Steemit Wishes 2018 CHALLENGE #5 / The New 10 selected participants!

4년 전

Dear steemians,

Thank you to all steemians participants to my first Steemit Wishes 2018 CHALLENGE!

You are a lot of creative people, the choice will be hard! ^^.
I loved reading your beautiful wishes lists! I hope all that your wishes will come true in 2018 ...

Here is the list of the new 10 participants who respected the rules of the contest. Every day, I will post 10 selected people. You have until December 31 to participate.

December 31 at midnight, I will close the contest.
The 1st January 2018, I will make my final selection and you will then have the result !!!

The new 10 selected participants

31. @teukudianaulia

  • I wish to buy an Iphone with Steemit earnings, I never had an Iphone though
  • I wish my parents are in a good health
  • I wish to see Jackie Chan and register as one of his stunt crew members
  • I wish my girlfriends not going to marry someone else later, so we can marry in 2019
  • I wish that if aliens arrive, I want to go for a ride using their UFO

32. @mhizblessing

  • Touch be successful in every aspect of my life and be able to care for my family and friends and those in need.
  • To have a good love life
  • To grow in steemit and get upvoted in all my post and to win this contest
  • All my wishes to come through.
  • For all my friends to be happy and for you too

33. @hamzeto

  • Getting to win back the heart of one of my ex girlfriend that I lost
  • Making sure I gain a high reputation on steemit
  • Getting a new hobby to entertain myself as my previous one was a big flop
  • Get a pet to keep me company as I get lonely at times at home
  • Preparing foreign exotic meals using YouTube as a guide

34. @cryptotortoise

  • Apply and successfully be accepted into a mentor/mentee program for high school kids.
  • Instill creativity in today's youth in my local neighborhood by showing them my successes and those around them.
  • Give me time to step back one in a while to enjoy the little things and bring some calmness into my life.
  • Have a blast of fun with my girlfriend by going on a nature adventure!
  • Grow my steemit community to produce quality content for those that need it the most. (Usually self-help material or life advice).
  • Keep up with all the new material @flamingirl will have for all of us to enjoy! :)

35. @jol09

  • memberi the best for family.
  • mend steemit community.
  • become a teacher.
  • married.
  • watching the game barcelona directly.
  • care about newcomers in steemit.
  • respecting the writings of others.
  • to be a good person.

36. @oksi-m

  • I want to improve my health a little, because I understand that I need healthy people and society.
  • I plan this year to develop online lessons for children free of charge, using the opportunities to steal.
  • I'm a founder of the community on the blockade, I want to develop the community block further, making it popular.
  • I want to go on vacation in Thailand, to tell the world that I will see. I am a geographer and therefore I look at some things as an expert.
  • I traveled to Kenya and was on Lake Nakuru, where there are many flamingos.

37. @christianyocte

  • Zero tardiness for the whole year round.
  • Control stress.
  • Produce more artworks.
  • Bring more people to steemit.
  • Grow in steemit.
  • Continue serving the church and the youth.
  • Wear smile all the time.

38. @virus95

  • To give up smoking
  • To help stray dogs with my steem payout
  • To buy gifts for my mom and Dad and spend some good time with them
  • To help in Charity
  • To participate in a blood donation campaign
  • To go to a club for the first time
  • To organize a reunion with my high school friends
  • To organize a charity in Steemit as to make someones best year
  • To read a Novel per month
  • To be a part a GOvegan movement
  • To organize a live music and perform in front of a crowd

39. @marizen

  • To travel next year around Asia.
  • More blessing and Good health to my family
  • To have a laptop to upload more blogs here in steem it.
  • To have my own business even just small one.
  • To become inspirational to other steemians.

40. @davinsh

  • My father to celebrate another birthday.
  • To have a child so that my father would meet him/her.
  • My siblings to have a successful and better job.
  • Good health for my loveones
  • Better steemit rewards. Of course.

Good luck to everyone! Stay connected for the next 10 wishes lists selectionned!

If you enjoyed reading this blog, don't hesitate to vote, comment and reestem! ;)

Thanks for your support my lovely followers!

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Interesting! Hope your wishes come true 😀

new year will be quite adventurous and challenging

Congratulations to whoever will win 🎉

If not all, for sure one of your wishes will be granted.

Let’s all spread good vibes and positivity 🤘🏽

Have a happy New Year Steemians 🍻

Im broke asf pls upvote thnx

Interesting! Hope your wishes come true 😀

I'm mining with Hashflare (cloud mining bitcoin)
and trading on Binance for altcoin ! :p
made a lot this year :33


sending wishes to all for all that everyone wishes!

Cada lista con los deseos que públicas son hermosos. Y les deseo a todos que se les cumplan..

Nice contest

I believe that my today's wish will become tomorrow's reality. So,am making my wish now
^ I wish to have a stable relationship with my girl
^ I will to assist those that in need
^ I will to get to the stage of whale on steemit
^ I wish to see my siblings doing great in life
^ I wish to become a philantropist
^ I wish to become the best in everything I do



Wonderful post ... Pls I would really appricaite it if you up vote my posts.. Your wall is one I look forward to becoming @flamingirl.. Thanks a lot ..

I wish my name will there soon , but without encouraging me , it not possible. By the way Congratulation to all.......................................................

Congratulations to whoever will win 🎉

If not all, for sure one of your wishes will be granted.

Let’s all spread good vibes and positivity 🤘🏽

Have a happy New Year Steemians 🍻

How do you enter ? Through creating a post or commenting ?

this is great @flamingirl .

my wish is to visit Spain soon