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Week 6 of the doge4u© giveaway contest has been successful and we've wrapped up with 21 contestants and 5 winners.

Week 7 starts today with another 1000 FREE DOGECOIN GIVEAWAY to 5 Steemians.

2018 is the year of the DOGE. You might have been seeing that around.

Analysis points that DOGECOIN will rise greatly in value in 2018


How to participate

  • Have a DOGECOIN wallet
    (If you don't have a DOGECOIN wallet, open a wallet HERE)

  • Follow

  • Resteem this post (I need the free publicity)

  • Upvote (Not Compulsory)

  • Write a short comment below stating what you've learnt from anyone on the Steem blockchain since you joined.
    (e.g I've learnt about some really cool Steem Projects from @cryptoctopus)

  • Add your DOGECOIN wallet address to the comment you've made.

  • The top 5 comments with the highest number of upvotes when this post pays out will be the winners and receive 200 FREE DOGECOINS each.
    (More winners may be added when more sponsors are gotten)

The 1000 FREE DOGECOIN GIVEAWAY holds every week with different contest requirements so follow me to keep earning. The Prize Reward will increase with growing sponsors.

We highly appreciate our current sponsor @pjay96 for this contest.

New sponsors are welcomed and highly appreciated.

If interested in being a sponsor, simply comment below or send me a message on steemit chat.

Username: gamsam

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This Post will receive your FIRST PLACE VOTES, Gammy!
I'm IN?
Getting Doge Address...

I learned a LOT from @spiritualmax, he was my protégé but VERY forward thinking, and willing to do the research needed to succeed on Steemit! He's already ahead of me in REP Points but I have a lead in STEEM ;) We are still good budZ and he helps me in Minnow Boot Camp!


Hey Undie!
Thanks my man. You entered....haha. Great


mbc-meps gonna vote U up Next!
Afer Undie transfers the 2000 SP DELI



mbc-meps Deli is here


Hopefully you win @underground. Then you will be big ballin with those goody dogo coins

I really learnt a lot from @jerrybanfield about steem blockchain, one of the things he taught me was the value to have it and saving it.
My wallet:


Hope you win bro


I like have it and save it💃🏼💃🏼

I had a lot of fun with the @fraenk in #googlyeyes contest



Lol, yeah
#googlyeyes is really fun

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I Learn steemit blockchain from @JerryBanfield youtube video. He explain everything good.
Doge wallet : D7azCgTLczT39zLQ8koBscgVXVG4iHzW5b


Yeah, true
@jerrybanfield's videos have helped us all

Hello @gamsam
Thanks for the opportunity
I have learnt about steem blockchain alot from @dan,i then knew Y its good to value it, he also emphasis on EOS too, and i also learnt that teamwork is essential on steem blockchain from @eurogee



I love your comment it a great post


Your comment is okay, personally l like your entry!

I've learned how to play as a team thanks to @jsock and @ chops316 in the poker lucksacks league organized by @tuck-fheman & @bigchef


Cool, will check out the game. Never heard of it.

Since it all about highest upvote I think I can't win but that doesn't stop me from saying what have learnt from steemit since I joined. Well I know nothing about steemit before not until a friend of me told me about it and since then I can see a lot of changes in me. Because before I joined steemit, am a kind of person that find it very difficult to interact with people not because am shy or because I can't speak but it simply because just a little word can get me angry. But since have joined steemit have been able to control it and thanks to @deeclown he keeps motivating me I can do it even when I didn't believe in my self but now there have been a changed me since the past three months I joined and I have also learn that divided we fall United we stand. @gamsam more grace.
My wallet:


A good effect it has brought on you.

I have learnt on how to write good quality content from @surpassinggoogle and also to be consistent
Doge wallet:

I have learnt alot on how to write a poetry form @d-pend and how to make some artwork from @flysky on the steemit school.
My wallet;

Weldone paddy gamsam.. even though people think the dogecoin is worth nothing now, But trust me I see this very coin on the high side before the end of this year... we’ll if I may ask, does myetherwallet accept dogecoin if no how can I get it download dogecoin wallet?
Well ever since I joined steemit my whole world has changed, it gives me an avenue to learn, teach and most importantly to get to know people all over the world. I hope I get a reply from you!


Thank you @segunreus. You can open a dogecoin wallet on the official site here https://my.dogechain.info/

If you are looking for a mobile app dogecoin wallet though, you can check out multiple coin wallet apps like freewallet, coinomi or cryptonator on google play store. I really recommended those ones.


I have downloaded the coinomi but I don’t know how to get the wallet address! How do I you about that?


Go to the add coins option and add dogecoin. Once added select dogecoin to open the wallet, swipe to the right to reveal your address


Aii thanks let me do it right away!



I have learnt alot from @surpassinggoogle on how to write good post....and also from @gamsam on hosting contest for steemians
My wallet is:

I have learnt from @admiralsp the importance of the steemit block chain.

I've learned a lot from @crypto49er, have been following him for a few months. I found him when I started and his steem and YouTube channel helped me a lot! This is my dogecoin address: DBSVHuQHe54dK1isurjSmRjW4EuuNaMREx

thank you, for this time and opportunity, I have learned from anyone in Stein blockchain since you joined in this steemit. and I hope you can share good tips in working on this steemit thank you

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I learned to exchange sbd to steem and dogecoin!

hi , its first time i see your posts
For me I learned from @bitcoininarabic to much about trading and buying cryptocurrency

My Doge Wallet is : DBfFmvBjaBrEfKXvXQeMEsn4mgHQDMKLc8

thank you, for this time and opportunity

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just open Dogecoins account. hopefully contains a coin

my wallet 465a3c83-a3d8-4e76-a648-bf7ea47c6395

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@gamsam nice, but you no drop the discord username again oooo.. Remember me??... I sent you a message on steemit.chat three days ago, no reply.


Sorry, not really active there
Discord - gamsam#5973

My doge adress is



I have learnt from blcokchain

that there are people you can trust and there are people you can't trust.

Know your friends and know your enemies

Nice post. @gamsam your post have just received 0.03 %. Thank you

After I joined Steemit, I understood that it wasn't only a blogging platform, but it's also a place that people help others to succeed.
My dogecoin address

I'm also planning to make a community to help the young bloggers in here and I've started it with a contest.
And I want dogecoin! (not for the community though :D