Steem Monster/ Hairshare Giveaway! Who is Your Favorite Steemian Writer Comment Challenge!

2년 전

🌟Want To Enter An Easy Contest?🌟

💰Do you want to win some Steem Monsters? Do you want to win Hairshares to get a free upvote?💰

Well, you came to the right place! Hairshares are tokens you can win and earn, which will then upvote your Steemit posts! For example, if you have 100 Hairshares, that upvote is worth around 50 cents. If you are struggling to get more than a few cents on your posts, this is a great contest to enter! The Whaleshares community supports minnows who are struggling on Steemit and have great content!

🏆Did you say I can win Steem Monster Cards too?🏆

That’s right you can win a steem monster card as well! Steem Monster is a card game by @aggroed and @yabapmatt! If you want to win a free card to join the fun that is steem monsters, this contest will be just for you! I will be giving away Steem Monsters cards along with hairshares! And who doesn’t mind free cards! Learn more about steem monsters by going to their website!

What Do I Need To Do To Enter?

  • All you need to do is tell me in the comment section who your favorite Steemian writer is. It can be comedy , poetry, short story, web comic or any kind of story really(any genre of writing).
    Let’s give the love to all the talented writers on Steemit!
  • Just put a picture or comment saying who your favorite Steemain writer is, along with your bitshares account name so I can reward you the prize if you win! That's right, all you have to do is comment. So easy.
  • Make sure you credit their awesome work :) You can choose yourself or more than one author if you want.

As you can see the pictures below I chose @chrisroberts as my favorite writer!(picture on the left ) He writes comedy sketches for @carrieallen playhouse show on dlive(picture on the right)! You get to see the sketch come alive! His sketches always make me laugh and @carrieallen’s show always brings them to life! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s entries! Just follow the rules posted below!

Want to know more about chrisrobert’s sketches and carrieallen’s playhouse show? Here are their steemit posts about them!

The Rules

  1. Submit your answer to the question: Who is your favorite Steemain writer(you can do more than one if you want) in the comment section below. Feel free to include either text, picture, or both. Don’t forget your Bitshares account name so the rewards can be sent to you.
  2. The comment should be in English please.
  3. If you submit spam comment or you copied someone else’s comment you will not receive any rewards. So make a comment that is original. Plagiarism/spam comments will not be accepted!
  4. Also, if you are a scammer on Steemit you will also be disqualified!


1st place-100 Hairshares and 1 Epic Steem Monster Card
2nd place-60 Hairshares and 1 Epic Steem Monster Card
3rd place-55 Hairshares and 1 Epic Steem Monster Card
4th place-50 Hairshares and 1 Rare Steem Monster Card
5th place-45 Hairshares and 1 Rare Steem Monster Card
6th place-40 Hairshares and 1 Rare Steem Monster Card
7th place-30 Hairshares and 1 Rare Steem Monster Card

How To Redeem Your Rewards

Consider an upvote or a resteem to this post, so more people can enter. To enter more contests like this, join the Whaleshares Discord server, We have events there weekly as well. To see all the events we currently have, go to for more information. Also, consider following @contests on steemit. This contest is sponsored by @krazykrista and the Whaleshares community. She is the one providing the Hairshare prizes.

Good luck to everyone who enters the contest!

You have 7 Days enter!

Have a Fun time :)

Looking forward to seeing your favorite writers!

Remember always to support your steemian writers!

To enter more contests like this and discord giveaways join the whaleshares server on discord

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My favorites on steem right now are @cgbartow and @officialfuzzy they just make really good steem content and point out different tools and things that we can use to make the steem experience as great as it can possibly be. As far as being excellent community members, theyre about as good of an example that you can have.

but as far as straight entertainment I like @truce he has some of the funniest vids on here

but yeah check all these peoples contennt out

bts: c-r-7


Thanks for the mention!!!


@bigtakosensei, thanks for the S/O M8 really appreciate it and the support you have for myself and the #communitygrowthproject.

Hey crystal, nice giveaway!
My favourite steemians are @clove and @mrviquez and @carrieallen since they all do steem monster giveaways which are great for someone like me, who can't buy booster packs, yet. Right now my collecting is looking very good thanks to them and a few other people, but mostly them. I think what they do is very important as it gives new users an alternative message than the usual one you see on steemit (the rich get richer), but don't mistake hard-work for empty success. All of the people I've mentioned above work really hard on their content, they are almost always posting quality content which is why they are successful on steemit.

Anyway, I want to give big thank you to these people!
For inspiring and motivating me.

Also thanks for this giveaway crystal! :D

Bitshares: unhopeful-1


Thanks so much! Glad you're here with us in Steem Monsters! :-)


Check your Steemmonsters, I sent you 2 Epics you were missing. :-)


Can you see this?
so generous! thank you!


I first got into Cryptofighters (I'm the #1 Cryptofighter on their Leaderboard) by winning my First Cryotofighter! That is why I love giving out Steem Monster cards! :-)

I almost forgot to take part in this one! How could I?!

Anyways. I'd like to nominate D. LaSpina aka @dbooster here on Steemit. He's an american photographer and haiku poet living in Japan. Not only he writes his own poems, he translates a lot of the classic Japanese ones into English, providing explanation of things or objects in the verses so that people who are unfamiliar with them could get the real feel of what is being described, which I find pretty cool.
Here is an example of his verse:

komainu, old friend
let us watch the red leaves fall
autumn at the shrine

The post:
And another one, a silly one:

O coffee!
nectar of the gods
get in me now

The post:

I'd definitely go for @mirrors. She doesn't have a lot of time to spare these last couple of weeks, because she is very busy researching and writing curation posts to support the little guys, but if she finds the time to write she does an awesome job.

Her creative writing always sweeps me off my feet - her words always get to me. That's why I think she definitely deserves to be mentioned here.

You can find an example of one of her creative writing posts by clicking the image (or link) below:



My Bitshares account: simplymieke315


wow! Thanks @simplymike for this kind words. I didn't know i hold this special a place in your esteem. I am grateful.

I will confess i miss the 'writing', in fact i spent the bulk of today reflecting on the state of my account from since i adopted more of curation.

It was a disposition inspired by a comment yesterday from someone i previously curated, and who 'returned' to show her gratitude, and encourage me to continue.

Its funny that i now bump on you here echoing my exact sentiments. You know the truth is, i miss a lot - like, a lot!

Lately when i think of it, i cant help but wonder if with everything i miss doing, for curation sake, and which, honest to say, has somewhat slowed my account growth, if its all worth it.

I tell myself it is, although not without a tinge of regret, the disappointment that i can t fully commit myself to what i do best .

My resolution is to try and balance the two, creating and curating. ...i hope i can reclaim some of my writing self, with a couple of works in the next few days. And to keep it going.

Thanks again. As always, i cant be grateful enough.


I had read the comment and your reply you are referring to.
I know how it feels: it is difficult to find a balance between supporting others and grovwing your own account by doing what you love most. I'm not going to get started about that again - I've been going on and on about it just a couple of weeks ago.

Maybe it would be an idea to limit the number of curation post to two or three (or even one longer one) a week, so you can focus again on the stuff you love most.

It's a very noble cause to help others, but it shouldn't get in the way of your own progress. On top of that, you should be doing what you like most, in order to stay motivated.

I didn't know i hold this special a place in your esteem. I am grateful.

That hasn't changed since our very first accidental encounter, lol.

When I read your writings, I'm often a bit jealous of how you know your way with words :0)
While reading them, it often feels like I'm standing right beside you and share your impressions and experiences. That'how good you are.

I hope you will find a balance soon, because no matter how I admire the support you are providing to others, I'd really like to read more of your personal writings :0)


Very glad for your 'sweet words'. I am working on a balance. I have been doing 3 posts, and want to keep that up for a while, see how it goes, with the likelihood to cut them down to 2. For now though, whereas i have since scheduled them on a daily basis, and still hope i can manage that, i am giving myself a little bit of freedom, and will only post when i am able to.

Also, i have decided, every single feature post must be preceded by my own creative work. I hope this is motivation enough for me to do both.

Thanks again. And by the way, just after this conversation the other day, i put up one, and bang! It got curied. It was a post i made following from a rediscovered self belief, i might say, after your encouraging comment here. Very grateful.


I saw the curie vote. Congrats!
That's how it goes: you are at your best when doing what you love most.
If only I had half of your skills as a writer... :0)
(I remember asking you this before, but I don't remember the answer to the question, so I'm going to ask again - sorry: is English your mother tongue?)


True, writing comes a lot easier when you are down to your passion, although after a while, may be it needs some sharpening to get back fully! During those early days i required only a prompt, and i had the story typing it self away on my finger tips. Now i have to think some. but i guess it should come easier with a couple more trys'

English is not my mother tongue, per say. My country is multilingual, but English, Inherited from Colonial time, is our National language, used for public office communication and for instruction in all academic institutions, all levels.

So basically throughout my school, and now public life, I have used English. It perhaps explains my fluency. Also i had a very aggressive reading culture when growing almost the entire old Testament albeit unknowingly. lol. But yes, i read quiet a lot when growing up. It helped that my dad a was a teacher.

Thanks again. I hope i can craft a lot more of creative works in the coming days.

My favourite writer on steemit is @lindahas
But also @carrieallen (especially the horror story) and @paintingangels both write stories beautifully

I personally have always enjoyed @intelliguy's content. It is well thought out, deeply researched and always thought provoking.
Also @powerpics (AKA @steempowerpics) always does a great job at all he does. Whether that is recording and posting hangout's almost immediately after they are finished or just posting useful information. When It comes to the food category I can't leave out @amy-goodrich and her great keys to healthy eating in the tastiest of ways. There are too many to mention all of them.
BTS = littlebit5040

they are alot of em including me hahahah - kidding 😄

Thanks Crystal! :D Carrie and I really appreciate your unwavering support :)
I'm unbelievably flattered that I've earned such a fan.


You deserve all the appreciation! Love your comedy sketches on dlive!(especially the steem monster ones) :)

I’m going to say crystalhuman is my favourite steemer. He writes excellent as is always involed in so many Project. A true trooper full of love. His latest post. Plus he so into steemonsters these days.

Bitshare ID johnskotts333

  ·  2년 전

mine is whitney (stevenwood) he makes long ass funny posts i like readin (not a big reader tho)

Hey hey! I always jump in at the last moment, can't really help it :) but here I am !
My favorite writer is @creativetruth , because he always focuses on getting a reaction and response from you. I felt so drawn into his stories and life lessons, that I think he has that special hook that every great writer has. He also tries to make a meaningful thought out of the simplest thing and, he also grows plants, has a #teambonsai project which has very talented specialists on the subject matter. I really think you won't be dissapointed if you read one of his posts. An awesome person with a cool talent to narrate and write, but he also uses great imagery to help with his stories and explanations!
Creative's work

I would also like to give a special mention to @alexpmorris, I've seen him on our discord server but haven't had the chance to speak with him. But what I had the opportunity of was to read one old post from him and I really liked his approach on things and how he writes about them! He seems like a great guy and super intelligent too.
Thank you for allowing us to participate and give a shoutout to amazing steemians C. You are great for giving all of us this chance!
Alex's post

Have an AWEsome week everybody and good luck!

My BTS account name is tft-c2510