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What was your best experience as a child?

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My best experience as a child was when I was 7, as a child you show your strengths jumping from one place to another. On this lovely day there's a water tank in our house but the pillars are made of iron, as a child we were doing who can jump the most then I went first unfortunately for me I hit my head on the iron pillar and I got injured, blood all over my cloth and I was crying on the floor. Immediately my mom heard this she ran out of the house, removed her wrapper to bandage my head so to stop the bleeding then she was left only with a blouse and under wear, she never mind what she was on she carried me and rush me to the hospital for treatment. Although it was a bad experience but it's my best because that day I felt and know what mothers love means.

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Sleep all day, eat, and watch the TV hahahaha My address DN19R6d1X1q53o9sndrKRaWrs9W99UxBPZ

...the school holidays ... play, eat, make noise, skate, play baseball with my friends, watch TV, but above all share with my family ... my parents took vacations at the same time and we traveled together anywhere in the country....

My address…..DCCQQjxZHwcaW84kRVdHjN11dgTzLkwFar

Ohh yes, I will never forget the day I beat with my friend with shit. (No kidding- horse shit)
It was summer, and I was just arguing with a friend. I was nervous, and the only thing I had close to my finger was, well ... a great thing left by the horse that passed earlier. I took it with a stick and threw it in front of my good friend ... I hit him right in the forehead.
He, who usually avoids as much as possible to dirty his hands, took the shit out of his face and threw after me. It hit me ...twice!! I can't forget that!!

Wallet adress: DTsgGrb8x8aAgk9RZcZcYgLroZagrpRTah

Childhood memories always set a curve on face.

The silly little things which meant world during those days

  1. 5rs Dairy milk chocolate which my dad gave whenever I used to cry
    2.My mom feeding me telling short little stories
    3.My didi (elder sister) writing my homework whenever I acted sick (sometimes played a drama in front of mom)
    4.First bicycle HERCULES BRAVO
    5.First bat (with MRF sticker )
    4.Silly fights which never created hatredness amongst friends
    5.Sleeping on floor and getting up in bed
    Mummy running behind to feed me.
    6.Reciting multiplication tables in front of dad.
    7.Playing goti (marbles), gilly dandu, hide and seek, current-shock, etc.
    8.Collecting huge number of WWE cards, marbles, cricket posters, cartoons, etc.
    9.Being the best friend of the birthday boy in class.
    Hope these things take the prior position among many childhood memories.

Missing childhood the most
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