Curie Logo Design Contest Finalists

3년 전

Announcing the FINALISTS for the 2018 Curie Logo Design Contest

  • All SBD payout from this post will be divided evenly among finalists not selected as one of the top 3 winners (finalists with more than one entry will only receive one share of the SBD payout).

  • All top contest submissions by number of votes were included as finalists, as well as some additional entries as nominated and discussed internally by Curie curators, reviewers and operators.

  • All finalists are included on the final ballot that Curie curators, reviewers and operators (to included sub-community curators) are voting on. Voting methodology is weighted top 3 with all voters selecting top 3 entries: 1st place (3 points); 2nd place (2 points); 3rd place (1 point). Winners will be announced in Curie Discord channel as well as here on @curie blog.

  • This list of finalists is ordered by designer's username (alphabetically) and order is not indicative of ranking.

Curie Logo Design Contest Finalists





























@overdye entry #2

overdye 2.png












yesaye 2.png



Winners will be announced in Curie Discord channel as well as here on @curie blog

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Honestly, a lot of them look really good, but @alenthin feels just perfect. fist (1).png


I’d agree, they are all very good but @alenthin nails it. I think Curie, though large, is a subtly stated account and this logo encompasses that so well.

Leaning toward the more pastel, opaque colors for the logo and muted tones for words speaks so true to the Curie brand. I really enjoy the peach logo - nice break and contrast to the Steemit green. Very well done, thoughtful design.

This is good:

Fine logo designs with fanatic thought.

  ·  3년 전

I like the @fabiyamada logo!! :)


Congrats to all the finalists! Great work! And many thanks to everyone who entered and voted for entries, it was tough to narrow this down to a list of finalists even with community input.

every design has its meaning

I like @matytan design is the best for me


Thank you :)

Wow there are many awesome suggestions among the finalists! I guess it will be a tough choice. 😎

i vote @driweeu

i think i go with no 4 @drigweeu. reason, the logo is self explained

There are so many amazing designs here! It will be a tough decision, I'm sure, but I like that it's a community effort. Good luck to everyone! :)


Good luck to you too pretty, I think that nobody here has had the courtesy to read the post to understand that it is not about votes on this occasion.
Thanks for the support and the visit in my post that I could not bring back, it was not my intention to do so, I apologize for that. regards


No worries, @edxserverus. All good. Thanks for your encouragement! For me, it's all about community. I mean, of course I'd like to win some Steem as well, but any way it works out I've still had fun. All my best to you!

This competition has been fierce! So many great entries. I'd hate to be a judge! Up voting because everyone deserves to receive something for working so hard on those logos.


Hi Carla,
Thanks so much!
Really appreciated.

Wow these look Great! I have three favs one is the first one from @alenthin, second is the one which I think is a bit out of the box but super super awesome was from @drigweeu and last but no means least is @overdye's 2nd entry. Best of luck to everyone.


Hello @insideoutlet
Thank you for appreciation! 💙


Really appreciated.

@fabiyamada @fivefiveeleven and @overdye for me!

Congratulations to the finalists! Good luck!


Hi @artgirl
Thank you for appreciation! 💙

My favourites are @alenthin, @fivefiveeleven, and @ufxpression. They look good and would work in low res. The others – not so much. But why didn't you include @bradyhart ? His design was distinctive, modern and simple enough for low res. I think it's better than most of the finalists.

Number one by @alenthin is my top pick!

I also am on board with #1, by @alenthin.


@rejzons, you have my support. My vote is for you.


thank you @vinzruzell :)


Hi @emilnashar!
Thank you for appreciation!


You are welcome @overdye

all of the designs are awesome but I will vote for @rejzons
the design really fits and symbolizes what c@curie is all about
congratz in advance to the winners


thank you @renz1995 :)

You have my support @rejzons! Congratulations in advance!


thank you @josephace135 :)

I vote for @rejzons for being true in the goal of @curie.


thank you @philiparniebinag :)


thank you @sageyuan :)

i like @rejzons design its beautiful.


thank you @prettyjules158 :)

I just voted and gave you over $2 SBD that is most best vote ever! And only at 70% voting power. Love the designs, good luck to the winner. :)


The next post I voted on, a newby to Steemit with no upvotes, only received $0.01c... anyone know Curie gets $2 and a newby gets 0.01c ?


you can see how much is your vote worth:
you didn't give $2 to curie, there must have been a coincidence that other people voted at same time.


hi thanks, it only shows the % power I voted at and not the amount, so how do you know that?


Plus it said I was at 100% and I was not. I was voting at around 70% at the time... did you mean WTF?

not in the list: D

but the selected logo,

all good designs, but I chose the design of his brother @fivefiveeleven, because I think it's the best among them, brother @curie

I vote #4

they should not ask for their consolation prize, I really believe that the second and third place were very unfair, they should not at least re-pair them @curie

Congratulations and good luck to all the finalist, all of them awesome works, good job guys :)

I vote #4 @drigweeu.

Congratulations to all the finalists... :))

Nice job everyone pleas follow and uote me

I vote #4 by @drigweeu

&#128160 elated & impressed!

I vote number #4 @drigweeu

All looks good but i vote @drigweeu's work.

I like a lot @mulkanjs work!


thanks you @dexpartacus


You are really welcome!🙂


I vote #4

I vote number #4 by @drigweeu

  ·  3년 전

i vote for number 4 which is @drigwe design. Thanks

I Really Like @bryanlornemez MY FAVEORITE

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@jumowa does it for me! It's so classy and unique. It's definitely the best!

Congrats to all the finalists, you guys are all winners and should be very proud of yourself

I like the simply design of @skippyza...


Thank you @kennyroy, much appreciated. :D

I vote number #4 @drigweeu

Congrats to all the finalists. Sadly my design didn't go through but as I said before @alenthin made the perfect design. He gets my vote! :)

Good designs. Bringing out the best in people

I vote #4 @drigweeu as number 1

I vote for number 4

I vote 4 @drigweeu. Nice design

I vote 4

Can i still submit my design for this contest ? I just recently follow @curie and i do not know that there is a logo design contest.

I vote number 4.

I vote for #10 @yzah thanks 😀

  ·  3년 전

Hi @tyronelayo, thank you so much.

My favorite is the one by @fivefiveeleven.
Congrats to all who made it to the finals, and everyone else who considered participating and put in their efforts. :)
Thank you @curie team for liking my entry! :D

I vote for no 4 @drigweeu

No 4 is cool, I go for @drigweeu

@curie can i still enter the contest or im to late, thx in advance, greetingscurie.jpg

Anyway i try)

no 4 is cool. i go with @drigweeu

i cast my vote to no 4

wow! the logo designs are all great!!! congratulations to the finalist and in advance to the winner... :D

by the way I VOTE @rejzons

His logo design is simple and artistic but it state what @curie is base on what I read... you got my upvote and support dude! god bless


thank you @jhairahdignos <3 :)

The logos are all lovely anyway..must be hard choosing a winner

I liked @rejzons design. Has a very meaningful logo that shoots the curie’s nature.



thank you so much @lykkejay :)

I like the Curie logo of @yzah..

I vote no. 4 by @derigweeu

God bless @rejzons. You have a great concept. I know you'll be on top!


thank you @morken :)


Maliit na bagay! Go go go!

my voting goes to @drigweeu

all logos seems sweet. i go with @drigweeu no4

i vote for no4 @drigweeu

I hate to judge who is better but I vote for @rejzons . Good luck to all participants :)

I VOTE @rejzons its beautiful and I think it will be a best fit for curie.

I Vote @rejzons


thank you @jcpuzs1 :)

I vote @rejzons is very suitable for the curie really represents its goal/function


thank you @rfece143 :)

I vote @rejzons :) God bless bro !