Competition #6 - 100x Zoom Picture - Guess & Win


100x Zoom Picture

It's Friday and its time for a new contest!
Yes, it's another 100x zoom picture!

New for this competition:
In the last contest mr @joklahoma upvoted all comments, and I think this is a great idea for you to make money even if your answer is wrong.
One thing you should not do is to upvote your own comment, if you do we don't get a visit by the comment-upvote-bots.
If you upvote the other comments down below you might get your comment upvoted too, win win for everyone.

My question is:

What is this?


Guess and win the 2 STEEM reward

Any questions?
No? well get on it and guess then!
If you have questions or suggestions please let me know down below.
It would also be nice if you shared, resteemed and/or upvoted this post.
These contests are driven by the upvotes I get, if the upvotes are few and low, the prize pool will get smaller and smaller until I cannot do this anymore. If the upvotes are big and many the prize pool will get bigger, and we can continue having these Friday contests.
So what are you waiting for, tell your friends, resteem or do whatever you have to do to keep this contest running.

Looking forward to see you in the comments below

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Mushroom spore tubes

it looks like a sponge

Hmmm... I'll have to go with a mushroom

Posted using Partiko Android

Must be some kind of fungus/mushroom

I will go with a sponge.

I guess would cheese or sponge but see that that is already taken so why not. Whine cork

Posted using Partiko iOS

I guess it is Rasmalai. One kinds of food.Which is famous in Bangladesh.@flatman

I think it is one kind of sweets. Oh... Nice job.

Bread crumbs

Posted using Partiko Android

it is pasta! :o