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This morning when I got up and checked my steemit blog I realized I had reached a certain number of followers and I was all surprised and yes I was pretty happy.

Don't know how it happened but it's something worth thanking each and everyone of you that made up to this number and so this births my first contest on the blockchain for you all.

The Steemit block chain is one amazing place to be and has helped me developed myself in fields I didn't believe I could thrive in.

I started blogging on the 23rd Of January 2018 and see how far we've come.

The steemit block chain simply requires your activeness, consistency, good relationship and exceptional contents.

On this day been the 5th Of June 2018 I would be organizing a simple contest just to say thank you to you all.

The prize may not be so big at the moment but I hope it is appreciated by everyone.

The Contest

Eligibility: Everyone is eligible

Contest: In at least 100 words only, tell me what the love of a mother means to you.

Rules Of The Contest

All entries should be a comment under this post.

Your comment entries should be wonderful and pretty emotional because mothers are rare gems, let's know how you feel about the woman who carried you for 9months in her womb and succesfully brought you to planet earth.

Resteem this post for more visibility, Follow the account @eunireal1, Upvote this post.

Contest ends when this post payout.

If you fail to follow the rules you may not qualify for the prize😉


1st winner gets 3sbd
2nd winner gets 2sbd
3rd winner gets 1sbd
4th-21st winner gets 0.5sbd each

My Judges

And my very self @eunireal1

I'm really happy and grateful to many persons and communities on the block chain who keeps making my stay here blessed:


THANK YOU @steemnaira, @gratefulvibes, @africaunchained, @naijapidgin, @euronation, @genesisproject, @esteem, @backtoschool, @stach, @air-clinic, @goldenproject, @wafrica, @steemgigs, @bigwaves, @adsactly, @bloggersheavens, @promo-mentors, @steemjet, @steemsugars, @ulogs, @airhawk-project, @teardrops the list goes on and on, I LOVE YOU ALL.


Special thanks goes to certain individuals who have been great friend's to me and highly supportive I can't list you all but know that Eunireal1 loves you, my thanks goes to
@mcsamm, @michaelcj, @paradise-found, @surpassinggoogle, @misterakpan, @dante31, @jeaniepearl, @ogoowinner, @ejemai, @pollux.one, @neoxian, @eurogee, @destinysaid, @horpey, @amec, @samminator, @inspiredgideon1, @celineaugustinee, @ritaagustin, @ackza, @mrprecious, @nairadaddy, @empato365, @surfyogi, @uche-nna, @richforever, @otemzi, @lordjames, @prettyjules158, @iconnelly, @dhavey, @jamesmovic, @hornblende, @mimy, @ehiboss, @camzy, @uyobong, @nairadaddy, etc.

At the moment these are the names I can remember, wow I feel pretty excited



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Once again congratulations @eunireal1 for this milestone attained, i wish you more greater heights on this platform.

For me, a mother's love is everything to me, her love is like no other.

Her love is so special, a love that makes you feel that you are the best daughter anyone could have wished for.

That love makes her care so much for you,a love that would make her carry your burden and bear the pain that you might be free.

That love makes her give you so much attention, her teachings are second to none, her prayers and words of advice is what everyone wishes for.

That love makes her want to shield you from any danger, your well-being is her priority.

That loves that makes her sell all she hers just to give you a bright future.

That love that could make her go hungry, just so that you and your siblings could have what to eat.

That love that makes her watch you sleep when you are ill.

There is nothing that can be compared to a mother's love.

It's just priceless


I lost my dad at age four(4) so i was left alone in this world with SWEET MOTHER.

You want to know how relevant and indispensable a mother is? ask that crying baby that desperately wants MILK to survive.

You want to know who a mother is? Ask every living human on earth that is born of a woman.

So man gave names to all the livestock, the birds in the sky and the wild animals. But for Adam, no suitable helper was found(Gen 2:20 NIV)

MOTHERS right from inception were created to fill the empty space that no other creature of the earth could fill.

My mother has a mansion (with parking space) in my heart.

When i was younger at primary school, i was a dullard and everyone gave up on me but MOTHER never did, she believed in me and took out time to give me home lessons.

My mother would sacrifice her food to see that i eat to satisfaction, what a selfless personality!

At age sixteen, the doctor said i needed an immediate kidney transplant owing to medical conditions i couldn't comprehend. The cost of the transplant and transportation expenses to INDIA where the operation was to be performed were all taken care of by SWEET MOTHER, What a life-saver!

To mention but a few, I really don't know what could have been my fate in life if not for mother's love, care, and tutorship.

To my mother, all mothers and potential mothers out there, i love and appreciate you all


My Mother is the greatest gift that God has given to me. She is my idol, my inspiration, and after God in my life, she is the next. She is the reason why got to know about steemit because if she hadn't adviced me to go for miss steem 2018, i wouldn't have met @michaelcj who briefed me about steemit. Thats why if i get the opportunity to request one thing from God, i would ask him for an anti ageing portion to make my mum young enough to enjoy all the great things that i want to do for her in lifeBeautyPlus_20180413095348_fast.jpg. Cause she has really been a great mom to me both in good and bad times. And she has always been there to bless and advice me when am about to take a new step in life. I love you mom so so much

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Am here to confirm myself as part of the judges



B making noise upandan


Hais @alisonudeme dm me my friend


lool exactly the point .


I am here to confirm myself as an appeal court judge.

If you no win. Feel free to bring your case to me

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LMAO, you Don craze guy


@zoneboy, you are simply something else

congratulations @eunireal1 for this milestone attained, i wish you more blessing and sbd in your account.
Mothers love
A mother’s love is the true definition of love and affection.
Mother is kind hearted,
Mother is patient,
Mother is tolerance and her love is timeless.
No fault is too big for mother to forgive,
My mother is the symbol of what a beautiful mother should be.
You know why?
Mother makes me strong even when am weak,
Mother stood by me in all circumstances,
Mothers love is a treasure God gave to all,
Mother in order words sacrifice her life to me.
A child doesn’t grow above mothers love,
Even when you have your own family you are still that child to mother.
Mothers are endowed with love.
I celebrated the creation of women because,
My mother is my joy and blessings.
@eunireal1 I can’t wait to celebrate you as mother!


at 70, mother some times washes her 30 years old SONs cloths oooooh mama

Congratulations friend @Eunireal1. You'll go far. Thanks for the mention. Cheers!

A big congratulation to you dearie on your 1k+ followers @eunireal1.

My mum is my everything, my first love, my mother and a strong woman, a father, my queen, my prayer warrior, advicer, my joy, independent woman, a children a mother of 6 kids, a virtous woman and a home builder.

She is everything i have got, she is even stronger than some men, i could remember when i got admission newly into the university of Porthacourt, she had to travel all the way to my local government to get my local government certificate for year clearance.

On her way she was involved in a fatal accident, which the driver and 3 other passengers died, she survived but broke her arm into two, after series of operations she survived, she still carries iron plates in her arms till date, with all the pains she is passing through.

She still work with it, dress her garden, do some tidous work to keep the family when dad was in the north for years. She stood as my dad, and she encourage everyone around me, she prays and advice me.

She makes all the connections in the family, made my dad got his promotion as a warrant officer, she taught so many things, how to economize things when things are hard, i can cook, wash, i can prepare zobo, tiger nut juice, soya milk and kunu... No girl fit make yanga for me o, i go just enter kitchen prepare my food jare

If i make it today, i will never forget all the sacrifices, pains, shames that i have made you go through, i will clean the tears from your eyes mum, you will smile again baby.


Congratulations dear @eunireal1,your success is our success. God bless your generosity and philanthropic nature.
we @backtoschool is happy to have you among us.
The gift of a mother is the most beautiful thing anyone can boast about.

The beauty of her heart radiates on her face.her love is my escape.her words are like enchantments that calms every storm in my heart.my number one fan.my anger extinguisher.when life's huddles and hassles test my anger,my mother's words serve me the right energy to keep pushing on.if words are Lillie's,i owe you a garden.
The best type of love
Mother's loveFB_IMG_15246871860009236.jpg


My mother's love means a lot to me, she carried me for nine good months, backed me for 4 months, fed me for 18 good years, without complaining or being tried of me, always got my back anytime am depressed.
Brother Jude 20171226_155023.jpg

my mothers prayers works on me a lot, I don't pray all the time, but she is there to always back me up with her prayers, even after she and my dad got divorced, I want to her leaving my dad, she never sent me back to where I was coming from, my mom is do best in the world.


★Ants are small,
Living in a small big hole,
Just as its whole.
★They live a simple life,
Always in a strife,
To fight for their dear life.
★They are very hardworking,
Just like @eunireal,
Never relenting,
Or backing-off from anything.
★They are strong,
But so small,
In their body wall.

★Always in different categories,
Having their segmented duties,
And showcasing their abilities.
★Ants! Created this tiny.
See working with pleasure,
In other to acquire the treasure.
† I am @pearkel

Congratulations @eunireal1, Wish you more joyous stay in the community.
When I saw this content, it touches the inner part of me of having a mother, it reminds more of the past.
My Entry goes thus:
For those who understands this lyrics

When pain and sickness made me cry,
Who gazed upon my heavy eye,
And wept for fear that I should die?
My Mother.

Of all creatures on earth, mothers are the most amazing human who are very unique in their ways. Is it Sacrifice made?, care given? , secret of a long-time keeper? , battle she had fought and still fighting? just for her offspring to exist and and become someone whom everyone would be proud of. My mother as a case-study is always determined to succeed, to the extent she didn't re-married after her divorce just to make me get to my final destinations in life.
Words are too little to describe her and I have to do what make her happy all the time and what could make her be the happiest mum of all is for me to become a Medical Doctor which am almost there.
Thanks to Almighty Allah...
A Message for all

For you all who has a mother, she should be the second one who you should Sacrifice and Satisfy after God.



My mother is an epitome of beauty, a treasure, an exemplary being of her household. She is a home maker, so committed and always caring, faithful and loving.

She gave birth to four of us of which I'm the eldest. My mum always take care of us to the extent of washing our cloths as at when due. She never allowed any one of us to suffer. She always ask if we are hungry even when we are not.

When my youngest was 4, she died and the next died when he was 8. My immediate younger brother later died when he was 25. What a pity. I was alone and stll alone and the fear of not losing me was so strong to my mum. She really love me so immensely as her only child. When I was in school, she always send me money and any thing I demanded for. She is truely a mother and a mother indeed. Now that I am no with her because one can not just be a baby all the time, she still give me what my dad can not give to me. Up til now she still cater for me. I was almost loosing hope in my school whenbi found it difficult to pay my school fees, but she bailed me out by giving me #50,000.00 out of #109,000.00. I cannot and can never forget her caring.

My mother is like a little drop of water that made an ocean. She is so powerful even more than my dad.

I love my mother and she loved me so so much.


You are the light of my life.
You raise me with great sacrifice, you raise me with love.

You are not a famous singer, but your voice always gently warms my sleep.

You are a weak woman, but you are always strong to be my protector.

why are you always smiling? but your heart is sad.

calling your name there are many beautiful things. in this world, there is only one most sincere love. love a mother to her child.

Congratulations @eunireal1 on your success!

Here are what a mother's love means to me.

A mother's love is unconditional.
A mother carries you in her womb for nine months.
A mother is loving.
A mother is caring.
A mother sings lullaby to get you to sleep while you are still a kid.
A mother sacrifices to make sure you are okay.
A mother is outstanding.
A mother is beautiful.
A mother yells at you but is not happy when you feel bad.
A mother is an Advisor.
A mother counsels you.
A mother prays for you everyday.
A mother is always proud of you.
A mother want's you to put a smile on her face every blessed day.
After God, His angels, Your father, Your mother is your guardian.
A mother boasts about you when you are not there.
A mother is over-protective.
A mother is a blessing.
A mother is compassionate.
A mother is restless when you fall sick.
A mother is sweet.

My mom is most definitely the best gift in my life. And yeah, she's absolutely the best mom in the history of mothers.


She had every reason in the world to walk away from my baby sister and I (a gift she gave me 4 years after my birth).

So many lovely memories with her. She went hungry to feed us, clothe us, pay our fees and put a roof over our heads.

Our personal alarm clock; no matter the distance, she would call during exams at 1am to remind us we gotta read.

Our chef; I get breakfast in bed by 6am when I'm home.

She's our doctor, driver, gist partner, pastor and friend.

Her love is just too much. I remember the one time she had to sleep on a chair in between my sister and me on our hospital beds. It was a scary time but she stayed strong for us.

This is what a mother's love means to me, giving your all to your family.

I pray for long life for her so she can enjoy the fruits of her labour of love.

Congratulations my dear friend @eunireal1 <3
This is a big milestone and I'm sure you will achieve many more!!
Big Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

Congratulation boo


Mom, what a beautiful word, it is a universal word that God blessed, since it is the most important of all the Words.

For me Mom means life, because my mother had me in the bowels of her womb.

Mom means Love, because my mother still loves me without knowing me, that is, before I was born.

Mom means Angel, because she cares for me wherever I am.

Mom means Air, earth, water and fire because without it, it would not exist.

Mom means Eternity, because she is capable of giving her life, she is capable of dying for me.

Mom means Family, because she always wants us to be together.

Mom means Wisdom, because she wants us to be someone in life.

Mom means Destiny, because her only wish is that we lead ourselves on the path of good.

Mom means Sacrifice, for all the pain that she feels for us when we are sick or we are in danger.

Mom, for me it means eternal life, because we never want to lose it and we always remember it at all times.

To Mama, tell her Mom as many times as she can, because the day she is not with you, she can only remember her.

Mom is God's will for the World.

Blessed are the women who can be mothers, because they know and know in their own flesh the price of life.

Blessed are the women who can not have children because God wanted them to surrender all their love to the orphaned or abandoned children who are their true children, accept the will of God.

Mom means my Mom.

If you still have her with you, tell her how often you love her and show her facts, because we can not give back everything she does and gives for us.

If she is no longer with you, shout to the winds, the mountains, the rivers, the flowers, the fields, how much she loves you, because she is there in the winds that brush her face, in the mountains and fields that admire, in the waters with which it bathes and drinks for its existence, and in the flowers that give it its scent of a woman, shout it !, because surely it will listen to you and tell you that it also loves you as the first day of your existence .

Mom is with God and God protects her, never forget it.

Mom I love you and I love you with all my soul!

Congratulatns dear, now aspire higher.

Congratulations on reaching this milestone.


To be sincere with you the love of a mother cannot be quantified, it like a ocean of emotion, discipline, endurance, hope and purity all encompassed into one, a love so great if she sees her children without food she'll rather not eat than seeing her young withered in the hands of hunger, love so big that when you misbehave the slippers or broom is there to correct your sense, a slap to keep your mouth shut when you're gradually turning into a talkative.
There's nothing to quantify a mother's love, I mean nothing, her prayers and love has no ending till she dies, even after am married mom still loved me and pray, her work to see me successful is not ending, seeing my children gives her joy, am proud I have a mum like no other.

Congratulations and more steem and sbd to your wallet.

My mother, My first love. My dazzling Queen. My beSt friend. She is an angel God sent to me and my family in human form. She is a loyal Wife, love by all, fun to be with. and she is my everyday Crush and i can crush her forever.

When i felt dejected she, she makes me feel accepted. When i see no reason to continue my struggle for survival, she makes me see reasons and conforted me not to tire out.

SHE IS THE LADY OF MY TIME and the crown queen of my heart. Her only competitor will have to be my future wife. not even a girl friend can take her crown in my heart.


Born blogger. I see signs of success everywhere. Congratulations.

@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

Hello @eunireal1, congratulations on your 1000 followers milestone. I really enjoy reading your blogs from time to time and that of some consistent guys on #steemnaira network. Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate our mothers on your thread. Here's my entry for the #contest.


Mom, words cannot express how much I love, and how much I miss you. You are no longer on earth but, you are still living after many years. I haven't written about you for many years on social media for fear that my emotions will weigh me down but, I am writing today to celebrate you on #Blockchain.

While you were around, I and siblings never knew lack despite you didn't spoil us (apart from your first born). You trained us the way we should grow and we've not departed from that path despite you are no more. You made us know the true meaning of love, life, purpose, dreams, education, personal development, PRACTICE, and God. You set our lives on a balanced scale by making us grow up as small sets of twins (in twos).

I am grateful for your life, and I'm very proud to be your child. Your motherly affection to the less privileged, less loved and unloved cannot be left without mention. Our friends, neighbours, relatives, people that life stitched across our paths, etc. all benefitted from your love. Despite we felt you were giving too much then, you kept giving out - now, we know better.

The character, attitude, qualities, and values which rubbed off on me through your mentorship, have made my life better compared to peers from the environment I grew up in. Your sacrifices cannot be counted and your memories are awesome.

Thank you for the fun, for the care, the sacrifices, the memories, the teachings, and the confidence to succeed even as teenagers. Your memories have always motivated me when the chips are down, and have helped me scale hurdles in life, career, and family. You are more than a gift from God, you are a HERO to mankind and humanity. Thank you so much for a short life well spent for us and for others. You are a giver of love, life, smiles, kindness, and time.

I love you mom, and I miss you. Live on...

Mummy your love means a whole lot to me because you are

MY WOMAN KING!!!!!!MY BEST FRIEND!!!! Thanks for loving me unconditionally even before I knew I ought to love myself. Thanks for teaching me how to EAT,WALK,TALK,SMILE, PRAY,COOK, SEW,KNIT, STUDY GOD'S WORD,BAKE,LEAD,DANCE,SING,CLEAN, WASH,DEBATE, PRESENT and soooo many things ....Mummy I am grateful ,Thanks for scolding me and telling me "MOPELOLA" you can do it better than this, all of this and More molded me.
I cherish you !!!! God bless you !!!! Thanks for loving me unconditionally😘😘😘😘! Thanks for praying for us😘!!!! Thanks for Fasting for us 😘!!! Thanks for been a wonderful Role model 🤰🏽🤱🏽👨‍👩‍👧
May the lord bless and Keep you in health and wisdom!
You shall reap the fruit of your labour in Jesus name
Mummy,My love, My Gold,My Queen and Best Friend
You mean a whole lot to me,That I find it hard to describe your expression of love in words
Iya Mopelola
YOU ARE LOVE and you taught me love not only by saying it but by acting it and been it
You are my WOMAN KING
You are LOVE
After Jesus, You are my expression of love!!!!

Congratulations @eunireal1
Greater height
More sbd to your wallet
Congratulations once again

Congrats love


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Thanks for the mention. I'm honoured. Big congrats on your 1k followers milestone

Congratulations on reaching 1k followers such a milestone!!!

Wow wow wow, you've come a long way congratulations.



THANK YOU @steemnaira, @gratefulvibes, @africaunchained, @naijapidgin, @euronation, @genesisproject, @esteem, @backtoschool, @stach, @air-clinic, @goldenproject, @wafrica, @steemgigs, @bigwaves, @adsactly, @bloggersheavens, @promo-mentors, @steemjet, @steemsugars, @ulogs, @airhawk-project, @teardrops the list goes on and on, I LOVE YOU ALL.

Where did you get the time to join and participate in all these communities? I barely have enough time for steemit without it affecting my sleep. I must commend you, you must be a SUPERWOMAN.

Also you mentioned nairadaddy twice in your acknowledgement and I'm your number 1 fan. So...

well, the only thing next to the love of God is the love of a mother. And mothers are not rare gems. They are everywhere and very important like water, salt and air. I can't imagine life without them.

I wish you many more successes in your endeavors happy steeming.

Many congratulations 🎊 to you dearie
You will scale heights greater than this.
All the best 😍

We are happy yo be associated with you honey!

  ·  3년 전

congratulations on reaching the milestone!


who sat and watch my infant head?
Her daily prayers keep me blessed.

Who can go hungry for me to be well fed?
All i did was cling to her chest for milk to stay alive and not dead.

Who can scold me and twist my ears?
With pinches that installed discipline running for years.

I can only think of Nobody except MY MOTHER.

My mum over the years has taught me discipline, sacrifice and value through her exemplary way of living.
Ultimately, I will forever love her because she taught me the ways of the Lord.

My mom, the thought of her is making me blush right now. She is beautiful, my african queen, i hope to make the money that will be mistaken for my phone number to spoil her with it.

She is smart and intelligent; she knows the trick to soften my dad heart when i annoy him.

She is my dream builder and keeper; she encourages me when am discourages and feel like giving up, she will say, lucky, don't give up, hold on to your dreams, its your life, go and do all you can do with it, and make it the life you want to live.

She is my mentor and teacher; she wakes me early and urge me to take the first task of the day, which is to arrange my bed.

She is my gist mate and confidant; she knows the first girl i kissed.

She is the economist; she knows how to use the resource available to her. There is just no me without her. She is my mother

Words are not just enough to describe the source of my existence. At a point in my life, It felt like planet earth was not a place for me but then the only thing that kept me going was the fact that there is a woman out there who took the risk even after the doctor asked her to get rid of me when i was in the womb. We have mothers and we also have A real mother. Even with my last breath, i will be a fan of Kareem lola as a real mother. She has been enduring the stings of marriage hood right from when i became one and yet she is not giving up all because her children are still yet to be heard.

what a strong woman!!!!!!

You will only understand the values of this woman if she was your mom but then i am sorry that she cannot be shared.

Congratulations on your new achievement. Keep steeming.
One love.

@dhavey for @goldenproject

First of all, I do like to congratulate you on this success. Your dedication and commitment has count to your achievement. Keep the ride and the sky will be your starting point.

My Entry.
My mother's love

As pure as gold , as innocent as a dove, was the smile on her face as she uphold her little treasure. for nine months All through the pain , the sunshine and the hard time she carried me around her golden womb and never found a course to hate me. Very stubborn was I, and sleepless nights I gave her but in them all with love she raised me. All her tour in the rain and in the sun was just to bring a smile to my face and make realize I can trust in her. I get angry with her atimes and other times I disappoint her trust but she still believed in me and taught me how to stand as a man.

Now I am grown. But Mama's love is never ending, a shoulder to cry on, and hands to raise me up when I fall she has gifted me everlasting. Love you Mama. Your sacrifice I can't repay but someday I will be that man you want me to be

I would keep my poem if I had known about this contest..It spells out clearly the love mum has for child and so is the value of mum's love to me. Mums Love Maybe the words are so good to share with you to tell you @eunireal1 the love of mum is such a powerful one and cant be substituted for any other thing...I feel so happy to celebrate this achievement with you today..It really is a good milestone to fetch for yourself.I hope to see this step brings you many more great achievements on this blockchain family..You are good charlieeeeee!

Congratulations love! This is your least level yet. Better days ahead!


You are the light of my life.
You raise me with great sacrifice, you raise me with love.

You are not a famous singer, but your voice always gently warms my sleep.

You are a weak woman, but you are always strong to be my protector.

why are you always smiling? but your heart is sad.

calling your name there are many beautiful things. in this world, there is only one most sincere love. love a mother to her child.

Congratulations dearest. Shine on.

Congratulations on your milestone @eunireal1, 1k+ is just a starting I see a bigger picture for you. Not to forget your peak is your beginning and the 7th sky is your limit not the 1st.

Here's my entry.

house and mom's shop got burnt 3weeks after dad died, family started their issues on properties. It wasn't easy we had to run away from the family, mom had to go extra mile just to get food for me and my kid sister then she was tagged as a mad woman with two kids. No one was willing to help because they wanted to marry her in return, but in does hard time she made sure we acquire education by doing some petty job. my mom is OneOfAkind,my god and my love for her is unspeakable.

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Congrat. Keep moving higher

Well, for me, I don't consider the feeling between me and my mum to be love, no not at all.
It is something more than that.

Apart from the feeling, hormones are also secreted to bind the mother and child, during breast feeding and during birth(I stand to be corrected).

Do you know that no matter who you are your mother still loves you.

Well, for me, irrespective of whatever I do, however be the havoc I cause, my mum is the one person that never forsake me, irrespective of whether I show her love or not, she still cares for me. One day, my mum almost cried simply because I refused or could not eat, because I was ill. She felt as though it was her that was ill.

I said this is something more than love because, people do fall in love with people and "fall out of love", but this is something that never ends, no matter whom the child is.

For instance my mum can go to bed without food with no complains. But the day I do it, she feels the world is ending that night. She nurses me like a baby when am Ill: uses cloth soaked in water to wipe my body, prays seriously for me, and pets me like a baby.
Well, when I was much younger, she sucks cattarrh from my nose with her mouth.

I guess you think I have said enough but trust me this is the shortest way to put it, because I haven't even said 1/10000 of what my mum means to me.


The love of a mother is a very special feeling that only a mother can understand, for me the love of mother I have divided into two parts because although I have my mother alive, who raised me was my grandmother. Since childhood I was always with my grandparents grandmother a woman of strong character on the outside but inside is a very emotional person who cries just seeing the father of the lion king die. For me, my grandmother is a role model, a strong, independent woman, capable of defending her loved ones with a sword. She is the one who taught me to be who I am today and for that reason I I thank her very much with all my heart.

My mother, on the other hand, is a woman who always laughs and lives every day as if she were the last. For me, my mom is my friend, my sister, my little wipe of tears, my confidant and I know that I am all that for her too. Every time I make a mistake she scolds me and in the same way I scold her when the same thing happens to her.

I can say that I have two wonderful mothers who share with me all the wonderful moments of my life and I hope that God gives them more years of life to be by their side and that they can see their grandchildren grow. I love them with all my heart!


My mother, my priceless gem, the one who carried me in her stomach for nine month, who go through hell just to make me part of the living world, who had sleep ness night just to make sure i sleep soundly as an infant, the one who cries when I am hurt and smile when I am happy, the only one who can never abandon me, the one that loves me wholeheartedly and would always do her best for me, my rock and my fortress, the one I can rely on, come rain or sunshine, I know I can always count on you, I cherish you mom, you Were the best, you are the best and you will always be the best in my life... Love you mummy....

I am joining this contest to celebrate with you and it because it about mothers...lol
Am not really good in contests but am following your footsteps. winks

Mother is a special being, wonderfully created for a special purpose. A mother is one with a large heart, her love is one out of this world, her love accomodate, cares, tolerate and her love is a blessing to her child.
The love of a mother can make her do anything for her child's happiness regardless of what is wrong or right. Right from the time a mother takes in, the love she has for her child becomes unique, there is this strong bond between a mother and her child, a bond that cannot be broken no matter what.
The love of a mother is one that wipes when her child is sad or sick, a love that prays to God to bless and protect her child. It doesn't matter how stubborn, rude, arrogant, disrespectful a child is, a mothers love sees no wrong in her child, she will always fight for her child but at the same time disciplines her child and will always show her child the right way to go and be a better person.
Mothers are super beings, their love and tenderness cannot be underestimated...


Very funny geh

I'm not really good in contest but I'm following your footstep....

How savage 😂

Congrats on your first milestone. More to come

for me , mothers love is everything that I need or that we all need . I came from a very poor family my mother raised me , gave her support and do everything she could just to let me feel that I'm not alone with the fight of life . I really appreciate her love during mealtime and bedtime . during meal time , due to lack of money for food she can dare not to eat mom always say it's okay i'm not hungry when in fact I never saw her taken her meal yet just to be sure that we became satisfied with the food that we eat . During bed time she never sleep until we're not yet in the middle of our dreams . I really love my mother . Mothers love is really the best. God is truly amazing for letting us feel the unconditional love that mothers can give. no one else . People will leave you and treat you like a trash . peole will drag you . people will discriminate you , people will give negative judgements but mothers are exempted . Mothers love is everything


More blessings to come by.


Congratulation dear for this great achievement on the block chain. All the best, and good luck 😉

Thank you for this chance.
The love of a mother is not something to underestimate. A mother will fight for you, suffer for you, toil for you, because of her love for you, she will endure an unhappy home just to make you have the privilege of having a father's touch. mothers may not admit it, but if and when the time comes, they will not only lay their lives for you, they will also take a life for you. Yes. If you do not know the love of a mother i would implore you to go to a hen and try to hurt her chick. The rate at which she would raise her feathers and pursue you to the end of the world would be so unexpected. Love of a mother is something to cherish and hold dearly. They may be frustrating most times, and tell you to do things against your will. Well they are saying it because they feel its the best thing for you. Thats the level of a mothers love.

STEEMJET is right behind you.

Congratulations, dear

The Love of a Mother to Me

My mother is the very epitome of love itself to me. I can't list the number of times she has come through for me; the many times she has sacrificed for me, placing my comfort and needs before hers.

She made sure we were clothed,our nakedness covered in the best she could afford; she went out of her way to ensure we were shielded from the harsh realities of life as best she could.

A graduate, but times without number she took on menial jobs, just to get that extra cash to get that very need or wants for us.

When I was ill and hospitalised, I remember her staying with me all through my two-week stay in the hospital, sleeping on a plastic chair, taking her bath in the uncomfortable bathroom, all this without a murmur or word of complaint.

I remember her words of wisdom when I became a 'woman' for the first time. Her words

Do not let ant man touch you or you will get pregnant and start living under the bridge.

Still ring in my ears each time I get visited by aunty flo. Haha.

Words fail me to fully describe what the love of my mother is to me. But in summary her love is sacrifice, my shield, my comfort, my compass, and my fortress all wrapped up in one.

Congrats @eunireal for this milestone reached.

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Congratulations @eunireal1,wishing you the best.

There’s no bond quite like that between mother and child. She know me in ways no one else ever will. She also see in me all the things I can still become and continue having faith that I can do and be whatever I want, no matter what my age. She will always be my biggest fan, my mentor, my confidant, my hero, my turn-to person when my world comes crashing down and the first person I call to tell when things are going great. The comfort that comes from our friendship, the confidence that her faith in me instills, and your unquestioning support of whatever I do, is irreplaceable. The kind of there-for-me that she is the very essence of what makes a great mother. I wear her unconditional love and support around me like a big hug every single day....I live my mum like no man's business..... Thanks for this platform to express how I really feel😘

Thank you for this oppurtunity..This is actually my first contest..
Well i'm going to be talking about the love of my mother.
My mothers love is the best thing i could ever ask for..I know i'd be no where without her..My mothers love has encouraged me,scolded me when i was going wrong..I grew up in a family of four Kids and i happened to be the Second..my mother had no favorite child..She loved us all equally.And Now i want to use this oppurtunity so showcase my wonderful mother to the world..my mothers love is what i can run to when i need advice or when i feel discourage..or when ever i feel its me against the world..And i want to take this oppurtunity to wish my wonderful mother A very happy birthday in advance And also promise her that because of the love she has for me..I am going to make her proud..Much Love Mummy Dearest.

Pharm @eunireal1 congratulations to you love. I can say Long life and prosperity but the koko is More SBD/STEEM to your account.

Thanks for this mind blowing contest.
If everybody is asked to talk about their Mother. We will all publish a book titled Best Mum In The World.
Tell me whose mum is not the best. Nobody will ever accept a lesser title or compliment(Like good, better, fair, Partially okay) for their mum.

A mother is that person we can never trade for anything in life.
The only person that is sick when am sick, weak when am weak, awake when am awake, hungry when am hungry, outside when am outside(on a journey), the only person that would always be there for me no matter the situation, the only person that took care of me with the mindset that by all means I must Survive, My mom was there when i couldn't say a word, she's a scientist discovering everything happening to me(she guess to know what is wrong), when she discovers i don't eat like before, she gets worried, when she finds out am not happy, her mood also change.

The most interesting thing about her is that she pretends to be fine and comfortable when am fine even when truly she's not. My joy is her joy, my weakness is her weakness, my pain is her pain. my headache is her headache.

She carried me in her own womb for 9 months uncomfortably and even at all the pains, she still loves me forgetting the pains i bring to her

My mother type of love cannot be found else where no matter the bond, and the whole of the love she have for me can only be reciprocated to some extent. Even if we take care of our moms the way they did to us and provide everything for them the way they did. We all will still be guilty of this naughty thinking when they get too old that Let me take care of her until death comes, i know she's gonna die one day (We are all humans). But when we were small, she never had the same mindset, Even if a child is an SS, Mother's can do anything to make sure the child survives

I love my mother endlessly, And her love means Everything I need to Survive in life to me, It means Having the World under my control. It means Security, It means the LOVE OF GOD IS PRESENT IN MY LIFE, It Means Goodness And Mercy Follow me all the days of my life.

I don't have a percentage for the love i gat for her, and what i wish for her is that Almighty do everything that can always make her say AM HAPPY because i didn't come to life in vain.

Grant her all best things of life and the hereafter.

My mother, My Gold, My mother, My diamond.
No matter your look, No matter your stature, No matter your status, No matter your situation, No matter what people say about you, No matter your attitude, No matter how rich/poor you are, No matter how outdated and old fashioned you are.

You will always remain My Mother.

Open letter to my mum!

Dear mum,
You brought me into this world,
I am pleased that you let me
grow inside of you,
even when you would have
chosen to kick me out,
you gave me an opportunity to live.

When I think of a woman whose love
is so wide,I think of you.
You are full of compassion,
You care for me on daily basis,
even if I feel you are too protective of me,
I have come to realise that all you
want is the best for me.

People say nothing can be
compared to the love a mother
has for her child,
I saw it in the way you toiled
day and night so that you can give
me a comfortable life.
You have become my inspiration
and growing up I have come to realize
that you sacrificed so much for me.

Am grateful for all that you
have done for me,
You made me the strong lady
that I am today and I pray you smile always because seeing you smile
gives me incredible Joy.

My beautiful mother like no other,
Woman with a heart of Gold,
In any little opportunity i get,
I cannot miss out on telling the world
how much you mean to me,
@eunireal1 gave me this opportunity,
And I want to say I love you
and I appreciate all that you
have done for me!


I would have loved to post my mum with me but unfortunately,she is late. Let me start like this;

The joy of having a mother who really cares for her child like me is worth praising her for even in her grave. She makes sure I get to where I am today. No one to be compared to her in my life,true mothers are always at all cost making sure their child/children make it in life even far better than what they have become.
My mother brought me to this world to care for me even when my childhood story was that I always faint every moment but she stood by me that no matter how,I would make it. After God she is the next,if she had aborted me then,where would I be? In heaven or probably another woman's child. But I thank God she didn't. My mother is the true definition of motherhood because she can do hundred work in a day just to satisfy us(her children). I wish she is alive to see her daughter making it through steemit and other means. I LOVE YOU MUM EVEN IN YOUR GRAVE,I WILL NEVER FORGET THE SACRIFICE YOU MADE FOR US TO MAKE IT TODAY

Congrats @eunireal1 for attaining 1000 followers,it is not easy but in all congrats again.

A mothers love is the most mysterious type of love i have ever seen on this earth. They say God loves us and he sacrified his only son for us. This is still doubted by many despite how good it sounds. But a mothers love is undoubtable.

Mothers feel a certain type of attachment to their babies that they can even kill for them. Take a chicken for example, she becomes strangely confident and offensive all of a sudden because she now have babies. That is what real love is.

A mothers is full of sacrifices. She is willing to feel pain for her kids. She doesn't mind staying hungry for her own babies. She doesn't mind taking the hit and even dying for her own kids to be be alive.

A mothers love is the most spiritual and mysterious type of love i have ever seen. Its so mysterious that mothers themselves can't even explain it.

Wow cool. You started february dang! You come along way. You doing really great @eunireal1. Bless ups friend

What I say about her?
Is there anything to compare with this kind of word?
No no,There is no word to cross the love of my mother.
My mother takes care of me 0-21 years. Because now I'm 21. There is no one know told me "Where are you"?
But she called me 2/3 times in an hour when I was at outside of home.
Now I live in a mess area with friends for study.
I know how i miss her.When I thought about her I can't control myself from tear drops.
I miss her hand made foods.
Thanks for reading.

well first of all many many congrats for your success and 1k follower and i pray that you get more soon.
now mother's love means to me is mother is like a tree which gives you relief from the sun in summer.mother is like a blanket which warms you in winter mother is like bread which feeds you in hunger mother is like bed for your comfortable sleep.mother is like candle in the darkest nights mother is like car before ur birth and after some years of birth mother is like without pay servant mother is like joyful song mother is like a partner which gives you all the profit mother is like sweet dream which is same in reality.i think these words are very small and i cant explain the love of mother in billions of books and no one does thanks mother and sorry i can't even appreciate your deeds:'(

How do my mother loves me ?

The mother that have carried me in her womb for 9 whole months. The mother that undergoes a cesarean operation just to make me see the world, just to make me give my big wave to the world, just to make me experience the thing called life

So what does the love of a mother means to me ?

Well a mother's love really means big to me, she was the lady who have been feeding me (with the helped of my father) until today. She was the lady that will surely sacrifice all just for me.

I can clearly remember what she did when I was on my daycare days, I was only five by that moment but I can clearly remember it all.

It was raining hard by that time, there was a typhoon and yet I was crying. I was crying because I was scared to my teacher that will scold me if I was absent that day. My mother was saying that my teacher will not be mad because it was raining very hard by that time and yet I still don't stop crying until she decided to accompany me in my way to school. There was a flood on our way (waist level) and just to make sure I will not get wet she carry me on her shoulders. When we arrived at the school, she was right the class was suspended due to heavy rains

I was already 7 when I realize that I was a burden for her that day. I feel guilty everytime I remember that day, the day that she carry me on her shoulder to prevent me on getting wet and to make me stop crying.

Think of a lady walking in the flood while raining and carrying a child on her shoulder (take note I also have my bag on her back).

A mother's love was the kind of love who will not let her child get hurt

A mother's love was the kind of love that will protect her child from the flood when going to school,

A mother's love was the kind of love who will make everything that she could to make her child stop from crying,

A mother's love was a love that will take all the sufferings that her child could get, and

A mother's love was the best, we maybe sometimes fight but I really do love my mother from the bottom of my heart, I really love my mother that I will now make all the things possible to make her stay better than she could think of

My mom's love is a give from God. Honestly , I am an adopted child and she raised all by her self because my adopted father left us and my adopted brother died.When I was a child she always cook spaghetti for me because it is my favorite food and she me as if I'm her biological child. Sometimes we had misunderstading but in the end of the day she is my mom and I am her son . She is doing the best thing that she could do just to make sure that I am going to have a better life then the darkess hour of your life came to us.It was December 2015 when she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer . I did my best to discourage her to do not take a chemotherapy because it will just going to damage his overall health and she was 68years old and already suffering with stroke . She did not listen to me and she took the chemo session. After that chemotherapy , her health became worst so suddenly . She became more ill and need to admit to the hospital every month.
She had a water in her lungs then after 2 months she got severe pnuemonia.On August 21 2016 , after 2 weeks suffering from pnuemonia, she died.Now, I am living alone . I miss my mom so much . If i could only give half of my life to her then i will do it without thinking . She was all I have.Its been 2 years now but its like just yesterday . I am crying will doing this.I've lost her and there is no turning back.She is not my biological mother but it feels like I have lost more than a real mother. They say that it is not on the blood but its about the a True Love of a mother.

What love of mother means to you?

it is the love who spent nights awake to make you fell asleep.
it is the love of mom with which we are surviving.

  • it is the love of mom who draimed. her body to feed you most nutritious diet , that is, breast milk.

  • it is the love of mom which made you human because you were born without any human characters except your physique.

  • it is the love of mom who understands the things which are born in my heart before saying with tongue.

  • it is the love of mom who always overlooks my faults and sees the best in me.

  • it is thel love of mom who inspires me day by day.

  • it is the love of mom which taught me how to feel. how to handle the feelings of anger, fear, guilt, joy, sadness, excitement, hate and anxiety.

@eunireal1 thanks for this privilege.

A mother's love cannot be over emphasised. Having been born about 30years ago, and still having my precious, wonderful jewel of a mother alive, and by the grace of God kicking well, I cannot but say that she's a blessing to my very existence.
A mother's love basically means life to me. Yes I mean life, it was borne out of love she decided to take the pains, ceaseless contractions, heart ache, body changes and name it all to ensure I came out alive. Many amongst my peers are no where in the land of the living because they were aborted even before their maturation in the womb. So basically to me, a mother's love means life which further culminates into joy, laughter, peace of mind, invigorating strength and the list goes endless.
The love I have for my mother cannot be over emphasised As the uncountable sacrifices she made kept me standing, the love of my mother to me is Source of joy and today I respect women so dearly because someone set a standard for me to follow, and that is my dearest mother. The love of my mother means life to me because without it, there wouldn't have been any me which won't have given birth to other secondary and tertiary expressions; that is to say that the love of a mother is the very reason for our existence(Life). I love mothers, I respect women and I work hard to ensure my own wife will get the whole support she needs to become a great mother. To all the mothers and mothers in the making, I love you all.

Once again, thanks very much @eunireal1 For this privilege to express my heart. Thank you greatly.

What a Mother's Love Means to Me

My mother's love is everything to me. She has shown me in so many ways how wonderful and deep a mother's love can go.

Coming from a polygamous family is never easy and she has had to put yp with hardness and maltreatment for the benefits of her six kids.

She wakes by 5am and sleeps by 11pm, just so she can struggle to give us what our father may not provide.

She's everything to me and I owe what and all I am today to the depth and pureness of her love.

Here's my beautiful mother


I admire her the most and love here soo much. You see I'm already a mother now but I'm too far from being a mother like my mom like I can tell how hard it was bearing a child and giving birth and also raising them, I'm too far from mothers achievement being the best mother in the world. I remember the story she told us when she almost die by giving birth that makes me shed some tears, it so hard for her I know plus there were sometimes when my father is out of reach just when my mother needed him the most and this is so much struggle. I love my mother and will not look for another mother to replace her, She's nothing compares and she is the best and the most understanding and loving mother I've ever know. I grow up being so stubborn and a headache (that's what my mother's told me Lol) but all she did is loving and understanding me well. She raised me well and so was with my brother and sisters, we all grow a God fearing and a good person and that's because of our mother. I have seen how much she sacrificed for us, going to work, doing overtime and even making straight shifts for us and also she struggles a lot but stand still for us. I remember when they had a problem with my father like almost got us broken I see how strong my mother was she face it strongly and even make things to get back so good, with so much understanding and sacrificed we still stand one happy and strong family. Until now even I'm having a family of my own she's still with me supporting like I can always cry to here. I can see goodness in my mom and she's my model and I want to be like her a very good mother, a best friend, a supporter, a loving and caring mother. I want to be strong like her and also I want to give the best for her like I want to give her comfort just like she did to us, show here how much she was loved by this stubborn daughter of her. I thank God for giving me not just a beautiful mother but a very loving, supporting, strong mother who's willing to sacrificed her life, happiness and all for her family and also for this strong mother He gave us.

Contest: In at least 100 words only, tell me what the love of a mother means to you.

A love of a mother means to me is pure. As what written in the bible (1 Corinthians 3:4)
"love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud."
If there is the most patient human being in this world that is a woman and she become more patient when she's become a mother. And because our mother is kind, no matter how tired she is, she never failed to care and make things easier for us. Our mother is selfless, she will do everything for us no matter what it takes. Nothing compares the love of a mother to her children, she's willing to sacrifice her life even face the bullet to make her children safe. When we are in pain our mother is the first to get hurt the most because her love for us is extremely high and powerful that she never wants her children to get hurt and get into trouble. She wants nothing but the best of everything for her children.
We are our mother's strength and happiness. She is the happiest person when we are happy and the saddest person when we are sad.
A mother's love is certainly UNCONDITIONAL LOVE..It is limitless, it is full, it is complete. She's not perfect but she tried her best to be perfect for us and that is one of a kind attitude of being a mother. For me a mother's love is perfectly perfect because of all the efforts and sacrifices upon giving birth of her children and giving the best that she can give and do the best that she can do to them.
That's all, Thank You 😘

By the way.. Congratulations for reaching 1,000 followers!
More Power and Keep Steeming!

I knew your contest from the previous Steemgigs Discord Talk Show and I right there and then I wanted to join your contest.

A Mother's Love is Unconditional

My mom is my idol.
My hero.
My inspiration.
My life.

My mom is a single parent and I am proud of her. She was able to support my studies alone. She made it possible without any regrets and hesitations. She is incomparable. She is hardworking and persevere I couldnt ask for more.

She loves cooking a lot and she does know a lot of dishes.
She loves pizzas and lychees too.
She has a green thumb and just loves gardening. Her garden houses different plants from ornamental to vegetables! Its just amazing!

Now that im all grown up, it is my duty to repay all her hardwork. Back then I was rebellious but now that ive grown up, I understood all her flaws and loved her more. I thought she was too selfish back then --- didnt attend any of my PTA meetings not unless it was really required, asked others to get my report card and didnt fetch me to and from school. But that was wayback then and now Id do anything for her.

On Wednesday, she will undergo a cataract surgery and ive raised an ample amount of sbd to support her operation until recovery. I will do everything to make her happy and safe. As others would say, a mother, instead of eating the last bite she would give it to her child. She would sacrifice for her child. I love my mom so much, she is my everything.

A Mother's Love is unfathomable, unconditional. Friends may leave you but a Mother will stay. You may sin few times but a Mother will always be there to forgive you and accept you again. You may hurt her many times but she will always forget and will kiss and hug you instead. Now that I'm already a Mother I understand fully how my Mother had given everything and sacrifice everything just to fed us, sheltered us, clothed us and educated us by sending us all her children to school and able to finish it.

Now that my Mother is sick I'm doing everything I can to help and support her. My poor Mother needs treatment and I'm always teary-eyed seeing how weak she is now. She doesn't deserve to suffer like this. She is an amazing woman who deserves to be loved and cared. She deserves the best! She deserves to be happy! May God heal her, that's what I always pray. May her strength be back again. We need her, we Love Her so much!