Preview of the Themes for Artstorm Contest #100

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Hey Everyone!

Woooah!! It's 'Halloween' Week. Let's have a scary party and fun, fun, fun, with these themes :) @musicvoter suggests that we include music jingles as a category for entries, so this week will try it out. Use your art or music jingles to illustrate these themes you might win 3 Steem a day.



Here is a preview of the themes for Artstorm Contest #100... 'Halloween' Week:

Monday 28th October – Witches

Tuesday 29th October – Halloween Costumes

Wednesday 30th October – Halloween Food

Thursday 31st October – Trick or Treats

Friday 1st November – Black Cats

Saturday 2nd November - Sorry, no contest today.

Sunday 3rd November - Clearing Up After the Halloween Party

Artstorm is a contest for challenging yourself and having fun!

Artstorm Contest #100 will run every day from 28th October to 3rd November inclusive (7 days altogether).

Each day I post a 'Halloween' theme. Entrants should create pictures using the medium of their choice.

Each theme runs for two days.

Digital and non-digital (trad) art are accepted.

Your entries must be your own original work relating to the theme and created for this contest. No old art, please.

The prize will be 3 Steem each day.

All prizes are paid after two days, for the entry or entries I like best.

Winning entries will be carefully designed and presented.

Please post using Steemit or SteemPeak so I can upvote you.

This is what you need to do:

Make a post for each of your entries with the title 'Entry for Artstorm Contest #100 - 'The Theme of the Day'.
(This week there is no contest on Saturday.)

Leave a link to your post and a picture of your entry in the comments below.

If you upvote and resteem this post it helps me afford the prizes for another contest.

  • Sorry, photography is not accepted.

The entry closing time after 2 days is 8:00 am UTC (Follow this link for a time zone converter.)

Don't leave entries here.

I will make a daily post for your entries.

I hope YOU will have time to enter and have fun!!

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Why not use one of your witness votes to support "untersatz" run by @contrabourdon and @organduo?

This is their witness statement given to me on Discord:

Statement: Produce more blocks so we have SP to upvote our circle and keep providing you with Steem prizes.

I voted for them as I support the aim in their statement.

Follow this link to place your vote:

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I hope so :)

Thank you for including music! I have posted this in our Discord. Let's see if you get some entries!


It's my pleasure :) Thank you for adding it to Discord :)

You should contemplate the idea of ​​working a week with Disney movies


Thank you for the suggestion. I shan't do that because I don't like Disney movies. I find them so old fashioned.