Native - Enabling Communities Via the Blockchain

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Native is a platform that helps communities on the blockchain to create unique and special tokens for themselves. This platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain and native aids the community in self-help prow Can One get into the platform?

The platform is quite easy to use but for starters, the Native’s Quick Starter Guide would show the main things you need to do and agree to on the platform. A metamask wallet is recommended with a valuable amount of Ethereum in it. Users are able to acquire these unique tokens created by the platform and called Native Platform Token. The native Platform is an alpha platform launched on the web mainnet.

About the Native Platform

Jake Vartanian is the founder of the native coin. He created this platform with the purpose of aiding people in coming together as a community to achieve a specified goal on the blockchain. The platform also is a decentralized government which lets private individual to make and execute choices on our own without the untrustworthy ogrammes, where this communities are triggered to scale their values, create their token and also wealth in both inside and outside the cryptosphere. All these is being achieved using decision making tools to analyse and make the right decisions in the control, coordinating and controlling the platforms and their resources.

Users type

Members Source: - They are on the opposite stop of the curator supply as they're the folks who determine to enroll in groups due to the fact their perspectives and values align with the given community. Upon turning into members of a given community, they could take part in vote casting on problems consisting of figuring out which hobby is the most essential for the network, and resources to be allocated towards it.

They additionally decide which venture should be taken into consideration to be carried out. Members can also observe to finish responsibilities and assist the community with any skillset they possess if you want to pressure the network in the direction of its dreams.

Curators Source - Curators can be stated to be the leaders of a certain network, they are the only's that pioneer a given community and are known to own a total know-how of the network’s values & standards due to the fact one in every of their predominant responsibilities is to moderate the alternatives that members can vote on and ensure these alternatives are aligned to the ideals of the community.

They additionally overview the duties that are to be had for members to complete, also set the praise to be provided for paintings completed with the aid of community members with the use of the network's token

Core Features

Unique Community Token: every network that launches on Native has its personal specific token to suggest club, produce a community aid pool, and use as a plain of trading and exchange of coins inside the network.
Polls: Members have the capability to vote on polls to contribute their remarks to the community.
Projects: Members will confirm on the goals and target the community pursues, giving them a voice or a say the activities of the communities and in however the pool of sources is employed.
Tasks: Members are able to work or carry out important duties and are rewarded in team tokens.

Native’s functioning communities

SDG Futures

Future of Humanity is a decentralized and distributed communities and technology stack forthe United Nations SDG’s.| Source

Earth Guardians


designed to educate and amplify our passions and to equip us with the tools to bring innovative solutions to our world's most pressing challenges.| Source


A decentralized open learning organization built and run by its members, working towards a future of smart education.| Source

Imaginal Films

A decentralized ecosystem where multimedia content creators, viewers, and funders assemble to develop and produce conscious films.| Source


A collection of community-driven, tech-centric, future-forward individuals committed to accelerating the spread of global peace through diverse events, projects, and campaigns Source

Road Map






Native Architecture





Agbona loves playing and watching basket ball. He follows different trends on big basketball players and their teams and have always dreamt of watching the game live. This has only been a dream for Agbona because he doesn’t have a basket ball court or organized basket ball team in his community, just a couple of friends playing for fun. On his path of looking for ways to develop the interest of his community member in basketball, he found native and had since then gotten rising interest of people who loved the game around and they were able to connect and organize a game for the interested people to watch live in the community with Agbona as their CEO.


Flora is a dancer. She loves dancing but has been homeschooled all her life and has just a few friends. She was later relieved of the home school training when she turned 18. She was so excited and wanted to take her dancing career to the next level but had difficulties in finding people that were interested in her kind of dancing and the kind of music she danced to.

Luckily for her, she came across a friend who told her about native platform and its communities. She was able to find a group within a community that were equally interested in what she was interested in. She joined and has since then been a success for her. Native helped her achieve her dreams.

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