Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest: A Concept To Drive Up Witness Voting Engagement Among Steemians (Episode #5 Result Update; Episode #6 — 6SBD Prize Pool; 3 Possible Winners)

2년 전

Hello Steemians. Welcome to the episode #6 of our favorite contest — Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest. Please note that participation in this contest is once. No one who had participated before will be allowed to participate again; otherwise, the essence of this contest is defeated.


Supporters so far: Witnesses @sircork @lukestokes (witness name: @lukestokes.mhth) and @surpassinggoogle (witness name: @steemgigs)

Inactive witnesses for episode #6

Inactive witnesses are any witnesses between 1st to 100th position who are not actively producing blocks at the time of composing the current episode. It does not mean they will remain inactive indefinitely. For this episode, those whom we found to be inactive include:

@wackou @roadscape @complexring @datasecuritynode @steempty @bitcoiner @bacchist @witness.svk @arhag @au1nethyb1 @theprophet0 @cyrano.witness @kushed @tdv.witness @blueorgy @picokernel @steem-id and @steemitboard

Voting inactive witnesses attracts outright disqualification since they are not active at the time of composition of this contest.

Aim of the contest

The aims of this contest, amongst other things, are to:

To increase witness voting consciousness of steemians as well their knowledge of the roles witnesses play in ensuring stable ecosystem.

This contest is targeted at ensuring continuous increase in the witness voting engagement rate occasionally published by @lukestokes. This is currently put at 31.56%

Witness votes delivered episode by episode

First episode delivered = 270 witness votes

Participants: @adoore-eu @ijele @princefizzy @hendeca8 @donaldpete @marpemusic @kidops @yura81
Winners: @adoore-eu @princefizzy and @kidops

Second episode delivered = 101 witness votes

Participants: @gutzygwin @bco @adjes-eu @lilcyphereu
Winners: @adjes-eu and @bco

Third episode delivered = 101 witness votes**

Participants: @eunireal1 @burlarj @desmoniac @lavanyalakshman @simplicitytech
Winners: @eunireal1 @burlarj and @desmoniac

Fourth episode delivered = 148 witness votes

Participants: @vickyrich @mfctanzim @tayorex @barath15 @khusairi @wizardave @darnhiel
Winners: @vickyrich @mfctanzim and @barath15

Fifth episode delivered = 127 witness votes

Participants: @quality-dev @alanwalker0 @blacktitan @bhavyalakshman @gprince @ranjith35 @darnhiel

Total witness votes delivered since inception


Announcing the results of the episode #5

We had a total of 6 contestants in the 5th episode.

It was found during the routine analysis of this contest that @darnhiel took part in the episode #4 and so stand disqualified. Again, @ranjith35 voted two inactive witnesses @bhuz and @therealwolf against the rules of this contest and hence stand disqualified.

The judges of this contest remains @ogoowinner @smyle @destinysaid and yours truly @eurogee.

Based on the joint decision of the judges, the winners of this contest are as follows:

@quality-dev polled 80 valid votes to emerge second runner-up winning 1SBD!

@blacktitan polled 100 valid votes to emerge first runner-up winning 2SBD!!

@alanwalker0 polled 143 valid votes to emerge winner winning 3SBD!!!


Episode #6 of the contest

We will be neutral regarding your choice of witnesses to vote. We do not canvass for votes for particular witness. This contest is for you to select witnesses and cast your votes for them.

How to vote for witnesses

Click this link in the page that opens, you will see a list of top 50 witnesses. If your choice witnesses are among the 50, click on the corresponding upvote icon to vote. If they are not among the top 50, scroll down and you will see a box similar to the below image. Type in the name of your choice witness and vote.


The rule of the contest & how to submit your entry

  • You must RESTEEM this contest to reach wider audience.

  • You must vote for at least 20 witnesses (you can vote for the maximum 30 allowed witnesses if you have reasons to).

  • Visit @urusername with your Steemit username). Scroll down and you will see the all the list of all the witnesses you voted for. Screenshot/snapshot it.

  • In not more than 60 words, state the roles witnesses play in sustaining steem blockchain as a reply comment to this contest article; and upload the screenshot/snapshot of your chosen witnesses under your comment.

  • Invite your friends to come and upvote your comment.

  • All your chosen witnesses must be active at the time of choosing them.

  • Voting proxies attract outright disqualification.

This contest comes to an end on Sunday 29th 2018 at exactly 3.30pm +1 GMT. Result follows thereafter.

Entry with popular vote wins but participant must have demonstrated to have good grasp of witness concept in steem blockchain.

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Hosted by @eurogee for @euronation

@euronation is a team of people with common goals and desires. The team was created with the intention to create awareness around Steem ecosystem, getting new members on board the program, nurturing as well as mentoring towards excellence and helping them to find strong footing in the program. We guide new members on the ethos of Steemit, how they can be creative and come up with amazing ideas and impact the community at large.

The Team Is Made Up Of These Erudite Steemians:

@eurogee @edith4angelseu @smyle @sweetestglo-eu @drigweeu @dray91eu @jeaniepearl @adoore-eu

Join us on Telegram and whatsaap through the below links:



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Thanks for this great contest @euronation. The roles of witness cannot be over emphasis in the steemit blockchain as we all know ....

  • Witness try all their possible best to makes sure the blockchain is available by running web servers.
  • They as well help to ensure that any change made are good for steem and steem users. I think we should vote for them because without them, our post is nothing, and there will no be us..
    Below are the witness ive voted for



Thanks so much dear


All the best


Thanks sir. I appreciate


All the best.


I'm happy, thanks for your comment


See you at the top


Thanks so much. I appreciate


Luck guide you


Amen. Thank yu


All the best


All da best cupcake


Thanks bae I appreciate

Witnesses makes our post seem on steem blockchain, for folks to check. The communuty elects witnesses to act because the network's block producers and governance body. In excess, if there aren't any witnesses, there'll be no steem.
These are the witnesses i voted for:


Carry on bro


Great carry on

Witnesses build the blockchain accessible by running net servers...production and support of serious value feedback is one among the witness' obligations. Steem blockchain needs a game set up of individuals to makes discourages, the witnesses impacts our post to look on blockchain for individuals to examine and every one happens in squares knowns as center points..
The witnesses i voted for:


Witness makes birth to our post. They give their hardworking to support us. So must support them also on giving our votes. Thanking you

Hear is my support




Congratulations to the winners! The aim of this contest is being achieved and i am happy that there is an increase in the number of votes for witnesses.

This contest is truly serving it aim by making sure that people know their witnesses, their worth and why they must vote them to keep the system running.


Thanks alot @eurogee. We need to support greatly best witnesses for the progress of steem. This is best congest i ever seen. Kudos @eurogee

This is a great innovation! congratulation to the winners these far. Thanks @eurogee and the entire @euronation for this wonderful contest.... At least lot of witnesses has been showed and voted for... Keep it up sir

Wow .. This is great ... Can't wait to see another list of witness voting .... Let's still watch and see the list for the week..great initiative @euronation for giving back for those witness voters

Wonderful result so far
Kudos @euronation, we set the pace

@jeaniepearl steemit consultant