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Week 7 of the Altcoins4U™ Giveaway Contest (formerly Doge4U™) has been successful and we've wrapped up with over 20 contestants and 6 winners.

Week 8 starts today with another 1000 FREE DOGECOIN GIVEAWAY to 5 Steemians.

2018 is the year of the DOGE. You might have been seeing that around.

Analysis points that DOGECOIN will rise greatly in value in 2018

How to participate

  • Have a DOGECOIN wallet

(If you don't have a DOGECOIN wallet, open a wallet HERE)

  • Follow

  • Resteem this post (I need the free publicity)

  • Upvote (Not Compulsory)

  • Write a short comment below stating what you've learnt from anyone on the Steem blockchain since you joined.
    (e.g I've learnt about digital arts and design from @flysky)

  • Add your DOGECOIN wallet address to the comment you've made.

  • The top 5 comments with the highest number of upvotes when this post pays out will be the winners and receive 200 FREE DOGECOINS each.
    (More winners may be added when more sponsors are gotten)

The 1000 FREE DOGECOIN GIVEAWAY holds every week with different contest requirements so follow me to keep earning. The Prize Reward will increase with growing sponsors.

We highly appreciate our current sponsor @pjay96 and our newest sponsor @underground for this contest.

New sponsors are welcomed and highly appreciated.

If interested in being a sponsor, simply comment below or send me a message on discord.

Username: gamsam#5973

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Hello @gamsam
Thanks for the opportunity
I have learnt how to lease steem power from @swissclive and how to avoid been flagged from @eurogee



Nice 1 dear... Am sure you are making use of what you learnt... Trying to upvote buh don't understand what network is doing


Great You have learnt something


Thank you for entering


Learnt new stuff thou

I have learnt how to host long term contest from @dobatin .

I have learnt how to avoid been flag from steemit school by @dobatim

I have learnt how to compose poetry on my own from @dpend.
Doge wallet is ;

Hi, @gamsam! I've learned from @gellyarenas how to create a better post using the mardown tools.
Dogecoin wallet: D8YJQjZ6cTfBSV13CEE3Wm4qh1Te564wu8

I have learnt about the breatharian lifestyle and how you can live well with just air and water @sashadaygame.

Dogecoin address: DU5Tp3HZVKasYDnJBSaR38RemCUoGNJgpU

I learnt about SOLA, another interesting social-on-a-blockchain platform like steemit, from @gamsam


Hi, I learned from you, @gamsam, about Sola and Mannabase, which is pretty dope, thanks.

Thank you for this opportunity @gamsam
I have learnt how to be successful on steemit from @accelerator.
Here are the things I learnt

The way to make rewards at the start is to comment like a pro!

Say something interesting to prove you've actually read the post.

Ask a relevant question - this means you are more likely to get engagement.

Do not beg for votes, follows, resteems etc - this is not Facebook and most established users are sick of it!

Then test out one or two niches that you enjoy writing about.


i am @tsnaks
and i have learnt from the blockchain community that you really need to know who you can trust on the internet.
The people that may seem as your best friends (online) and just in general the nicest guys.
may just be your friends because they want something from you.

Negative story
but thats the one i got :(

DJJaqpZa5nPN1x8JfosHVT6xncicsmDAhW my doge address

I've learnt about dogecoins and sola.ai from @gamsam


Wow, that's great.
Thanks for entering

DGvYpz6Pro8bHSQoPJCBSF7zX5pAxXKH6a I've learnt about dogecoins and sola.ai from @gamsam


I believe you have learnt too my friend?

I've learnt a lot about crypto and blockchain technology on this platform, I also learnt how to share my knowledge through writing .

I Have learn about good steemit tips thanks to @roxane.



That's great

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