The Folk Art Colouring Contest #26

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Hey Everyone!

For anyone who loves colouring and folk art, here is a fun contest:

The Folk Art Colouring Contest #26 starts here. Contest #25 is still live until 4th August.

Colour stencils and you might win a prize.

I will match the full contest payout for the entry I like best.


There are 3 stencils you might like to colour:

  • Stencil 1:

st 4.jpg

  • Stencil 2:

st 7.png

  • Stencil 3:

st 5.jpg

Colour the stencils anyway you want, traditional art and digital are both welcome.

Add a background and animation if you want.

My choice of winning entries will be coloured with care and imagination.


The contest closes on Saturday 10th August.


This is what you need to do:

• Make a post for each of your entries with the title 'Folk Art Colouring Contest #26'.

  • You may enter as many times as you like.

• Leave links to your posts and pictures of your entries using Steemit in the comments below so that I find it and I know you want to enter the contest.

• If you 100% upvote this post it will increase the payout for the winner.

Please use Steemit to post your entries, not other sites.

You are welcome to share children's art but I do not award it prizes.

I hope YOU will enter!


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Thank you for your entry!


Hermosa paleta :) es mi favorito


Thank you for your entry!

--Hola gente de steemit! aquí les dejo mi participación:


Thank you for your entry!