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What is your FUNNIEST CHILDHOOD MOMENT and what makes it so?
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The funniest moment of my life was when I and siblings ganged up to deal with my uncle who lived with us. We were watching an interesting cartoon called Shrek, but unfortunately, we lost power and so, pleaded with our uncle to put on the Generator to enable us continue with our movie.
He said generators don't function properly in the afternoons but at nights and we should wait until evening to continue with our cartoon. We kept begging him but he paid deaf ears to our plea. After this statement, he went to take his bath and we decided to deal with him by gathering some black ants together and arranged them on his bed, targeting his pillow. We all hid somewhere waiting for him to lay down on it and entertain us lol. Ten minutes later, he came out of the bathroom and I guess he led down on his bed; before we knew what was happening we had some funny noise of discomfort which made us laugh hard because we knew the ants were doing their job lol.

As soon as he had us laugh, he came out with his boxer chasing after us. I and my brother managed to hide in the toilet but we were unfortunate because, he found us but we escapedin-between his legs, off course we were just little, 7yrs and my brother 9yrs and my uncle was very tall and so, before he could grab us, we escaped. I didn't no where my other siblings managed to hide but we all remained in our hiding places till my parents came back from work. After which we came out, giving ourselves high fives because we dealth with our uncle lol. That was really the funniest because I and my siblings had fun together...

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Once we were playing catch in the park, and some cars were parked nearby. One of the owners of those cars came up to me and he was annoyed with us. He told me not to throw the ball near his car, in case the ball hit it. He was a bit of a jerk, but no big deal. So we moved away a little bit.

But soon we start lobbing the ball further and further, and as luck would have it, one stray throw hits this guy's car right on the windshield! There were many cars parked and our ball just so happens to hit his one. Lucky or unlucky?!

The windshield didn't break and nothing was damaged, but gosh was the car owner angry by this point. He takes me over to his car and he shows me the damage I did to his car.

Guess what he said? "You dented my windshield!" he said. Me being young, I didn't know what to think.

My dad comes over at this point. He tells my dad, "Your son broke my windshield! You must pay for the repairs!" He points to a mark on the glass where apparently the ball hit it. My dad goes over and has a look. He gives it a rub. The mark doesn't come off. My Dad asks to have a look inside the car. Jerk car owner opens the door. Dad gets in, has a look at the mark, and then rubs the mark out from the inside. It was a smudge on the windshield. My dad laughs at him, asks me to please go play somewhere else, and walks away.

We never hear from jerk car owner ever again.


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I Don't know what was the funniest, but it was nice to make Panecakes with my grandmother :)


There are many but this is the best one:

I think I was in 2nd class. I went to my Uncle’s place. He has a son and a daughter.

All of them went to a place where there is a swimming pool. I didn’t know how to swim but they knew. My Uncle’s children were swimming and I immediately jumped into the water(don’t know swimming still I jumped).

As they show in movies I was on the same situation, water went inside my mouth and nose. Fortunately nothing happened to me. My relatives still laugh at the incident.

This was the funniest and also the scariest incident.


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The time I was molested by a creepy old guy at the age of 8 excusing himself as checking me for cigarettes.
After that I started seeing the world for what it really is and become cynical.
Which makes it funny because I really enjoy dark cynical humor.


My most fun childish moment are all days, I believe that you should never die that inner child that we all have inside, it is always important to laugh, play, share with our loved ones, enjoy every detail, every adventure, every moment, the life is today.

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Although my most fun moment is also painful, I can say that those moments were when my grandmother wanted to hit me and I ran out so she would not hit me. The funny moment was to see my grandmother running behind my annoying for the bad that I could do and annoyed because he could not reach me hahaha.


At this point in my life, every time I can laugh at myself as a child does, without prejudice, it is a gift of homage to a great friend ... of those friends who are truly friends with whom you are a child a young an adult every day without being ashamed of it and constantly reminds me that life is today ... that's why funny moments and childhood are every day ...
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