Caturday SBI Giveaway #1 / キャタデー SBI ギブアウェイ #1

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This giveaway is closed.
Please come back on next Friday.


Caturday SBI Giveaway #1

Join me every Friday for a Caturday quiz and complete a easy task to win @steembasicincome share!
The theme for my giveaway is cat related but I will try to come up with the easy quiz and the task that anyone can join.

キャタデー SBI ギブアウェイ#1

毎週金曜日(日本は土曜日)@steembasicincome のギブアウェイを始めたいと思います。
スティーム ベイシック インカムについて詳しいことは、@glastarさんが記事にしてくださっているので参考にしてください。
SteemBasicIncome 日本語FAQ
Steem Basic Incomeの紹介&ギブアウェイ

どんなギブアウェイにしようかなと迷ったのですが、猫をテーマに簡単なクイズ & タスク形式にしたいと思います。


★ The quiz for this week : What is the name of my cat? You can check my past post ;)

★ The task : Answer... are you a dog person or a cat person and give me reason(s).

Me?...I love cats but I like dogs as well.
I had dogs...two mastiff and pit bull crosses for 20 years before my cat became the part of our family.
But I think I’m more of a cat person than a dog person because I like things quiet and prefer spending most of my time indoors and alone. Having dogs...big dogs didn’t allow me to do that. I loved my dogs but I was getting tired after 20 years.
Although I miss getting enough exercise without even going to the gym.
How about you?


● Please leave your answer at the comment section.

● You must follow the rules and answer the quiz correctly to be qualified.

● 5 giveaways go out this week.

● Giveaway starts on Friday and will be closed on Sunday. I will edit the post with “This giveaway is closed” when ended.

● Upvote and resteem is not necessary but would be appreciated.

● The winner will be drawn and the announcement will be taken place on the following week.

● When you are asked to share a photo, it must be your own.

That’s all!
Hope to see your entry!

★ 今週のクイズ : 私の猫の名前は? 過去の投稿にヒントがあるかもw

★ 今週のタスク : あなたは犬派ですか? 猫派ですか? その理由もお答えください。



● 答えはコメント蘭にお願いします。

● エントリーの条件はルールを守ること、そしてクイズに正解していることとします。

● 今週のギブアウェイは5つ

● 期限は金曜日から日曜日(日本では土曜日から月曜日かな)終了した投稿に編集で “このギブアウェイは終了しました” と追記します。

● Upvote、Resteemは出来たらお願いします。しなくてもOKです。

● 当選者は抽選です。発表は後日行います。

● 写真をシェアするお題の時は、自分の写真でお願いします。



Thanks for visiting!



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The name of your cat is Pepper and she is adorable. I love cats and dogs. Both have been in my life since the day I was born. Due to health problems, I am now a cat lady. There is no way I could take a dog for a walk in the cold, windy weather or snow. I love to snuggle with cats, especially mine. I used to love to teach my dogs new tricks and now I teach my cat how to do tricks. And just like dogs, my cat can sense when I am in pain and tries to console me. Also, the purring is a great way to relax and fall asleep. Thanks for this fun contest @djynn! : )


Thanks for the entry!!!
I remember those days going for a walk in the rain and snow, come home soaking wet and muddy as my dogs ...oh boy I was young too haha


Me too! I also remember going down a big hill on a sled with one dog on the sled with me and the other one running along side of us. We spent hours on that big hill. I hate the snow now. Funny how we change as we age. LOL!

Hard to remember all the different cat names in Steemit but Yours is Pepper :-)


I know you are a cat person but are you going to complete the task to be qualified for the entry? :)

Your Cat name is pepper . you loves your cat a lot.
thanks for giveaway my friend.


Don't forget to complete all the task to be qualified for the entry!


猫派か犬派か… については、本当はウサギ派なんですが、ここは犬派で。理由は、何となく猫は自分より頭が良い気がして、見透かされているような気分になって悔しいのでw

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