Whats Your Dream Vehicle Comment Challenge

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What Do I Need To Do To Enter?

All you need to do is tell me in the comment section what is your dream vehicle. If money wasn’t option what vehicle would you get? Just put a picture or comment saying what your favorite vehicle is, along with your bitshares account name so i can reward you the prize if you win! That's right all have to do is comment, so easy. You can see the pictures below and yes my favorite vehicles are cargo van and class b vans. I hope one day to live the van life dream one day. Looking forward to seeing everyones entries! Just follow the rules posted below!

The Rules

1.Submit your answer to the question: what is your favorite vehicle (you can do more than 1 if you want) in the comment section below, text or picture or both, along with your Bitshares account name so the rewards can be sent to you.
2.Do have the comment in English please.
3.If you do a spam comment or you copied someone you will not receive any rewards. So make a comment that is original. Plagiarism/spam comments will not be accepted!


1st place-100 Hairshares
2nd place-90 Hairshares
3rd place-85 Hairshares
4th place-80 Hairshares
5th place-75 Hairshares
6th place-70 Hairshares
7th place-60 Hairshares

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Pictures from https://www.lichtsinn.com/product-winnebago/revel-motor-home-class-b-diesel
and https://www.facebook.com/reconcampers

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Going out on a limb here. But ever since visiting I always felt like i would be satisfied with life poor as shit if i got to live in a city with no cars...this city was amazing. So my vehicle of choice is a boat! A gondola!


  ·  3년 전

Dream Mode Of Transportation as this have inbuilt nitro booster and and other features to automate its speed modules which separates this model from its competition. Plus it comes with the safety of three wheels so even babies can drive this thing!

BTS ID - dev8

Shaken not stirred ;-)



Lol.... I see it now.


need your bitshares name please!


That's pretty damn cool! But honestly they need to make it a lot bigger for me to want one. I'd feel too tiny out in the ocean with that little thing lol I've seen fish bigger than that.. Just sayin

My dream car is kantanka Onantefo. This car is proudly manufactured in Ghana and i just can't wait to get meself one.

Bts: general2


  ·  3년 전

If Money is not a problem than-

i) I want this Millennium Falcon from Starwars Series to be mine which was operated by great Han Solo (former), & Chewie.


ii) I want the jetpack for my transportation purposes in Earth


BTS- cl1k

I think I'll go with the RR(Rolls Royce), it has always been my dream car from day 1, its very expensive, due to the rate of conversion of naira to dollars, New Rolls Royce Prices start well over $200,000 making it difficult for the average car buyer to afford, which is over N72000000 here in nigeria
Thanks @crystalpacheco30 for this providing this contest and opportunity to win some sweet hairshares, much love😍😍
BTS: bluehearted123
download (5).jpegimages (15).jpegdownload (6).jpeg
images (14).jpeg
images (16).jpeg

I'd need something that I can park just about anywhere, without leaving my tech behind ;)

Meet the eleMMent Palazzo Superior ;)

I have to go with a vintage vehicle.

Tesla Model S
Bts: andyngng90

Well i do believe everyone deserve a Mustang in a lifetime.

Ford Mustang Boss 429


BTS ID: zingybite25

Undoubtedly a Range rover this is the car of my dreams and not only mine! But My girlfriends also!

BTS: blacklibertario1

Hello @crystalpacheco, thanks for this contest. I would like to have 2 vehicles. A mustang to drive through the city and that people realize hahaha. The other is motor home that allows me to carry my mustang and my family of course.

Bitshares ID: j0secarrerag (0=zero)

When I was a little girl I wanted to have a real pink jeep. Now that I'm older I want to have a pink hummer! (No kidding)


Thanks again crystal for making all this fun contests!

bts acc: leribyleri1992

I don't have a particular model/make of vehicle in mind, but would probably enjoy having some comfortable, "touring" sedan so I could travel the country visiting YOU and other cool people I have met on Discord and Steemit! 😊


bitshares ID: thekittygirl0 (that is a zero on the end, not an "oh")

At first I had to go with the boat answer of @heyimsnuffles but I dont live on a damn island anymore haha

So since I will be moving to a snowy mountain area, it seems no more than reasonable than considering making my new favorite form of transporation a snowy vehicle :D You never know when this one might just be your best friend

bitshares: karinxxl1984

Finally got round to entering this contest.
After seeing your post in the curation lounge yesterday, I had this on my list of things to do today.

so my dream vehicle

Now before I post this let me just say that i’m A 33 year old guy with no driving experience and you did say Dream.
So without further ado here it is

yes you are seeing it right
The back to the future hoverboard by Mattel

Ok so I know that these don’t exist and nor does the technology but ever since I saw Michael J Fox using one on Back To The Future part II, I was just hooked.
How cool would it be to revamp the skate board and introduce hover technology to the current world.

Lamborghini Gallardo :)


2018 lexus rx 350 OMG those jaws.... bitshares acountname chibuike101

It might be a cliché, but I’ve been totally in love with the original VW Beetle for over 25 years now.
If I could choose, I’d go for a ‘flower power’ look ;0)

Second choice is another cliché:
The VW T1 vans are simply so adorable...

Bitshares: simplymieke315


I love cars that don't smile. Ford fusion 2017. I lovenit






If money was not a issue, I would go for this 500 million dollar Airbus 380 which is presently owned Arab billionaire.
Click here to know about the luxury features of this private jet


if i were to have a car my favourite car it would be the mercedes -slr mclaren The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is a grand tourer car jointly developed by Mercedes-Benz and McLaren Automotive, built in Portsmouth and the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, Surrey, England and sold from 2003 to 2010. When it was developed, German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz owned 40 percent of the McLaren Group. SLR stands for "Sport Leicht Rennsport", homage to the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR which served as the McLaren's inspiration. Both coupé and roadster versions were offered. The SLR McLaren was succeeded by the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.
this car is super expensive but it is worth the amount this car is a car loved by everyone , tis car is a old product in the list of the car produced by benz but to me this is the best of all of them all.
thanks @crystalpaccheco for this wonderful contest

download (5).jpgdownload (6).jpgdownload (7).jpg

I'd probably have to go with this baby right here. Mmmhmmm.


i need your bitshares address please



Thanks Crystal!

The Lykan Hypersport. Only 7 of these bad boys have been made. But yh.. Fast and Furious just had to run one through 2 buildings. Haha


BTS: ulqu3

Toyota Land cruiser

bitshares ID: nihal-mz

A white tesla or buick enclave :)

Ford Mustang GT is my favourite and the car I'd love to drive
BTS: fasuyi-boboye
images (1).jpg

Aloha Crystal (:

I will try to make this short. I love planes! And space ships!

Someday we will be able to travel in space...
But for now, I can settle for one of these (: a private jetplane.

I could go whenever I want and with luxuries included. Sweet!
Thank you for everything you do for so many: great contest C.

my bts account is tft-c2510 Thanks!


Hey crystal here is my entery for favourite car well i love the models of aston martin there latest model is super cool V8 VANTAGE, here is some info about it.

The Aston Martin V8 Vantage is a two-seater sports car manufactured by British automotive manufacturer Aston Martin as a successor to the previous outgoing model which had been in production for 12 years. It was unveiled in November 2017.

Bts acc: muh543


My dream vehicle is a horse power car, in this case the Mustang, amazing powerful car, I love it! :)

My BTS: lost108


my favorite dream of vehicle is lucid electric car. I hope one day to live the lucid life dream one day.

my bitshares ID : deewon23

Thanks for this contest! I just found out about it so I'm literally posting it now~ Pretty new with this whole Steemit contests concept so here goes! Also upvoted your post for great contest topic~

I'm a sci-fi person, and therefore this vehicle concept is probably still in the development stage but I'd say my dream vehicle would be Doc Brown’s DeLorean DMC-12 Time Machine...from the all famous Classic move "Back to the Future"!



Okay, I know there are a tonne of time-travelling devices to select from. Some are vehicle giants (Ie: Star Wars Millennium Falcons) while others can probably fit into a conch shell (ie: S.H.E.I.L.D's Ant Man suit), but in my humble opinon none of them can do it with the slick style as Doctor Emmett Brown’s Back to the Future Time Machine DeLorean.



Sure requires 1.21 gigawatts of electricity, plutonium (oh, materials so rare!) and a good travel space before go you off into the future (or the past) with a fiery string of fire trailing behind left at your original world at departure date, but for all its worth, the time machine makes defying the laws of physics look like a whole lot of fun and entertainment! Plus, once you’re able to travel to the future and get some upgrades (yes, especially in the future technology is just so much more advanced for cheaper price and greater power), getting the necessary power fuel and equipment becomes much less of a chore. Even if travelling into the past, this vehicle is a decent good size in comparison to super large confederation ships that you just can’t quite park and hide it in someone’s abandoned backyard. There's also materials you can use or to create from scratch for fixing.....the best part is that this car is not as big as the military confederation size ships. It's also not so small that I won't get accidentally squashed by humans and animals inside the ant suit, lol. Plus it's really just for 1 person suit, and I won't be able to bring family members or friends with me for those regular weekend adventure trips. Thanks for the read!


For me, it’s about the adventure and fun of the vehicle and not so much of the size, aesthetic looks, and how many people to carry onto a spacecraft. The DeLorean can suit both the use of city and planet travel :D

My Bitshare ID: miss-kat