[Contest Ended]: 15 SBI Shares #2 (+ the winners of #1)

3년 전

As I said in the first part of this contest, I've reached 15k upvotes and it is time to give back to the Steemit community for helping me to get here! So, I'll be doing this contest weekly (or every 2 weeks, depending on my Financial Situation). As STEEM has reached the lowest price of this year so far, it is a great method to help everyone get a few more cents on each of their post!

EDIT: I was going to reply to each and every one of you, but I didn't imagine this contest would get so many participants and I can't afford to do this! Good luck to everyone and thank you for taking part!

Participants of the previous contest:

I sorted the comments by age, and the oldest comment got the first number, while the most recent comment got the last number. 12 people took part in this contest, so I consider this a success! Here are the participants with their number:

  1. @funnel
  2. @filotasriza3
  3. @cryptomaniacsgr
  4. @hrissm
  5. @nikosnitza
  6. @katerinaramm
  7. @doomsdaychassis
  8. @trumpman
  9. @lordneroo
  10. @mediawizards
  11. @pocketrocket
  12. @ninjatuner

The winners are (screenshot from random.org):





Congrats! Your shares have been sent, they should be added in a few days!

It doesn't matter if you won or not, you can take part again just by commenting and tagging a few friend of yours. The rules are in the next section of the post

The rules!

1 simple rule: Tell me if you know what SBI is, if you have any SBI shares, and tag your friends in a comment in this post. You can skip any part. You have to at least tell me if you know what SBI is, if you have any shares or tag some of your friends. Or just tell me a joke. I'll leave this up to you this time! Edit: Make sure it is a direct reply to the post, and not a reply to a comment of the post

You don't have to follow me, upvote/resteem this post or anything, although I would appreciate all of them. If the contest is successful, I'll be running it again!

The prizes

3 people will get 5SBI shares each. If the post generates more than $5 in payout, I will choose a 4th winner with an extra 5SBI shares prize.

The winners...

... will be chosen the day after the post reaches payout, randomly! I'll count how many comments there are, get 3 random numbers from Random.org's Integer Set Generator and count from the beginning!

That's it! Comment away! xD

Image by @steembasicincome

If you can spare an upvote, a resteem or a few minutes of your time every couple of days, feel free to follow the @aristotle.team account. When everything falls into place, I'll starting posting more regularly pics, songs etc, as I've been doing the past few months.

Also, If you can spare some Steem Power, you can always consider delegating to @aristotle.team! If you are interested in supporting Aristotle and his "gang", we have some convenient delegation links here:
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SBI's are SteemBasicIncome in the form of Steem or even SBD currencies, I have a decent amount, and have been fortunate enough to benefit from the early on success of this wonderful community platform, as well as its fluctuating market prices.

The friend I tag is @dreemit, and here is a joke even as well just for kicks that I am making right now on the spot.

My wife is not a gamer, and doesn't play any online app games.
But since watching me on Steemmonsters, collecting all the cool cards, I actually found Some-in-her phone.


Maybe not so funny, but hey...wordplayyyyy


Thank you for taking part! Good luck

P.S. It was a good wordplay 😉

Like most others here, I do know what SBI shares are and am privileged enough to own some. The friends I'd like to tag are @foodfightfriday who puts everything he earns in to a prize pool for the #foodfightfriday contest, @jlspatts, @weirdheadaches, @dandays, and his lady @puravidaville... all of who have been very supportive and encouraging towards me. Thanks guys!


Thanks @sivehead! You have quickly become one of “our coolest” Steemit comrades. Thank you for your ongoing support Captain Cool.

Yes I know what SBI and I have around 60 shares soon to be more I hope. @funnel knows about this but does @simplymike?


Well, the day is near! Good luck, pray to the Random.org Gods that you will be one of the winners this time! 😁

I've just upvoted your post!
just a micro support for a fellow steemian, I hope you'll appreciate it ;)


Thank you very much! I appreciate it :)

I was lucky to find out about SBI in the very beginning and have sponsored lots of people into it. I never earned that much here on Steem to be able to buy thousands of units like some people did, but have done what I could and when we started the @freewritehouse, we are using SBI for most of our prizes.

@improv and @felt.buzz want to know about this because they too believe in the power of a SBI

I know what SBI is but I should win more because I have few 😁 @warnas, @marfonso, @tixinhacapitinha check this out!

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I have had at least 85 shares in SBI base on this list , first time I was introduced to SBI by @sumatranate and he is the first friend bought me the shares for long life income (upvote) from steem basic income. So SBI is something that provide a constant up vote for it member who have had the share. And now I still support at least 1 SBI for @pifc contest's winner every week. starting from week 12 (if I correct) LOL. @cicisaja was the one who brought me in into the PIFC, and @freedomshift was the one who is encouraging me and supporting me all the time till now.


You are a friend who bought SBI shares to others even though you don't have much in your wallet and your real life 😊 off course, we both know that I didn't produce good posts but I need to grow and that's why SBI is an important part of steemit for steemians

I don't know what sbi means except steembasicincome. I have a little sbi share but I don't know how much it is. If you know the way, plz tell me. Have a fun!
@mmunited @hnineikhaing

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You can learn here how to check your share count! Good luck :D

SBI stands for Steem Basic Income, it is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. I have around 16 shares right now.
Mostly of them come from the chinese community @team-cn .
Tag my friends
@alvin0617 @htliao @ericet

Yes, I know what STEEM Basic Income is and I currently have 8 shares. Would love to have more. @CRYPT-SKIP has a few shares but he'd like to have more as well. I'm adding someone from an introduce me post I picked at random so they can learn about it as well, maybe even win their first one. So I'm tagging @aniita, who is new, so stop by her blog and say hello.

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ειμαι κωλοφαρδος :P ευχαριστώ και παλι! δν θα παρω μερος αυτην την φορα να δωσω την ευκαιρια κ σε καναν αλλον :P


Χαχα οκ! Ευχαριστώ που πήρες μέρος :)

Yes, I have several SBI shares from contest and my husband @ecoinstant bought me some! I think it is a great program for those who believe in steem!


It really is a great program for everyone :) Good luck!

Yes! I have purchased many shares, because I believe very highly in the Steem platform! I know that @improv likes and uses the program as well!


In the long run, we are going to see a lot of great things within this platform :) Thank you for taking part and good luck :)

SBI: Steem Basic Income. It is a social experiment with the objective of bringing a basic income to those participating in the Steem platform whereby the income is generated through upvoting the content of other participants.

I have minimal as I'm just a newbie...

Thanks for the opportunity.


Oh, I see you joined in October, so welcome! The previous contest post gave me 1 STEEM and I've sent it to you as an SBI share and gave you a full upvote on your last post as a "welcome" gift.

SBI Share transaction link, Upvote transaction link


Oh my, thank you so much @dimitrisp, a very welcome and unexpected surprise. When I become successful, I will be sure to pay it forward.

Warmest thanks.

At the moment I only have 4 sbi shares, but I hope to have more soon.
@reinaldoverdu has quite a few SBI shares.


Cool, good luck then! :)

I found out today that SBI is steem basic income. I don't have any shares as of yet, although I entered another contest earlier today hoping to get my first share ;)

Otherwise, I play steemmonsters... Just defeated @laured !


May the Contest Gods give you our first shares soon ;) Good luck!

Sbi is steem basic income and I am relatively familiar with it and think I might have 2 shares, but not sure how to look that up?



You can use their spreadsheet to check out how many shares you have ;) Good luck!

Yep. I have SBI shres and am in group 4.


Nice.. Good luck!

SBI is Streem basic income, some can send 1+ steem to @steembasicincome and tag one person on memo. both of them can get 1 share of sbi.

I have 7 SBI from contest and editor of @cn-activity


That's great! Good luck :)

SBI: Steem Basic Income, many Steemian take this as a prize of contest or giveaway, and the more SBI we have, the more votes we can get from our posts.
Luckily, I have 20 SBI!

[Tag my friend]
@minloulou, @yanyanbebe @ericet


While not 100% correct (you get the same amount of votes no matter how many shares you have), you are on point! Good luck :)



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Yes, I know so much about SBI. SBI stands for steem basic income. I currently have 22 shares of SBI. Also our community @team-cn is giving out 2 SBI daily to authors who write quality posts. We all love it!
@softmetal @honoru

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That's nice! We need more SBI-awareness in Steemit. Good luck :)

ειναι να μη tagαρω ανθρωπο ρε παιδι μου....θα κερδισει σιγουρα...
...θα τον tagαρω παλι ετσι απο περιεργεια να δουμε θα ξανακερδισει??
... @trumpman !!!!


χαχαχα για να δούμε! βέβαια θα πρέπει να γράψει σχόλιο που να μην είναι απάντηση σε άλλο σχόλιο :P

I can't say I really know what SBI is. It sounds like a guaranteed income of SBD/STEEM, but looks aren't everything.


Well, you guessed it right! You need a lot of shares to get a significant amount, but it's a start! Good luck 😉

I have few sbi shares which is perfectly work for me to promote my post. I would like to recommend to my friends @michealclauri @ernesto-guzman

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Perfect! Good luck :)


Thanks ☺

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Yes steembasic income and I have a few shares :)


That's great! Good luck! 😁

SBI is steem basic income,if you owned some you can get upvoteevery time you post something.

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Exactly this! Good luck 😉

Hey hey hey!! Thank you so much! I'm such a lucky, greedy guy! Haha! Have a great day and keep up the great work! And thanks again!


Congrats mate! Enjoy your new shares :) And good luck for the 2nd contest part! :D


silly bitcoin investment / steamy balls incense / steem basic income.

One of those... or all of those.

@hrissm has shares.

[tagged for contest]
@chiama @brumest @claudiaz


Perhaps it's none of them? It could also be Shill Before Ill 😂

Good luck :)

god damn @trumpman stealing all my jobs prizes.


Well, it was God's (@trumpman2's) plan! It had to happen! Better luck next time :D

Thanks for the tag @stever82.
@dimitrisp, thanks for hosting the contest. I've resteemed it through the @newbiegames account, hoping it will reach some more newcomers.

I'll be entering the contest, but if I win, I'd like to donate my prize to someone who can really use a little extra push. I hope that is allowed? I don't have anyone particular in mind, but I know a lot of redfish who would deserve it.

I do know what SBI is. Last time I checked, a couple of weeks ago, I had 110 shares or something like that. I don't remember exactly.

I assume I can invite more than one friend? I'm gonna take a chance and just do it ;0)

Check out this contest @lady-idra, @celinavisaez, @aurodivys, @paramimd, @talhatariq, @vimukti-ananda, @vliet, @zanetaviz, @faiyazmahmud, @omegagamerow

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Where can I check how many shares I have?

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Try this. You check which SBI have been upvoting your post and look for that SBI on the tab with the same name of the spreadsheet here.


minimining 4.68 5 3 2 56
IS is 56 that is my number of SBI?


Most of the SBI posts have a bunch of links at the bottom. One redirects to the checker tool

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Thanks !

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Yeah, I've got so SBI shares. Fair to say I'm a big fan and always on the lookout for a few more shares.

I'll tag @johndoer123 @brickmanbrad @rpgbuilders @contestkings, @blewett and @simplymike as others who may be interestes

I do know SBI and often give away shares in my contests, too. :) I'm not sure how many shares I have at this point! I tag @t-lab - come and enter to win some SBI shares, which is basically upvotes on your posts for life! 😁


You can read this comment I made a few minutes ago to learn how you can check how many shares you have :)

Good luck!

Yeah, I know what SBIs are and I already have 10 SBIs. @casagrande and @pedrocanella, both have some too.

First let me tell you that it is one hell of a great thing you are doing here!
Secondly I do kniow what SteemBasicIncome is. The best thing about it, is that it keeps you motivated to keep on being active on the steem blockchain.
These kind of upvote programs were a few months ago, the major part of the upvotes on my posts.
But I do have another question: do you know @upvoteshares?
Upvoteshares could be compared with Steembasicincome but the biggest difference is that if you want to step out of it, is that you can sell your shares again!
Each round 50 shares are put up on the market with a fixed price. And it is known in advice when the next level starts. This depends on the amount of Steem Power the program has.
I am buying each round one extra share of this program, but I also give each week one Steembasicincome share away as part of sponsorship of the @abh12345 engagement league.


That's nice, I will read about @upvoteshares :)

Yes, I know what SBI is and I have quite a few shares already!

I'll tag @lady-idra, @elenasteem, @alkor, @apnigrich and @fcdvpds

Streem basic income.
Είχα 7 μάλλον συνεχίζω να έχω 7, και θα ταγκαρω @steliosfan και @katerinaramm!!

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Καλή επιτυχία! :)

I do not know what is SBI.
I'll tag @kuklamasha, @setik-001, @eto-ka, @tatdt and @ir3k

Thank You for the opportunity @dimitrisp, thank you @simplymike and @trincowski for calling me out.
SBI is an incentive (motivates or encourages) new and seasoned Steemers. A basic income could, for some of us, be the difference between receiving A thousandth and receive nothing.
My tags : @pardinus @veryspider @lastravage @scrawly.
Good Day to you all !!

¡Hola @dimitrisp! Gracias por el concurso, un cariñoso abrazo.
Se lo que es SBI, tengo varias acciones, exactamente no sé cuántas, no entiendo muy bien la página de Excel. Steemb asicincome, son acciones de por vida.
Mira este concurso @macoolette, @cicisaja,
Gracias por la etiqueta @simplymike, besos para todas


@celinavisaez I would appreciate it if you translated your comment in English ;)


Hello @dimitrisp! Thank you for the contest, a loving hug.
I know what SBI is, I have several actions, I do not know exactly how many, I do not understand the Excel page very well.
Steemb asicincome, are actions for life.
Check out this contest @macoolette, @cicisaja,
Thanks for the tag @simplymike, kisses for all! Hello @dimitrisp! Thank you for the contest, a loving hug.
I know what SBI is, I have several actions, I do not know exactly how many, I do not understand the Excel page very well. Steemb asicincome, are actions for life.
Check out this contest @macoolette, @cicisaja,
Thanks for the tag @simplymike, kisses for all.
Google translator.


Thank you @celinavisaez for the tag.. you know thatcI know about SBI and I don't really check on how many shares I have, I'll buy it when I want to vote on someone but my tiny vote mean nothing.. the first people I know who bought me a share after @lynncoyle1 enrolled me a share in May 20018 was @dipoabasch.

I thought it's SBD but just spelled in a wrong way, luckily figured it out at the end. I didn't have any SBI until yesterday when Michael Sir @honoru wanted to encourage me to keep working on homework, he gave me a private reward for ONE SBI.


I know what SBI is and I have 26 shares as I checked few minutes ago.

Or course, I know @freedomshift, @marblely, @oliviackl, @barksi, @manuel78, @team-ccc know it too. Right?

Yes, I know what SBI is and I have 42 shares based on this list.

I believe @gmatthe2, @roninrelax and @el-nailul know about it too.

Thanks for the contest!
SBI is:

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

Yes I have over 40 shares of SBI and I invite @buckaroo to join in.

Thank you for the shout @lady-idra! Yes, I know what SBI is and already have a few shares; and always appreciate an oportunity to get some more, so thanks for the contest! @mafaldation, @portugalcoin, @myfreebtc, check this out!

hello @dimitrisp, I have 15 shares SBI and hope to boost my SBI shares, hope I am the lucky one, Thank you!
tag@ericet @honoru @kelvinzhang

I know what sbi is and I want more! I enter a lot of contests for it and my vote from them is a larger percentage now. My first share came in Dec 2017 and I finally figured out what it was in March 2018.

Unfortunately I do not know how many shares I have, because I am too dumb to figure out their spreadsheet. So I trust in God and sbi to do me right!

@mariannewest will be here soon because she also knows the power of sbi and has ginabot :)


hahaha - you know me so well :)


Hey! You can locate yourself in one of the SBI pools in the SBI shares spreadsheet. If you don't know what pool votes for you, check for upvotes from @steembasicincome or one of the sbiX pools (where X is the pool number)

Good luck :)

SBI: is a daily income-based system which rewards with upvotes on the basis of shares you have.
I have 13 SBI shares.
@numanbutt @nomijutt


Cool, good luck! :)

Yes. I have 4 SBI. Thanks for your contest. Tag @starrouge

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As far as I know about it
It is the share of steem basic income, which upvote you according to your number of shares.
@i have 5 SBI


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Good luck! ;)

Congrats on blowing up my gina notifications! :D


Oh, sorry about this! Let me know what triggers the notifications and I'll change it in the next part of the contest :)


No, you're fine, it's a great contest. I created Steem Basic Income and I have alerts on all mentions and keywords.

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HI! Yes, I have been using the steembasicincome system for a while now. I have given away shares to reward people who comment on my posts, and to people who helped support others by commenting on posts. I give away three every week to people who enter and win my #zapfic contest. Not sure who knows about this or not, but I'll tag @whatisnew because she LOVES SBI

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I know what is SBI and i have only 2 shares.I hope to win more.Thanks for this contest.

Hi @dimitrisp!

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I do have SBI units, and I'm there to spread the word that they're called units, not shares, now! I'll tag @stinawog and @princegazardiel to enter this contest, too!

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SBI is a more community minded upvote service. 500 people/shares per pool and then another pool is made. If you have over a hundred shares you get upvotes from two separate pools. I have around 10 shares. Mentioning @ivan-g @marblely @oliviakle

SBI: Steem Basic Income, many Steemian take this as a prize of contest or giveaway, and the more SBI we have, the more votes we can get from our posts.
I have 2SBI.
[Tag my friend]

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