Get your Reward with Contest of the Month

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Salute Funditians,

As you know, we are making different activities and want to reward you, with our gamification initiative, in the form of monthly contest that will last until the end of August. As mentioned in the Fundition Magtivities - the current activity of this month is to have a selfie or it can be a normal picture, in public whereby you have to draw a heart somewhere or to make a creative heart somehow, creatively, so that you end up with a unique photo. We hope it will be one of a kind, because soon we will use this for promotion of our Heart Token, that will be an SMT. For the participation you will be rewarded with an upvote from us.

Participation rules:

- Use two tags on the Steemit post consisting "fundition" and "oneheart"
- Resteem this post so the others can see
- Write down a short description about the photo in the post
- Comment your post to know that you participated
- Only one entry per person
- The image has to contain the "" text written on a paper, wall or whatever is handy for you and depends on your creativity you have a chance to get a bigger upvote. (Keep in mind we don't approve/support illegalities like writing with graffiti on public buildings or other things like that. Stay Creative and Clean)
- Add in your entry post the Participation rules and a link to the original contest post from Fundition

Also we would like to hear from you what kind of activities you would like to see in the near future, in the comment section, but this is up to you. Make sure you read our latest Magtivity, and follow our social media, because we are sharing posts daily that you may like.

Let this amazing journey start, and lets see some hearts and love around the globe with your photos.
Have fun doing it!

We want to see hearts all over!

See the page 22 on the First Edition of the Magtivity.


With Love,
Fundition Team.

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Take to part the contest

I will surely participate in this. I will find first where I can be able to draw some hearts here in our place.


what is the award!

This is very good Idea :) I like it :)


Nice idea :) i will surely participate to this contest ;)

Love the initiative and I would like to participate. Does it have to be a selfie or can we just take a normal picture? :)


Hey there dear @diffuseloop,
It is up to you, do it however you want, since you may know how is the best for you.
Fundition Team | Email :

Join a community with heart based giving at its core

Will definitely join! Thank you.

@funditian Will try to click something unique

I really want fundition will hold more activities in the future. This kind of contest is also a good way to promote findition and get more visibility. I’m in. ^^

@fundition - You just know how to attract people to a certain behaviour!

Great idea and initiative! Now look out for #oneheart appearing in you notifications!

Good Luck and Have Fun Everybody

Artakush draws Hearts in the bush...

Hola muy buena propuesta me gusta todo lo relacionado con el amor,espero participar,saludos y muchas suerte

Here is my entry:

I am happy with this contest and I hope it will continue in the future.
I want to see the future of project will be more developed and my hope that can help many people with charity projects.
thank you

Hello, I just found out about the contest, I love this idea, thank you very much for doing it. Here I leave my entrance I hope you like it.

Nice contest. This is very well idea.

I am interested in this contest.
I resteemed this article.

Excellent initiative, thank you very much for being the guarantors of the growth of all and always thinking about the general collective, blessings, a success ¡@raybull

I would love to join too. Thanks @funditian for the love you have for the community.

Hi @funditian / @fundition!
We like this idea in spreading love / hearts to everyone, great contest initiative as well. We the Photocircle project would like to propose a contest collaboration by @photocircle & @funditian / @fundition. We're curation project for the photography community and it would be great to be of help to your goal in spreading hearts to everyone. Let us know your feedback about it.


Hello there @photocircle

Thank you for great thoughts, and collaboration would be sweet and its appreciated by our side. We are welcoming you to our Discord Server to have a talk.

Thank you,
Fundition Team.

Join a community with heart based giving at its core

Good initiate, fundition team. Let's spread the ❥ to the world! <3 <3 <3
This post is featured on today's Joy News (in Chinese :D)

Hello @funditian!
This will be my entry, I love your contest idea and I want you to know that you're doing great. I hope to see more projects to be about educating less fortunate children. They are the future :)

When is the deadline?

contest is very interesting, make the usual heart logo to be extraordinary need high creativity. Picture of heart that symbolizes the love and love of fellow social beings.
Clean the heart of bad intentions, start opening your heart to help fellow human beings on this earth. The heart will not betray the sincere things, because the heart, heart and feelings always control the heart.
for @fundition, i ❤️ this contest. good idea❤️🙏
This is my entry,


Thank you ❤️

Joine here for the first time i love the contest ,

Here is my entry @fundition

This is a fantastic idea to get us all involved and helping to promote the great work that @fundition does. Here is my entry, selfie and all 😉. I have gone a little beyond the brief and talked about the issues that inspired my fundition heart picture, about fundition itself as a crowdfunding initiative and also about @projectgiving, a charity I have been helping to set up which fundition have helped to support in our first fundraising efforts. I hope it doesn't prove too long a read.

Here's my entry link for this contest...

Hope you like it.😍

This entry is made with L💟VE

Thank you @fundition!!

Hello, @funditian here is my entry for the new rules of this fundition challenge theme one heart.

Hello @fundition..Here’s my entry link to you #oneheart contest..

Hope you like it.

Thank you and More Power!!😀

hello @funditian here is my second entry for the new rules of fundition contest thanks for the second chance you have given me to participate on this contest.


I will surely join this contest

great idea and i'll be happy to join

Thank you @funditian for creating this wonderful contest. Let us spread the love by sharing a heart.

Here is my entry

Hi @funditian & all Steemians, this is an awesome contest! Im going to participate with this, its my post:


Finally I am in. :))) Here is my entry for the contest.
Thank you <3

This is my entry for the new rules for this wonderful contest. Thank you so much and May god bless all:

Here is my follow up entry
Heart Shaped Watermelon

Wow, I also wanna share in spreading oneheart . Thank you @funditian. Here is my entry:

I will definately take part in this contest

Good content

Well thats wonderful initiative.
Here is my entry for the contest :

Hi @funditian team, here's my entry..

Thanks for this awesome initiative. <3

This is very great initiative, I love
I will surely do this...... One heart❤


@funditian why did I not get an upvote? Just curious. :)

Wow, I also wanna share in spreading oneheart . Thank you @funditian. Here is my entry:


awesome! love it! i am a part of @projectgiving which you've supported and i love what you're doing.

here's our entry :)

yeeeyyyyyy! spread the love.. slowly we will create a big heart!

here is my entry.

Wow. This sure is a good one that will get people to be quite creative with selfies. Good one @funditian

Here is my entry, I hope you like. ¡And thanks for the contest!

Soon i will participate and hope to make unique entry.

Hi @funditian 😍 Thank you for this kind of contest. 😍
Here's my entry:

Thank you so much. 😍😍😍

Can't wait to get a unique selfie, I'm in.

hi thank you so much for this contest ;) As a response here is my link for your contest

Hello @funditian 😁. I hope im not too late for the contest. Here is my entry

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Hey, this is my "fundition with love", this game is really good, I like it very much, this is a great game.

This is my entry link, thank you.“I am in Fundition, I speak with love.”

Supported this awesome project, hopefully fundition will more grow up for helping an another.
Here's my entry for fundition monthly contest

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hope I can join will try

i love your idea, i will draw a heart in the sand with out me there, is it alright?

Hello @funditian. I wish my entry was not late fr the contest. Thank you for creating this. Have a blessed day.


I have put up my post on #oneheart #fundition , you may reach it from below link. Thank you.

This is definitely a good way of making Steemians engaged yet spread some love through a post. Appreciate this.

Here is my entry:

Hi @fundition :) what a beautyfull way to spread love vibes & awareness of around the world while getting people into their creative flow. Love it!

Here is my entry:

Thank you for the opportunity to participate & Bright Blessings!

Thank you @funditian for this challenge . This a very nice and amazing contest. Here is my link for the contest theme "oneheart"

I love your idea Much success. I would love to see content of quality and originality of all kinds ...

I just found out about the contest and I can not reestimate the post as I do to participate, please?

Here's my entry.

Fundition Heart.jpg

I could not resteem this post. Looks like resteem option disappears.

Thank you for this event to convey love, I really like this event. Below is a link to my event:

“Love is between you and me, love in the Fundition. ❤❧”

thank you.

I am definitely in! #spreadLOVEthroughFUNDITION ❤❤❤

Cool. This is great.

Heart power! Join the fun everyone!

Good job vaiya.....Go go ahead brooo......

Do you want to get many votes, comments and follow ????

If so, you vote for me and comment.
I'll replay you [100%]

Oke thank you @fundition
I will take part in the game

Hi i want to join this contest and here is my entry.

I hope in the future love is more valuable and each from our heart have a love and care ao this beautiful world and life will be exsist for us and for our generations . World be at peacful and grateful.

Show your love and spread them among all. Here is my entry post

Not sure why I didn't get an upvote form @fundition. I followed all the rules. Can anyone tell me what did I do wrong? Thanks.
Here is my entry for the contest:

hello, a strong hug to the whole community, this is my entry to the contest.


Hello dear @funditian, Here is my post.

Hope this will work.
At least please see the post so my hard work will be successful.

a good contest I will join

Hello! I participated in your contest, I really love it.. I hope there would be more activities that we can spill our creativity in the next months!

This is an article on how to participate in @fundition’s contest “Get your Reward with Contest of the Month”. I translated it into Japanese so that Japanese people can participate easily. I arranged a little.

Hey, dear Fundition, love is in you and me, love is passing, this is my love to pass the entry link:

“Love in Fundition, I am using music to convey love to the world ❦”

  ·  4년 전

Wow good contest
One love one heart

post a very good, contest fundition is incredible.

I have participated, please visit my blog

Me @carolinee
I have participated

Here goes my entry, thanks a lot for this opportunity to showcase our love to @fundition through this fun contest, Cheers!

Resteem your post, because I have participated

I like contest about one heart

Count on me.

Just finished doing my entry. Hope it is still in, lol.

Please check mine

If there is any mistake, please let me know

Follow and resteem your post
I have participated, hope you like my post

A beautiful initiative, let's take some self-heart pics & spread the word!

Hello @funditian here is my entry for the monthly contest. I hope you like it.

this is great!

Good contest
I like one heart

Excellent idea I love

Thank you for the lovely contest and amazing works for the community.
This is my participation for this contest.

Count me in this is very interesting and brilliant mindset.