Contest - My favorite needlework project, 10 days, 3 SBD prize, day #11 - voting day

4년 전


  • Only participants can vote only once and note for yourself
  • You must be my follower - You must upvote this post
  • You must resteem this post
  • You may post several entries, but each entry has to be about one handmade thing
  • Each entry must have proof like username of competitor written on some paper near handmade thing
  • You must vote on 11th day or you'll be disqualified (if you are unable to vote on eleventh day you can vote on any
    contest post before it in comments, but dont forget to upvote and resteem that post as well)

1st place 1.5 SBD
2nd place 1 SBD
3rd place 0.5 SBD









Great thanks to all participants, @handwork

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So many great choices! I have to vote for the rug by @anamaria20 as I love the colors. I can add something with my name to mine later tonight if necessary, I missed that part.


Thank you


I will accept all entries without username...

I think I have slready given my vote to @jamethiel.
Thsnk you for the competition!


I will go on with this or similar type of contest, you are welcome.


Thank you!

My vote goes to @fortify. Cute hone bee.😊