rate i'll have to do a 300 giveaway before the 200 ends :D Thank you all!

Congratulation on 200 + followers. I hope I'm not to late for your contest. Followed, upvoted by @aykaco

Congrats on 200+ followers, keep it up took me sometime as well to get over 200, but I love your profile pic as well!


Thanks! been carrying it with me for years

Congratulations. Soon you will be posting about 500.


Sure hope so!

@cryptosludge - excellent news my friend on reaching 200 followers. Keep up the good work. Now you have 1 more follower. Look forward to hearing more from you. Upvoted & resteemed!



Thank you!

Selamat . Inilah alasan saya menyukai steemit

  ·  4년 전

CONGRATS my friend @cryptosludge...
So fast you have 200 followers could be because you give a very very useful post about the development of cryptocurrency especially bitcoin. Once again I congratulate for you my firend and hopefully faster your followers.


Thank you! hope it helps.

Thanks for the giveaway!

Wow congrats, Keep up the the good work...

Its great. Keep steeming my friend .

Congrats! I hope you have a steady increase :)

i have folowed u Boss....congrats....i hope u drop good cryptos for us to be buying and holding for d long term profits...Congrats once again for your milestone Boss

hy cryptosludge how can i get a lot of upvote

Congratulations @cryptosludge this is a perfect achievement

Great way to give something back to te people to support you! Thanks for letting us know you more and more every single day!

I hope you find you achivement! Im ready for know the winner! I want to be the lucky one this time. Good post! xx

Congratulations!! You deserve it!

wow.... so sweet of you

congrats @cryptosludge I wish you luck for more followers :)

Congrats for 200 followers , i wich you all the best on this platform :)

Congrats. I'm onboard as follower now. Upvoted, resteemed.

I'm a new follower, thanks for giving away SBD!


And do I have to resteem?


Not if you don't want to :) following me is enough to get into the giveaway.

Very happy you have such a large heart. I have upvoted and resteemed. Why not tell us newbies what you do to grow so fast. I'll appreciate that. Thanks

Congrts. Hope i will be next

Enjoy, upvote and resteem !

Congratulations!!! for your success. i am staying always with you by upvote , comment & resteem. best wishes to you.

Congrats! I've been here almost 2 months and still I only have 110 + followers haha.

I could be the 205th. Cheers

More power and godbless..

Congratulations. That is very generous of you to do the giveaway. This is why we like Steemit.


  ·  4년 전

Congratulations, Sludge! Great job!

Congrats bro

Are you sure ?

Thank you

congrats to you!
thanks in advance if I am one of the lucky winners :)

I would count as 203 perhaps😀..all the way man

Congrats brother! Way to go☺

Congratz man 😎

  ·  4년 전

oh wow yay! CONGRATS!


Thanks for the giveaway

Congratulations to 200+ followers and I'm.the one of them now :) Followed, upvoted, resteemed by @motherearthist.

congratulations you on your achievements, may continue to grow your follower

Cool , i am looking forward to it

congrats on your 200+ followers..


very good,please follow me.

Congratulations for your achievement

Congratulations on reaching 200. 300 will probably go much faster.

Congratulation!!! Go ahed.. Best luck

Congratulations. This awesome platform helps us.

Congrats on 200+ followers. A very good achievement achievement, I hope I'm not late to your contest. Followed and resteem by @asrizal

Thanks you
My friend I'm a new in the community please they are to upvote me followers @titio