Sunday Weekly Contest by FamilyTree #2

3년 전

Helleo steemians, first of all thanks for participate in our weekly Sunday Contest. There was not enough participants because it was just first test contest but we hope from today more participants ll participate and we ll grow gradually.

Winners of last Sunday Weekly Contest.

here you ll see the winners of sunday contest. We announced we ll choose 10 winners but all the participants did not follow the rules that's why we are giving reward only the winners who follow the rules. Please be aware all the participants must follow the rules to win the contest because we are making this contest realy very easy for everyone.


Reward & List of winners

We earned total 0.18 steem by this first contest and we got total 4 winners. details are below.
sunday reward.JPG

  1. @samina2018 (0.045 Steem as 1st winner)
  2. @urdu-steemian (0.036 Steem as 2nd winner)
  3. @kaluchima (0.027 Steem as 3rd winner)
  4. @ehizzy (0.021 Steem as 4th winner)

Today Contest

To participate in today contest do these simple steps.

  1. Upvote the post.
  2. Post a picture in the comment related to the picture of today contest.
  3. Resteem.
    All above three steps are necessary to win the prize.


. 1st Prize 25% steem reward
. 2nd Prize 20% steem reward
. 2rd Prize 15% steem reward
. 4th Prize 12% steem reward
. 5th Prize 10% steem reward
. 6th Prize 8% steem reward
. 7th Prize 5% steem reward
. 8th Prize 4% steem reward
. 9th Prize 3% steem reward
. 10th Prize 2% steem reward

Today Contest Picture (Participants need to post a picture in the comment related to this picture)

Squirrel Image


Announcement of the winners you can see in the post of contest next sunday 30-SEP-2018.

Please join our whatsapp group by clicking here to be a part of @familytree contests.

upvote follow resteem.gif

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Thank you so much. I will always participate this is interesting and easy contest also helpfull for new steemians to grow. 😀