Giveaway 350+ SBD!

3년 전

Everyone who participates will get a share of 300 SBD; one lucky person will win 50 SBD. So, you are guaranteed to get money.

Distribution after 2 weeks. If I see a good amount of participation, more giveaways and/or contests will follow. This giveaway has a particular goal.

Join to keep up with any other giveaway I host.

But First, Participants must Resteem this post!


My goal is to make Telegram communities dedicated to specific aspects of Steemit; an opportunity for people to promote their content and to discuss others’ content.

I have a specific focus on fostering the crypto-centric community of Steemit.

Shared 300 SBD

To participate, you must join AT LEAST 5 of the following Telegram Groups and then make a statement in the group. Pick the ones that meet your interest. You can join all if you want but 5 is requirement for participation.

  1. -- Share articles about ICOs, discuss upcoming ICOs, and provide analysis
  2. -- Share articles about trade signals or analysis and discuss others’ calls/signals
  3. Share bounties, competitions, and contests
  4. -- Share articles about Airdrops, share personal referral links
  5. -- Share your outlook on Steemit, STEEM blockchain, and SBD/STEEM price
  6. -- Share articles about crypto news and discuss major crypto news
  7. -- Share videos related to anything crypto
  8. -- Share articles on general investment opportunities and money tips

50 SBD Lottery: You ALSO need to join AT LEAST 5 of the following Telegram Channels. One person from the channel participants will win 50 SBD.

You can join all but 5 is requirement for participation.

  1. -- Curation of top ICO articles
  2. -- Curation of top price analysis
  3. -- Curation of upcoming airdrops and articles on them
  4. -- Curation of major crypto news
  5. -- Curation of bounty, competition, and contest articles
  6. -- Alerts on major upcoming whitelist opportunities
  7. -- I will announce my future contests in this channel; at least one every week after this contest ends.

PLEASE do not spam the groups; I'd hate to disqualify you but you won't give me an option if you break the rules.

Proof of Join

Once you have joined the groups/channels, leave a comment here with your Telegram username for verification. If you are interested in volunteering to be an admin for any of the groups, let me know in your comment.

If you invite friends, you get two entries into the lottery. Comment the Telegram/Steemit names of the friends that you invite so I can verify.

Remember: You only need to join 5 NOT all. You may join all if you want.

Questions? Ask in the comments.

SBD will be allocated after 14 days!

One Condition: Minimum participation should be 100 people in the groups.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Thanx for Info

My id is @antonasso
Great talk with you btw :) hope to learn more from the channels!

joined 5 groups for the 300 SBD shared, telegram name @madstacks83 but shows as "paul"

Have resteemed.

thanks for the contest username is @jordanlove on telegram

well I'd like to know if it's possible to also become a group admin in the cryptovid telegram group..?

Great concept. I'll look into participating.

  ·  3년 전

Hopefully it pans out well :)

Can't wait for the prize, Mr Hatu ;)

5 TG and channels joined.
TG username @pearlkel

Good Post i gonna do this Wuju!

My Telegram username is: KiimbyGrr

My telegram user name: moneybb
Joined channels as well
Fully support!👍🏻

  ·  3년 전

Be sure to resteem

me encantara participar..

Great initiative!
My Telegram is: Aelia CC

  ·  3년 전

You got a 30.13% upvote from @upme thanks to @hatu! Send at least 3 SBD or 3 STEEM to get upvote for next round. Delegate STEEM POWER and start earning 100% daily payouts ( no commission ).

Follow so friend @hatu
.... You will see that I will be like you, and I will be successful like you in this #steemit ... From #Venezuela to the world and supporting the good ... Congratulations

Hey @hatu, great project buddy. Nice to see a member of the Crypto community take initiative and introduce a idea that could e beneficial to us all. Have joined 5 groups.
Tg: @SalmanMiah

I will participate. Thanks for info

TelegramName; Idris

This is very great, especially for us newbies. Thanks a lot

Hi ,i join all your telegram groups

My telegram id lavanyalakshman

Hi, Joined 6 out of 7. username: cryptobaloba

Hi, Joined 6 out of 7. username: cryptobaloba

This is a great platform for those fruitful and talented bloggers who are underrated. A great content must be showcase and notice make reading as a HABIT :)

  ·  3년 전

Hoping to gather them and to give them an opportunity to share their work

You have recieved a free upvote from minnowpond, Send 0.1 -> 2 SBD with your post url as the memo to recieve an upvote from up to 100 accounts!


i m interested r u sure it will profitable for me @minnowpond , hope success for your channels , many channels to maintain, when it becomes popular you would need to hire few guys to help you, if you need any help leme know.

hi @hatu, great stuff. my telegram username is 'karamyog'. have joined 5 groups each from both sections -

trade curation, airdrop curation, new curation, ico curation, and hatu's contests

steem authority, crypto vids, airdrop authority, ico hive, crypto news authority

Great idea, my telegram name is Fotis

  ·  3년 전

Telegram handle: @man_like_nonzy

Interesting !

Joined.... Username: prinsj

maybe this is a bit difficult, i want to try it ..

  ·  3년 전

It's very easy
Just join the Telegram groups

joined.... telegram user name - Vanessa Kornel

Nex time try my best

Hi @hatu
I've joined the groups and channels. My username in Telegram is RaviMuvvala

I want to contribute for the groups "" and "".


Hope this will be one of a kind.
All the best

thanks for this one of a kind opportunity you gave us. By the way my name in telegram is Gary Edloy, I already join the contest and my name here is @garygabby . God blessed

Thanks for the information. I have joined 5 groups in the 300 SBD shared. My username on Telegram is omoyiwolabusayo,also @omoyiwolabusayo is my steemit username.
Also resteemed. Thanks

Hello am @cserneithan on telegram nd I have joined

So nice! Thank you for information ;)

very nice giveaway

my telegram name is @soikatdas

i dont think 100 group member will join channel. if not gonna happen then no prize for us @hatu my telegram user name is @soikatdas


That is his plan, he know 100 is not going to happen, hes just in it for the bot upvote, as u can see he didnt answer u in 3 days already.

Sounds interesting but you lost me at being polite. That is just too challenging. I'm also not big on resteeming, sorry.

Gonna join up ❤️

I have joined this groups and my telegram user is @jessicool

My ID is @yhaulez
Thanks for this opportunity

Hello friend @hatu interesting contest. regards

My username is @sirsticks I wish I could join all but the 7th one in investment authority kicked me out...

Why don't you create a channel for airdrops to because not all of us have money for icoe

Great giveaway. 350SBD is a lot of money. I wish best luck to everyone who wants to partizipate.

i joined the groups, telegram username @cvrlo

Have resteemed.

hello sir, i can join bounty authority,airdrop authority,steem authority,investment authority and crypto news authority. my telegram account is Sayar AungKo

Thats really great @hatu , thanks you for the post
find out my latest article HERE

i joined all and my telegram id is ~yahuza hope
and i also invited a friend which her telegram username is justina ayomide.

I don't really understand the concept of the contest, is it just a random pick or what? @hatu

@hatu i just joined your contest my telegram id is justina ayomide and i was invited by @yahuzahope


Done all task
@princefizzy is my telegram username


Thanks for your offers. I want to be a winner.

Flagged for disagreement on rewards.

  ·  3년 전

Thanks for this

Joined 5 groups .
User name : Aditya murarka and resteem also 😇

joined 5 groups for the 300 SBD shared, telegram name @kekeyao.
50 SBD Lottery,I also joined five groups

friend how win this giveaway

  ·  3년 전

Join 5 TG & channels
Then comment your username

I joined all of the Telegram group.
Telegram username : Time&Space
Steemit username : Botefarm.

My Telegram username is @Amikable I have joined the telegram groups for the 300 SBD contest

my telegram username is sirisha mahadas.

Join groups

My id is @jadams2k18

Thanks for the contest

happy day . here @tiempoyesp

If you are interested in volunteering to be an admin for any of the groups, let me know in your comment.

Yes I am interested

My username "Алан Тигр"

hello, thanks for the initiative, my users is @rosmilage in telegram

thanks for this

Thanks for the contest @hatu . My telegram username is @Khankhalid

Congratulations @hatu!
Your post was mentioned in the Steemit Hit Parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 9 with $ 348,95

My telegram name is promzy
I have done all the requirement

Hi dear thanks for the giveaway

your concept is very good, definitely i take the chance......... #isupportcrypto

I am already in 5 channels and 5 groups

User telegram: @ Argenis07


Joined all the telegram groups.
My id is @sowrejansari

Joined all the telegram groups.
My id is @sowrejansari

I would love to join and support your project @hatu. Unfortunatelly I've never used telegram before and Im trying to stay away from live-chats. So my only support will be verbal here: good luck with your giveaway.

Luckily you have many followers being active so Im sure your project will become succesful.


I went ahead and joined 5 more from the second group. @cryptobaloba

Great contest @hatu. I joined all the groups and channels. My username is Eric Kuya. Upvoted and resteemed. Wishing good luck to everyone that is participating :)

Thanks for this contest. Telegram username: @RealEfishaw

Ready! I have done it, my username is AlejandroVargas

Thanks for the contest @hatu . My telegram username is @frankxris

Joined 5+ group to be eligible for 300 sbd
Telegram username: sashank_king

Joined telegrams group for 300 SBD. I want to be moderators uin the group
Telegram username: @sealwall

  ·  3년 전

I will contact you soon

좋은정보 감사 합니다.

Thanks for doing this! Should be fun to participate in!

My telegram id is @motordrive1

My id is rosestar on telegram
I hope i'm not too late @hatu

  ·  3년 전

My id is @drlapb,(Emeka Nwokeji) have joined the 5 telegram groups to respect to the 300sbd shares.hope to learn more from you

Hi, my nickname is @CryptoLoop_89. Glad I could join the groups and the contest. Thank you

good initiative

thanks for the info !!

I've join 10 groups hope to win to I will use it to buy a music equipment.
Here is my telegram username @JoelV

great initiative thanks @hatu
telegram username sahil

great idea. very intersting
my id @amex mega

Joined the 5 telegram groups for the first contest. I am interested to be moderator in the telegram group. Thank you, happy to join. my username is @lawleees

  ·  3년 전

I will contact you soon :)

Sounds Intresting.
Looking fordward to participate

thx for info

I posted a lot of photographic images in the past months.
Up to seven a day.
The data is free to use, no copyright restrictions.
Phase two coming up with mostly three photographic image data sets, which is far enough for appearing in someones feed daily.
I will go on upvoting and resteeming some of your posts out of my feed.
And I want to suggest to you to consider
what if some udabeu images glinsed
up a moment a day.
I believe I could not handle, what you offer to me, so

Nice info,an I have join 5 of the telegram group,my username is opeyemil

This is my entry for the contest
My telegram id is @Danielv99

interesting contest I really love this if I will get some problem I will ask you ok man love it

done i id @khirud
hope that I can get some great information from all the channels love it

Great initiative for make channel for such fast information and group provide a platform to communicate and grow our channel
I'd join all the channel and group .

Telegram id- Awadhesh

Thanks for the opportunity to contest my telegram username is @jerryberry07

I am Neeman and here is my telegram username - @neemanbhat

I must admit, that this is a great strategy, but not new, as we can already see that you have accumulated nearly $347.54 and I think by the time payout comes, this number surly be higher than what you have promised (and hope you will deliver too), and then you have even promoted the telegram channels and twitter handles too. But I feel like a sucker when I see such shady things, sorry but no offense, this is outright CHEATING and UNFAIR play, because, people who read and upvote you, don't understand what you are trying to achieve here

I am @Hoffacurse on telegram. I got whitelisted for Essentia as a result of participating in this contest. I wouldn't have known about Essentia otherwise. That's pretty cool!

its been two weeks, looking forward to update post and payout for bounty.

  ·  3년 전

Reply is on first comment

my telegram username is @dennisboy2 thanks you

Great giveaway. 350SBD is a lot of money. I wish best luck to everyone who wants to partizipate.

Join me in my struggle with alcohol addiction

  ·  3년 전

You're welcome to participate :D


i m also participated but money will really distributed

  ·  3년 전

Yes, as long as the minimum is met.

Meanwhile, you can join for quick contests. I will put one up tomorrow.


thanks i join your channel.i dont think 100 gonna happen

Greetings friend, Great content flows your amazing imagination !!

Joined over 5 groups. My telegram username is @lecongdoo3

Best Airdrop giveway

telegram username @yzmoney
the groups i joined are : icoauthority, bountyauthority, whitelistalerts, theTradeHive, theicohive

Telegram username: @apple1996
Name: Namayd Jose

I have joined your contest @hatu
My telegram id is jennybeans1 but it shows as jen :)

Hi, mi telegram id is @ambarabby (Katherine) and I joined 5 group's for the 300SBD share and 5 channels for the 50SBD lottery.

Done 5 added to my telegram resteemed and upvoted 😉

hey :) nice contest! I already joined the telegram groups. My username is @ladaural

  ·  3년 전

Username = @olukayode1
Joined all groups 😁


I salute you

My Telegram username is Onyebuchi Echezona. I joined 5 groups and more. I also sent messages. I have picture proof too below. Thanks in great anticipation. And i hope ur plans for the groups works out right.


Telegram id - @jsnlkm

23 days have passed and you haven't announced the winner of the contest or allocated sbd .... why ?